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- Indias Signature fabric

-Indias Signature fabricByManisha SinghA.D. VI

Handloom vs Khadi

Handloom: Fabrics that are hand woven in basic manual looms with no automation.Khadi: Hand woven with handspun yarns

*Texture is the difference (Small weaving errors in Khadi)*Hand spun yarn|Machine spun yarn*Handloom is finer than khadi

OverviewThree types: Cotton | Wool | SilkLeading producers: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

FactsSwadeshi SwarajSymbol of self-reliance and independenceKhadi Day: September 19Revived by Mahatma Gandhi (1920s)Global demandPoor mans fabric to Haute CoutureIndian Flag CodePatent War3.24 times energy efficient than mill clothProvides employment

Fabric ProfileName: KhadiType: CottonPlace: BhagalpurWeave: Plain Texture: RuggedColor: Golden BrownCost: INR 120 per meter

CharacteristicsRugged textureComfortable feelEco-friendlyVersatileSuitable for all temperaturesDurableUnique and unmatched

Manufacturing ProcessStep 1: Farming Cotton balls handpicked from the fieldsStep 2: Cleaning Separation of fibres from cotton seedsStep 3: Cardin -Collecting silvers Step 4: Spinning Silvers are spun into yarns on a CharkhaStep 5: Reeling Spun yarns wounded into reelsStep 6: Weaving Reels hand-woven into fabricStep 7: Dyeing Step 8: Finish

The FlipsideHigh maintenanceCannot withstand harsh detergents, machine washes and harsh ironingGaps in the threadLacks finenessShrinkage

Innovations in KhadiPoly Khadi | Khadi Denime-charkhaValue addition: Hand painting, Printing, Surface ornamentation techniquesNew product range: Bags, Home furnishings,etc. Brands like Anokhi and Fab India

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