मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन [t exvx ` . Ms. Nisha B. K. MSc. Geology INSPIRE nishabenoor@gm ail.com 17. Mr. Manas Hudait MSc. Geography UGC - JRF manashudai8@g mail.com 18. Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav MSc. Petroleum Geosciences UGC - JRF 012@

Download मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन [t exvx ` . Ms. Nisha B. K. MSc. Geology INSPIRE nishabenoor@gm ail.com 17. Mr. Manas Hudait MSc. Geography UGC - JRF manashudai8@g mail.com 18. Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav MSc. Petroleum Geosciences UGC - JRF 012@

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<ul><li><p> / [t exvx `ttzxx </p><p>List of Candidates shortlisted for interview - NIO-DRF program: August 2015 Interview Date: 23 June 2015. Time 1000 hrs </p><p>. Venue: HRM Baithak, Ground Floor (BOD Extension wing), NIO, Dona Paula, Goa </p><p> Appl. No </p><p>Name Qualification Fellowship Email Remarks </p><p>1. Ms. Mehak Mahajan MSc Geography UGC - JRF mehakmahajan7@gmail.com </p><p>2. Mr. Dinesh Kumar M.Tech Integrated (Biotechnology) INSPIRE dinesh2335@gm</p><p>ail.com </p><p>3. Ms. Sonali E. Bhalerao MSc. Medical Biotechnology CSIR-JRF bhalerao.sonali26</p><p>@gmail.com </p><p>4. Ms. Ponnaganti Suneeta </p><p>M.Tech Oceanic Sciences, MSc. Physical Oceanography </p><p>CSIR -SRF ponnagantisuneeta@gmail.com </p><p>5. Mr. Hemant Kumar M.A. Geography CSIR - JRF hemantfucho@gmail.com </p><p>6. Mr. Akshay Kumar MSc. Geology CSIR/UGC -JRF akumar2240@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>7. Mr. Sadanand Yadav MSc(Tech) Geology UGC-JRF sadaanandyadav@gmail.com </p><p>8. Mr. Anand Prakash MSc (Tech) Geology CSIR/UGC - JRF prakash.bhu123</p><p>@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>9. Mr. Om Prakash Kumar MSc (Tech) Geology CSIR JRF opkumar.bhu.geo</p><p>@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>10. Mr. Vishvajeet Singh MSc (Tech) Geology UGC - JRF vishvajeet08@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>11. Mr. Ritesh Kumar MSc (Tech) Geology CSIR - JRF ritesh02jul@gmail.com Result Awaited</p></li><li><p>12. Mr. Srijith B. M.Phil Ecological Informatics, MSc. Physics </p><p>Project Assistant-II </p><p>srijiseeks@live.com / </p><p>srijithb@nio.org </p><p>13. Mr. Ravi Tripathi MSc Geology CSIR -JRF tripathi33ravi@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>14. Ms. Rashmi Tripathi MSc (Tech) Geology CSIR - JRF rashmitripathi0026@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>15. Mr. Aarif Khan MSc. Life Science Maulana Azad National Fellowship </p><p>aarifkhan21@hotmail.com </p><p>16. Ms. Nisha B. K. MSc. Geology INSPIRE nishabenoor@gmail.com </p><p>17. Mr. Manas Hudait MSc. Geography UGC - JRF manashudai8@gmail.com </p><p>18. Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav MSc. Petroleum Geosciences UGC - JRF </p><p>sky100my@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>19. Mr. Anantharao Paila MSc. Physics CSIR/UGC -JRF ananthnaiduiase2012@gmail.com </p><p>20. Ms. Aashna Khosla MSc Plant Biotechnology DBT-JRF khosla_aashna@yahoo.in </p><p>21. Mr Jeet Majumder MSc Geology CSIR-JRF jeetjeology@gmail.com Result Awaited</p><p>22. Mr Bodkhe Rahul Laxman MSc Biotechnology UGC-JRF rahulbiosciences</p><p>@gmail.com </p><p>23. Mr Maninder Singh MSc Marine Biotechnology DBT-JRF manindersingh5555@gmail.com </p><p>Instructions to candidates: </p><p>1. Candidates having a valid fellowship for minimum four years only need to attend the interview. 2. Candidates who are in the awaiting results category should produce qualifying degree passing certificate and mark lists at the time of interview. 3. All those who attend interview should register themselves at HRM office of NIO at 0900 hrs of 23 June 2015. They should produce originals of </p><p>fellowship award letter, qualifying examination certificate &amp; mark lists, category certificate (if applicable), certificate in proof of age and photo identity card. A copy of all these documents should be submitted to office (not applicable to Project Assistants) </p></li><li><p>4. Candidates those who are producing provisional INSPIRE award letters please note that their fellowship (JRFship) will start only after they submit the required documents to DST and the joining date of these fellows will be the effective date as mentioned in the DST fellowship grant letter. </p><p>5. Guest house/ hostel (sharing) accommodation shall be provided (subject to availability) to only those who confirm their attendance by e-mail to us at least two weeks in advance of the interview date. Accompanying persons, if any, should make their own arrangements. </p><p>6. NIO is located at Dona Paula, at a distance of 7 km from Panaji (Panjim) bus- stand, ~ 18 km from Karmali, ~ 35 km from Madgaon (Margao), 32 km from Vasco-da-Gama and ~30 km from Dabolim airport. </p><p>7. All those who wish to attend the interview should mail us a copy of the fellowship award letter and Statement of Purpose (should not exceed 300 words) within one week. The statement should contain the name of candidate, qualification and explicit on the two points- (1) Why I want to do a PhD in Ocean Sciences? (2) What will be my research topic /problem, and why so? </p><p>8. If you have any queries please mail to ranadhir@nio.org or vkkumar@nio.org </p><p>Human Resource Management CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography Dona Paula 403004, Goa </p></li></ul>