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Enanthem are medical terms for a rash (small spots) on the mucous membranes.Causes:1-local diseases. 2-systemic diseases 3-It can also indicate hypersensitivity

A 7-day-old infant develops white, cheesy patches on the tongue and buccal mucosa with mild inflammation of the mucosa. Which of the following organisms is most likely the cause of these oral lesions?

(A) Candida albicans(B) Listeria monocytogenes(C) Escherichia coli(D) group A streptococcus(E) group B streptococcus


(A) The findings described are typical of thrush (oral infection with C albicans), which is common in young infants. Although E coli, L monocytogenes, and group B streptococcus all are important pathogens in the neonatal period, they typically are not associated with pharyngeal infection or oral exudate. Group A streptococcus is a common cause of exudative tonsillitis in the older child but is an extremely rare pathogen in the newborn infant likely due to maternally acquired antibody. Additionally, the exudate noted with group A streptococcal infection would be in the area of the tonsils rather than on the buccal mucosa. (Behrman, 870, 1392; Brodsky, 204)

Causes;1-prolonged antibiotic ttt.2-malnutrition.3-T.cell immundef.4- neonatal .

An 18-month-old child presents to your officewith a 2-day history of fever. He is not eatingwell and the mother tells you that she thinkshis mouth hurts. On examination you see 3 mmvesicles on erythematous bases on the softpalate and tonsils. What is the most likely etiologyof this infection?

(A) streptococcal pharyngitis(B) herpangina(C) herpes simplex virus(D) human herpes virus 6(E) candida pharyngitis