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  • Samanvaya is Santana Smarasya is Bhratyata

    Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma

    January 2017 Volume: 2 Issue: 12

    AArsha Vani ( V o i c e o f S a n a t a n a D h a r m a )

    kambhar Jva akti Samdhyin lka: r kruya sudhmay jagadadhihtr sad pakm

    sasyraya nad naddi vasurp annad dhrum kudbdhparihri sakala bhtdhra bht parm dhany dhnya samrddhid sutaras lakm hrd bhvay

    This slka describes Goddess r Mahlakm as Dhnyalakm i.e. wealth in the form of harvest. She is an ocean of compassion. Though She is the commander of all the worlds, She always nourishes Her children like a loving Mother. Different bounties of harvest, forests, all rivers, earth, all foods and even all the riches that are used to obtain these foods everything is the form of Dhnyalakm. With all my heart, I contemplate on r Mahlakm Dv who not only provides foods to the entire creation right from an ant to Brahma, but also relieves them from the

    shackles of mundane bondages which is the real cause of sorrow. Pallavi: Dhnyalakm annadyin prrthay puyasampdin pr prasann

    According to the respective merits of individuals, Goddess r Mahlakm cheerfully provides for their needs as enumerated by the Supreme philosophy Pramada: Pramida.

    Caraa: kambhar jva akti samdhyin | kradyin rgyabhgyad rkara sudrghyuraivarya kri | prkrta vara pradm rakita jagattray..Pallavi..

    Dhnyalakm is elaborately described in Dv Bhgavata and other texts as the Mother who provides the nutritious foods to all the creatures. She is the primal cause that transforms the forms of beings from childhood to old age according to the foods consumed. Also, She is the one who provides longevity, health, wealth, comforts and everything that is required for here and hereafter. She protects all the three worlds. Caraa: Puiprad lka pi citka | iaphala siddhid indriydhvar tuid svh svadhkra dhri | srikartr sad dra samvardhin..Pallavi..

    r Mta, enunciated as Chitka, is granting favors to all in the form of Swha and Swadh through Dva and Pitr Yajas. She is the giver of energy and satisfaction. She is the presiding deity of the senses thus orchestrating the entire universe. (Brahmasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma garu composed Aa lakm Gta Mlika, a garland of eight compositions venerating the Eight Forms of r Mahlakm. Embedded with root syllables (Bjakshara) and secrets of Mahlakm mantras, these compositions are also pregnant with profound philosophy and can be tuned to music. Above song is one among

    them describing the form of r Dhnyalakm.)

    Upcoming Pravachanams Date: Dec 30, 2016 Jan 5, 2017 6:30PM Topic: Sri Kamakshi Vaibhavam

    Jagadguru Kataksham Venue: Sri Tyagaraja Mandapa, Tirupati Contact: BS Subrahmanyam - 9490418926 B Jaya Raman - 9908042164 Date: Jan 6 -8, 2017 6:00PM Topic: Sri Nava Narasimha Vaibhavam Venue: Ammavari Salapranganam,Allagadda Contact: Ch. Ramakrishna - 9985510788 S Ramaprasad - 9959996226

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    Auditorium, Rajasalai, Rajapalyam. Contact: Rajakumar - 9994393050 Date: Jan 28, 2017 6:30PM Topic: Advaitam - Vishishtadvaitam Venue: Kaivaram, Bengaluru Contact: Hari Sarma - 9480315606 Date: Jan 29 - 31, 2017 6:30PM Topic: Bhagavadaradhana Prayojanam - Paramartham Venue: Kuchalamba Kalyana Mantapam,

    Jayanagar, Bengaluru Contact: Hari Narayana - 9845029356 Radha Krishna - 9845043927 VA Sastri - 9845025121 Sripathi Sridhar - 9341214797 (For details visit http://rushipeetham.org/ Event Calendar)


    Worship of Lord Lakmi Nryaa with Tulasi leaves from Puya uklaVidiya to Pancami fulfills all desires.

    Sadhu Vachanam Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.

    Akkalkot Sri Swami Samartha.

    Bharateeyam Ramana Maharshi is one of the greatest spiritual masters of the century! His teaching is complete and perfect. His answers to the deepest questions are the most direct and accurate, simplifying the most complex problems with just a few words, clearing out every doubt or misunderstanding. There is never an unnecessary word, nor a missing one.

    - Shoshi Shofroni Spiritual seeker blessed by Sri Bhagawan.

    Spiritual Quest (Answers by Sri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma)

    Amidst this mechanical life, where is the time to do Sandhya Vandana and other mandatory rites? Is there any

    simplified method? There are no methods to simplify mandatory rites like Sandhya Vandana. Truly speaking, it is cheating oneself mentioning the lack of time to perform them. These rituals do not require much time allocation. These are evaded only due to lack of respect and laziness. Is it even fair to mention lack of time as reason, when so much of time is spent on watching TV and other addictions?


  • Samanvaya is Santana Smarasya is Bhratyata

    Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma

    (Personality Development lessons from r Lalit Sahasranma sttra)

    Maitrydi Vsan Labhy is a very important nma in r Lalit Sahasranma sttra for all spiritual practitioners. Spiritual practice is not just something to take recourse during difficult times, but for all who want to live a good life. It is not just that few hours of Puja we do. To live a good life, all our actions - life, earnings, spending, relations - everything should be filled with Dharma from dawn to dusk. How do we conduct ourselves and maintain relations in this mundane world? To do this, we must develop four qualities.

    Significance and elucidation of this Nama should be taught in personality development curriculum, especially during these turbulent times when everyone is unable to stay calm despite being materially successful. ntasya kuta sukha? Where is happiness when there is no peace? One should keep their mind peaceful. How to attain that state is what our sages taught after thorough exploration of human psychology. In this competitive world, this nma shall aid like panacea even to children.

    This nma says Maitrydi.., which means Mytri and others. What are these others? Sage Patanjali says in Yoga aphorisms, Maitri Karua Mudita Upknsukhadukha puypuya viayn bhvanta cittaprasdana" - Cultivation of friendship, happiness, kindness and passivity brings equanimity in duals - joy or sorrow, merit or demerit etc. leading to a state of peace thereby stabilizing our spiritual practices.

    In another place, scriptures mention "Maitrydi citta parikarma vidhya vidyt kla prahamiha labda sabjayg:| Ktinca satya purunyataydhigamya vnchanti tmapi samdhi bhrt nirddhum. This means this qualities help overcome hindrances. One reaches the state of I in the spiritual practice known as Sabja Yga gradually leading to the understanding of the Supreme Philosophy.

    Sage Vidyraya in Pancadai mentions, Maitr Karua Mudita Upka sadvsan phavn durvsankaya: samyak bhyt". This means that these qualities aid in introspection and one gets rid of evil tendencies.

    Practicing these four qualities bestows the grace of Mother. Lets all pray the Divine Mother to grant us that energy, forbearance and courage to cultivate these four qualities! - Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma

    (Adapted from r Lalit Sahasranma discourse)

    The first nine days of the month Magha are celebrated as ymal Navartri also

    known as Gupta Navartri. Reciting the sixteen

    names of Goddess ymal given by Lord

    Hayagrva to Sage Agastya bestows intelligence.

    r ymal aa nma:

    sagta yogini, ym, ymal, mantri nyik

    mantri, sacivni ca pradhn, uka priy

    vvati, vaiik ca mudri, priyaka priy

    npapriy, kadamb, kadamba vanavsin

    sadmad ca nmni aaitni kumbhaja (Gupta Navaratri begins from January 28, 2017)


    Sri Tygayyas life is filled with devotion, music, divinity, simplicity and above all kindness to all his fellow creatures. His innumerable compositions are incredible for their spiritual profundity, command of language, divine ecstasy, musical melody, and devotional zeal. If all the compositions of Tygayya are arranged in specific order, that itself forms Tygarja Rmyaa. Many of his compositions h


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