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  • 1. Jali ko aag kehte hain.. Bujhi ko raakh kehte hain.. Usme se jo ganda sa, badboodar waste nikalta hai..... Usey Akasssssss Kumar urf Akasssss kehte hain
  • 2. Jab mai chota bachcha tha. To hamesha kone me khada rehta tha
  • 3. Aur jab mai bada ho gaya toh. Mujhe pata tha mai aaunga isme bhi.. What did you expect???? P.S- We are an equal opportunity lover community. We do differentiate between Ugandans and Africans
  • 4. Akassss the fighter I m telling you..AAP will form government in Delhi Dude, treat on me if it wins even 10 seats!!! AAP wins 28 seats in Delhi elections Party dude??? We will see after the Lok Sabha Elections
  • 5. Akassss the striver In L^2: Akassss to pgp1: hey, how do you do, will you dance with me??? F**k u Barua: Yo Akassss.. Whats up..lets dance together ....errrwho is sheintroduce me also no!! Same night, gets another pgp1 phone number, and still chats with her..!!!
  • 6. Akassss the lover The females Hamka hau chahi The males And.
  • 7. Holds the record for highest overdue amount of 21k in the mess since the birth of Babu bhaiya P.S- Can be often seen with HMC secy discussing the menu. Removing mushrooms was his idea Kind attention: Lavanya Pandey Holds the record for intimidating/ terrifying all throughout the term --Prof for exam patterns and papers P.S- The prof even todayc hanges his direction on seeing Akassssss Holds the record of being remembered by Mukta Kulkarni as an employee of CIL P.S- The cp was so desparate that even her child remembers he worked for CIL
  • 8. What he expects.. What he will get..!!.. Make sure this happens at A-Base tonight

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