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  • 7/25/2019 Ananda&Saundarya Lahari with english translation

    1/34 Lahari (Wavs o! happinss"1

    Shivah shakthya yukto yadi bhavati shaktah prabhavitum

    Na chedevam devo na khalu kusalah spanditumapi;Atas tvam aradhyam Hari-Hara-Virinchadibhir api

    Pranantum stotum vaa katham akrta-punyah prabhavatiLord Shiva, only becomes able.

    To do creation in this world along with ShakthiWithout her, Even an inch he cannot move,

    And so how can, one who does not do good deeds,Or one who does not sing your raise,

    !ecome ade"uate to worshi youOh , goddess mine, Who is worshied by the trinity.

    #$%#Attracting all the world%&

    Taniyamsam pamsum tava carana-pankeruha-bhavamVirincih sanchinvan virachayati lokan avikalam;

    Vahaty evam Shaurih katham api sahasrena shirasaamHarah samksudy'ainam bhajati bhajati bhasito'ddhalama-vidhim

    Lord !rahma ,the creator o' yore,Selects a dust 'rom your 'eet,

    And creates he this world,The great Adisesha( with his thousand heads,

    Some how carries a dust o' your 'eet,With e''ort great,

    And the great Lord )udra,

    Takes it and owders it nice,And uses it as the holy ash.

    *#Attainment o' all knowledge%

    Avidyanam antas-timira-mihira-d!eeppa-na"ari#adanam chaitanya-stabaka-makaranda-sruti jhari

    $aridranam cinta-mani-"unanika janma-jaladhau

    Nimadhanam damshtra mura-ripu-varahasya bhavati

    The dust under your 'eet, Oh +oddess great,

    s like the city o' the rising sun,That removes all darkness , un'ortunate,

    -rom the mind o' the oor ignorant one,s like the honey that 'lows ,

    -rom the 'lower bunch o' vital action,

    To the slow witted one,s like the hea o' wish giving gems,

    To the oorest o' men,And is like the teeth o' Lord ishnu

    n the 'orm o' araha,

    Who brought to sur'ace,
  • 7/25/2019 Ananda&Saundarya Lahari with english translation


    The mother earth,To those drowned in this sea o' birth.

    /#)emoval o' all 'ears, 0uring o' diseases%

    Tvad anyah paanibhyam abhaya-varado daivata"anahTvam eka n'aivasi prakatita-var'abhityabhinaya;

    %hayat tratum datum phalam api cha vancha samadhikamSaranye lokanam tava hi charanaveva nipunav

    Oh, She who is re'uge to all this world,

    All gods ecet you mother,+ive re'uge and grants wishes,

    Only by their hand.!ut only you mother

    2ever show the world in detail,The boons and re'uge that you can give,

    -or even your holy 'eet will su''ice,

    To remove 'ear 'or ever,And grant boons much more than asked.

    3#4utual attraction between male and 'emale%

    Haris tvam aradhya pranata-jana-saubha"ya-jananim

    Pura nari bhutva Pura-ripum api ksobham anayat;Smaro'pi tvam natva rati-nayana-lehyena vapusha

    &uninam apyantah prabhavati hi mohaya mahatam

    5ou who grant all the good things,To those who bow at your 'eet,

    Was worshied by the Lord ishnu,Who took the retty lovable 'eminine 'orm,

    And could move the mind o' he who burnt the cities,And make him 'all in love with him.

    And the +od o' love , 4anmatha,Took the 'orm which is like nectar,

    6runk by the eyes by )athi his wi'e,A'ter venerating you,

    Was able to create assion ,Even in the mind o' Sages the great.


    #+etting sons as rogeny%$hanun paushpam maurvi madhu-kara-mayi pancha visikhaVasantaha samanto &alaya-marud ayodhana-rathah;

    Tatha'py ekah sarvam Hima"iri-suthe kam api kripaamApan"at te labdhva ja"adidam Anan"o vijayate

    Oh ,daughter o' the mountain o' ice,With a bow made o' 'lowers,

    !ow string made o' honey bees,
  • 7/25/2019 Ananda&Saundarya Lahari with english translation


    -ive arrows made o' only tender 'lowers,With sring as his minister,

    And riding on the chariot o' bree8e 'rom 4alaya mountainsThe god o' love who does not have a body,

    +ets the sideways glance o' your holy eyes,And is able to win all the world alone.

    9#Seeing the +oddess in erson, Winning over enemies%

    vanat-kanchi-dama kari-kalabha-kumbha-stana-nata

    Pariksheena madhye parinata-sarachandra-vadana;$hanur banan pasam srinim api dadhana karatalaii

    Purastad astam noh Pura-mathitur aho-purushika

    With a golden belt,Adorned by tiny tingling bells,

    Slightly bent by breasts like the two 'rontal globesO' an elehant 'ine,

    With a thin retty 'orm,And with a 'ace like the autumn moon,

    :olding in her hands,A bow o' sugar cane , arrows made o' 'lowers,

    And the noose and goad,She who has the wonder'ul 'orm,

    O' the ego o' the +od who burnt the three cities,Should lease come and aear be'ore us.

    ;#Avoiding o' birth and death%

    Sudha-sindhor madhye sura-vitapi-vati parivrte&ani-d!eepe nipo'pavana-vathi chintamani-"rhe;

    Shivaakare manche Parama-Shiva-paryanka-nilayam

    %hajanti tvam dhanyah katichana chid-ananda-laharim

    n the middle o' the sea o' nectar,n the isle o' recious gems,

    Which is surrounded by wish giving ourney,

    -or getting eight tyes o' wealth%

    &ahim muladhare kamapi manipure huthavahamSthitham svadhistane hridi marutamakasam upari;

    &ano'pi bhruu-madhye sakalamapi bhittva kula-pathamSahasrare padme saha rahasi patyaa viharase
  • 7/25/2019 Ananda&Saundarya Lahari with english translation


    Oh +oddess mine,5ou live in seclusion with your consort,

    n the lotus with thousand etals,)eached a'ter breaking through the micro ways,

    O' the ower o' earth in 4ooladhara,O' the ower o' water o' 4ani oora,

    O' the ower o' 'ire o' Swadhishtana,O' the 'ire o' air in the heart,And o' the ower o' ether in between the eyelids(

    ? The 6evotees who use )a>a yoga believe that right below the back bone there eists a verymicro nerve called Sushmna. !elow this is the mooladhara chakra#The wheel which is the

    ultimate basis%,and two inches above is the Swadishtana #ego wishes wheel% chakra and above

    that and oosite to the belly button is mani ooraka#the comlete gem wheel% chakra and

    above that oosite to the heart is Anahatha chakra#deathless wheel% and above that oosite to

    the throat is the ishuddhi chaka#wheel o' ultimate cleanliness% and above that in between theeyelids is the Agna chakra#Wheel o' order % and in the bottom o' the brain is the Sahasrara

    chakra#the wheel o' thousand lotus%,They belive that the male'ic bad thoughts o' men slees in

    the mooladhara chakra in the 'orm o' a snake called

  • 7/25/2019 Ananda&Saundarya Lahari with english translation


    1$#To attain Lord Shiva, To make a dumb man seak%

    Tvadiyam saundaryam Tuhina-"iri-kanye tulayitumavindrah kalpante katham api Virinchi-prabhrutayah;

    )adaloka'utsukyad amara-lalana yanti manasaTapobhir dus-prapam api "irisa-sayujya-padavim

    Oh, daughter o' ice mountain,Even the creator who leads ,

    An array o' great oets,-ails to describe your sublime beauty.

    The heavenly maidens retty,With a wish to see your ristine loveliness,

    Try to see you through the eyes your Lord , the great Shiva,And do enance to him and reach him through their mind.

    1*#ictory in the matters o' love%

    Naram varshiyamsam nayana virasam narmasu jadam*Thava pan"a loke pathitha manudhavanthi sathasa

    +ala d!eni bhandha kuch kalasa visthrutha sichaya

    Hatath thrudyath kanchyho vi"alidha dhukoola yuva thaya

    With disheveled hair,With uer cloths sliing 'rom their busts,

    With the lock o' the golden belt getting oen due to the haste,And with saris sliing away 'rom their shoulders,

    :undreds o' young lasses,)un a'ter the men,

    Who get your sidelong glance,Even though they are very old,

    !ad looking and not interested in love sorts.


    #Avoiding 'amine, dacoity and eidemic%sitau sat-panchasad dvi-samadhika-panchasadudake

    Hutase dva-sastis chatur-adhika-panchasad anile;$ivi dvih-shatrimsan manasi cha chatuh-sashtir iti ye

    &ayukhastesham athyupari tava padambuja yu"am

    5our two holy 'eet are 'ar above,The 'i'ty si rays o' the essence o' earth o' 4ooladhara,

    The 'i'ty two rays o' the essence o' water o' 4ani ooraka,

    The sity two rays o' the essence o' 'ire o' Swadhishtana,The 'i'ty 'our rays o' the essence o' air o' Anahatha,

    The seventy two rays o' the essence o' ether o' isuddhi,And the sity 'our rays o' the essence o' mind o' Agna chakra.

    13#Ability to write oems and ability to become scholar%

    Saraj-jyotsna-shuddham sasi-yuta-jata-juta-makutamVara-traasa-traana-sphatika-"hutika-pustaka karaam;