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NOISE & SOUND There is a difference between Enhancing Hearing Experiences Sound-condition your architectural space Noise-control your industrial facility Enhance your hearing experience at your home Help you in selecting the right acoustical systems We can

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8/3/2019 Anutone Brochure 1/4


There is a difference between

Enhancing Hearing Experiences™

Sound-condition your

architectural space

Noise-control your

industrial facility

Enhance your hearing

experience at your home

Help you in selecting the

right acoustical systems

We can

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Anutone ®  is India’s premier acoustics solution provider

and caters to the needs of all speciality construction

sectors that need acoustics!

Right from homes, schools, offices to light or heavy

industries to airports, railways and highways, Anutone ® 

has answers to all probable noise problems. In fact, if

you have a problem, we have a solution!

Anutone ®  takes care of all its acoustical operations

through its 5 business divisions – TotelTM, EkcelTM,

AbsolTM, MetaTM & StructTM .

We create the right acoustics!

Anutone Acoustics Limited is a closely held public limited

company incorporated at Bangalore, India in 2001.

The present business of the company, since its incorporation

in 2001, is in the speciality construction sector to enable smart

architecture to result in intelligent buildings. The business is

enhancing hearing experiences in built spaces and the


Traditionally, done mainly in cinemas and auditoria where

the closed environment with high sound needed to be

managed for better audibility and aural pleasure,

advancements in audio visual equipment, other entertainment

technologies and transportation necessitated development

of various types of acoustical systems and services that

enhance the quality of sound in any built space and the


This is where Anutone ®  comes into play! Anutone ®  addresses the

acoustical systems and services requirements in such areas.

Anutone recently introduced 2 programmes: NoizkonTM &

SoundSelecTM. These twin programmes, serve the speciality

construction verticals through Design, Supply & Build

solutions. They are the complete architectural acoustics and

noise management value-chains from a one-stop, single-

source company that result in sound-conditioned spaces for

intelligent buildings and noise-managed industries enabled

by smart architecture.

Anutone ®  meets the needs of the rapidly

changing markets of –

• Architectural acoustics

• Noise management• Audio-Visual systems

• Noise Labelling of machinery

• Hearing conservation programmes

– to companies, institutions and individuals in

Asia and the world.

A total solutions provider and a company that keeps in sync

with clients changing needs, Anutone’s Vision, Mission &

Values speaks volumes about our long-term goals &

perspective: totally service oriented!

To take the project to its realistic completetion stage, Anutone ® 

has SoundSquadTM or a special response team, technically

skilled, adequately experienced to deploy SoundSelecTM and

Noizkon™ programmes, that also co-manages project challenges

with the AEC team. SoundSquadTM is trained in customer

relationship management (CRM) and also provides the

much-needed emotional quotient to the business of acoustics.

Come... explore the world fantastic of an acoustical technology

major that continuously pioneers path-breaking initiatives and

trail-blazing concepts - all to enhance hearing experiences

and make planet Earth a quieter place!

   E  n   h  a  n  c   i  n  g   H  e  a  r   i  n  g   E  x  p  e  r   i  e  n  c  e  s   ™ VisionVision

Anutone ®  shall be a global leader in its chosen

endeavours to create value for society.


Anutone shall enhance living experiences for the society

by continuous phenomenal growth through planned

innovation using state-of-the-art technologies by providing

world-class construction products and services.


• Customer Focus

• Enduring Quality & Excellence

• Optimum Costs

• Time is Essence

• Transparency & Integrity

• Employee Welfare

• Environmental Consciousness

The OrganisationThe Organisation

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Christ College, Bangalore

Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore Infant Jesus Church, Bangalore

Transworks, BangaloreSri Ramchandra Medical College,


Le Meridien, Bangalore

IBM, Bangalore

Nuclear Power Corporation, Kakrapar

Sonodyne Forum, Bangalore

BITS Pilani, Goa

Prasad Imax, Hyderabad

Wheels India,


Inox Garuda, Bangalore

YRF Studios, Mumbai

Hutch MindSpace, Mumbai

The ProgrammeThe Programme

Anutone ®  encompasses 3 major programmes under its ambit

for all construction verticals

SoundSelec™A special noise management programme for architects

for different architectural spaces, ranging from educational

institutions, auditoriums to malls & multiplexes!

• Noizkon™Noise management protocol for heavy & light industries

to solve any noise related problems!

• SoundzShoppe™A totally consumer-centric programme where the customer

is able to purchase acoustical products off-the-shelf or online!

• Offices

• Performing Spaces

• Cinema

• Lounge Bars

• Retail Malls

• Education

• Arenas

• Healthcare

• Hospitali ty

• Democratic Institutions

• Public Places

• Places of Worship

• Studios

Anutone’s Programmes

• Home Theatres &Listening Rooms

• Homes

• Stress Centres

• Transport Terminals

• Transport Corridors

• Open Air Events

• Utility Spaces

• Testing Cells

• General & LightIndustries

• Special & HeavyIndustries

• Soundscaping

The 3600 ApproachDesign, Supply, Build

Anutone’s 24 Modules

Project Evaluation

Parameters Definition

Pre-install Test

Design Concept

Systems Specifications

Budgetary Estimates

Systems Supply

Site Installation

Project Management

Acoustical Validation

8/3/2019 Anutone Brochure 4/4

The TEAMS Value-Chain

Anutone’s   new SoundSelecTM &Noizkon™ programmes deliveracoustics from intent to reality by the3-pronged mechanism of –

• Design - TotelTM

• Supply - EkcelTM / AbsolTM / MetaTM

• Build - StructTM

Anutone’s 5 portals are aptly acronymed ‘TEAMS’ - theteamwork approach - that truly realises sound-conditionedspaces as intended.

Design - TotelTM

TotelTM offers innovative acousticalservices with full technicalsupport through 3 menus.

• SoundSensTM –full-service acousticdesign solutions.

• SoundScansTM –


• SoundScholTM –knowledgedissemination.

Supply - EkcelTM

EkcelTM supplies acoustical systemsmade of Inorganic Bonded Composites (IBC)  through 4menus.

• EkcelsiorTM –long slim fibre acoustical

systems for interiors• MikrofibreTM –

micro fibre acousticalsystems for interiors

• EkcelBoardTM –long wide fibreacoustical systems forexteriors

• SoundSakTM –accessories for EkcelsiorTM, MikrofibreTM, EkcelBoardTM

Supply - AbsolTM

AbsolTM supplies contract acousticalsystems to meet the aestheticneeds of sound-conditionedspaces through 3 menus –

• SoundSuaveTM –

non-IBC, non-metal, contract acoustical systems 

• SoundSsoriesTM –accessories for SoundSuaveTM

• SoundSwichTM

electronic systems for support acoustics

Supply - MetaTM

MetaTM supplies metal-based noise management systemsto utility services and manufacturing industries through4 menus –

• SoundSerafTM –Perforated-metal acoustical

panels• SoundSabreTM –

Airflow acoustical louvres andattenuators

• SoundShellTM –Standalone 3D acoustical barriers and hoods

• SoundSanctTM –Modular rooms for noise control and testing

Build - StructTM

SoundStructTM excels in supply chain management (SCM),logistics control and executes projects through 3 menus

• SoundScaffTM

installs specfied acousticalsystems at project sites.

• SoundSentryTM –undertakes annualmaintenance contract (AMC).

• SoundSpruceTM refurbishmentprogramme for existingbuildings.

REGIONAL OFFICES 202 Sai Prasad, 4th Road, Khar (W), Mumbai 400 052Phone +9122 2649 9732 Telefax +9122 2646 5023

A16 Sai Krupa, Jungapura Extn., New Delhi 110 014Phone +9111 2437 8061 Telefax +9111 2437 4848

71 Sai Leela, F024 Stonedge Tower, 1st Floor,1st Avenue (100ft. Road), Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600 083Phone +9144 2474 0907 / 0908


Anutone ®  and the dot waves symbol are registered trademarks of Anutone Acoustics Limited. SoundSelec™, Noizkon™, SoundzShoppe™, Totel™,Ekcel™, Absol™, Meta™, Struct™, SoundSens™, SoundScans™, SoundSchol™, Ekcelsior™, Mikrofibre™, EkcelBoard™, SoundSuave™,SoundSsories™, SoundSwich™, SoundSeraf™, SoundSabre™, SoundShell™, SoundSanct™, SoundScaff™, SoundSpruce™, SoundSentry™,

SoundSquad™ are trademarks under registration of Anutone ® . Specs are subject to change due to continuous improvement programmes at Anutone ® .Contents under copyright registration. No part of this product data sheet may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, scanned or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Anutone ® .


231/2 Sai Darshan, 7th Cross, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 560 038Phones +9180 2520 2803 / 2804 Fax +9180 2520 3115

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Enhancing Hearing Experiences™

The SupportThe Support