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Asi a India By: Sunil Parsot भभभभ India

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  • Asia India By: Sunil Parsot India
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  • Contents page 1- Map of India 2-TransportMap of IndiaTransport 3- Diwali 4-Sports DiwaliSports 5-Taj Mahal 6-SchoolsTaj MahalSchools 7-Clothing 8-WorkClothingWork
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  • INDIA Taj Mahal Map of India CapitalCapital Sri Lanka Not part of India India got its name from the river that runs though Pakistan and India
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  • Diwali or Divali is the festival of light. When Divali is Celebrated some Indians design rangoli on metal plates or they design them on the concert next to there door. People say that if you leave gaps in the rangoli, evil spirits could enter. The rangoli is most likely to be made from rice powder, colour chalk, rice, lentil or beans. On the day, People eat samousas and Indian sweets made from milk, sugar, dried fruit and nuts. Girls wear bright colours saris. They all so light fire and candles works were ever they can. Diwali or Divali or Hindi
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  • In India it is hot so they need to were lose and cool clothing. The girls were saris which are cool and comfortable. For work they wear plain saris and on a species day they wear saris with lots of colours and pattens. Some Men wear loose trousers called pyjamas and Farmers wear dhotis. The dhotis are cloths tied round their waist. In the cities most of the people wear clothes like jeans and a t-shirt. Clothing
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  • Transport In India the roads/streets are very busy and crowded. In a crowded street you would find Cars, scooters, motor bikes, bikes, rickshaws(there-wheeled bike used to carry people and heavy things) and people walking. In India Trains, cars and buses are so fill that people jump on top of them and on the ladders on the side
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  • Sports In India, cricket is a very popular sport and is the most played sport in India. Children play where ever they can. Most of the children play on hard dirt or on a road/street. Most of the children would play with simple thing like a piece of wood and a cheep ball brought from the shop or they would make them from mud. They also play a lot Hockey, Soccer, Polo and Badminton
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  • Schools In India children go to school at age 6-14. They have to learn Subjects like Hindi, English, Maths, History and Geography. Hindi is the most important language in India. Hindi and English are taught in school so that Indians can speak to each other whatever their language, wherever they are.
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  • Language There are many groups and states in India and in most of each state, has ins own language. India has lots of languages, it is estimated that India has is more then 75 languages. Hindi is the mane language. Children have to learn Hindi so they can talk to each other.
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  • Work In India most of the people in Indians are farmers. They grow rice, tea, sugar cane, wheat, fruit, Vegetable and more. Some family are to poor to send there children to school, so there children have to stay at home to help there family at work or there family need their children to work Some of the other people work in factories and make things like Clothing, Computers and Cars. Many other people now work for other Countries answering phone calls for large Businesses and counters
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  • Reference Encarta Encyclopaedia Standard Edition 2002 Wiki Answers
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  • By Sunil Parsot 2010