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ایاز ٹرانسپورٹ سروسعلی COMPANY


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Table of Contents

1. Group Information

2. Vision & Mission

3. Company Overview

3.1 Members

3.2 About us

3.3 What we do

3.4 Why ATS?

4. Business Overview

4.1 S.T Corporation-Clearing &


4.2 Ali Ayaz Transport Services

- Services Offered by ATS

4.3 Cranes, Lifter

4.4 Labor Suppliers

5. Service Map

6. Clientele

7. Company Organogram

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ATS Logistics Group

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3. Company Overview

Company Name: Ali Ayaz Transport Service (ATS)

Year of Incorporation: 1995

Status: Sole Proprietorship

Shareholders : Ayaz Ahmed & Sons

Corporate Office: Suite # 17, 6th Floor, Arkay Square, Shahar-e-Liquat, Karachi.

Site Office: New truck stand, Gate # 3, Wazir Mansion Building, Maripur Rd., Karachi.

Company Size: 40 Employees

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact No.: 0092-213-2401066

Mobile: 0092-346-2159298

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1-March-1996 marks the day that Ayaz Ahmed purchased his very first Heavy duty truck and started transport services to various parts of Karachi. The initial years spent behind the wheel, perseverance and dedication have led to him now leading a transport business that sets standards and expectations in the transport sector.


Tahir Siddiqui joined ATS in 2007, since then working towards establishing a reputable company. Striving each day to make services better keeping the growth of the company in lined with our Vision and Mission.

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In the year 1985 the company made its debut with freight forwarding activities, but with time ATS to be a leader in local conveyance of palletized and non-palletized goods to and from any destination in Pakistan. Customized delivery and distribution arrangements as well as extra warehousing facilities offered for customer use, enables us to provide the required service in the industry. ATS strives to build relationships with their clients, continually gaining an understanding of the clients current as well as future requirements. ATS has a fleet of well serviced, clean trucks and trailers, arriving on time to pick up or deliver the load. All our vehicles are fitted with on-board computer systems, satellite tracking monitored in-house as well as 24 hour cellphone contact. Our drivers are all well experienced, trained long distance drivers that are fully aware of the service required to satisfy our customers. Maintenance is handled by our qualified workshop staff and ATS prides itself in having a fully accredited workshop.

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3.3 What do we do

• We are providing Professional Road Freight Solutions through spectrum of services.

• We are working since 1985 as a local forwarding agency, we deliver your cargo any where in Pakistan safe and sound in a cost effective manner.

• What makes us different from others is our teams which makes sure that our customers really make most of their supply chain and find the best way to run their logistics operations.

• We strive for sustainable relationships with our customers rather than fast profits.

• Let us show you what we can do for you so you can focus your resources on your mission.

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3.4 Why ATS ?

• Our service strategy offers flexibility, trust and collaboration with our clients.

• We provide logistics solutions for various sections mainly include: o Food, Beverages & Pharmaceuticals, o Distribution Retails & Consumers, o Oil & Energy, o Telecommunications, o Machinery & Manufacturing and Projects


• We believe in exceeding customer expectations, leading to on-time deliveries, solving distribution problems, dedicated project management and reducing your logistics costs.

• Opting for ATS means your opting for a relationships that is built on trust and mutual understanding with open and honest communication.

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4.1 S.T Corporation (a parent company of ATS)

S.T Corporation is an independent licensed custom clearing agency providing custom brokerage and freight forwarding services. Our custom driver solutions will make your shipping, custom clearance, importing and exporting seamless. We coordinate all paperwork and mandatory custom procedure to make sure a smooth custom clearing experience for our clients. Our pre preparation procedure eliminates the chance of unnecessary delays due to missing or poor documentation. S.T Corp has quickly emerge as a leading and growing custom clearing agent and freight

forwarding company in Pakistan.

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4.2 Ali Ayaz Transport Services: Services offered by ATS ATS has client base which require us to prove to be a company which is fulfilling the tailoring needs of our customers to their entire satisfaction. ATS offers services of all horizons:

o Dedicated & Contracted Fleet o Container Shipping o Local & Distribution o Full Container Load & Less than Container

Load o Flatbed Truck & Trailer Fleet

Dedicated / Contracted Fleet: ATS Logistics has the capacity and expertise to handle all your expedited needs whether it is dedicated trailer load or Flatbed/Mazda truck load. With our selective team and experienced drivers ATS can provide your goods right where you need them. ATS provides you with single source monitoring and operations control which gives you the 24/7 access of goods through a phone call.

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Container Shipping This service is for client’s focusing import/exports of their goods from port to designated location or vice versa. We provide total solution to your logistics whether it is door-to-door, ramp-to-ramp or any combination. We provide 20', 40' and 45' containers to cater your needs. Bulk containers or goods can be transported directly from factory to customers’ warehouse in an extremely effective and efficient manner.

Local/ Distribution Service This service helps you to distribute your goods at any location within a city or town and can be best utilized if your factory or warehouse or distribution centers are within the same location. Customers who import/export, manage/ shift their goods on daily or weekly or monthly basis.

Less than Container Load (LCL) When you require service for shipments with less than full container load, your solution is ATS. We give you the best services in the most economical rates for carrier fleet called a partial container load. Your partial truckload shipment will be priced well below full container load rates. These services are available locally within Karachi and in all other major cities.

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Full Container Load (FCL) FCL Service gives you exclusive use of whole container, regardless of the load. In this manner you can send your goods within a sealed container to any where in Pakistan i.e. from your premises to any location of your choice.

Flatbed Truck / Trailer Fleet PSG offers comprehensive flatbed services company-owned flatbed and curtain side trailers. PSG team of experienced professionals can work with you to ensure you receive the right equipment at the best possible price from standard straight - deck trailers to all over-dimensional and heavy-haul trailers. ATS can provide the equipment and expertise for the most specialized moves. Whether it is overweight, over height, over width, or over length, ATS can secure following necessary permits and routing instructions. 1. Over dimensional permitting. 2. Over weight permitting. 3. Multi - axle and split axle trailers available. 4. Extendable trailers available.

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4.3 Cranes & Lifters

4.4 Labor Suppliers

Based upon your requirement and request we also arrange cranes and lifters to load or unload your goods at designated location.

Catering your need by providing labor to load or unload your goods for transit.

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Karachi ( Head Office)



And all over Pakistan




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