basic solaris 10 system administration commands

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  • 1. Solaris 10 System Administration Commands(by,Solaris >>>System Administration CommandsA | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | ZAaccept(1M) accept or reject print requestsacct(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commandsacctadm(1M) configure extended accounting facilityacctcms(1M) command summary from process accounting recordsacctcon1(1M) connect-time accountingacctcon(1M) connect-time accountingacctcon2(1M) connect-time accountingacctdisk(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commandsacctdusg(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commandsacctmerg(1M) merge or add total accounting filesaccton(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commandsacctprc1(1M) process accountingacctprc(1M) process accountingacctprc2(1M) process accountingacctsh(1M) shell procedures for accountingacctwtmp(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commandsadbgen(1M) generate adb scriptaddbadsec(1M) map out defective disk blocksadd_drv(1M) add a new device driver to the systemadd_install_client(1M) scripts used to install the Solaris softwareopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

2. add_to_install_server(1M) scripts used to install the Solaris softwareafbconfig(1M) configure the AFB Graphics Acceleratoraliasadm(1M) manipulate the NIS+ aliases mapanswerbook2_admin(1M) bring up AnswerBook2 administration tool GUIapache(1M) Apache hypertext transfer protocol server overviewarp(1M) address resolution display and controlaset(1M) monitors or restricts accesses to system files and directoriesaset.restore(1M) restores system files to their content before ASET is installedaudit(1M) control the behavior of the audit daemonauditconfig(1M) configure auditingauditd(1M) audit daemonauditreduce(1M) merge and select audit records from audit trail filesaudit_startup(1M) audit subsystem initialization scriptauditstat(1M) display kernel audit statisticsaudit_warn(1M) audit daemon warning scriptautomount(1M) install automatic mount pointsautomountd(1M) autofs mount/unmount daemonautopush(1M) configures lists of automatically pushed STREAMS modulesBbart(1M) basic audit reporting toolbdconfig(1M) configures the bd (buttons and dials) streamboot(1M) start the system kernel or a standalone programbootadm(1M) manage bootability of GRUB-enabled operating systembootconfchk(1M) verify the integrity of a network boot configuration filebootparamd(1M) boot parameter serverbsmconv(1M) enable or disable the Basic Security Module (BSM) on Solarisbsmrecord(1M) display Solaris audit record formatsbsmunconv(1M) enable or disable the Basic Security Module (BSM) on Solarisbusstat(1M) report bus-related performance statisticsCcachefsd(1M) CacheFS daemoncachefslog(1M) Cache File System loggingcachefspack(1M) pack files and file systems in the cacheopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API 3. cachefsstat(1M) Cache File System statisticscachefswssize(1M) determine working set size for cachefscaptoinfo(1M) convert a termcap description into a terminfo descriptioncatman(1M) create the formatted files for the reference manualcfgadm(1M) configuration administrationcfgadm_ac(1M) EXX00 memory system administrationcfgadm_fp(1M) driver specific commands for cfgadmcfgadm_ib(1M) InfiniBand hardware specific commands for cfgadmcfgadm_pci(1M) PCI Hotplug hardware specific commands for cfgadmcfgadm_sbd(1M) cfgadm commands for system board administrationcfgadm_scsi(1M) SCSI hardware specific commands for cfgadmcfgadm_sysctrl(1M) EXX00 system board administrationcfgadm_usb(1M) USB hardware-specific commands for cfgadmcfsadmin(1M) administer disk space used for caching file systems with the Cache File-System (CacheFS)chargefee(1M) shell procedures for accountingchat(1M) automated conversational exchange toolcheck(1M) scripts used to install the Solaris softwarecheck-hostname(1M) check if sendmail can determine the system's fully-qualified host namecheck-permissions(1M) check permissions on mail rerouting fileschroot(1M) change root directory for a commandcimworkshop(1M) start the Sun WBEM CIM WorkShop applicationckpacct(1M) shell procedures for accountingclear_locks(1M) clear locks held on behalf of an NFS clientclinfo(1M) display cluster informationclosewtmp(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commandsclri(1M) clear inodecomsat(1M) biff serverconsadm(1m) select or display devices used as auxiliary console devicesconv_lp(1M) convert LP configurationconv_lpd(1M) convert LPD configurationcoreadm(1M) core file administrationcpustat(1M) monitor system behavior using CPU performance counterscron(1M) clock daemoncryptoadm(1M) cryptographic framework administrationcvcd(1M) virtual console daemonDdatadm(1M) maintain DAT static registry filedcopy(1M) clear inodedcs(1M) domain configuration serveropen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API 4. dd(1M) convert and copy a filedevattr(1M) display device attributesdevfree(1M) release devices from exclusive usedevfsadm(1M) administration command for /devdevfsadmd(1M) administration command for /devdevinfo(1M) print device specific informationdevlinks(1M) adds /dev entries for miscellaneous devices and pseudo-devicesdevnm(1M) device namedevreserv(1M) reserve devices for exclusive usedf(1M) displays number of free disk blocks and free filesdfmounts(1M) display mounted resource informationdfmounts_nfs(1M) display mounted NFS resource informationdfshares(1M) list available resources from remote or local systemsdfshares_nfs(1M) list available NFS resources from remote systemsdf_ufs(1M) report free disk space on ufs file systemsdhcpagent(1M) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client daemondhcpconfig(1M) DHCP service configuration utilitydhcpmgr(1M) graphical interface for managing DHCP servicedhtadm(1M) DHCP configuration table management utilitydig(1M) DNS lookup utilitydirectoryserver(1M) front end for the Directory Server (DS)disks(1M) creates /dev entries for hard disks attached to the systemdiskscan(1M) perform surface analysisdispadmin(1M) process scheduler administrationdladm(1M) configure data-link interfacesdmesg(1M) collect system diagnostic messages to form error logdmi_cmd(1M) DMI command line interface utilitydmiget(1M) DMI command line retrieval utilitydminfo(1M) report information about a device entry in a device maps filedmispd(1M) Sun Solstice Enterprise DMI Service Providerdnssec-keygen(1M) DNSSEC key generation tooldnssec-makekeyset(1M) DNSSEC zone signing tooldnssec-signkey(1M) DNSSEC key set signing tooldnssec-signzone(1M) DNSSEC zone signing tooldodisk(1M) shell procedures for accountingdomainname(1M) set or display name of the current domaindrvconfig(1M) apply permission and ownership changes to devicesdsvclockd(1M) DHCP service lock daemondtrace(1M) DTrace dynamic tracing compiler and tracing utilityopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API 5. dumpadm(1M) configure operating system crash dumpEeditmap(1M) query and edit single records in database maps for sendmailedquota(1M) edit user quotas for ufs file systemeeprom(1M) EEPROM display and load utilityefdaemon(1M) embedded FCode interpreter daemonembedded_su(1M) allow an application to prompt for credentials and execute commands as the super user or another useretrn(1M) start mail queue runFfbconfig(1M) Frame Buffer configuration utilityfcinfo(1M) Fibre Channel HBA Port Command Line Interfacefdetach(1M) detach a name from a STREAMS-based file descriptorfdisk(1M) create or modify fixed disk partition tableff(1M) list file names and statistics for a file systemffbconfig(1M) configure the FFB Graphics Acceleratorff_ufs(1M) list file names and statistics for a ufs file systemfingerd(1M) remote user information serverflar(1M) administer flash archivesflarcreate(1M) create a flash archive from a master systemfmadm(1M) fault management configuration toolfmd(1M) fault manager daemonfmdump(1M) fault management log viewerfmstat(1M) report fault management module statisticsfmthard(1M) populate label on hard disksformat(1M) disk partitioning and maintenance utilityfruadm(1M) prints and updates customer data associated with FRUsfsck(1M) check and repair file systemsfsck_cachefs(1M) check integrity of data cached with CacheFSfsck_pcfs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repairfsck_udfs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repairfsck_ufs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repairfsdb(1M) file system debuggerfsdb_udfs(1M) udfs file system debuggerfsdb_ufs(1M) ufs file system debuggerfsirand(1M) install random inode generation numbersfssnap(1M) create temporary snapshots of a file systemfssnap_ufs(1M) create a temporary snapshot of a UFS file systemfstyp(1M) determine file system typeftpaddhost(1M) set up a virtual FTP hostopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API 6. ftpconfig(1M) set up anonymous FTPftpd(1M) File Transfer Protocol Serverftprestart(1M) restart previously shutdown FTP Serversftpshut(1M) close down the FTP Servers at a given timefuser(1M) identify users of files and devicesfwtmp(1M) manipulate connect accounting recordsGgetdev(1M) lists devices based on criteriagetdevpolicy(1M) inspect the system's device policygetdgrp(1M) lists device groups which contain devices that match criteriagetent(1M) get entries from administrative databasegettable(1M) get DoD Internet format host table from a hostgetty(1M) set terminal type, modes, speed, and line disciplinegetvol(1M) verifies device accessibilityGFXconfig(1M