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  • 1. Srimad Bhagavad GitaCompiled byTarun BaruahKrishna Nagar, SarbaibandhaJorhat, Assam-785 001First Edition : 2007 All Rights Reserved GITA1n 1n(2a)

2. (3a) (4a)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSri Aurobindo has explained the Gita in his book Essays onthe Gita very elaborately. This compilation is based on hisexplanation of the synthesis of Yoga of the Gita. Except few slokas,the explanation of the slokas has been quoted from Essays on theGita with due permission from the Ashram Trust. I hope the bookwill help the readers in understanding the true meaning of the Gitaand arouse aspiration in the heart for higher life. The spiritual forcecontained in the words of Sri Aurobindo is sure to awake our soulsfrom sleep and thereby bring about social transformation. I thankSri Aurobindo Ashram Trust for giving me permission to quotefrom their publications.Tarun BaruahDIVINE LIFEThe true aim of human life is souls progress, souls evolutionand the ultimate goal is realisation of soul and union with God.This can be achieved only by Yoga. Yoga transforms our ordinarylife into divine life. By Yoga we can transform our mind, life andbody and raise them to higher level. God who lives in our bodyas our soul is our Yoga-guru, the Teacher. Aspire for DivineGrace very sincerely. Only by Divine Grace man can find hissoul and attain divine life. Divine Grace unites man with God inminimum time. Faith in Divine Grace is absolutely necessary.God is with me and guiding me-such firm faith is necessary.HOWTO BEGIN YOGAPractise silence of mind every day. Call down peace andsilence. Pray God to give peace and silence. Surrender to Godfor guidance. There can be no Yoga without surrender. It is onlyby Divine Grace man can find his soul. Keep constant aspirationin the heart for higher life. Aspiration is the driving force thatpushes you forward. Remember the Divine as often as possible.This habit will keep you open for working of the Divine Shaktiin you that will transform your human nature into Divine nature.Offer all you do, think and feel to the Divine. Silence, Surrender,Aspiration, Rejection of falsehood these are the key words ofYoga. Meditate on this thought all is in God, God is in all, allis God.A method of sitting for meditation is given in Gita Ch.6/13,14. But there is no fixed method. One can meditate sitting ona chair, lying on bed or even while walking or in the midst ofwork. Sri Aurobindo has explained the three Yogas of the Gitain his book Synthesis of Yoga. He has said that the three Yogas 3. (5a) (6a)of the Gita are really one Yoga and has named it integral Yoga.Its aim is liberation of soul and perfection of nature. Gods aimis to transform human nature into divine nature and to create aheaven on earth. Man can hasten the process by Yoga. A sectionof humanity will turn to Yoga and will be the pioneers of thisgreat work. The universe is God Himself. To reveal Himself inmatter is His aim. By evolution of matter life or vegetablekingdom appeared on earth. Next came the animals and at lastman appeared with mind. The consciousness of the plants issub-conscious mind and that of the animals is vital or life mind.Human mind is an intermediary consciousness only. A day willcome when supermind will appear on earth creating the race ofsuperman. It is a pure divine consciousness.The evolutionary force of nature is constantly pressing onhumanity to rise up in the scale of consciousness. Those whoaspire for change of consciousness will get the benefit. Divinehelp is always with us. We are simply to open ourselves to theDivine Shakti. Yoga without surrender to the Divine is risky.There is every risk of falling down and get crushed. But Yogathrough surrender is safe. The Mother has saidThe babycat surrender is the safest way.In Yoga there is no place for fasting, begging or fleeingfrom material life. Money power is a divine power. We musthave full control over this power for flourishing of outer life.Conquer the enemies and enjoy an opulent kingdom(Gita11/33).Our soul is our Yoga guru, teacher of Yoga. Our soul hastwo partshigher and lower. The higher part is called Jivatmaor Jiva. It is an eternal portion of God, (Gita 15/7). The Jivastands above our nature and is the lord of our nature. The lowerpart, a spark of Jivatma, comes down to nature and takes activepart in the evolution of the nature. A consciousness called psychicgrows round the spark soul from life to life. It becomes fullygrown in highly developed human beings. It is then called thepsychic being. At this stage it becomes able to guide the mind.It is through the psychic the Jivatma, the Lord of our wholebeing, guides us, (18/61). To get peace and happiness, we musttry to receive our souls guidance. This is possible by constanteffort to silence the mind. It may take years, but we should notbe disheartened. Our Jivatma is free, but our psychic is inbondage of nature. Souls liberation means liberation of thepsychic. By Yoga the psychic develops and joins with Jivatma.Then the psychic is liberated from the bondage of nature. Bypsychic we mean the spark soul and its consciousness together.By Yoga we can cancel our past karma. It means we canminimise our suffering by Yoga. Divine Grace exhausts Karma,(9/30, 31). So let us aspire for Divine Grace.A Yogi has no work of his own. All works belong to God.Works done as an offering to the Divine do not bind us. We arethen free from the reactions of Karma. While doing works weshould call the Divine Shakti to do the work. Works done in thisattitude is meditation.Each human being is a mini universe. Our soul (Jivatma)is at the top of this mini universe as the universal soul is the lordof the universe. All the levels of consciousness that exist betweenmatter and God also exist between our body and soul. Here isgiven a rough idea of the different levels of our inner states.From the highest to the lowestJivatma, spark soul, psychic,inner mind, inner vital, inner physical, mental purusha, vitalpurusha, physical purusha, mind, life (vital), body, sub-consciousmind and inconscient. The inner mind, inner vital and innerphysical carry our life experiences to our next life. Inner mind-life-body together constitute the subtle body (sukhma sarira).These three are immortal like the soul. They go with the soul 4. (7a) (8a)and come back with the soul. The outer mind-life-body dissolveafter death. The soul takes new mind-life-body in every life. Ifby Yoga one can psychicise mind and life, then they becomeimmortal like the soul. The Jiva or the Jivatma is always thesame. The Jiva of an insect and that of a man are same. Whatdiffers is the psychic. The psychic evolves life after life till itbecomes a fully grown psychic being and unites with the Jivatma.This union is called souls liberation. The psychic is then freedfrom the bondage of nature. Yoga helps fast growth of thepsychic. Prayer, will, aspiration, bhakti, knowledge, karma yoga,regular meditation, effort to keep the mind in peace and silenceis the way. There are seven subtle centres. The safest way isto open the heart centre which is behind the physical heart.In Yoga one should not hurry. Be always calm. Surrenderto God. God will take entire responsibility of your life. Once yougive yourself entirely to Him, you need not fear or worry. Youwill surmount all obstacles and difficulties. Do not give up yogaafter a time. It will be harmful. If you do not get time formeditation, that does not matter. Simply remember the Divinenow and then. That will keep you on the path and you will keepprogressing. Yoga is not a horse race, go like a snail, that isenough. Each of us is half animal and half human. To transformthe animal into divine we will have to take innumerable lives. Sono haste. Be sincere. That is enough. It will keep you on theright track. God is always with you and will do the needful.Have absolute faith on God. What you believe from the core ofyour heart will surely happen. Believe that God is holding youtight and leading you on the path of Yoga.Yoga will give you a new consciousness. You will feelpeaceful and happier than before. Slowly your nature will undergochange under the influence of your psychic. This is calledpsychicisation. It means to bring mind, life and body to thecontrol of the psychic being. This is a great achievement.To keep the body healthy we should draw sufficient lifeenergy. It can be done in two ways. But to combine them isbest. The general method is slow deep breathing, (see Ch.4),not in full stomach. The other is with the help of will power.There is a sea of life energy around us. We are simply to callit into our body. You will succeed in a short time if you practicewith faith. It can be done at any time. Just mentally sayLetlife energy come into my body from the sea of life energy. Ina sense life energy may be called nectar of immortality, sinceit prolongs the span of life.Yoga transforms the human body into a temple of God.Purity is divine. Purity and falsehood never dwell together.Rejection of falsehood in thought, speech and actions is animperative discipline. Exercise dailyI will not be angry, greedy,jealous, revengeful and speak ill of others. I will not fear orworry. I am content with what God gives me. I am grateful toGod, parents, teachers and my well-wishers. I love all and hatenone. Everyday I will pray for all humanity. 1 1 1 V i 1n Q N:1 | U1 & 1 a s1 11 1 1&1n 1 R 1nM 1 R 1 &1n Rt 1 1 1 t 1 : R1 Q1 g 1 | S d 26, , aspiration 5. (9a) (10a)in heart, will in mind; 1 aspiration R t1 1 11 , S 1 11 1n 1 M1 X 1 1 1 &1n , R c 1 1 absolute sincerity, rejection offalsehood, surrender, constant aspiration, determination, courage,perseverance, tolerance, endurance 11 silence 1 silence 1 L Peace, Peace, Peace, Silence, Silence L 1 L 1 L 1 1 LM 1 L nerve 11 rest 111 M 1 1 1 offer 1, 1 1, Lord, I offer my thoughts." 1 1 11 1 &1n