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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Compiled by Tarun Baruah Krishna Nagar, Sarbaibandha Jorhat, Assam-785 001 First Edition : 2007 © All Rights Reserved ¿˜æ√·ªƒ√ ·œÓ¬± GITA ¸—fl¡˘fl¡ Ó¬1n∏Ì ¬ı1n∏ª± (2a)

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  • 1. Srimad Bhagavad GitaCompiled byTarun BaruahKrishna Nagar, SarbaibandhaJorhat, Assam-785 001First Edition : 2007 All Rights Reserved GITA1n 1n(2a)

2. (3a) (4a)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSri Aurobindo has explained the Gita in his book Essays onthe Gita very elaborately. This compilation is based on hisexplanation of the synthesis of Yoga of the Gita. Except few slokas,the explanation of the slokas has been quoted from Essays on theGita with due permission from the Ashram Trust. I hope the bookwill help the readers in understanding the true meaning of the Gitaand arouse aspiration in the heart for higher life. The spiritual forcecontained in the words of Sri Aurobindo is sure to awake our soulsfrom sleep and thereby bring about social transformation. I thankSri Aurobindo Ashram Trust for giving me permission to quotefrom their publications.Tarun BaruahDIVINE LIFEThe true aim of human life is souls progress, souls evolutionand the ultimate goal is realisation of soul and union with God.This can be achieved only by Yoga. Yoga transforms our ordinarylife into divine life. By Yoga we can transform our mind, life andbody and raise them to higher level. God who lives in our bodyas our soul is our Yoga-guru, the Teacher. Aspire for DivineGrace very sincerely. Only by Divine Grace man can find hissoul and attain divine life. Divine Grace unites man with God inminimum time. Faith in Divine Grace is absolutely necessary.God is with me and guiding me-such firm faith is necessary.HOWTO BEGIN YOGAPractise silence of mind every day. Call down peace andsilence. Pray God to give peace and silence. Surrender to Godfor guidance. There can be no Yoga without surrender. It is onlyby Divine Grace man can find his soul. Keep constant aspirationin the heart for higher life. Aspiration is the driving force thatpushes you forward. Remember the Divine as often as possible.This habit will keep you open for working of the Divine Shaktiin you that will transform your human nature into Divine nature.Offer all you do, think and feel to the Divine. Silence, Surrender,Aspiration, Rejection of falsehood these are the key words ofYoga. Meditate on this thought all is in God, God is in all, allis God.A method of sitting for meditation is given in Gita Ch.6/13,14. But there is no fixed method. One can meditate sitting ona chair, lying on bed or even while walking or in the midst ofwork. Sri Aurobindo has explained the three Yogas of the Gitain his book Synthesis of Yoga. He has said that the three Yogas 3. (5a) (6a)of the Gita are really one Yoga and has named it integral Yoga.Its aim is liberation of soul and perfection of nature. Gods aimis to transform human nature into divine nature and to create aheaven on earth. Man can hasten the process by Yoga. A sectionof humanity will turn to Yoga and will be the pioneers of thisgreat work. The universe is God Himself. To reveal Himself inmatter is His aim. By evolution of matter life or vegetablekingdom appeared on earth. Next came the animals and at lastman appeared with mind. The consciousness of the plants issub-conscious mind and that of the animals is vital or life mind.Human mind is an intermediary consciousness only. A day willcome when supermind will appear on earth creating the race ofsuperman. It is a pure divine consciousness.The evolutionary force of nature is constantly pressing onhumanity to rise up in the scale of consciousness. Those whoaspire for change of consciousness will get the benefit. Divinehelp is always with us. We are simply to open ourselves to theDivine Shakti. Yoga without surrender to the Divine is risky.There is every risk of falling down and get crushed. But Yogathrough surrender is safe. The Mother has saidThe babycat surrender is the safest way.In Yoga there is no place for fasting, begging or fleeingfrom material life. Money power is a divine power. We musthave full control over this power for flourishing of outer life.Conquer the enemies and enjoy an opulent kingdom(Gita11/33).Our soul is our Yoga guru, teacher of Yoga. Our soul hastwo partshigher and lower. The higher part is called Jivatmaor Jiva. It is an eternal portion of God, (Gita 15/7). The Jivastands above our nature and is the lord of our nature. The lowerpart, a spark of Jivatma, comes down to nature and takes activepart in the evolution of the nature. A consciousness called psychicgrows round the spark soul from life to life. It becomes fullygrown in highly developed human beings. It is then called thepsychic being. At this stage it becomes able to guide the mind.It is through the psychic the Jivatma, the Lord of our wholebeing, guides us, (18/61). To get peace and happiness, we musttry to receive our souls guidance. This is possible by constanteffort to silence the mind. It may take years, but we should notbe disheartened. Our Jivatma is free, but our psychic is inbondage of nature. Souls liberation means liberation of thepsychic. By Yoga the psychic develops and joins with Jivatma.Then the psychic is liberated from the bondage of nature. Bypsychic we mean the spark soul and its consciousness together.By Yoga we can cancel our past karma. It means we canminimise our suffering by Yoga. Divine Grace exhausts Karma,(9/30, 31). So let us aspire for Divine Grace.A Yogi has no work of his own. All works belong to God.Works done as an offering to the Divine do not bind us. We arethen free from the reactions of Karma. While doing works weshould call the Divine Shakti to do the work. Works done in thisattitude is meditation.Each human being is a mini universe. Our soul (Jivatma)is at the top of this mini universe as the universal soul is the lordof the universe. All the levels of consciousness that exist betweenmatter and God also exist between our body and soul. Here isgiven a rough idea of the different levels of our inner states.From the highest to the lowestJivatma, spark soul, psychic,inner mind, inner vital, inner physical, mental purusha, vitalpurusha, physical purusha, mind, life (vital), body, sub-consciousmind and inconscient. The inner mind, inner vital and innerphysical carry our life experiences to our next life. Inner mind-life-body together constitute the subtle body (sukhma sarira).These three are immortal like the soul. They go with the soul 4. (7a) (8a)and come back with the soul. The outer mind-life-body dissolveafter death. The soul takes new mind-life-body in every life. Ifby Yoga one can psychicise mind and life, then they becomeimmortal like the soul. The Jiva or the Jivatma is always thesame. The Jiva of an insect and that of a man are same. Whatdiffers is the psychic. The psychic evolves life after life till itbecomes a fully grown psychic being and unites with the Jivatma.This union is called souls liberation. The psychic is then freedfrom the bondage of nature. Yoga helps fast growth of thepsychic. Prayer, will, aspiration, bhakti, knowledge, karma yoga,regular meditation, effort to keep the mind in peace and silenceis the way. There are seven subtle centres. The safest way isto open the heart centre which is behind the physical heart.In Yoga one should not hurry. Be always calm. Surrenderto God. God will take entire responsibility of your life. Once yougive yourself entirely to Him, you need not fear or worry. Youwill surmount all obstacles and difficulties. Do not give up yogaafter a time. It will be harmful. If you do not get time formeditation, that does not matter. Simply remember the Divinenow and then. That will keep you on the path and you will keepprogressing. Yoga is not a horse race, go like a snail, that isenough. Each of us is half animal and half human. To transformthe animal into divine we will have to take innumerable lives. Sono haste. Be sincere. That is enough. It will keep you on theright track. God is always with you and will do the needful.Have absolute faith on God. What you believe from the core ofyour heart will surely happen. Believe that God is holding youtight and leading you on the path of Yoga.Yoga will give you a new consciousness. You will feelpeaceful and happier than before. Slowly your nature will undergochange under the influence of your psychic. This is calledpsychicisation. It means to bring mind, life and body to thecontrol of the psychic being. This is a great achievement.To keep the body healthy we should draw sufficient lifeenergy. It can be done in two ways. But to combine them isbest. The general method is slow deep breathing, (see Ch.4),not in full stomach. The other is with the help of will power.There is a sea of life energy around us. We are simply to callit into our body. You will succeed in a short time if you practicewith faith. It can be done at any time. Just mentally sayLetlife energy come into my body from the sea of life energy. Ina sense life energy may be called nectar of immortality, sinceit prolongs the span of life.Yoga transforms the human body into a temple of God.Purity is divine. Purity and falsehood never dwell together.Rejection of falsehood in thought, speech and actions is animperative discipline. Exercise dailyI will not be angry, greedy,jealous, revengeful and speak ill of others. I will not fear orworry. I am content with what God gives me. I am grateful toGod, parents, teachers and my well-wishers. I love all and hatenone. Everyday I will pray for all humanity. 1 1 1 V i 1n Q N:1 | U1 & 1 a s1 11 1 1&1n 1 R 1nM 1 R 1 &1n Rt 1 1 1 t 1 : R1 Q1 g 1 | S d 26, , aspiration 5. (9a) (10a)in heart, will in mind; 1 aspiration R t1 1 11 , S 1 11 1n 1 M1 X 1 1 1 &1n , R c 1 1 absolute sincerity, rejection offalsehood, surrender, constant aspiration, determination, courage,perseverance, tolerance, endurance 11 silence 1 silence 1 L Peace, Peace, Peace, Silence, Silence L 1 L 1 L 1 1 LM 1 L nerve 11 rest 111 M 1 1 1 offer 1, 1 1, Lord, I offer my thoughts." 1 1 11 1 &1n 1 1 The Yoga and its objects- , God himself is the Guru, you will find when knowledgecomes to you; you will see how every little circumstance withinyou and without you has been subtly planned and broughtabout by infinite wisdom to carry out the natural process of theYoga, how the internal and external movements are arrangedand brought together to work on each other, so as to work outthe imperfection and work in the perfection. An almighty loveand wisdom are at work for your uplifting. It is a tremendouswork that is being done in you, the alteration of your wholehuman nature into a divine nature. Your ship is thebrahmavidya, faith is your steering-wheel, self-surrender yourcompass, God himself is your captain. But he has his own wayof working and his own time for everything. Watch his wayand wait for his time.1 &1n 1 1 1 1 R 11 1nM1 S 1 1 &1n1 1 L 1 1 &1n1 1 , ardent aspiration, sincere aspiration; 1Z1 R1M R , 1n 1 S1 psychic transformation psychicisation1 1 1 1 11 spiritualisation universalisation1 a1 1 |Q 1 1, 1 11 t : 1n M 11 static aspect t 1 1, c 11 dynamic aspect 1 t 11 dynamic instrument 1+L1 i1 1 i 1^ 1n X 1n X 1 1,enjoy an opulent kingdom [1133] 1 t1 : , c i , 1 1 , 1n R 1 , 1 1n 1 'RememberMe and fight,' 1 1 1n 1, [87] 1, 1 : 1 : 1 1 M 1+L1 1 1 L M111 1 1, 1 1, 11 1 : :, 1n M1 S1 L1 Z1 11 M 6. (11a) (12a) 1+L1 1 S 11 1 R L 11 R 1 11 g 1n : 1n 1-6 1 1 g, 1 1 1 1 1 X1 1 - 1-6 1n R U 1 11 , 1 1 1 S LRf 1, 1 1 1 1n 11 M 1n 1g | g 1 1 6, 1 1 6 L111 1 1 M 1n 11 1 :, 1n M1 1 M | 1 1 1 11 M 1n 1 g 1 , 1 1 L1 M 1n L11 1 R R 1 R 11 M 1 a1 1 11, 1 1 R1 i 1 1 M1 11 1 1 1 111+ 1 , 1 : 1 1 1 11n 1 1n 1 1 -, -, - , c 11 26 11 26 1 1 1126 1 1 6 [250]11 M 1 11 La,instrument channel 1+L1 1n 1 1 1 R1 1 1 [desire] 1 1126 1 1 1 6, 1 1 1 11 26 1 1 1 , : 1n M 11 1 , , 111 [lower triple world] 16 1 , :, MS g1, :, 1 11 26 1 1 11 1 Matter isalso Brahman. 1Z1 1 1 1+L11 1 1 M M, 1n 11 26 1+L1 1 1 1+L11 : 1 1 Life Divine- 6 :, 1 M1 R t 1n R1 [liberation] 1 1 1 : 61 1 6 1 [integral yoga] [supramental yoga] 6 1[evolution] , 1 6 -c1n i 1 , 1 [supermind supramental consciousness] 1 2 1n 1 1n 1 1 1 [ overmind] 1 1 1 11 1y 1 lower triple world N, 1, &1 1 Q 6, S&1 1 1n 1 1 overmental world 7. (13a) (14a)1 1 1+L1 S 1 1, 1 1 1 1Z1 X 1 11 1nM11 1 [supermind] 11 instrument,1 26 1n 1 M1+ :, 1n M1 i 1 1 1 1 11 1 L 1n s1 , 11 R t 1n 11 1 :, 1n M1 6 i :1 1 M +1 1n M1 1 c 1 :, 1n M1 i 1 1n 1 1 1+ 1 : God is the doer of all works : 1 ^ : M 1 ^ 1 1 11 V 1 1 [offering] 1 1 1 1n [R] 1 1, 1 1n 11 & 1 1n1 g1 1 1+L1 y Yoga begins withsurrender. 1 y, 1 1y 1 1 1 M 1 ego separation 1 [, , 11] 1n R U 1 1 ego 6 c 1 ego R1 S R 1 1 La 1 ego egoless 1 Rt 1 R t, self-realisation Rt R 1 R t 1n R1 t -1, , M, :1 , 11 1, 1 R1 i 1 R1 i1 R1 X R1 i 1 1 1 1 , 1n 1 1 1 R1 i1 , , 1 i i 1+L1 s1 1 --1 g1 1 1 11 M 1n 5 61 261 1 1 1 1n 11 1 g1 1n 16 1n 1 M1 16 1 6 The world is as realas God. , illusion 1 1 1 material nature Divine Nature- 1+L1 11X 1 1 1 [escape] 1 S 1 6 1 1+L11 1, 5 M, 1n 1 1 R1 1n M p R5 money power neglect 1i -- 16 [matter] , M [life energy] , R 1n [supermind] S involution1n 1 evolution 1 S1 61 1 6 1Z1 1 1 ij1 1 1 1 1 1 11 ,pure truth consciousness t 1 , 11 1 1n 11 M 1 11 1 1 8. (15a) (16a) 11 1 M 3 1 1 11 M 16 1 1y 1 [1y 1, 1216] 1y11 1 1 1 1 1y 1 1n 1, S 1 La 1 1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1S 1, 1 1n qX1 1 [240] 245 6 , S& 1n N 11n & 1 N& 1 6 1 Z1 S& 1 S& N, 1, &1 Rt R 1 1n 11 26 :1 , M1 +, 1 26M1n M 1 1 L 1 , L 11 : 6 1 : 6 1 1 M XS i1 i 1 escapist, i i , [182] 1 1 11 1 1 1 M X [the Yoga of the intelligent will] 1 Essayson the Gita- 6 To act with right intelligence and,therefore, a right will, fixed in the One, aware of the one self in all[ p 1] and acting out of its equal serenity, notrunning about in different directions under thousand impulses ofour superficial mental self, is the Yoga of the intelligent will. [X] X 1n 26M S t , Q X1 , 1 M 11 1 342 f1 |, X |, XR | 343 R X | L 1 R1 R1 1 X 1 psychicise 1 psychicisation 6 Psychicisation 1 1 , , R1 La 1n R1 5 R1 Q1 g R t, R1 , R R t X1 , X 6-, 1-1, -1 Q , , 1 S, 11, 1 , 11 1 , , R, , 1 X R i11 [aspiration] flame of aspiration ; 1 TheMother- 6 an aspiration vigilant, constant, unceasing the minds will, the hearts seeking, the assent of the vital being[ N], the will to open and make plastic the physicalconsciousness and nature.There are two powers that alone can effect in their conjunctionthe great and difficult thing which is the aim of our endeavour, afixed and unfailing aspiration that calls from below and a supremeGrace from above that answers. [ M1 1 1 26 1n 11 ]But the supreme Grace will act only in the conditions of the Lightand the Truth; it will not act in conditions laid upon it by theFalsehood and the Ignorance. These are the conditions of theLight and Truth, the sole conditions under which the highest Force 9. (17a) (18a)will descend; and it is only the very highest supramental Forcedescending from above and opening from below that canvictoriously handle the physical Nature and annihilate its difficulties.[ 1 1 S 1+L1 1 1 11 1 1n R M M1 , 1n 1 1+L1 ] The surrender must be total and seize allthe parts of the being. If you open yourself on one side or in onepart to the Truth and on another side are constantly opening thegates to hostile forces, it is vain to expect that the divine Gracewill abide with you. You must keep the temple clean if you wishto instal there the living presence. Do not imagine that truth andfalsehood, light and darkness, surrender and selfishness can beallowed to dwell together in the house consecrated to the Divine.Reject the false notion that the divine power will do and is boundto do everything for you at your demand. Make your surrendertrue and complete, then only will all else be done for you. Regardyour life as given you only for the divine work and to help in thedivine manifestation. Desire nothing but purity, force, light,wideness, calm, Ananda of the divine consciousness and itsinsistence to transform and perfect your mind, life and body. Letyour sincerity and surrender be genuine and entire. When yougive yourself, give completely, without demand, without condition,without reservation so that all in you shall belong to the Divine.The more complete your faith, sincerity and surrender, the morewill grace and protection be with you. A little of it even will carryyou through all difficulties, obstacles and dangers. Its touch canturn difficulties into opportunities, failure into success andweakness into unfaltering strength. [231, 335] 1 1 ij 1 R1 1 11 1nX g [239] g1 1 M 1 11 1 1 Synthesis of Yoga- 6 He who chooses the Infinite has been chosen by the Infinite. 1 6 1 11 1 g c - 11 1 6 You know the Grace is something that pushes you towardsthe goal you have to reach. It may even be a catastrophe []but it is always what is best for the individual. The Grace is thatwhich makes you advance rapidly towards realisation. [individualR] R1 i1 1 -1 646 6 1 1Z1 1 1+ 1n 1 1 6 c 1 1 47, 8 1 X1 11 1n 1 11 1 6, 1 1n X1 111 S 1 V 1 11 1 211 1 1 The crisis in which the Avatar appears is alwaysa crisis in the consciousness of humanity when it has to undergosome grand modification. The outward action of the Avatar isdescribed in the Gita as restoration of the Dharma; when fromage to age the Dharma fades, languishes, loses force, then theAvatar comes and raises it again to power. Whenunrighteousness, injustice and oppression prevail, the Avatar 10. (19a) (20a)descends to deliver the good and destroy the wicked. It doesnot cover the spiritual sense. Always we see in the history of thedivine incarnations the double work, and inevitably because theAvatar takes up the workings of God in human life, the way ofthe divine Will and Wisdom in the world, and that always fulfilsitself externally as well as internally, by inner progress in the souland by outer change in life. The Avatar comes to reveal the divinenature in man above this lower nature and to show what are thedivine works, free, unegoistic, disinterested, impersonal, universal;full of the divine light, the divine power and the divine love. [11 1 5 1 1n 1 1 ]The Avatar does not come as a thaumaturgic magician[ 1], but as the divine leader of humanity and exemplarof a divine humanity. Even human sorrow and physical sufferinghe must assume and use so as to show, first, how that sufferingmay be a means of redemption [X1] as did Christ secondly,to show how, having been assumed by the divine soul in thehuman nature, it can also be overcome in the same nature, - asdid Buddha. Avatar of sorrow and suffering must come beforethere can be the Avatar of divine joy; the human limitation mustbe assumed in order to show how it can be overcome. SriAurobindo, Essays on the Gita. [1 1 1 1-Sn 1n 1 ij , 1 11 V 1 -Sn1 S 1 1 1 1]Divine birth (To become Divine by Yoga) : The divine birth inman, his ascent is itself a growing of the human into the divineconsciousness, and is a losing of the separate self in that. Thesoul merges its individuality in an infinite and universal being orloses it in the heights of a transcendent being : it becomes onewith the Self, the Brahman, the Divine. While it is the divine birthto which every Jiva [R] arrives it is not the descent of theGodhead, not Avatarhood. [1 R R 1Z1 i1 p 1 [272, 1854] ij 1, c descent, 1 Avatarhood 49 ij1 1] The Divine descends by hisown Prakriti and type and brings into it the divine consciousnessand the divine Power and he governs its actions in the body asthe indwelling and overdwelling Soul, adhisthaya, (4/6). Essayson the Gita. [1 1 1 11n 11 1 1 1]429 11 6 [1] 1 [2] 6G g 1 1 1, 2, 3, 4 , g 1 1, 2, 3,4 1n 1 1, 2, 3, 4 1 1n 1 1M 1 11 1 M1 1 1 Synthesis of Yoga - 1 6 S M 26 1 M 1 M 6 1 1M 1 1 1 1 Positivethinking - i 1 Positive thinking i1 , , Z [tension] 6 1 65 1 g 1n 1 Sn L 11. (21a) (22a) 1 R1 1 1 1 1 2 1+L1 1n X 1 1 X, X1 1 R 1 2 X1 1+L1 1 1+L111 1 1 1 2 1n 2 1 1 1n Sn111 1 1 1+L11 X . 1 1+L1 1+L1 11 R- 11 1 1 1+L1 11 1 1n R-[self-observation] 1n R-1 [self-conscration] U 6 1+L11 X 1 1 , c L 1 1 11 M 1 1 6 S M11 1 M1 1 1 , , &1n, g 1 6 1 1 X1 1 111 1 6 11 1n1 1 1 1 6, S 1 1 X1 1 11 1 1n , 11 [humble] 1n 1M S 1 X1 1 1 11 1 X1 1 1 1 1 1 L11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 , c 1 1 1 s1 R 1n 1R1 R 1 g1 1 M 1 11 La 1 6 [128] c 1 M s1 1 6 The world is as real as God. 1 , , p1 1 1 Z1 R1 M , 1 M 1 1 1n 5 6 1n , 1 1 V R1 M 1n1 M 1 6 S 1+ , 1 6 -c 1n matter-1 1 life, life-1 1 mind 5 6 16 1 mind-1 1 supermind 5 6 1n 1 1 c 1Z1 [supermind] ij1 1 1 R1 1! 1 R 1! 1 M, , 11 11 Z1 1! 1 1239 1: 1 g1 1 M g1 s1 R t 1n 1 :,i X 1n X1 1 X 6 1 e 11 1 t [mental silence] 1n L static meditation 1n 61 dynamic meditation 1 t1n 1n 26 11 1+L1 1 1 1 26 1 1 1 1 Sn 1 1 1 1 12. (23a) (24a) 26 1 1 1 , Z, , y 1n 1 1 V 1 q M1 1 M 1 1 S 11 1 1 26 1 R- [self-consecration] R- 1 e X 1+L1 1 2 11 1 2 1+L111 X 11 L M 1 1qX 11 Q 1 1 1n 11 M 1-- 1n 1+L1 1 1+L1 26i 1 1 L M qX 11 11 1 1 26 1 X 1 [1] , 1 1 M 1, [2], 1 1 1+L1 1, [3] 1, 1 ,, 1 1 1 , [4] 1 R1 , [5] L1 1 1 L L 1 1, [6] L L 11 La 1 1 2 1 t 1 1 | silence R1 --1 1 1, qX 1 11 6 1 L1 1 | L p all is Brahman., , , , , 1 11 M f, vital being life being-1 1+L1 1 1 1 1+L1 1 , , 11 [mental being, vitalbeing, physical being] M1 1 qM1 N, Vital being- M 1+L1 1 1 vital being R1 1 1+L11 1 1+L1 11 S 1 1 6 1 11 1 1 1 , 2 1+L1 1 1 1 1 L 1 L 1destiny 1 1 1 1 subconscious mind 1 1 1 Z1 subconscious mind 1+L1 1 1 1 1n U 6 1 1 La 1 1 6 1 1La 1 1 1+L1 1 , L, 1+L1 1 , 11 1n 1 1 U [many] 1 U 1+ 1 1 [] 1 16 1n 1 6, [75] R 11 , spark , [157] ^ [mini universe] 1 p 1 6 1 R 1 , , 1 6 R 1 1 p p1 ^ 6 11 1 ^ 1 6 1 1 inconscient, subconscient, mind, overmind, supermind, Sat-Chit-Ananda. 1 1 1 11 6 1 inconscient 1n R superconscient Sat-Chit-Ananda.Inconscient 1n superconscient 1n R1 1 1 1 1 ^ 1 6 1 1 1 6 13. (25a) (26a) 11 26 1 , to manifest God in matter, 11 1 1 1+ 1n 1 1 1 involution S1 matter evolution S1 matter divine 1 1 6 S 1 1 1 1 1 g1 1 1+L11 1 Z1 ^n 1 1 1 S Natures Yoga of slow evolution. 16, c it is Godwho is doing Yoga in us, it is God who is praying in us. Only Heexists and none else, 1 1 Z 1 1+L1, transformation of matter, S 1 1 1 G1 40 61 11 1950 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 [overmind] 6 1+L1 1 1 1950 1 6 1 [supermind] 11 , puretruth consciousness. ZiZ [duality, g1-1] 1n [falsehood] transition period, g 1 M1, g11 M1 6 c , chaos and disorder-1 divine harmony 1, + 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 t 1 R t1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1Evolutionary force- , c 1 1 1 16 1n i 1 6 1 1 6 1 1 ^n 1 1 111 S 1 1 1 Q 11n 1 M 24 I 1 , , 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 111 aspiration [i1 26], , M, , L 1 , , R- [1 -Sn1, M1, 1 ], , 11 1,, :, M1 , a 1 a 1 1R 6 1 1 guiding light 6, R &1n &1n1 1 1 inner guidance , 1 1 1 silence 1 6 611-14 1 1 6 1 1, 1 1, 6 11 1, 1 1 1 1 111 , 1n outer mind, outer vital,outer physical and inner mind, inner vital, inner physical. [inner]--11 R1 1 1 R1 1n 61 ijR1 1 1 :1 --11 1n [outer] 1 1 61 6 1n 61 ij R -- 1 c - 1 1 6 , -1 1 1Q 11 q 1n 1 1+L1 14. (27a) (28a) 1 1+L1 1 1, S 1 1 1 1 1+L1 1 , 1 1 11 1 - 6, -1 R1 i 1 11 1 R 11 6 11 1 1 q 1 1 q 11 1 i 1 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 g1 1 1 g1 undivine 1 1 1 i 1 6 1 1 q 1n 1 M 1 1 1 6 5 6 1 1 111 26 [divine will] 1 1 1+ 6 1 1+L1 11 26 1+L1 1 1 261 11 26 1 1 1 261 11 26 1 1 1 ego, , 1+L1 , 1 c 1 1 6, 1 1 M1 1 R 11 R desire soul 1n R psychic 1 desire soul- 1 1 1 1 1 1 R 1 1y 1n desire soul 1+L1 R1 1 1, M 1+L1 1 1Z11 ij U ij1 1 ij 11 1 i 1 2 1 1 1 1 26 1 the Divine is consciousness. God isSat-Chit-Ananda Existence, Consciousness-force, Bliss. 1 11 , 1 6 inconscient, 1 subconscient, -c1 life mind vital mind, c1 11 1 1y 6 -1, , R-, : M1 1 1 1n L 1 1 S 1 , , 11 L L 1 , L calm andquiet R , 1n 1 1 11 M L L, L, L peace formula 6 L 111 1 6 1 L ,1 L S L, L, L 11 1 1 1n 1 11 1 6 L 1 1 , material life 1 1 money power M 1 1 1 1 The Mother- 6 Money isthe visible sign of a universal force, and this force is indispensableto the fullness of the outer life. All wealth belongs to the Divineand those who hold it are trustees, not possessors. Anyperturbation of mind with regard to money is a sure index ofsome imperfection or bondage.248 Q X 249 X[ Q X] 438 :1 S 1n 15. (29a) (30a) 75 11 - 1 1n 1 1 divine, 1undivine 922 1 M1 d1 1 1n1 1 929 11 1 126, 7 11 M 1 1 11 1 X1 1 1216 1 1 11 1858 1 L 1 11 1n S 111 1 psychic development [R1i] psychic transformation of human nature into divine nature[ 1+L1] 1 concept, concept R1 M 1 : 6,1 1+L11 : 1+L1 R1 X R1 M1 R1 X R , , 1n , , 1n R S1 psychicisation. 6 It(psychic) is in each of you the deep inner being which you haveto find in order that you may come in contact with the Divine inyou. [ 1 1 1 1 R1+ 11 1 1] It is the intermediary between the DivineConsciousness and your external consciousness [ R1n , , 111 1 1]; it is the builder of the innerlife. If you become aware in your outer consciousness of thepsychic being within you and unite with it, you can find the pureEternal Consciousness [11 , R] and live in it; insteadof being moved by the Ignorance as the human being constantlyis, you grow aware of the presence of an eternal light andknowledge within you, and to it you surrender. For your psychicbeing is that part of you which is already given to the Divine. It isits influence gradually spreading from within towards the mostoutward and material boundaries of your consciousness that willbring about the transformation of your entire nature. Most peopleare unconscious of this psychic part within them; the effort ofYoga is to make you conscious of it, so that the process of yourtransformation, instead of a slow labour extending throughcenturies, can be pressed into one life or even a few years. Thepsychic is that which is divine in you put to be dynamic in theplay. (Conversations)R R 1 1n 1, static 1n dynamic,immutable 1n mutable, 1n 1 1 6 Purusha in Prakriti is the Kshara Purusha [ 1] standingback from it is the Akshara Purusha [R 1]. The psychicbeing evolves, so it is not the immutable. It is the spark of theDivine Fire that grows behind the mind, vital and physical as thepsychic being until it is able to transform the Prakriti of Ignoranceinto Prakriti of knowledge. When the soul or spark of the DivineFire begins to develop a psychic individuality, that psychicindividuality is called the psychic being. The soul or spark is therebefore the development of an organised vital and mind. The soulis something of the Divine that descends into the evolution as adivine Principle within it to support the evolution of the individualout of the Ignorance into the Light. It develops in the course ofthe evolution a psychic individual or soul individuality which growsfrom life to life.1 , 1n [outer] , , 11 1n 16. (31a) (32a) [inner] , , 11 , , 111 1 S 1n, true mental being; 1n, true vital being; i 1n,true physical being 6 1n S mental, vital 1nphysical plane- R1 R 1 1 1n 1 S 1 Jiva Jivatma,spark soul, psychic being inner mind, inner vital, inner physical,true mental being, true vital being, true physical being, outermind, outer vital, outer body. 12 1 1n subconscious mind 1n unconscious mind.At the very moment when everything seems to go from badto worse, it is then that we must make a supreme act of faith andknow that the Grace will never fail us. Mother, AIM, June, 74.All here is God, is the Spirit or Self-existence, is Brahman,ekamevadvitiyam, there is nothing else; Nature is and can benothing else than a power of the divine consciousness. The wholeworld is nothing but the divine force in action. Nor does Godrule the world from some remote heaven, but by his intimateomnipresence; each finite working of force is an act of infiniteForce. Gods rule is not an absentee, foreign and externalgovernment; he governs all because he exceeds all, but alsobecause he dwells within all movements and is their absolutesoul and spirit. Essays on the Gita.A continual resort to meditation, dhyana-yoga-paro nityam,is the firm means by which the soul of man can realise its self ofPower and its self of silence. And there must be no abandonmentof the active life for a life of pure meditation; action must always bedone as a sacrifice to the supreme spirit. Essays on the Gita.The divine Master of the Yoga, Yogesvarah Krisnah, willhimself take up our Yoga and raise us to our utmost possibleperfection, ... vast and comprehensive. It will be a perfectiondeveloped by an all-seeing Wisdom. All must be given as materialof that transmutation. An omniscient consciousness will take upour knowledge and our ignorance, our truth and our error, castaway their forms of insufficiency, sarva-dharmam parityajya,and transform all into its infinite light. An almighty power will takeup our virtue and sin, our right and wrong, our strength and ourweakness, cast away their tangled figures, sarva-dharmamparityajya, and transform all into its transcendent purity anduniversal good and infallible force. An ineffable Ananda will takeup our petty joy and sorrow, our struggling pleasure and painand transform all into its transcendent and universal unimaginabledelight. A constant delight, oneness and harmony of the eternalindividual here with the Divine and all that he is will be the effectof this integral liberation. Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita,The Supreme Secret.[ 1 1]Words of Sri AurobindoWhat do you call meditation ? Shutting the eyes andconcentrating? It is only one method for calling down the trueconsciousness. Meditation is only a means or device, the truemovement is when even walking, working or speaking one is fullof sadhana, AIM, Ap.84God is our wise and perfect Friend, because he knows whento smite as well as when to fondle, when to slay us no less thanwhen to save and to succour. Ths & Aphs.Yoga through work is the easiest and most effective way to 17. (33a) (34a)enter into the stream of Sadhana. AIM Ap.84The divine Friend of all creatures conceals His friendliness inthe mask of an enemy till he has made us ready for the highestheavens.Pain is the key that opens the gates of strength; it is the high-roadthat leads to the city of beatitude. [].God, the world Guru, is wiser than thy mind.I hated the devil and was sick with his temptations andtortures. Then I discovered it was Krishna at his tricks.If God assigns to me my place in Hell, I do not know why Ishould aspire to Heaven. He knows best what is for my welfare.Love of God, charity towards men is the first step towardsperfect wisdom.He who condemns failure and imperfection, is condemningGod.When I live in Krishna, then ego and self-interest vanish.Kali is Krishna revealed as dreadful Power and wrathfulLove.If Hell were possible, it would be the shortest cut to thehighest heaven. (Ths and Aph.)If you cant as yet remember the Divine all the time you areworking, it does not greatly matter. To remember and dedicateat the beginning and give thanks at the end ought to be enoughfor the present. Or at the most to remember too when there is apause. Aspiration and will of consecration calling down a greaterForce to do the work is a method which brings great results.By constant referring of all ones will and works to the Divine,love and adoration grow, the psychic being comes forward (Lightson Yoga.)If God did not take upon Himself the burden of temptingmen, the world would very soon go to perdition. Suffer yourselfto be tempted within so that you may exhaust in the struggle yourdownward propensities. You may leave it to God to purify, Hewill exhaust the evil subjectively [inwardly] (1 tempt 1 1 ]When I look back on my past life, I see that if I had notfailed and suffered, I would have lost my lifes supreme blessings;yet at the time of the suffering and failure, I was vexed with thesense of calamity. Be silent, ye foolish hearts ! Slay the ego, learnto see and feel vastly and universally. Ths & Aph.Mantra of SuccessGive the Divine a full sporting chance. When he lightssomething in you or is preparing a light, dont come in with a wetblanket of despondency and throw it on the poor flame. But inthese matters, when the darkness of human mind and life andbody has to be dissipated, a candle is always a beginning alamp can follow and afterwards a sun. At the beginning and for along time, the experiences do usually come in little quanta withempty spaces between. Doubt is the minds persistent assailant.Dont allow the assailant to become a companion, dont givehim the open door and the fireside seat.To put it more soberly accept once and for all that this thing[Rt] has to be done, that it is the only thing left for yourselfor the earth. Why should you expect so great a thing to be easyor that there must be either a swift success or none ? Thedifficulties have to be faced and the more cheerfully they arefaced the sooner they will be overcome. The one thing to do is tokeep the mantra of success, the determination of victory, thefixed resolve, Have it I must and have it I will. Impossible ? 18. (35a) (36a)There is no such thing as impossible ? there are difficulties, butno impossibles. Drive out dark despair and go bravely on withyour Yoga. As the darkness disappears, the inner doors will open.(AIM, Sept 79).The Divine Grace and Power can do everything, but withthe full assent of the sadhak. To learn to give that full assent is thewhole meaning of sadhana.The principal thing in the Yoga is to trust in the Divine Graceat every step, to direct the thought continually to the Divine.AIM, Nov. 85Desire and WillWhat becomes desire in the ego is Will in the spirit... desirepresents itself to us as a craving of the life force. This desire isessential to the ordinary man. But when we are able to look atdesire from above, we see that what supports this instrumentaldesire is a will of the spirit. AIM, Jan. 82It is quite true that, left to yourself, you can do nothing; that iswhy you have to be in contact with the Force which is there todo for you what you cannot do for yourself. The only thing youhave to do is to allow the force to act and put yourself on its side,which means to have faith in it, to rely upon it, not to trouble andharass yourself, to remember it quietly, to call upon it quietly, tolet it act quietly. If you do that, all else will be done for you.The grace and protection are always with you. When in anyinner or outer difficulty or trouble do not allow it to oppress you;take refuge with the Divine Force that protects.If you do that always with faith and sincerity, you will findsomething opening in you which will always remain calm andpeaceful in spite of all superficial disturbances.Immortality is the status in the infinite spiritual consciousness.It is the possession of Sachchidananda in oneself and theexpression of him in the universe.Purpose of our exitenceIn my explanation of the universe I have put forward thiscardinal fact of a spiritual evolution as the meaning of our existencehere. It is a series of ascents from the physical being andconsciousness to the vital, the being dominated by the life-self,thence to the mental being realised in the fully developed manand thence into the perfect consciousness which is beyond themental into the supramental consciousness and supramental being,the Truth-Consciousness which is the integral consciousness ofthe spiritual being. Mind cannot be our last conscious expressionbecause mind is fundamentally an ignorance seeking forknowledge; it is only the supramental Truth-Consciousness thatcan bring us the true and whole Self-Knowledge and worldknowledge; it is through that only that we can get to our truebeing and the fulfilment of our spiritual evolution.Devotion and a more and more complete inner consccrationare the best way to open to the psychic. AIM, Nov.85The descent of the supramental (supermind) means that thepower will be there in the earth-consciousness as a living force.The inner presence Be cheerful and confident. Doubt anddesire & Co. are there, no doubt, but the Divine is there alsoinside you. Open your eyes and look and look till the veil is rentand you see Him or Her.Avatar is one who comes to open the Way for humanity to ahigher consciousness.As for the Mother and myself, we have had to try all ways, 19. (37a) (38a)follow all methods, to surmount mountains of difficulties, a farheavier burden to bear than you or anybody else in the Ashramor outside, far more difficult conditions, battles to fight, woundsto endure, ways to cleave through impenetrable morass and desertand forset,hostile masses to conquer a work such as, I am certain,none else had to do before us. (Letters on Yoga.)Words of the MotherHow to establish a stable peace and silence in the mind ?First you have to will, and then you have to try, and go ontrying. There are many methods. Here is one. Sit down and, insteadof thinking of fifty things, say to yourself, "Peace, peace, peace."Imagine the calmness and silence. Donot look at the thoughts,donot listen to their noise.Snatch opportunities again and again to sit down and createthe spell of 'Peace'. Do it as soon as you wake in the morning andwhen you go to bed in the evening. It will have a good effect onyour health also. Do it a few minutes before eating. You will besurprised how much it helps you to digest your food. If you continuelong enough, peace will not have to enter into your head; whateveryou do, whatever the circumstances, it will always be there. Butit takes years.The Mother, AIM, Dec. 74Liberation from Karma : This sort of fatality that onesometimes feels weighing heavy on one's life, which is calledKarma, is the result of past lives; indeed, it is something that hasto be exhausted.But because it is a Karma, you have to do something yourself.Karma is a construction of the ego; the ego must do something,everything cannot be done for it. The truth is this : Karma is theresult of the actions of the ego, and it is only when the ego abdicatesthat Karma is dissolved. (AIM Oct 82)Power of Imagination : The imagination is really the powerof mental formation. When this power is put at the service of theDivine, it is not only formative but also creative. A good deal ofour life embodies the products of our imagination. Every time youindulge your imagination in an unhealthy way, giving a form toyour fears and anticipating accidents and misfortunes, you areundermining your own future. On the other hand, the moreoptimistic your imagination, the greater the chance of your realisingyour aim. The power of mental formation is most useful in Yogaalso. If you always dwell in the idea and feeling that you are goingto be transformed, then you will help the process of Yoga. TheMotherAll speech and action comes prepared out of the EternalSilence. Sri Aurobindo Ths & AphsWhat people think, or do or say is of little importance. Theonly thing that counts is your relation with the Divine angry Anger is a sign of weakness. I am not askingyou to suppress anger. I am asking you to change your nature.Left to himself the human being has no strength, no intelligence;no power or knowledge. He has only his stupidity, weaknessand ignorance. But if he takes refuge in the Divine, he gets all, hegets everything, he becomes strong, intelligent and powerful.AIM, Oct 79In the Integral Yoga, there is no distinction between thesadhana and the outward life; it is in each and every movementof the daily life that the Truth must be found and practised.Give yourself entirely to the Divine and you will see the endof all your troubles.The mind, the life and the body must become and live whatthe Soul knows and is. 20. (39a) (40a)The first step towards transformationDisciple I want to transform myself, Mother.MotherDo you think you can transform yourself ?Desciple If you give me the means and help.Mother Do you think I am not giving them to you ? I am sohappy if someone follows me. And I am constantly giving myhelp to prepare souls so that they may be transformed.Desciple Then, prepare me also.Mother Only if you collaborate. One must be able to aspireconstantly and at every minute collaborate with Divine. A constantvigilance and aspiration to live in my Consciousness. This is thebase. Then one can go forward and start walking on the pathtowadrs transformation. That is only a start.To transform oneself,that is still far away and very hard. However, one starts andtakes the first step towards transformation. And life will have ameaning, if all transforms itself into the Divine. That is what I amworking at. If you have an unfaltering will and an aspiration thatalways wants to rise towards the heights, untiringly, alwayssearching for the truth, then, take a leap towards the path oftransformation that I have traced with the help of Sri Aurobindo.This is the truest of all things. AIM, Sept., 1979.Aspiration and DesireIn aspiration there is what I might call an unselfish flame whichis not present in desire. Your aspiration is not a turning backupon self desire is always a turning back upon oneself [Rf]. True aspiration does not come from the head, itsprings up like a flame from the heart. AIM, jan. 82Each time you receive a blow from life, tell yourselfimmediately, Ah,I have to make a progress; then the blowbecomes a blessing. You say, What is it I have to learn ? I wantto know. What is it I have to change ? I want to know. This iswhat you should do.One must do things with all the ardour of ones soul, with allthe strength of ones will; do at every moment the best possible.The best things possible. What others do is not your concern.You have been put upon earth, in a physical body, with adefinite aim, which is to make this body as conscious as possible,make it most perfect and most conscious instrument of the Divine.He has given you a certain amount of substance and of matter inall the domainsmental, vital and physical in proportion to whathe expects from you, and all the circumstances around you arealso in proportion to what He expects of you. Everyone has alife appropriate to his total development, everyone hasexperiences which help him in his total development, andeveryone has difficulties which help him in his total realisation.AIM, Nov.85IllnessWhen the physical disorder comes, one must not be afraid,one must not run away from it, must face it with courage, calmness,confidence, with the certitude that illness is a falsehood and thatif one turns entirely, in full confidence, with a complete quietudeto the divine Grace, It will settle in these cells as It is establishedin the depths of the being, and the cells themselves will share inthe eternal Truth and Delight. AIM, Jan.84If one has within him faith in the divine grace, that the divinegrace is watching over him, and that no matter what happens thedivine grace is there, watching over him, this one may keep all 21. (41a) (42a)ones life and always; and with this one can pass through alldangers, face all difficulties and nothing stirs, for you have thefaith and the divine grace is with you. It is an infinitely stronger,more conscious, more lasting force which does not depend uponthe conditions of your physical build, does not depend uponanything except the divine grace alone and hence it leans on theTruth and nothing can shake it. AIM Feb-Mar, 84Mothers PrayerPeace, peace upon all the earth. May all escape from theordinary consciousness and be delivered from the attachment formaterial things; may they awake to the knowledge of Thy divinepresence, unite themselves with Thy supreme consciousness andtaste the plenitude of peace that springs from it.O Lord, I would like to be so ardent a love that all lonelinessmay be filled up by it and all sorrows soothed.O Lord, I cry unto thee: Make me a burning brazier whichconsumes all suffering and transforms it into joyous light irradiatingthe hearts of all !Grant my prayer: Transform me into a brazier of pure loveand boundless compassion.O Lord, eternal Master, enlighten us, guide our steps, show usthe way towards the realisation of Thy law, towards theaccomplishment of Thy work.A deep and solemn chant rises from my heart, and I do notknow whether this chant goes from me to Thee or comes fromThee to me or whether Thou and I and the entire universe arethis marvellous chant... Surely there is no longer any Thou or I orany separate universe.O my sweet Master, accomplish all the work Thyself throughthis individual being in its integrality. Or rather, do not let anythingin this individual being forget at any moment that it is only aninstrument.O Thou who triumphest over all obstacles, Thou wilt dispelthe darkness of ignorance and the black smoke of egoistic ill-will;Thou wilt dissolve all wrong suggestions and strengthen inus a pure and clear vision.O Lord, let Thy will be done,Thy work be accomplished.Fortify our devotion, increase our surrender, give us light uponthe path.O Lord, the earth groans and suffers; chaos has made thisworld its abode.The darkness is so deep that Thou alone canstdispel it. Come, manifest Thyself, that Thy work may beaccomplished.O Lord, Thy Presence is settled within me like an unshakablerock; and the whole being exults in belonging to Thee withoutthe least reserve, with a wide and complete surrender.O Lord, Thou hast given me thy Power that Thy Peace andJoy may reign over the world.Errors have become stepping-stones, the blind gropingsconquests. Thy glory transforms defeats into victories of eternity,and all the shadows have fled before Thy radiant light.No flight out of the world !The burden of its darkness andugliness must be borne to the end.It is Thy Will that I should be a channel, always open, alwayswider, through which Thy forces may pour themselves inabundance on the world......O Lord, let Thy will be done. 22. (43a) (44a)Outside all manifestation, in the immutable silence of Eternity,I am in Thee, O lord, an unmoving beatitude, I see Thee, I amThyself, and between these two poles my intense love aspirestowards thee. (Prayers and meditation)To become aware of ones deficiencies is a sign of greatprogress and the door opens on the road to succes in sadhana.Go deep, very deep down in the silence of your heart, andyou will find the Lord there radiant and merciful.If we look at troubles as the most effective way to make usprogress, then they lose their bitterness and they become easy tobear. And when we know how to call the Lord in all circumstancesto make Him share in all the events of our life, then life becomesan Ananda.When difficulties come it is to teach us to be peaceful andeven cheerful in spite of everything. Difficulties are the sign ofpossibilities. So they must not upset us. To remain quiet andconfident is the best way to make them pass away quickly. Neverforget that the greater the difficulties the greater also arepossibilities. It is only those who have great capacities and a bigfuture who meet with great obstacles and hardships. The morethere are difficulties the more you can be sure that the Lord ispulling you towards Himself as quickly as you can possibly go.There is only one way out of all difficulties, but it is a sure one.Keep your faith intact and living like a shining flame. The helpfrom the Lord is proportional to the difficulties. He is alwaysthere, close to those who suffer and feel lonely; ready to welcomethem and give them the supreme Comfort of his Love. The morewe endure the more Force and the Love of the Lord are with usand greater is the joy of the Victory. We must be more enduringthan the opposition and all the obstacles will disapper. Everythingwill come in due time; the true Power knows how to wait.Yoga is sufficient to fill a whole life if it is done seriously. It isat each instant of our life that the Lord saves us so wonderfullyand so simply that in our blindness we do not even know it. It isonly when we remain quietly in His arms, untouched by whatcomes from others that we can see and feel his wonderfulprotection. The Lord arranges our lives for the best of our soulsand His wisdom is infinite and perfect.To realise the Divine and unite with the Divine, you must loseyour ego. If you dissociate from the ego, you will no longer feelmiserable and soon you will become aware of your soul andthen you will awlays be aware of the Divine Grace and its quiethappiness. If we want our consecration [] to the Divine tobe total and perfect, it must be unconditioned and independentof all circumstances. The true condition is to be absorbed in anall-embracing love for the Divine. Consecration is indeedmeditation in action. Never do I sit in meditation, there is no timeand necessity for it. [11 L 1 1 ] Because it is not through meditationthat one gives oneself to the divine, it is through consecration andsurrender and it is through all activities of life that consecrationand surrender are to be made.On friendship It is the Lord who creates the friendships. Itis the Lord who ends the friendships; it is the lord who makes uslonely to make us ready for this everlasting Friendship; when weare ready for it all loneliness disappears and we become constantlyaware of His soothing Presence which dismisses all loneliness.On hostility - There is only one remedy; it is not to listen to 23. (45a) (46a)people when they begin to gossip and pay no attention to whatthey say. Never to be affected by all this talk not to mind a bitwhat people say or do not say. Never answer to what they say.Never utter a word when you feel angry. And to be able to dothat there is one way: think of the Divine, take refuge in the Divine,surrender all, your life, your feelings, your friends and yourenemies, all and everything, to the Divine.On health- For health the most important is an inner calmand peace. Almost all of the physical troubles have their cause inan inner disorder. Get the inside quiet, everything will be all right.Keep the certitude of the final Victory constantly present inyour mind and the way will be much shorter.India ought to be the spiritual leader of the world. It is onlythe Indias soul who can unify the country. Externally the provincesof India are very different in character, tendencies, culture, aswell as in language. But her soul is one, intense in her aspirationtowards the spiritual truth The Mother, Mother India, Jan 1969In peace and silence the Eternal manifests; allow nothing todisturb you and the Eternal will manifest. - No flight out of the world 1 1 1 1 1 1n XS 1n 1: 11 26 divine manifestation in the world, 1n 1 1 1, 1 S 1 1 y & i 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 -Sn1 1 qX 1 1| 1 11+L1 1 , c 11 yPast Yogas and Integral YogaThose who seek the Self by the old Yogas separate themselvesfrom mind, life and body and realise the self [R] and thenthey proceed from realisation of Self [1 p, silent AksharaBrahman) to Nirvana or some Heaven and abandon life. TheSuprmental Yoga (Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, is necessaryfor the transformation of terrestrial [] life and being, not forreaching the Self. [11 1 V , , 1 1+L1 1+L1 1] One must realise Self first, onlyafterwards can one realise the supermind. [, , 1 1+L11: , , , 1 1+L1 1 11 1 Life Divine- ] Thesadhaka. who stops short at the Impersonal [1 p]is no longer a sadhaka of integral Yoga. It is only the Supramental(Supermind) that is all-knowledge. All below that from Overmindto Matter is Ignorance. The old Yogas go straight from mind tothe absolute Divine, regard all dynamic existence as Ignorance,Illusion or Lila. My aim is to realise and also to manifest theDivine in the world, bringing down for the purpose a yetunmanifested power, such as the Supermind. I have to bringit into the cosmic formula and, if so, I must realise the cosmic(universal) Divine and become conscious of the cosmic self(universal soul) and the cosmic forces. But I have to embody ithere [ ] It is the objectof my Yoga to transform life by bringing down into it the Light,Power and Bliss of the Divine truth and its dynamic certitude. 24. (47a) (48a)This Yoga is not a Yoga of world-shunning asceticism [ i1 ], but of divine life.Sri Aurobindo, Pract. guideEveryone who is turned to the Mother is doing my Yoga(Purna Yoga, Integral Yoga) It is a great mistake to suppose thatone can do the Purna Yoga by ones own effort. No humanbeing can do that. What one has to do is to put oneself in theMothers hands and open oneself to her by service, by bhakti,by aspiration. Sri Aurobindo, Pract. GuideThe true essence of sacrifice is not self-immolation, it isself-giving. Mother, Pract. GuideMother on faith If you believe that the Divine is far andcruel, He will be far and cruel. He will be brotherly and close, afriend always faithful, always ready to succour for those whofeel Him as the inner guide in each movement, at every moment.And if you believe that he can wipe away everything, he willwipe away your faults, all your errors, and at every moment youcan feel His infinite Grace. If you expect every moment to belifted up and pulled towards the Divine, He will come to lift youand He will be there, quite close, closer, ever closer. AIM,Feb, 78.Relaxation If one is very tired, one must stretch out on the bed,relax, loosen all the nerves one after another until one becomeslike a cloth in ones bed. Relax, do not concentrate on any ideaor try to solve a problem. - Mother, AIM, Dec 85He who would save the world must share its pain.If he knows not grief, how shall he find griefs cure?God must be born on earth and be as manThat man being human may grow even as God.He who would save the world must be one with the world,All suffering things contain in his hearts spaceAnd bear the grief and joy of all lives. Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Book7, Canto6[1 ij 1 1n 1+L1 1 1 ]Mother on IllnessAll illness, all, whatever they may be come from a break inequilibrium. That is, if all your organs, all the members and partsof your body are in harmony with one another, you are in perfecthealth. How to prevent illness from coming, first of all, and whenthe illness does occur, how to cure it? It is usually when the bodyis convinced that it has been given the conditions under which itmust be all right; it takes the resolution that it must be all right andit is cured. There are two things you have to do when you havediscovered the disorder, big or small the disharmony. Firstly,we said that this disharmony created a kind of tremor and a lackof peace in the physical being, in the body. So the first thing to dois to quieten oneself, bring peace, calm relaxation, with a totalconfidence, in this little corner [1 L 1 1n silent 1 L1 1 ]... and through the pressure of light and knowledgeand spiritual force you re-establish the harmony, the properfunctioning. In the case of special attacks of adverse forces, thething gets complicated. There are always germs watching and 25. (49a) (50a)only waiting for an occasion. Anyhow, for some reason or other,the influence has pierced through the shell of protection ( protectingenvelope around the body). Then you must add the Force ofspiritual purification which is such an absolutely perfectlyconstructive force that nothing that is in the least destructive cansurvive there. If you have this Force at your disposal or if youcan ask for it and get it, you direct it on the spot [1 11 M 1] and the adverse forceusually runs away immediately, for if it happens to be in the midstof this Force it gets dissolved, it disappears, for no force ofdisintegration can survive within this Force, therefore disintegrationdisappears and with it that also disappears.[1 force of disintegration, 1 M1 disintegration g ]Mother on Illness due to YogaThe force that comes down into one who is doing Yoga andhelps him in his transformation, acts along many different linesand its results vary according to the nature that receives it andthe work to be done. First of all, it hastens the transformation ofall in the being that is ready to be transformed. If he is open andreceptive in his mind, the mind, touched by the power of Yoga,begins to change and progress swiftly. There may be the samerapidity of change in the vital consciousness if that is ready, oreven in the body. But in the body the transforming power ofyoga is operative only to a certain degree; for the receptivity ofthe body is limited. The most material plane of the universe is stillmixed with a large amount of resistance. But rapid progress inone part of the being which is not followed by an equivalentprogress in other parts produces a disharmony in the nature, adislocation somewhere; and wherever or whenever thisdislocation occurs, it can translate itself into an illness. One kindof disharmony affects the mind and the disturbance it producesmay lead even as far as insanity; another kind affects the bodyand may show itself as fever or prickly heat or any other greateror minor disorder.On one side, the action of the forces of Yoga hastens themovement of transformation of the being in those parts that areready to receive and respond to the power that is at work uponit. Yoga, in this way saves time. The whole world is in a processof progressive transformation; if you take up the discipline ofYoga, you speed up in yourself this process. The work that wouldrequire years in the ordinary course, can be done by yoga in afew days and even in a few hours. The higher parts of your beingreadily follow the swift and concentrated movement of yoga andlend themselves more easily to the continuous adjustment andadaptation that it necessitates.The body, on the other hand, is ordinarily dense, inert andapathetic and if you have in this part something that is notresponsive, if there is a resistance here, the reason is that thebody is incapable of moving as quickly as the rest of the being.This divergence between the progress in the inner being and theinertia of the body often creates a dislocation in the system, andthat manifests itself as an illness.In the ordinary life of man ... the mental and the vital beingsof man follow as best they can the movement of the universalforces, but the body bound to the law of the most material nature, 26. (51a) (52a)moves very slowly. After some years, seventy or eighty, a hundredor two hundred, the dislocation is so serious that the outer being[] falls to pieces [ ]. The divergence between the demandand the answer, the increasing inability of the body, brings aboutthe phenomenon of death.Mother on DestinyBy Yogic discipline one can not only foresee destiny butmodify it and change it totally. Human beings are made up of acombination of several entities. Each of these beings belongs toa world of its own and carries within it its own destiny, its owndeterminism. And it is the combination of all these determinismsthat results in the destiny of the individual.For example, the physical or material destiny of a beingcomes from his paternal and maternal forebears. But then comesinto play the formation of his vital being. (the being of desires andpassions, but also of impulsive energy and active will) which bringswith it its own destiny. This destiny affects the physical destinyand can alter it completely. For example, if a man born with avery good physical balance is driven by his vital to all kinds ofexcesses, bad habits and even vices, he can in this way partlydestroy his good physical destiny and lose the harmony of healthand strength. To the physical and vital destinies, there must beadded the mental destiny, the psychic destiny and many othersbesides. The higher a being stands on the human scale, the morecomplex is his being, the more numerous are his destinies. Higherdestinies are quite closest to the central truth of the universe andif they are allowed to intervene, their action is necessarilybeneficent. The art of living would then consist in maintainingoneself in ones highest state of consciousness and thus allowingones highest destiny to dominate. Be always at the summit ofyour consciousness and the best will always happen to you. Ifthis ideal condition turns out to be unrealisable, the individual canat least, when confronted by a danger or a critical situation, callupon his highest destiny by aspiration, prayer and trustful surrenderto the divine will. Then, in proportion to the sincerity of his call,the higher destiny intervenes favourably in the normal destiny ofthe being and changes the course of events.Attitude- The same thing, identically the same, if we take itas a gift of God, as a divine grace, helps us to become moreconscious, stronger, more true, while if we take it as a blow fromfate, as a bad force, this constricts us, weighs us down and takesaway from us all consciousness and strength and harmony.Regarding stomach trouble It is due to restlessness andagitation. Bring down peace, the Divine Peace, in your stomachand it will be all right.Regarding fever Remain peaceful and confident and it willsoon be over. Peace and stillness are the great remedy for disease.When we can bring peace in our cells we are cured.Be always Benevolent- Be benevolent and you will be freefrom suffering, be always contented and happy, you will radiateyour quiet happiness.Be always kind, come out of all bitter criticism, see no moreevil in everything, obstinately force yourself to see nothing butthe kind Presence of the Divine grace.Nervous EnvelopeThe vital body surrounds the physical body with a kind of 27. (53a) (54a)envelope. It is this which protects the body from all contagion,fatigue, exhaustion and even from accidents. Therefore if thisenvelope is wholly intact, it protects you from everything, but alittle too strong an emotion, a little fatigue, some dissatisfactionor any shock is sufficient to scratch it and the slightest scratchallows any kind of intrusion. If you are in perfect vital equilibrium,you do not catch illness. If one becomes aware of the weak spotin ones envelope, a few minutes concentration, a call to the force(divine force), an inner peace is sufficient for it to be all right.AccidentsPeople are not aware of the workings of grace except whenthere has been some danger, that is, when there has been thebeginning of an accident or the accident has taken place andthey have escaped it. Then they become aware. But never arethey aware that if, for instance, a journey or anything whatever,passes without any accident, it is an infinitely higher grace.Pain and sufferingWhen pain comes, it comes to teach us something. Thequicker we learn it, the more the need for pain diminishes, andwhen we know the secret, it will no longer be possible to suffer.The secret is to emerge from the ego, get out of its prison,unite ourselves with the Divine, merge into Him. All moral sufferingmoulds our character and leads you straight to ecstasy.Fear of DeathReason teaches us that it is absurd to fear something thatone cannot avoid. The only thing to do is to accept the idea ofdeath and quietly do the best one can from day to day, from hourto hour, without worrying about what is going to happen. In thesilent and tranquil depths of our being there is a light shiningconstantly, the light of the psychic consciousness. Go in searchof this light, concentrate on it; it is within you. With a perseveringwill, you are sure to find it and as soon as you enter into it, youawake to the sense of immortality.Rest, SleepProper rest is a very important thing for the sadhana.Before going to sleep, when you lie down to sleep, beginby relaxing yourself physically. Then offer yourself to the Divinein a complete relaxation. Keep trying until you succeed. At thetime of lying down one should always begin by quieting onesthoughts. A total relaxation, a kind of complete calm, withouttension in which everthing is stopped. But this is only the beginning.Afterwards, a self-giving as total as possible, of all, from top tobottom, from the outside to the inmost and you begin repeatingyour mantra, if you have one or any other word which has apower over you, a word leaping from the heart, spontaneously,like a prayer and that sums up your aspiration. After havingrepeated a few times, if you are accustomed to it, you get intotrance. And from that trance you pass into sleep. Even for thosewho have never been in trance, it is good to repeat a mantra, aword, a prayer before going into sleep.Never go to sleep when you are avery tired. I would adviseyou to rest before you go to sleep. Repose your body, comfortablystretched on a bed or in a easy chair. Then try to relax yournerves. 28. (55a) (56a)Consecrating food to GodWith food, we take in a formidable amount of inconscience,of tamas, heaviness. This is the origin and rational explanation ofthe religious practice of consecrating ones food to God beforetaking it.Physical CultureIf we cultivate the body by a clear-sighted and rationalmethod, at the same time we are helping the growth of the soul.Physical culture is the process of infusing consciousness into thecells of the body. Physical culture is the Sadhana of the body...and helps to hasten the achievement of the goal (souls growth).Conscious WillThe movements we make almost constantly in our everydaylife or which we have to make in our work if it is a physical work,do not help or help very little to develop the muscles and tocreate harmony in the body. The same movements, if they aremade consciously with a definite aim suddenly start helping youto build up your body. Walking to go somewhere and walking asan exercise is not the same thing. It is the conscious will which isimportant. Going up and down the stairs you cannot imaginehow useful that can be from the point of view of physical cultureyou go up ( or come down) with the consciousness of all themuscles which are working and of making them workharmoniously. You will see. Just try a little. This means that youcan use all the movements of your life for a harmoniousdevelopment of the body.You bend down to pick something up, you open a door,you close it, there are hundred and one things you do constantlyand which you can make use of for your physical culture.- Mother,Health and Healing in YogaYoga means union with the Divine, and the union is effectedthrough offering it is founded on the offering of yourself to theDivine. You say, I am a servant of the Divine, my life is givenabsolutely to the Divine; all my efforts are for the realisation ofthe Divine Life. You have at every moment to remember it. Youmust feel at every step that you belong to the Divine; you musthave the constant experience that, in whatever you think or do, itis always the Divine Consciousness that is acting through you.You have no longer anything that you can call your own; you feeleverything as coming from the Divine. Live in the feeling that it isthis presence which moves you and doing everything you do.Offer all your movements to it, not only every mental action,every thought and feeling but even the most ordinary and externalactions such as eating. Mother, Conversations.BirthdaysIt is truly a special day in ones life. It is one of those daysin the year when the supreme descends into usone of thosedays when our soul comes in contact with the Eternal and, if weremain a little conscious, we can feel his Presence within us. Ifwe make a little effort on this day, we accomplish the work ofmany lives as in a lightning flash. My child, it is a very very specialday, for it is the day of decision, the day one unite with the supremeConsciousness. This day is truly an opportunity in life.Mother,AIM May 78In your desire for progress, take great care not to attemptto pull the forces towards you. Give yourself, open yourself butnever try to pull the Force towards you. Mother, AIM May79 29. (57a) (58a) R-, 11 1 1, Yogameans self-giving. 1 q1 1 [ 91] 1 1 , , 1 , 1 1 V perfection, perfection y S 1 Z1***While doing physical exercise, Yogasana or any physicalwork, one should call the Divine Shakti to transform the body.How to purify oneself ? The way is Lord, Purify me.How to become egoless? The way is Lord, make meegoless.***Personal and Impersonal-Saguna and Nirguna, Activeand Silent Brahman, They are inseparably one.***The psychic being is the soul, the Purusha in the secretheart supporting the action of mind, life and body. Sri Aurobindo.MEANING OF WORK IN INTEGRALYOGAI donot mean by work action done in the ego and theignorance, for the satisfaction of the ego and in the drive ofrajasic desire. There can be no Karmayoga without the will toget rid of ego, rajas and desire.I mean by work action done for the Divine and more andmore in union with the Divinefor the Divine alone and nothingelse. Naturally that is not easy at the beginning. But it has tobe begun in the right spirit and attitude, with the right will inyou, then all the rest will come. Works done in this spirit arequite as effective as bhakti or contemplation. One gets by therejection of desire, rajas and ego a quietude and purity intowhich the Peace ineffable can descend; one gets by dedicationof one's will to the Divine, by the merging of one's will in theDivine Will the death of ego and the enlarging into the cosmicconsciousness or else the uplifting into what is above the cosmic;one experiences the separation of Purusha from Prakriti and isliberated from the shackles of the outer nature; one becomesaware of one's inner being and sees the outer [, , ] asan instrument; one feels the universal Force doing one's worksand the Self or Purusha watching or witness but free; one feelsall one's works taken from one and done by the universal orsupreme Mother or by the Divine Power controlling and actingfrom behind the heart. By constant referring of all one's willand works to the Divine, love and adoration grow, the psychicbeing comes forward. By the reference to the Power above,we can come to feel it above and its descent and the openingto an increasing consciousness and knowledge. Finally works,bhakti and knowledge go together and self-perfection becomespossible---what we call the transformation of the nature. Thisis Karmayoga laid down in the Gita as I have developed it forthe integral spiritual life. It does not exclude meditation andcertainly does not exclude bhakti, for the self offering to thedivine, the consecration of all oneself to the Divine which is theessence of Karmayoga are essentially a movement of bhakti.Only it does exclude a life-fleeing exclusive meditation or anemotional bhakti shut up in its inner dream taken as the wholemovement of the yoga. One may have hours of pure absorbed 30. (59a) (60a)meditation or of the inner motionless adoration and ecstasy,but they are not the whole of the integral yoga. Sri Aurobindo, AIM, April, 83All that is done by the Divine is done for the best evenwhen we cannot understand his action. There are constantfluctuations, persistent disappointments, innumerable falls andfailures. If one has the faith or in absence of faith the will to gothrough, one passes on and enters into the joy and light of thedivine realisation. If one gets some habit of true surrender, thenall this is not necessary; one can enter into the sunlit way. Sri Aurobindo, Letters on yogaGita's SolutionThe Gita's solution is to rise above our natural being andnormal mind, above our intellectual and ethical perplexities intoanother consciousness with another law of being and thereforeanother standpoint for our action; where personal desire andpersonal emotions no longer govern it; where dualities fall away;where the action is no longer our own and where therefore thesense of personal virtue and personal sin is exceeded; wherethe universal, the impersonal, the divine spirit works out throughus its purpose in the world; where we are ourselves by a newand divine birth changed into being of that Being, consciousnessof that Consciousness, power of that Power, bliss of that Bliss,and living no longer in our lower nature, have no works to doof our own, no personal aim to pursue of our own, but if wedo works at all,--- and that is the one real problem and difficultyleft---do, do only divine works, those of which our outwardnature is only a passive instrument and no longer the cause, nolonger provides the motive; for the motive-power is above usin the will of the Master of our works. And this is presentedto us as the true solution. We can only know this greater truthby living it, that is to say, by passing beyond the mental into thespiritual experience, by Yoga.This upward transference of our centre of being and theconsequent transformation of our whole existence andconsciousness, with a resultant change in the whole spirit andmotive of our action, the action often remaining same in all itsoutward appearances, makes the gist of the Gita's Karmayoga.Change your being, be reborn into the spirit and by that newbirth proceed with the action to which the Spirit within hasappointed you, may be said to be the heart of the message.Make the work you have to do here your means of innerspiritual rebirth, the divine birth, and having become divine, dostill divine works as an instrument of the Divine for the leadingof the peoples. The soul in us develops itself by life and worksand, not indeed so much the action itself, but the way of oursoul's inner force of working its relations to the Spirit. This is,indeed, the justification of Karmayoga as a practical means ofthe higher self-realisation Essays on the Gita, The gist of the Karmayogap , 1, c 1 1 Essays on the Gita- - The worldfor the Gita is real, a creation of the Lord, a power of theEternal, and even this lower nature of the triple Maya [N, 1, & 1 ] is a derivation from the supremedivine Nature. Nor can we take refuge altogether in thisdistinction that there is a double, an inferior active and temporal 31. and a superior calm still and eternal reality beyond action andthat our liberation is to pass from this partiality to that greatness,from the action to the silence. [ 1 d - 11, 1n , p 2 11,L, 1, , , 1L 1 M 1 p 1n 1 ] For the Gitainsists that we can and should, while we live, be conscious inthe self [p, silent impersonal Brahman] and its silence and yetact with power in the world of Nature. And it gives the exampleof the Divine (Krishna) himself who is not bound by necessityof birth, but free, superior to the cosmos [1 ], and yetabides eternally in action, varta eca-evaca karmani, (3/22).He (Purushottama) is both Akshara and Kshara, and yet he isother because he is more and greater than either of theseopposites. "But other than these two is the highest spirit calledthe supreme Self, who enters the three worlds and upbearsthem, the imperishable Lord," (15/17). This verse is the keywordof the Gita's reconciliation of these two apparently oppositeaspects of our existence.***The being of man is composed of these elements---Thepsychic behind supporting all, the inner mental, vital and physical,and the outer, quite external nature of mind, life and bodywhich is their instrunemt of expression. But above all is thecentral being (Jivatma) which uses them all for its manifestation;it is a portion of the Divine Self.To call in the light of the Divine Consciousness from above,to bring the psychic being to the front and kindle a flame ofaspiration which will awaken spirtually the outer mind and seton fire the vital being, is the way out. [R1 1| vital being, M1 1 1 S 1]Supermind is between Sachchidananda and the lowercreation. The Supermind alone can transform the lower nature.(Lights on Yoga, Sri Aurobindo)The Mother's Force is the Divine Force which works toremove the ignorance and change the nature into the divinenature.AIM Sept'79Mother's consciousness and mine are the same, the oneDivine Consciousness in two, because that is necessary for theplay. AIM Feb'74.Divine Grace- It (Divine Grace) is not a universal DivineCompassion acting impartially on all who approach it andacceding to all prayers. It does not select the righteous andreject the sinner. It is a power that is superior to any rule, evento the Cosmic Law. A state of Grace is prepared in the individualoften behind thick veils by means not calculable by the mindand when the state of Grace comes, then the Grace itself acts.There are three powers : (1) Cosmic Law or Karma, (2) theDivine Compassion, (3) the Divine Grace. If one wants theDivine quickly, absolutely, entirely, that must be the spirit ofapproach, absolute, all-engrossing, making that the one pointwith which nothing else must interfere. Only the Divine himselfmatters. When your consciousness embraces the Divine, thenyou can know what Divine is, not before. AIM, May 74, Sri AurobindoWhat to surrender - The most important surrender isthe surrender of your character, your way of being, so that itmay change. If you donot surrender your very nature, neverwill this nature change. Mother, AIM Nov'78(61a) (62a) 32. (63a) (64a) The power of thought on the body istremendous. 1M 1 11 thought power willpower 1 1 I 1 M La1 1+L1 1 La 1 L La - 1, egoless 1 s 1 , , 1 i 1n L egoless divine L La 1 1+L1 1 [1] divine 1 [2] 1 1 1 , 1 1 M 1n 5 [3] 1 , , , , 1+L1 [4] 11 1 1n , 1 1 p, p, p 1n R p [5] g11 1 1 [6] L L, ::, 1+L1 [7] 1, 1 1 3Necessity of a mantra and how to get itI have come to realise that for this sadhana of the body,the mantra is essential. I repeat my mantra constantly when Iam awake and even when I sleep. This mantra- OM NAMOBHAGAVATEH came to me. I saw that I needed to have amantra. And it was just then that it came. So if you feel theneed it will come. One day either you will hear the words orthey will spring forth from your heart. Mother, Mother's Agenda, Vol. I, p.301 and p.197How to solve a problemYou find yourself facing a so-called problem : "What amI to say? What am I to do? There is nothing to do ! Nothingbut to say to the Lord, "You see, here is the situation." Thatis all. And keep very still. And spontaneously, without thinkingabout it, ... you do what must be done. But it is the Lord whodoes it.Mother, Mother's Agenda, Vol-3. P.377OM (AUM)OM is the mantra, the expressive sound-symbol of theBrahman-Consciousness in its four domains from the Turiya(consciousness of the Absolute or pure existence) to the externalor material plane. OM if rightly used (not mechanically) mightvery well help the opening upwards and outwards (cosmicconsciousness) as well as its descent. Sri Aurobindo, AIM,Ap-84OM is the symbol of the triple Brahman, the outwardlooking (the waking state- the consciousness of the materialuniverse), the inward or subtle (the dream state- theconsciousnes corresponding to the subtler life-plane and mindplane) and the superconscient casual Purusha (the sleep state-theconsciousness corresponding to the supramental plane).Each letter A, U, M indicates one of these three in ascendingorder and the syllable as a whole brings out the fourth state,Turiya, which rises to the Absolute.Sri Aurobindo, Essays on the Gita.Casual- being the cause, A-waking soul, U-Dream Soul,M-Sleep soul, supramental plane, Turiya- the fourth state,Absolute. 33. (65a) (66a)SuicideSadhana has to be done in the body, it cannot be done bythe soul without the body. If one throws away the body willfully,[ R 1] one suffers much in the other worldsand when one is born again, it is worse, not in better conditions[R 1 1 ij ] The only sensible thingis to face the difficulties in this life and body and conquer them. Sri Aurobindo, pract. guideSupermindSupermind is between the Sachchidananda and the lowercreation. Suprmind alone contains the self-determining Truth ofthe Divine Consciousness and is necessary for truth creation.One can realise Sachchidananda in relation to the mind, life andbody also but then it is something stable, supporting by its presencethe lower Prakriti but not transforming it.It is the Supramental Power that transforms mind, life andbody-not the Sachchidananda consciousness which supportsimpartially everything. But it is by having experience of theSachchidananda, pure existence consciousness bliss, thatthe ascent to the Supramental and the descent of the Supramentalbecome possible. Overmind stands at the top of the lowerhemisphere. ( matter, life, mind 1n overmind lowerhemisphere lower creation 1n supermind, Sachchidananda upper hemisphere ]No sadhak can reach the Supermind by his own efforts andthe effort to do it by personal tapasya has been the source ofmany mishaps. One has to go quietly stage by stage until thebeing is ready and even then it is only the Grace that can bringthe real Supramental change.(Inconsistent-1 evolution-1 S matter, life, mind mind-1 evolution-1 supermind 1n 11 ]Once the Supermind has descended upon a God-seeker,all the relations with Divine will be his: the trinity of God-knowledge,divine works and devotion to God will open withinhim and move towards an utter self-giving and surrender of hiswhole being and nature. He will live in God and with God, possessGod, even plunge in him forgetting all separate personality, butnot losing it in self- extinction. Sri Aurobindo, Pract. guide[ 1 11 1,c Separate personality J ] 1y 1 L1, silence M 1 1 silent M 1 1 1n R1 1n La peace 1n silence 11 1 1 1 1 1 &1n 1 , , R1 La 1Z1 , , 1n R1 i 1 M1 1 S 1n 1 Z1 1 S Q1i 1n U ij1 evolution 1 1 , , , 1n 1-1 1 i 1 , inner life 34. (67a) (68a) 1 1, 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1, it is God Himself who does Yoga in us. S 1 1n self-purification-1 1 1 11M 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 sun lit path 1 &1n 1 1 1 &1n R, X t 1, to silence the mind, silent R 1Q soul is guide, soul is leader. 1 R 1, to awaken the soul.Karma Yoga- Sri Aurobinda has said that we get Godstouch everytime we offer a work to Him.Foundation of SadhanaIt is not possible to make a foundation in yoga if the mind isrestless. The first thing needed is quiet in the mind. The first thingto do in the sadhana is to get a settled peace and silence in themind. A quiet mind does not mean that there will be no thoughtsor mental movements at all, but that these will be on the surfaceand you will feel your true being within separate from them,observing but not carried away, able to watch and judge themand reject all that has to be rejected and to accept and keep toall that is true consciousness and true experience.Silence is always good; but I do not mean by quietness ofmind entire silence. I mean a mind free from disturbance and trouble,steady, light and glad so as to open to the Force that will changethe nature. The important thing is to get rid of the habit of theinvasion of troubling thoughts, wrong feelings, confusion of ideas,unhappy movements. These disturb the nature and cloud it andmake it difficult for the Force to work; when the mind is quiet andat peace, the Force can work more easily. (Force-Divine Shakti).Remember first that an inner quietude, caused by thepurification of the restless mind and vital, is the first condition ofa secure sadhana. Keep the quietude and do not mind if it is fora time an empty quietude; the consciouness is often like a vesselwhich has to be emptied of its mixed or undesirable contents; ithas to be kept vacant for a while till it can be filled with thingsnew and true, right and pure. Meanwhile call very quietly andsteadily for the peace to come into the silence. Silence of themind, peace or calm in mind are three things that are very closetogether and bring each other.Mans nature is like a cup of dirty waterthe water has tobe thrown out, the cup left clean and empty for the divine liquorto be poured into it.Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, Vol.2, April 71GraceAs for your fitness or unfitness for the yoga, it is not aquestion on which your physical mind can be a judge. In fact, thequestion is not fitness or unfitness but of the acceptance of grace.There is no human being whose physical outer consciounessthepart of yourself in which you are now living is fit for the yoga. Itis by Grace and a light from above that it can become capableand for that the necessity is to be perservering and open it to theLight. Everybody when he enters the physical consciousness hasthe same difficulty and feels as if he were unfit, and nothing done,nothing changed in him since he began yoga, he is apt to forgetthen all that has happened before.Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, Vol.3, April 71 35. (69a) (70a)Asceticism [i] is no doubt very healing, a cave very peaceful and thehill-tops wonderfully pleasant; nevertheless do thou act in the world as Godintended thee. Sri Aurobindo Thoughts and AphorismsDevotion is not utterly fulfilled till it becomes action and knowledge. SriAurobindo, AIM May 80Life is given to us to find the Divine and unite with Him. The Mother,Sri Aurobindo circle, 83A smile acts upon difficulties as the sun upon clouds it disperses them.The Mother, AIM Oct. 84Be always good and you will be happy. A good action is sweeter to theheart than a candy to the tongue. The Mother, AIM July 78Let the vast peace of the Divine penetrate you entirely and initiate all yourmovements. The Mother, AIM May 79In quientness you will feel that the divine force, help and protection arealways with you. The Mother, AIM May 79It is a lesson of life that always in this world erveything fails a man onlythe Divine does not fail him, if he turns entirely to the Divine. Blows fall onall human beings because they are full of desire. To turn to the Divine is theonly truth in life. Sri Aurobindo, Aurobindo Circle, 83Remanin young, never stop striving towards perfection. The Mother,Mother India, Jan 68He who would win high spiritual degrees, must pass endless tests andexaminations. Sri Aurobindo, Ths & AphsTurn all things to honey; this is the law of divine living. Sri Aurobindo,Ths & AphsAll speech and action comes prepared out of the Eternal Silence. SriAurobindo Ths & AphsBecome and live the knowledge thou hast; then is thy knowledge the livingGod within thee. Sri Aurobindo, Ths & AphsTo do the work that one does with all sincerity, as perfectly as one can,is certainly one of the best ways to serve the Divine.The Mother, AIM Nov.81One must have no fear, it acts like a magnet and attracts what we fear.The Mother, Self Perfection, Part 3If Hell were possible, it would be the shortest cut to the highest heaven.Sri Aurobindo, Ths & AphsSee God everywhere and be not frightened by masks. Believe that allfalsehood is a truth in the making. Sri Aurobindo, Ths & AphsWhen thou art able to see how necessary is suffering to final delight,failure to utter effectiveness..., then you begin to understand something,however faintly and dimly, of God's workings. Sri Aurobindo, Ths & Aphs. - 146 116Z - 172 1762 - 143 6389 :- 142 90115= i- 129 116130 - 147 1311495 : :- 130 150164 1 p- 128 165176 1 1&- 134 177198 - 142 199211 1+ - 155 212228Z M- 120 229240S S S:- 135 241254 &S - 127 255267= 1nM- 120 268280 1 - 124 2812895 |XS - 128 290303 - 178 304338 36. - (Chapter 1) -1 S 1nS G( ? 11 - 1 ?, S 1nS X 1 [ ] 1 1n G1 S 1[ G ]? G 1 22 - ? G1 1 [G ] U [ ] 1 &1n ^1 1 [1 ] [ ] GS ^nS 33 - , 1 X ^n S U1 [ ^n S ] G S1 [GS ]S 1 3 1 ^n 1 4 1 1n L 1 5 SL M ^ ^ 1 64, 5, 6, - [S] 1 1n [ ] 1[3] 1 [1] , 1, 1 ^n, ,, 1, 1n, L, 1|[1] 1, S [SL] , M,^ 1n ^1 S 1 [ 1] ZM : 77 - Z|, 1 1 , 1 [ ], 1 [ : ] ?O M ^ 88 - [] , , X [?] , O,, MS 1n ^ 1 M a 1 X1 99 - 1 1 1 d [ M] a 7 X U 1 [ a 1 X 1 1]Even if there is much darkness and this world is full of it and thephysical nature of man also yet a ray of the true Light can prevaileventually against a tenfold darkness. Believe that and cleave to italways.Sri Aurobindo, AIM Mar 81A noblest courage is to recognise one's faults. The Mother, AIM July80If you want peace upon earth, first establish peace in your heart.The Mother, AIM July 78[2] 37. -5 15 1 1010 - 1 Z1 1 [ 1] 1 [ 5], c 1Z1 1 1 [ 1 5] 1c L 1111 - [L ] U [ ] 1 [ 1c] 1nX 2 1212 - 1nX [ 1nX] 1 [, 1] ij [ ] 21 1 [2 ] L s 1313 - 1 , 1, , 1 1 [ ] [ L] s 1 1 [ s ] M G( 1414 - 1 1n 1 M 1 [ G M ]= + M