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Ideation for Bhajan Ratan

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Ideation for Bhajan Ratan

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‘’When a human acts under impulse, as a mammal, as an animal, that human shall never be redeemed. You have to act under intuition. If that is not developed, then you have to act under your spirit.

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The Ideas

01 On Call Auditions

02 Aapka Bhajan

03 Digital Camaign

04 While Live Campaigns

Promotional Methods

Promotional Ideas

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Ways of Promotion

Via Radio through 92,7 and 100.4

Via Calling on a toll free number

Sending small video clips via SMS

Via SMS and Whats app Via Small 5 secs advertisements

Via other social media platform

All the major calls recorded in the voice ofShri Ramdev Baba

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1. On Call


People would be calling on a toll free number and then recording their voice for


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A Virtual Auditing Platform

1) A great way of publicity 2) Reduces pains, efforts,

time and money spent on auditioning

3) Increases user engagement

4) Increase Viewer aquision

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The Concept Promotion Media of the campaign

Call on the toll free number

• This is for 1st round of auditioning

• Rest of them conducted at ground level

User asked to put referral code

• User types the codeWith # the end

Information About Results

• The date and time shared

• They Receive their referral code.

User Records voice• User asked to sing a

bhajan for 2 minutes after a beep.

• User Records

Winners receive direct call

• Others can be engaged

• Engagement methods 2,3 can be applied

Referral Code

After Results

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2. Aapka apna Bhajan

1) Apka Bhajan Sthal2) Apka favourite bhajan3) Apka Bhajan Singer

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The Process

▣Viewer engagement is ensured during the tenure of the season.

▣The campaigns launched with regular intervals and none overlaps

▣Viewership could be increased via gratification

1. North India





IndiaUser calls, Age, gender, location collected

Selects their favorite Sthal/Bhajan/Singer

Results announced during the show

Winners win a chance of a Char Dham/ Wild card entry in show.

Then popular temples/bhajans/ singers are listed, in that particular


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The Concept

Aapka Apna Sthal

Apka Favourite Bhajan

Apka Bhajan Singer

People generally collate in large numbers at mandir bhajans

We ask them where do they go to find solace via IVR and win as stated above

The winner gets to sing bhajan with Anup Jalota at their own temple

User would be sked to whats app/sms their bhajan farmayish

Along with the photo/ Name they want to be displayed on TV when their farmyish is played

The selected few win the gratification as stated in the previous slide .

At the start of the show, a poll would be conducted

The user would have to guess at the start who has the potential to make it to top 3

If answer is correct then you are honoured by Baba Rambev in finals.

Promotion Media of the campaign

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3. Digital Campaigns

The internet flooded with small 5 sec video clips and other video/ text based campaign

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354,000,000Whoa! These many people in India are online.

60% of them access from mobile!!

Page 14: Bhajan Ratn

1,311,050,527Almost 30% of the people in this country are online.

How could you miss this opportunity!!

Population of India

Page 15: Bhajan Ratn

125 MillionActive Facebook Users

60 MillionActive unique yutube accounts

22.2 MilliomActive Twitter Users

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The Concepts

Free wifi Zones • This data of all the cities obtained by the

government.• B the user can login the same video clip shown

You Tube


Free Wi-Fi Zones

Compulsory to watch advertisements• Small 5 seconds clips made• Keywords relating to Astha and Yog selected• Continuously advertisements shown

Video graphic Campaigns• Same video-graphic campaigns both on Fb and

Twitter• Will work because of the feature of automatic

video play option

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Place your screenshot here

Conversion Rates▣ YouTube Shining Star Of Paid Social Campaigns,

Earning 14% Conversion Rate.▣ Cost 6.6 to 20 Rs per add.

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4. While, Live

CampaignsThese campaigns would be run while the show is running!

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60% of all the senior citizens in

the country live in oldage homes

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Special Wild CardComplete state wise list of old age homes with contact numbers/Emails can be obtained from Click Here Click Here

The old age home having highest no of entries will have a special visit by

contestants and a chance to be on


For Auditions: Toll free no distributed via

such calls

Customer Engagement:Questions asked at the end of show each day

Answer by calling on toll free no

Select options by pressing 1,2,3,4 on your phone

Repeat the same process for each episode

Maximum answers and audition calls from one home will be given

above mentioned gratification

Special calls recorded in the voice recorded in the

voice of Shri ramdeov baba would reach these old age

homes.“Hum ek Bhajan Pratiyogita

aajojit kara rahe hai, call karwayiye apne old age

home ke sabhi members se iss toll free number pe,

taaki sabhi iss pratiyogita ka hissa ban sake Aastha

Channel pe





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Current Viewership Engagement

This campaign also covers viewer expansion

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Show Reminders


After show. Tollfree number

displayed for vote

Referal Scheme


A referral code assigned to each Voter. Vote on every show and win 30 points each time. Give your referral code for others to vote. You win 5, they win 40

The CampaignThis campaign is basically for

engaging the present viewership.

MORNING CALLAsk if evening

reminder needed If positive, thenMessage sent inbefore the show

The ProcessCall received in the morning from the

Host/ Protagonist who gives a summary of today’s show

Then a reminder message before the show

Vote and then can

register for show


MESSAGEA request for

feedback about theshow requested.Message to rate

The content!

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Page 24: Bhajan Ratn

Local mandli▣An advertisement

could be made on the Bhajan mandli’s in Mumbai Local trains. They are banned now by the police because as they say that one mam’s muse is another man’s poison.

Idea 1: Local Train Bhajan Mandli

Making an ad▣So an emotionally

touching ad could be made on how these guys lost their muse, but we are here to give you a completely legal platform to showcase your talent..

A story portraying their story could be made. Between Virar- Churchgate!!

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Idea 2: Flash Mob

Idea▣ A Flash Mob of

Bhajan Mandli focussing on the issue of social change, promoting Bhajan Ratn and Patanjali along with it

Database▣ Toll free

numbers could be flashed all during the flash mob. People would be asked to give a missed call if they support the social campaign.

Interaction▣ Videos could

be uploaded all over the internet with the toll free number shown to support the campaign and this database used to contact for auditioning and setting up reminders

This could be done in collaboration of Social Change, through the Kabir Bhajan Mandali program

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Idea 3: Lost your Chance in the Indian Idol

▣ People having age > 30 not allowed to be a part of any singing competition in india

▣ Advertisement could be made- Here is your chance once again, come be a part of Bhajan Ratna

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