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DEVI BHAJANS Aadi Divya Jyothi Mahaa Kaali Maa Namo Devi Shakthi Mahaa Shakthi Kaali Maa Namo Kaali Maa Namo, Sathya Sai Maa Namo Shringa Shaila Vaasini Kaali Maa Namo Sankata Haarini Mangala Kaarini Kaali Maa Namo Kaali Maa Namo, Sathya Sai Maa Namo (Oh Eternal, Effulgent Divine Light, Great Goddess Kaali, Oh Great Power, dweller of the snow-clad mountain tops, You have guarded us against pain and misery; You have brought auspiciousness into our lives. You are called by the name Kaali. You are also called by the name Sai. We bow to Thee, Divine Mother Sai.) Aananda Mayi Brahma Mayi Aananda Mayi Brahma Mayi Athulitha Saundarya Roopini Aananda Mayi Brahma Mayi (Oh blissful One, Oh absolute One; Oh blissful One, Oh absolute One; whose Form is unsurpassed Beauty; Oh blissful One, Oh absolute One) Akhilaandeshwari Amba Parameshwari

Sakala Jagat Ko Paalaya Maa Sab Sukha Daayini Kashta Nivaarini Vibhuda Vilaasini Paalaya Maa Paalaya Maa Sai Paalaya Maa (2) (Oh Goddess of the universe, please protect the whole world. You are the Goddess who gives mankind its happiness. You are the Goddess who removes pain and misery from all living creatures. You are the all-pervading Goddess. Protect us Mother. ) Akhilaandeshwari Maa Jaya Maa Jaya Maa Jaya Jaya Maa ..(Akhilandeshwari Maa) Sai Shubhankari Hey Parameshwari (2) Parthipureeshwari Maa Annapoorneshwari Hey Jagadeeshwari Krupa Karo Maa Dayaa Karo (2) Krupa Karo Maa Raksha Karo (Oh Mother, You who reigns over the universe, Victory to Thee! Oh Mother Sai You always bring auspiciousness into our lives; You always give everything in plenty; We adore Thee. Please give us Your Grace and protection.) Akhilaandeshwari Raajaraajeshwari Durgabhavaani Naaraayani Mahamaaya Shiva Shakthi Swaroopini Veda Vilaasini Naaraayani (Goddess of the Universe! The Queen of all Goddesses! Durga, Bhavaani and Naaraayanai are all different appellations for Parvathi, the Shakthi/feminine aspect of Godhead; You weave the web of Maya; You are the form of Shiva Shakthi; You are resplendent as the Vedas, Oh Naaraayani!) Amba Manda Haasa Vadani Manohari Sai Jagat Janani Matha Matha Matha Jagat Janani Jagat Janani Shubha Karini Sathya Sai Jagan Matha (Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile.) Amba Matha Jagan Matha Veera Matha Sathya Prema Matha Amba Mayi Jagan Mayi, Veera Mayi Sathya Prema Mayi (Oh Divine Mother, Oh Mother of the World! Oh valorous Mother, You give us eternal Truth and divine Love) Amba Parameshwari Akhilaandeshwari Aadi Para Shakti Palayamaam Tribhuvaneshwari Raajaraajeshwari Ananda Roopini Paalayamaam (Oh Goddess Amba (Parvati) Oh Divine Mother of the entire creation! Oh Queen of the Universe! Thy form is bliss. Thou art the nourisher, sustainer and protector.)

Amba Shankari Sashi Shekhari Parameshwari Amba Sarveshwari Jagadeeshwari Parameshwari Amba Sundari Guna Manjari Shiva Shankari Amba Kaadambari Shwetambari Hari Sodari Amba (Oh Mother, Consort of Shankar, Giver of Bliss, Thou art the universal Mother Thou art the Cause of all and Queen of this world, Oh Mother Beautiful beyond words, Thou art the Repository of all traits and dearest to Lord Shiva Universal Effulgence emanates from You and being the ultimate Power, You are clad in brilliant white The Sister of Hari, Oh Mother of the universe, Oh Mother!) Sai Ambey Bhavani Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha Kasht Nivaaro Maiyya Bhakth Janonke Sankatahaarani Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha Kasht Nivaaro Maiyya Bhakt Janonkey Parthipuri Sai Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha Prem Bhaav Sey Pooja Karey Theree (Victory to Mother Bhavani, Mother Sai. We pray to You with love. Kindly remove the difficulties of Your devotees, Oh Mother) Ambey Janani Abhiraami Abhayapradaayini Shiva Kaami Ambey Janani Abhiraami Shaambhavi Shankari Sarveshwari Shaantha Swaroopini Shiva Shankari Sathya Swaroopini Sai Maatha Shaashwatha Ananda Daayini Maatha (Hey Mother Ambe (Parvathi); The One who gives protection, Parvathi; Shambhavi, Shankari (Appellations of Parvathi), the supreme Goddess; The embodiment of peace, Parvathi; The embodiment of Truth, Mother Sai; The Mother who bestows ever lasting happiness) Ashta Bhujangini Divya Swaroopini Kaali Kapaalini Maa Duritha Nivarini Bhava Bhaya Harini Mangalakaarini Maa Janani Shubha Janani Parthi Pureeshwari Shankari Maa (2x) (Oh heavenly beauty, Goddess Durga, with eight arms, Mother Kaali, Kapaalini! You always help us quickly overcome our problems. You have encouraged us to overcome the fear of existence and getting entangled in the endless cycle of births and deaths. You have always brought auspiciousness into our lives. Oh Mother, Oh Divine Mother, Goddess of Puttaparthi (we adore You).) Bhaja Mana Maa Maa Maa Maa Bhaja Mana Maa Maa Maa Maa Aananda Mayi Maa Maa Aananda Mayi Maa Maa Aananda Mayi Maa Maa Aananda Roopa Maa Maa Aananda Roopa Maa Maa Aananda Mayi Maa Maa

(Oh mind, chant the name of Mother; Mother-full of bliss, Mother-Whose Form is blissful Mother-full of bliss) Bhajorey Maa Bhajorey Maa Bhajorey Bhaja Mana Sai Maa Bhajorey Saraswathi Shankari Maa Bhajorey Chandi Maheshwari Maa Parvathi Bhava Bhaya Haarini Maa Pankaja Lochani Sai Maa (Oh Mind! Worship the Lotus-eyed Mother Sai, Destroyer of evil, fear and bondage of birth and death. Goddess Saraswati - bestower of knowledge.) Bhajorey Sada Bhajo Durga Bhavaani Bhava Bhaya Bhanjani Sai Bhavaani Bhajorey Sada Bhajo Durga Bhavaani Mahishaasur Mardani Bhavaani Dayaa Sagari Hey Jagajanani (Always worship Mother Durga Bhavani. She is the destroyer of fear and cycle of birth and death. She is slayer of demon Mahisasur. Oh Mother of the Universe! Thou art full of mercy) Bhavaani Jai Jai Bhavaani Jai Jai Kailaasha Shakthi Shiva Shankari Jai Jai Namah Shivaayo Namah Shivaayo (2X) (Victory to the Mother of the Universe; The highest divine Energy of the Universe Who lives on Mount Kailash with Shiva; I bow to the Divine Power of Shiva) Dayaa Karo Dayaa Karo Dayaa Karo Maa Rakshaa Karo Rakshaa Karo Sathya Sai Maa Hey Maa Hey Maa Dayaa Karo Krupaa Karo Sathya Sai Maa Sathya Sai Maa Sathya Sai Maa (Oh Mother Sathya Sai! Kindly have mercy and protect us.) Dayaa Karo Hey Poorna Jyothirmayi Shiva Shakti Mayi Krupaa Karo Brahma Sanaathani Dayaa Karo Anthar Jyoti Jalao Sai Brahma Sanaathani Dayaa Karo Shivashakthi Mayi Krupaa Karo Deena Dayaamayi Patheetha Paavani Shree Jaga Janani Rakshaa Karo (Have mercy, Oh Lord - the One full of effulgence; Have kindness, Oh Lord - the One with Shiva's powers; Have mercy, Oh eternal Brahman; Sai, please light my inner lamp; Have mercy, Oh eternal Brahman; Have kindness, Oh Lord - the one with Shiva's powers, The One with compassion, the One with the powers to salvage the fallen, Oh Mother of the Universe, please protect us!) Dayaa Sudha Barasaavo Maata Jaya Jaya Jaya Ambe

Prem Sudha Barasaavo Maata Jaya Jaya Jaya Ambe Devi Niranjani Sai Bhavaani Jaya Jaya Jaya Ambe Jaya Jaya Jaya Ambe (Oh Mother! Shower Thy mercy! Victory to the Mother! Oh Mother! Shower Thy Love! Victory to the Mother! Oh Blemishless Mother Sai! Shower Thy Love! Victory to the Mother! (Devi, Bhavaani etc are various names of Parvathi)) Dehi Sharanam Simha Vaahini Dehi Sharanam Asura Vinaashini Dehi Sharanam Bhava Bhaya Haarini Dehi Sharanam Hari Naaraayani Dehi Sharanam Brahma Sanaatani Dehi Sharanam Sai Naaraayani (Grant me protection: Oh Goddess Durga, Whose vehicle is Lion; Oh destroyer of demons! Oh destroyer of fear of cycle of birth and death! Oh Consort of Lord Narayana! Oh Infinite One! Oh Sai Naaraayani!) Devi Sai Maa Devi Saraswathi Maa Durga Bhavaani Maa Kaali Kapaalini Maa Jagadoddhaarini Maa Sai Dayaakari Maa (Worship mother Sai who is none other than Saraswathi, Durga, Bhavani, Kali and Kapalini. She is the merciful One who frees us from the endless cycle of births and deaths and lets us finally merge into Her.) Devi Bhavaani Maa Sai Bhavaani Maa Dayaa Karo Sai Maa Krupaa Karo Sai Maa Jaya Maa Jaya Maa Jaya Sai Bhavaani Maa Jaya Parthi Nivaasini Maa Jaya Sai Bhavaani Maa (Victory to Goddess Bhavaani, Sai Bhavaani! Oh Mother Sai, bestow Thy Grace on us and lead us on the spiritual path. May You be victorious in this task.) Devi Bhavaani Maa Sai Bhavaani Maa Parthi Nivaasini Jaganmaata Deena Dayaakari Parama Kripaakari (2) Hey Jaga Vandini Maata Mangala Kaarini Moksha Vidhaayini Deena Samrakshini Maata (Oh Mother Bhavani, Oh Mother Sai, dweller of Puttaparthi, Oh kind and compassionate One, adored by one and all, doing good all the time, conferring liberation to everyone, protecting the meek and forlorn, Oh universal Goddess, we bow to Thee.) Devi Dayaa Karo Maa Jai Matha Gauri Kaali Maa Dukha Nivaaro Maayaa Devi Bhaktha Janomke Maya Mangala Karini Maa Jai Matha Gauri Kali Maa

(Oh Divine Mother, have mercy on me Victory to You, Oh Mother Gauri and Mother Kali (forms of the Divine Mother) Remove all my sorrows, Oh compassionate Mother of all devotees Oh auspicious Mother, victory to You, Mother Gauri and Mother Kali) Durga Bhavani Maa Jai Jai Sai Maa Kaali Kapaalini Maa Jai Jai Sai Maa Parama Shivayani Maa Jai Jai Sai Maa Jagatodhaarini Maa Jai Jai Sai Maa (Victory to Mother Durga, Bhavani, Kali and Sai. Victory to Mother Sai, Who is supreme Shivayani (Power). Victory to Mother Sai, Who has come to save and deliver mankind.) Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Sai Jaganmaatha Sai Jaganmaatha Maam Paahi Jaganmaatha Sai Jaganmaatha Maam Paahi Jaganmaatha (Glory to Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Sai; Sai, Divine Mother of the Universe, protect me.) Durgati Nashini Durga Jai Jai Kaala Vinashini Kaalini Jai Jai Uma Rama Sarvaani Jai Jai Seetha Radha Rukmini Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Hari Narayana Jai Jai Jai Gopeejana Vallabha Jai Jai Bhaktha Vatsala Sai Naathha Jai Jai (Victory to Goddess Durga, who destroys misfortunes and distress. Victory to Goddess Kali, who is destroyer of death (time). Victory to Goddess Uma, Seetha, Radha and Rukshamani. Victory to Lord Sainath, who is affectionate, tender and loving towards devotees) Durgey Durgey Durgey Jai Jai Maa Karuna Saagari Maa Kaali Kapaalini Maa Jagadoddharini Maa Jagadambey Jai Jai Maa (repeat) (Victory to Mother Durga (Kali)! Oh Mother, the Ocean of compassion, Oh Mother Kali, Who is adorned with the garland of human skulls (a symbol of Her annihilation of our egoism), Oh Mother, You uplift the world Victory to the Divine Mother who is the Mother of the Universe) Durgey Jaya Durgey Durgey Jaya Sai Matha Durgey Jaya Durgey Durgey Sai Maa Karuna Saagari Maa Kaali Kapaalini Maa Jagadoddharini Maa Durgey Jaya Jai Maa Jaya Durgey Sai Maa

(Victory to Thee, Oh Goddess Durga (Parvathi)! Oh Mother Sai, Victory to Thee! Thou art the ocean of mercy; Mother Thou art Kali (Parvathi) wearing a garland of skulls; Mother, Thou art the uplifter of the Universe! Mother, Victory to Thee, Oh Durga; Victory to Thee, Oh Mother Sai!) Durgey Jaya Jaya Durgey Jaya Jaya Duritha Nivaarini Durgey Jaya Jaya Durgey Jaya Jaya Durgey Jaya Jaya Bhava Bhaya Harini Bhavani Jaya Jaya (Victory to Durga; victory to Durga; victory to Durga, the Remover of all sins Victory to Durga; victory to Durga; victory to Bhavani, the Remover of fear of this world) Gaanapriye Sai Karunaamayi Kaadambari Amba Karthyaayini Hari Vallabhe Sukha Daayini Omkara Roopini Narayini Bhuvaneshwari Jaganmohini Shree Chakra Vaasini Sayeeshwari (Oh Sai, the lover of music, the compassionate One! Oh Mother, Kadambari, Kaarthyayini (different names for Parvathi)! Oh Mother You are the consort of Hari (Vishnu), the bestower of happiness! Oh Narayani, You are the primal form of Om! You are the Goddess of the world, Jaganmohini (One who beautifies the world) Oh Sayeeshwari (the Shakthi aspect of Sai), the One living in Sri Chakra!) Hey Amba Hey Amba Hey Amba Bol Eeshwara Sat Chitta Ananda Bol Saamba Sada Shiva Saamba Sada Shiva Saamba Sada Shiva Bol Paalaka Preraka Satpathi Bol Amba Amba Jaya Jagadamba Akhilaandeshwari Jaya Jagadamba (Sing "Oh Mother, Oh Mother, Oh Mother"; Sing "Lord, Existence, Awareness. Bliss Absolute"; Sing "Eternally Auspicious One"; Sing "Protector, Inspirer and Lord of All"; Hail to Mother, the Mother of the world; Hail to the Mother of the entire Universe ) Hey Chinmayee Sai Janani Maatha Jaganmayi Sai Janani Thathwa Brahma Mayi Sai Janani Paraathparaamayi Sai Janani Shiva Shakthimayi Sai Janani Nithyaanandmayi Sai Janani (Hey Mother, the One who captivates the mind, Oh Mother Sai who captivates the world, Thou art the embodiment of the creation itself, Oh Mother Sai, the all pervading effulgent One. You are endowed with the power of Shiva, Oh Mother Sai; You are ever immersed in supreme Bliss) Hey Rambha Janani Shree Sai Janani Bhavaani Jagadambe Maa Bhavaani Jagadambe Maa Tribhuvana Paalini Hey Karunaamayi Uma Shaaradaamba Raksha Karo Sai Maa

(Oh Mother, Oh Sai Bhavani, Jagadambe (all appellations of the Supreme Mother, the feminine aspect of Godhead), You protect the three worlds; You have supreme compassion. Oh Uma, Sharada (different names for Parvathi), please protect us) Jaago Jaago Maa Shankari Maa Shankari Maa Abhayankari Maa Ambha Bhavani Parvati Maa Devi Dayaa Karo Shiva Ramane Janani Thriloka Paalini Maa Jai Jai Bhavaani Maa (Oh Mother Parvati and Amba! Oh Sustainer of three worlds and destroyer of fear! Please wake up. Victory to Thee Oh Mother Bhavani! We seek Your Grace. (Wake up means to be aware of the atmic reality latent in us.)). Jagadambey Ambey Bhavani Jagan Matha Mangala Dhayini Jagadeeshwari Sai Janani Parameshwari Parthi Shivani Naaraayani Mangala Karini Sayeeshwari Sankata Harini Sarvesahwari Sai Janani (Chant the many names of Mother of Universe, who removes danger and grants auspiciousness. Mother: Ambey; Bhavani; Sai Janani; Parmeswari; Parthi Shivani; Naaraayani; Sayeeshwari; Sarveswari.) Jagadambikey Jai Mano Mani Karunya Nilaye Kaadambari Amba Karunya Nilaye Kaadambari Karuna Kari Amba Parmeshwari Mohan Roopa Mayi Jagadeeshwari (Victory to Mother Amba, Mother of Universe. Chant the name of Mother Saraswati (Kadambari: Goddess who moves about in Kadamba vana), who is embodiment of compassion; Mother Amba Mother of Universe, who is enchanting and mericful.) Jagadeeshwari Dayaa Karo Maa Shivashankari Kripaa Karo Maa Partheeshwari Rakshaa Karo Maa Sayeeshwari Dayaa Karo Maa Shivashankari Kripaa Karo Maa (Oh Divine Mother of the Universe, Mother Partheeswari Sai! Have mercy on us and shower us with Your blessings) Jagadodhaarini Maa Vishwavilaasini Maa Sthirasukha Daayini Maa Jaya Jagadeeshwari Jaya Parameshwari Jaya Partheeswari Parvathi Maa Jagadodhaarini Maa Vishwavilasini Maa Parthipureeswari Parvathi Maa

Bhava Bhaya Haarini Bhairavi Maa Shambavi Maa Gauri Maa Jaya Bhuvaneshwari Jaya Jagadeeshwari Jaya Partheeshwari Parvathi Maa (Hey Mother, the One who uplifts the world, The One who illumines the whole world, The One who bestows ever la...