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BODHI(Feb 2010)

Join Hands 4 India

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BODHI (Join Hands 4 India Newsletter) Feb 2010

ISSUE 1 2010VOLUME 1ISSUE 1 FEB 2010VOLUME 1! FROM EDITOR’SDESK ...............................2


ROGRESS REPORT ......... 4


From Editor’s Desk

I distinctly remember Rajesh Sir, one of my seniors back at college. My lifestyle then was, in shostereotypical, while his never conformed to any standards. One thing, which was common, was thwe would both bunk lectures. But while I used to do that to hang out with friends at one of those typitea joints, he would visit families in nearby slums and convince them to send their children to thmakeshift school which he used to run under the shade of a tree. He provided the children with all thneeded books and stationary. For funds and volunteers he would visit our hostels and persuade usjoin him for the cause.

Given our extra-curricular activities, both of us adopted the one-night-out-per-exam study methodoloto pass the semester exams. While I managed to scrape through with just about decent grades,

was one of the toppers. And being one of the toppers, he had an option to take up a job with any the multinationals, which visited our college for campus. He did not. He instead opted for a job withgovernment firm surprising each one of us. He said that he had other things to focus on and joining MNC would not give him the required amount of time.

The makeshift school he started years ago resides today in a 3 room concrete house and is run college students who pass on his reign year after year. Underprivileged children are imparteducation there for no charge at all. Rajesh, is an IPS officer today serving the country, and continuto do work at the ground level helping the underprivileged.

Each of us has different priorities hence not all of us can be Rajesh. However, we can all contribu

within our own capacities in one form or the other. Pitching in with what we can, together, we can wotowards, well the common goal, which is making this world a better place to live.

I got my chance when some of my friends came up with this idea of forming JH4I. Today JH4I is takiits baby steps, but when so many bright dedicated individuals come together for a good cause, theis no stopping them.

Respond to your calling. Join us and help make a difference.

- Anonymous JH4I Moderator 


WE?  ..…………………….3


O?  ………………………3

! FUTURE PLANS .............4

Join Hands 4 India

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BODHI (Join Hands 4 India Newsletter) Feb 2010

JH4I, Who Are we?

Founded in 2009, Join Hands for India (JH4I) is a startup non-provolunteer organization. We at JH4I work towards satisfying one of India’s most criticneeds – educating children in need. By promoting volunteerism and direct contributiotowards this cause, our mission is to strengthen India’s young and enrich lives bimparting education and the right values to our future generation. We believe that a smastep in the right direction can create waves. What could be a small step can create waveto bring immense difference in the lives of children who were not fortunate enough to geeducation because of lack of money and resources. We dare to dream and believe that great journey starts with a small and humble beginning.

What We Want To Do?

Throughout the year, JH4I will provide direct volunteer service to the children in need India. We will help the homeless children, guide the at-risk youth, tutor the disadvantagechildren, feed the hungry and do much more. JH4I will offer a variety of meaningfvolunteer projects that will benefit the children of India. We will provide volunteers witflexible volunteer opportunities to create positive change. We want to simplify the procesby organizing and promoting incredible volunteer opportunities tomake community service accessible to all.

Join Hands 4 India

Education is themost powerful 

weapon, which youcan use to changethe world.

-Nelson Mandela

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BODHI (Join Hands 4 India Newsletter) Feb 2010

FewJH4I Members:

Hot, muggy and overcrowded “City of Joy” has no dearth of povertIn this city worked a little lady named “Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu” whcame all the way from Albania to help the poor in then Calcutta, WeBengal and India.

She is more famously knows as Mother Teresa. Isn’t there anymorbeautiful reason that Kolkata is righteously called “City of Joy” and fme to get into the act?

Judhajit Dutta from Kolkata.I remember in our childhood my granny used to say – Earn moneand invest in education...if you keep in bank the government will takit, if you keep in house the thieves would have an eye but if yoeducate a child the investment will grow with time. This encourageus to be educated and understand how important it is to beducated.

I am Reema from Jharsugda, Orrisa and want to help make this wora better place to live. Please join us and remember no help is tosmall.

I strongly endorse the deed of providing for the underprivileged anas Churchill rightly said, “We make a living by what we get, but wmake a life by what we give.”

A Marketing Graduate from Chicago. I am an ex-employee of Infosyand a native of Bangalore.

I believe that education provides an opportunity for a better future anI hope to help someone achieve it. That's the reason I'm here.

I am Swetha Manda, an IT professional from Hyderabad.

With the help of friends, here we are trying to take one small step in

direction I had been thinking about for quite a few years now.

On behalf of JH4I I request you to contribute in the best way you caHelp us bring a smile on a well-deserved face.

I am Vikrant. Belong to a small town in Haryana. Working as an professional with Infosys.

Join Hands 4 India

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BODHI (Join Hands 4 India Newsletter) Feb 2010

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