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  • Creating ValueFor You

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  • Brahmaconsult: High Notes

    Delivers Customized solutions

    Strategizes, develops plans, executes plans

    Builds clients marketing & sales muscle on BOT basis

    Primary focus on FMCG sector

    Primary focus on Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing

    Brings to the table experience of over 35 years

    Experience with brands like Rasna, Mothers Recipe, Fena, Usha, Gabriel, Indomie

  • Brahmaconsult: Hands-on Always

    Brahmaconsult team has experience in Processed Foods, Beverages, Detergents, Brown Goods, LED Lighting & Online Retail

    Getting hands dirty: We work in the field & lead from the front

    Walk the Talk: We dont advise and walk away. We work with you, for you, and help build your organization

  • Brahmaconsult Walks The Talk

    Most consulting companies advise

    Some execute strategy

    Brahmaconsult will execute all the way:

    - Diagnose

    - Develop & execute strategy

    - Build business plan

    - Execute the business plan

    Brahmaconsult will co-own your business plan

    Brahmaconsult walks the talk

  • Brahmaconsult:Providing Full Service

    Strategic business planning

    Marketing strategy & execution

    New product development & launching

    Sales strategy, planning & management

    Channel management: Audit, development, management, Modern Trade, Online sales, rural markets

    Human resources interventions, viz., performance management systems, recruitment & training

    IT solutions for enhanced productivity, viz., ERP, DMS, SFA, BI

  • Strategic Business Planning & Execution Process

    Internalize clients vision, strengths, resource allocation & scaling time-frame

    Build 3-year or 5-year Business Plan, incorporating inter alia:

    - Industry size & growth

    - Market share projection

    - Sales plan

    - Product costings

    - Launch schedule

    - Plant location

    - Manpower plan

    - Promotion plan

    - P&L with inflation-indexing, break-even and pay-back

    Client sign-off at every stage

    Execution: Client focuses on core strengths and Brahmaconsult executes important parts of plan, e.g., sales & marketing

  • Marketing Strategy, Planning & Execution

    In fiercely competitive markets, important to get strategy right:

    - Defining Target Group

    - Identify Differentiators

    - Positioning

    - Competitive advantage

    - Pricing

    - Packaging

    - Promotions

    Brahmaconsult delivers research-based strategy to client

    Once client signs off on strategy, then marketing plan is prepared

    If client desires, Brahma Opulence will execute the marketing plan for defined tenure

    Brahmaconsult specializes in new product development & launch

  • Hands-on Execution of Marketing Plan

    Develop packaging

    Develop creatives for mass media & point-of-sale material

    Develop & execute promotions, incl. sourcing of promotional items

    Manage media plan & media buying, incl. online marketing

    Recruit brand managers

    Appoint & manage agencies for:

    - Market research

    - Advertising

    - Media planning & buying

    - Public Relations

    Execute clients marketing function on BOT basis

  • Brahmaconsults New Product Launch Module

    Resource audit, Competency analysis, synergies in manufacturing and/or distribution

    Consumer research to identify need-gaps, concept-testing, purchase disposition, etc.

    Short-listing of winning products, estimation of sales volumes, business plan, test marketing etc.

  • Sales Strategy

    Define resource allocation

    Define Market share objectives

    Select Channels

    Select geographies

    Select SKUs

    Retail outlet coverage

    Scaling over defined time-frame

  • Sales Plan: Prepare & Execute

    Sales Plan will contain inter alia:

    - Market shares

    - Expansion plan for geographies & SKUs

    - Retail Outlet Coverage Plan: Channel-wise, State-wise & major

    town-wise: Coverage frequency, Journey cycles

    - Manpower plan including expenses

    - Training plan

    - Reporting: Cycles & formats

    - Automation plans

    Execution on BOT basis, wherein Brahmaconsult will develop & manage clients sales function, leaving the client to focus on his core strengths

  • Channel Management

    Distribution Audit

    Channel Strengthening / Re-structuring

    Optimization of ROI for channel partners

    Hands-on management of channel sales, if required, on turn-key basis

    Account management services for Modern Trade, including inter alia managing activation programs

    Rural market penetration programs, including inter alia refinement of product offerings, packaging, pricing, channel reach & promotions

  • Human Resource Management

    Design organization structure

    Design performance management system, job descriptions, KRAs etc

    Search & recruit

    Devise training programs for development of skills & improvement of performance

  • IT for Enhanced Productivity & Better Performance

    Brahmaconsult helps clients select, purchase & implement cost-effective IT solutions for:

    - ERP

    - Business Intelligence

    - Distribution Management System

    - Sales Force Automation

  • Profile of Raj Pinjani, Principal Consultant

    Engineer and alumnus of prestigious IIM, Ahmedabad

    Over 30 years of experience in managing sales, marketing and operations in diverse industries.

    Worked with brands such as Rasna, Mothers Recipe, Usha, Niky-Tasha, Fena, and Indomie.

    Over 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry including being the President of Rasna Private Limited, Chief Operating Officer of Mothers Recipe Division of Desai Brothers Limited and Chief Operating Officer of Lagos-based De-United Foods Industries Limited.

    Key achievements include:

    - Building & revamping distribution networks

    - Successful launch of many new products in India and abroad

    - Leading marketing initiatives for leading brands

    - Leading procurement of product inputs, promotional inputs and machinary

    - Building strong networks of franchisee manufacturers across locations in India

    Key strengths include strong analytical ability, high degree of adaptability, strong leadership qualities, excellent communication skills and all-round management skills.

  • ComeLets build a world-class business