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  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 1


    Exploring the Business Opportunity and Market Potential of Agro Bio product in

    Kota and Baran District of Rajasthan for Ambika Biotech

    A project conducted at Kota & Baran district (Rajasthan)




    Manoj Sonkaria


    Ramresh Meena

    First year, Second sem.

    Prepared in Partial Fulfillment of degree of


    Center for Agri Business Management




  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 2

    This is to declare that, we Manoj Sonkaria & Ramresh Meena, students of Master ofBusiness Administration (Agri-Business) (2010-12), CABM, RCA, MPUAT, UDAIPUR, has

    given original data and information to the best of our knowledge in the project report titled

    Exploring the Business Opportunity and Market Potential of Agro Bio product in Kota and

    Baran District of Rajasthan for Ambika Biotech and that no part of this information has been

    used for any other assignments but for the partial fulfillment of the requirement towards the

    completion of the said course.

    Manoj Sonkaria


    Ramresh Meena




  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 3

    We are greatly indebted to Ambika Biotech for giving the opportunity of having a real

    time experience of working with a highly professional corporate organization. We would like to

    express our heartfelt thanks to Ambika Biotech management specially Mr. Saurabh Singh

    Tomar (CEO) for accepting our request and giving this chance.

    We are very grateful to Mr. Saurabh Singh Tomar (Project Guide) for his constant

    support and encouragement throughout the span of the project. The confidence he instilled in me

    paved the way for proceeding with the survey.

    We thanks are also due to Dr. D.C. Pant, Nodal Officer, CABM, RCA, UDAIPUR and

    the staff of CABM Cell for this assignment and the called for help during the course of the


    We would also like to express our gratitude to all the respondents whose inputs are an

    important part of the venture.

    We are very grateful to Mrs. Ranjana Audichaya (Faculty guide), Mrs. Arti Arha and

    Ms. Tarannum Hussain, CABM, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur for

    providing necessary help during the course of project.

    A special word of thanks to my parents, sister and friends whose backing saw me through this


    Manoj Sonkaria


    Ramresh Meena



  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 4



    Topics Page No

    1 Rationale of the Survey 5-5

    2 Executive summary 6-8

    3 Company profile. 9-11

    4 Research Methodology. 12-16

    5 Finding: Data Presentation and Analysis. 17-24

    6 Suggestion & Conclusion. 25-25

    7 Annexure. References. 26-26

    8 Questionnaire. 27-27


  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 5

    Chapter - 1

    Rationale of the Survey

    As the intensity of competition in the market continues to rise, the need for evaluating

    brand performance vis--vis competitors brand is becoming top priority. Keeping an eye on the

    threats for the current brands and opportunities for newer brands has become inevitable for the

    companies. A brand's value is a function of dealers and farmers perception, their attitude

    towards it and the economic value or price that they attach to the brand become very crucial. The

    report gives a descriptive picture regarding the aforesaid parameters and tries to capture the

    opportunities lying for a new molecule in CFCLs water soluble fertilizers portfolio. It develops

    a comprehensive marketing strategy including brand development, effective sales promotion

    strategy. This report also gives a vivid business opportunities & sales promotion strategy to the

    company exclusively for its water soluble fertilizers business.

    In the wake of intense competition in the market, the need of evaluating performance at each

    stage of marketing is becoming a top priority. With so many MNCs and Indian companies vying

    for a major share in the countrys biggest fertilizer market, a study evaluating the progressive

    growth of the top water soluble fertilizers brand is inevitable. With so many companies vying

    for this share of mind, it becomes imperative for any company to devise new strategies and work

    hard for its proper implementation along with an eye on the strategies of the competitors.

  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 6

    Chapter - 2


    PROJECT TITLE - Exploring the Business Opportunity and Market Potential of Agro Bio product

    in Kota and Baran District of Rajasthan for Ambika Biotech

    ORGANIZATION AmbikaBiotech

    REPORTING OFFICER: Mr. Saurabh Singh Tomar

    FACULTY GUIDE - Mrs. Ranjana Audichaya & Dr. G.L. Meena

    NAME OF THE STUDENT- Mr. Manoj Sonkaria & Ramresh Meena

    PROJECT IN BRIEF- This project is based on market potential of biofertilizers and otherfertilizers. Biofertilizers are mostly used in legume crops viz., soybean, gram, groundnut, pea etc.

    To provide better quality biofertilizers Ambika Biotech brings new product of biofertilizers. To

    serve the farming community in a better way and to know the market potential and promotional

    tools for biofertilizers Ambika Biotech conducted this project.


    1) To access the current market potential.

    2) To find out top brands and their market share.

    3) To find out business opportunity in Soyabean, Wheat and Rice crops.


    Research design : Exploratory research

    Area of Study: Kota & Baran of Rajasthan

    Sources for data collection : Primary and Secondary data

    Tools for Data Collection: Interview schedule containing both open ended and closed

    ended questions.

    Population: All dealers of two districts of Rajasthan

    Sample Size and Chapter: 175 dealers from two districts of Rajasthan

  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 7

    Sampling Technique: Snowball sampling and Judgemental sampling (Non probability


    Sampling Procedure : Multistage sampling

    Duration of the Project: 17th May to 10th July.


    1) The total market production of biofertilizers is 24455 tonnes in India and In 2008-09.

    2) Tamil Nadu produced 3733 tonnes of bio-fertilizers followed by Karnataka at 3696tonnes.

    3) The other major producers of bio-fertilizers are Kerala (1937 tonnes), Maharashtra (1861

    tonnes) and Madhya Pradesh (1588 tonnes).


    1. Ambika Biotech should include farmers also for market research.

    2. Company should communicate about the benefits of bio products to farmer as well as

    dealers before launching its product through a mixed promotional activities in both the


    3. Company should concentrate specially on Pulses, Rice, Wheat and Soybean.

    4. Among the four segment company should concentrate specially bio fertilizer and bio

    plant growth regulator.

  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 8


    Limitations of the study:

    This study being a student project has some limitations as follows:

    1. Limited time factor and judgmental sampling of villages and respondents.

    2. A small amount of bias on part of researcher may also exist.

    3. Language barrier at some places between respondents and researcher, though taken care

    well by the companys field staff.

    4. Availability of Vehicles is also a limitation, faced by me during my project.

    Objectives of the study:

    1. To access the current market potential

    2. To find out top brands and their market share.

    3. To find out business opportunity in Soyabean, Wheat and Rice crops.

  • 8/3/2019 CABM Udaipur


    Centre for Agri Business Management 9

    Chapter 3


    Ambika Biotech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and this company follow the Six Sigma

    Technique in manufacturing process for delivered the higher quality of the product.

    Innovation & Excellence:-

    We use innovative technology to manufacture high quality BioFungicides (Trichoderma Viride),

    BioFertilizers (Rhizobium, Azotobacter and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria), Neem Pesticides,

    Plant Growth Promoters, and Vermicompost & Organic Manures.

    Ambika Biotech has been established with an objective to provide Organic Farming inputs to the

    farmers, and to make the earth a better place to live.

    The leadership team comprises of an Ex-Deputy Director of Agriculture, having 40 years of

    experience in scientific agriculture; a Biotech scientist, and a management professional having

    experience of 11 years in various multinational companies.

    Research & Development:-

    Our Research and Development Chapter possesses paramount importance in our organization as

    it allow to make our products as per the international standard.