chinnamasta maha mantra sadhana

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Chinnamasta Maha mantraViniyog: Aum asya shri Chinnamasta mantrasya Bhairava Rsih, SamrAt chandah, ChinnamastA-bhuvaneshvarI devatA, (hUm hUm bIjam, svAhA shaktih) mamAbhIstasiddhaye jape viniyogah RsyAdi-nyAsa BhairavAya rsaye namah -- shirasi; SamrAt chandase namah Mukhe; ChinnamastA devatAyai namah -- hrdi; hUm hUm bIjaya namah -- guhye; SvAhA shaktaye namah pAdayoh. nyAsa Aum Am KhadgAya hrIm hrIm phat hrdayAya svAha-Kanisthayoh. Aum Im sukhadgAya hrIm hrIm phat Shirase svAhA-AnAmikayoh. Aum Um VajrAya hrIm hrIm phat ShikAyai svAhA -- Madhyamayoh. Aum aim PAshAya hrIm hrIm phat KavacAya svAhA -- Tarjanyoh. Aum aum AmkushAya hrIm hrIm phat Netra-trayAya svAhA Angusthayoh. Aum ah Vasuraksa hrIm hrIm phat astrAya phat -- Karatalakara-prsthayoh. Dhyana I meditate upon the Goddess ChinnamastA who is seated in the center of the sun's disc and holds in her left hand her own severed head with gaping mouth, her hairs are disshevelled and she is drinking the stream of blood gushing out from her own neck. She is seated on Rati and KAmadeva, who are engrossed in sexual dalliance, and she is rejoicing with her friends named DAkinI and VarninI. Mula Mantra

Aum shrIm hrIm hrIm vajravairocanIye hrIm hrIm phat svAhA.Note: This mantra is locked by Lord Siva, so to unlock it chant Aum HrIm Aum before and after the recitation of the the mula mantra 108 times. For Siddhi chant this mantra for 4 Lakhs or 400 thousand times plus 40 thousand times in the form of fire sacrifice using Bilva or Palasa flower and fruit. If fire sacrifice is not possible just chant additional 40 thousand times