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<ul><li><p>Elijah Asime Smart (JP) </p><p>Home address: Plot 12 G.R.Layout Mutala Mohammed High Way, behind INEC, Ikot </p><p>Ansa Calabar. Cross River State. Mobile Tel:+ 234 8033396588, Tel: +234 8184939333 E-mail: or smart asime </p><p> Dear Sir, </p><p> COVER LETTER </p><p>I am a goal oriented maritime and oil and gas logistics Operations management my </p><p>resume is enclosed for your review given my closely experience for your consideration </p><p>for a job. With more than 18 years in port and terminal operations and supply chain </p><p>management experience, with capabilities in shipping, logistics and terminal </p><p>operations management. Well-qualified maritime/ shipping/oil and gas logistics </p><p>professional with specialties in terminal/ port operations, stevedoring operations, </p><p>stacking/warehousing/ inventory/ transit documentation of multipurpose, general </p><p>cargo, containers, wet/dry oceangoing cargo vessels, supply vessels, implementing, </p><p>monitoring and coordinating all terminal operational activities. I am currently seeking </p><p>for a challenging role and location change in any of the desired positions: </p><p>Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Shipping Manager or Project Manager </p><p>With M.Sc. in Transport and Industrial studies from University of Calabar, Cross River </p><p>State Nigeria. I also hold a PGD in Environmental Education from the same university. </p><p>Prior to my studies in University of Calabar, I had a HND in Mechanical Engineering </p><p>and ND in The Polytechnic Calabar in Calabar Nigeria, coupled with professional </p><p>trainings and experiences. </p><p>I would appreciate your time taken to review my Curriculum Vitae and assertions. </p><p>Lots of thanks for your consideration and care. I also welcome the opportunity to be </p><p>interviewed toward exploring the prospects of a new employment with your company. </p><p>Thank you in anticipation, while looking forward to hearing from you. </p><p>Yours sincerely, </p><p>Elijah Asime Smart, (JP) </p></li></ul>