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Cricket Quiz Mat pooch ke kya haal hai mera tere peeche ? Too dekh ke kya rang tera mere aage.

Quizmaster is Narcissist, Beware!Dont question him on his questions or their answers.His decision is final.Special thanks to Quiz Club, IIT Guwahati for allowing him to organize the quiz.

Identify the white boxer. :P


Famous or popular.12th Oct is the birth date of which 19 year old famous celebrity who hasnt played cricket at domestic or international level? Yet, we choose to discuss here. :P

Ducks!Who started his career with score of 0,0,0,1,0,0 and went on to score 5502 runs in 90 test matches, including 6 double centuries ?

Marvan Attapattu

Bade Log :PThe only cricketer to play Test cricket for India and England ?

Iftikar Ali Khan Pataudi

Man with the Immortal Cover Drive.Rumal aur ainak sajae khara wo X apna, junhi lagata hai chauka tou Ifti ke naghmon se, Chishty ke geeton se gunjein fazain.Opponents would often say to X, _______ Ab-bas karo.Woodcock, the former editor of the Wisden Almanack, writes: The most ruthlessly mechanical of them must have been the legendary Sir Donald Bradman, the most enduring was Sir Jack Hobbs with 197 first-class centuries, the most calculating may well have been Geoffrey Boycott, but none of them could have played with more ease and elegance than X whose batting gave as much pleasure in England when he was with Gloucestershire, as it must have done in his home country.Ab itni hain ke yaad bhi nahi, laughs X about his centuries.

Zaheer AbbasWas bespectacled and wore a Rumal around his neck.Zaheer Ab-bas karo! - Indians would cry :PHe single handedly took apart the famed Indian spin quartet.Here is Bedi patting Abbas.

Some rudimentary stuff.There are 10 ways in which a batsman can be dismissed.Bowled, Caught, Stumped, Run Out, LBW, Handling the bowl, Hit wicket, X, Y and Z.

Some rudimentary stuff.Obstructing the field.Hitting the ball twice.Time Out.


Mooen Ali.

Out.It's known as X because it was first started byY. It never happens these days in cricket as laws have changed alittle since the first time it happened.When a bowler is bowling a ball, it's a general case that the batsman back up a little.It so happened in the Sydney test in 1947 that Y the Indianbowler ran out Australian batsman Bill Brown when he was about to deliver the ball. The Australian media criticized the decision and said that it was not good sportsmanship. Sir Don Bradman however, justified the acts of Y and said it was correct on his part. Theinteresting fact is, Y had ran Bill Brown in similar fashion against Australian XI earlier in the tour. The type of dismissal wasthen named asX.

Mankading and Vinoo Mankad.

Rare Trivia.The only man with double centuries in all of the four innings in Tests?

Sunil Gavaskar

Ponting unamused, Hayden not so.Ponting said about the innings "It's hard to imagine an Australian player doing it, just for the way we play our cricket. Their whole first innings might have been geared around one individual performance and they could have let a Test match slip because of it. They ran out of time in the game - that's not the way the Australian team plays.Hayden on the other hand - "I would just like to congratulate him and wish him all the best on a fantastic achievement.. to bat that period of time is an incredible achievement.What is being talked about ?

Only selfish Lara can do it! :P

Aaya Ram Gaya Ram ?X has playedmore than 350One-Day International matches, where he scored7360 runs with6 centuries, but he has not played100 balls in an inningsyet. Who ?

Shahid Afridi

Not too gentle ...Who famously said this - There is a little bit of the whore in all of us, gentlemen. The question is - what is your price?

Kerry Packer

Cricket in Assam.X (born 5 November 1988) is anIndianfirst-classcricketerwho plays forAssamin domestic cricket and forRoyal Challengers Bangalorein theIPL. He has represented India at the U-19 level many times, played in the2006 U-19 Cricket World CupinSri Lanka. He has also represented ICL India XI &Royal Bengal Tigersin the now defunctICL.He is a right-arm fast bowler and right-handed lower order batsman. He is probably the fastest bowler produced by Assam till now.

Abbu Nechim Ahmed

Main guy Missing. Not Exhaustive.David BoonXBen HilfenhausTim PaineGeorge BaileyXavier DohertyMatthew WadeJames Faulkner


Tuff one??England's Richard Illingworth, Sri Lanka's Kumar Dharmasena, Paul Reiffel of Australia, and Ian Gould of England are some of the umpires at the 2015 Cricket World Cup. What other distinction do all of them have w.r.t the World Cup?

They have also played in the World Cup.

Its Huge..Xs physical presence (a burly 6'4"), big moustache, a penchant for exuberant displays of affection for his fellow players, and a tendency to talk to the opposition in inventively colourful language and a (some would say)"mincing" run-up (that at times stretched to 45 paces), made him a firm favourite amongst supporters, who would often imitate his warm-up stretches behind him en masse. In England, on his secondAshestour in 1993, the crowd often chanted "Sumo" when he ran in to bow.

Merv Hughes

One-eyed Raven.The famous English cricketer, Trevor Bailey, said that if X had not lost his eye he would have been in the Bradman class. Colin Bland, a top-notch South African fielder of yesteryear, put X aboveJonty Rhodesas a fielder.

MAK Pataudi

Sledging Again.X played the ball to square-leg and ran for a single. When he ran past Y the bowler, to the surprise of many, asked: What does Brian Laras cock taste like?This was rather odd, coming from Y. But hedidask X the question; and X had responded: I dont know. Ask your wife.Under normal circumstances, Y would have accepted that hed asked for it. But with Jane at home sick, all he heard was an insult and he saw red. While a little voice pleaded for him to ignore it, something just wouldnt allow him to let the slur go unchallenged.Y exploded. Far away, somewhere near the fence, a team mate : Oh geeze, Xs cracked open a hornets nest here, was his reaction.Ys fingers were pointed at X, and the words that came out of his mouth were not exactly the kind youd associate with the legend: If you f**king mention my wife again, Ill f**king rip your f**king throat out.

X Sarwan. Y - McGrath.

An old tale.X began to work withDaniel Hayward, afirst-class cricketer on his batting technique. His main fault was a tendency to back away from the ball when facing afast bowler, making it more likely he would bedismissed. Possibly prompted by the suggestion of a professional cricketer who was bowling at him in thenetsat Cambridge, he and Hayward began to practise with X's right leg tied to the ground. This affected his future batting technique and contributed to his creation of theY, a shot with which he afterwards became associated.While practising, he continued to move his left leg, which was not tied, away from the ball; in this case, it moved to his right, towardspoint. He found he could then flick the ball behind his legs, a highly unorthodox shot and likely, for most players, to result in their dismissal.Although other players had probably played this shot before, X was able to play it with unprecedented effectiveness.X probably developed Y with Hayward around spring 1892.

MaharajaRanjitsinghjiLeg glance

Masala/Gossip QuestionArticle from TOI (April 2013) There was a time when Y sparkled at every soiree, dressed stylishly and enjoying her spot in the sun as X's glamorous wife. But in July 2010, the former model-actress walked out from X's life, after he was allegedly involved with badminton champ Jwala Gutta, and chose to be a recluse. Bijli, as she(Y) is still fondly called, initially stayed at her parents' house in Oshiwara, nursing her wounds, meeting few people and speaking to even fewer. But the self-imposed exile is now a thing of the past as the 53-year-old seems to have rediscovered some of her zest for life, with help coming in from the unlikeliest quarter - her former boyfriend Salman Khan and his family.

X Md. Azharuddin, Y Sangeeta Bijalni.

God is Great!Xwas an amateurcricketteam founded by authorJ. M. Barrie, and was active from 1890 to 1913. The team was named in the mistaken belief thatAllah akbarmeantHeaven help usin Arabic (rather thanGod is great).Notable figures to have featured for the side includedRudyard Kipling,H. G. Wells,P. G. Wodehouse,G. K. Chesterton,Jerome K. Jerome,A. A. Milne,E. W. Hornung,Henry Justice Ford,A. E. W. Mason,Walter Raleigh etc.

Allahakbarries (Allah + Akhbar + Barrie).

Battleground.When England and New Zealand played a One-Day International (ODI) at Wellington in 2002, X recorded the sounds and the roars made by the crowd. Little did the spectators know that the recording would serve as a sound effect in a battle in themovie Y.

X - Peter Jackson

Which Indian Cricketer has been named after this Music Legend ? (Sitter)

SRT after S.D. Burman.

Caribbean Hollywood.When the Caribbean got its own Indian Premier League (IPL) style tournament, they roped in a couple of Hollywood stars to heighten the glamour quotient.On the CPL field, the Jamaica Tallawahs vs Barbados Tridents is considered a Chris Gayle vs Kieron Pollard affair. However, it is a battle between X and his fellow Hollywood actor Y.Give me both X and Y.

Hollywood Everywhere.Gerard ButlerMark Wahlberg

Now, HCC.X played a solitary Test match for England against South Africa in 1889 and marked the occasion with a five-wicket haul. A Sussex player, X captained England in his only match at the h