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This is our Design For School Challenge Project.


  • 1. Tamil Nadu

2. Email : pumsjapthikarani@gmail.com 3. SAVE RAIN WATER 4. BOYS 1. K. GOPI 2. P. RAMACHANDIRAN 3. A. PRABAKARAN 4. S. RAJESH 5. K. MANIKANDAN 6. M. THARUNKUMAR 7. S. SATHYASUNDARAM 8. S. MANIKANDAN 9. M. RAGHUVARAN GIRLS 1. J.PRIYANGA 2. R. PATHMAVATHY 3. R. BHARATHI 4. S. SATHYA 5. S. AMUTHA 6. A. MOHANAPRIYA 7. S. MANJUPRIYA 8. J. DIVYA 9. E.PAVITHRA 10.P. PAVITHRA 11.N. PRITHA CLASS: VII & VIII OUR GUIDE TEACHER: A. HIDHAYATHULLAH BAIG B.T. ASSISTANT ( MATHATHEMATICS ) P.U.MIDDLE SCHOOL JAPTHIKARANI, THELLAR BLOCK, Email address : hidayathullahbaig4@gmail.com hidayathullahbaig@yahoo.co,in 5. Most of the water from the water tank in our school is wasted and not used for any purpose. We have to do some thing 6. Asking permission to the Headmistress of our school to make the garden inside the school campus. Discussion with our village President and Vice President about the Rain Harvesting system in our school campus. 7. Rain water storage Under- ground tank is not closed. So, we thought to close the tank to avoid the danger. we used our school bamboo sticks for this purpose. 8. THANKS TO GIVEN A CHANCE FOR US. P.U.M.SCHOOL, JAPTHIKARANI,