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<p>DHARMA</p> <p>DHARMADR.</p> <p>SHRINIWAS</p> <p>KASHALIKAR</p> <p>Everything one does to connect with the truth right from the birth to death, in every season, through out 24 hours and in any corner of the world is DHARMA. Not only all religious and scientific activities, but all spiritual and yoga activities aimed at realizing the truth, (that holds the universe together in harmony), are essentially parts of DHARMA.</p> <p>DHARMA is meant for not only mankind belonging to different religions and regions; and his welfare but for the welfare of whole universe and its inmates!</p> <p>The RAJOGUNA leads to lopsided, analytical and reductionist thinking bereft of holistic perspective. This thinking leads to a kind of animosity between theist, atheist, spiritual, material ideologies and different religions. Intellectual conviction, without emotional appreciation and instinctual fervor, leads to thinking in one way, feeling in another way and yearning through passions in yet another way! This is precisely the cause of chaos in the global and individual life.</p> <p>The essence of DHARMA is in every individual, house, hospital, school, college, university, industry and laboratory. It is in farms and it is in gymnasia and for that matter; everywhere. It is everywhere, wherever there is search and pursuit of truth through any activity.All varieties of religious, scientific and ideological thinking; must ultimately mature and blossom into insights of DHARMA if the world inmates are to experience the innate universal unity and harmony.It is said that NAMASMARAN is one activity that lets us identify and overcome this chaos at individual and global level and experience the innate universal unity and harmony. One can patiently practice and verify this statement. </p>