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Sectoral Distribution of State Resources(With Reference To 10th & 11th Five Year Plan)A Power Point Presentation onPresented by: DIVYA ABHAY


IntroductionMadhya Pradesh, in its present form, came into existence on November 1, 2000 following its bifurcation to create a new state of Chhattisgarh.Madhya Pradesh is home to a largetribal population, who have been largely cut-off from the mainstream development from last few years but in recent years, the state's GDP growth has been above the national average. Now, how these all achievements are obtained are analysed and the problem persists during the sessions are discussed in the report.

Cont...To understand all the facts, features, scarcities and all the objectives two consecutive five year plans, viz., 10th Five Year Plan(2002-07) & 11th Five Year Plan(2007-12) has been studied, analysed thoroughly. To accomplish the objectives the State Planning Commission plays a major role to help all the major sectors to meet their requirements either it is financially or introducing the schemes/projects.

overviewBefore performing research & analyzing both the five year plan reports are studied & following objectives are set:What percentages of state resources are being utilized by different departments and sectors for last two plan periodsDetermining how much state financial resources are being demand/approved by the various sector/department in terms of percentage (%)Comparative Study of 10th & 11th Five Year Plan are envisaged through the detailed comparison of both the five year plans approved outlay, expenditures, achievements, targets & objectives.

Cont...Financial Analysis of the last two five year plan are obtained by noticing the key issues to the achievements & then in context of same the extract the result. Also, the justifications for every achievement are focused.Physical Analysis can be obtained by the comparing the physical achievements, expenditures & justification for every of it for both the five year plan. It determines that amongst both the plan, which one incurred the utilization of resources efficiently.Departments & sectors demanding the resources can be focused by comparative study of plans by considering the set goals & extent of ability to resolve.

Cont...Considering the Objectives & targets of both the plan separately then track its completion, progress & result obtained after completion.Issues & problems are obtained from the above analysis, then by self perception & evaluation the optimized recommendations & requirements for addressing the issue has been discussed

Comparative studyPercentage of resources bagged by every sector has been discussed & for every financial allocation justification is statedMain aim is What percentages of state resources are being utilized by different departments and sectors for last two plan periodsIt has been acknowledge that the main target of the M.P. State govt. is the social development, upgradation of the infrastructure in means of energy, transportation & industrialisation & lastly to the components of the primary sectorsApart from the allocation of state resources, the percentage sharing of the approved outlay has been witnessed

outlay for the tenth & eleventh five year planS.No.DepartmentsTenth Plan(2002-2007)Eleventh Plan (2007-2012)1.Agriculture and Allied Activities1,908.643,389.632.Rural Development4,760.428457.873.Special Area Development0.003132.044.Irrigation and Flood Control7,260.5715102.615.Energy5,020.939392.966.Industry & Mining279.11581.057.Transport3,360.847,893.908.Science, Technology & Environment121.81173.789.General Economic Services820.241529.9010.Social Services9,801.5420,019.8611.General Services390.86114.40


CONT...Table shown above gives rise the sectoral distribution amongst the administrative departmentsIt has been sighted that one newly sector has been introduced from the eleventh five year plan session & before that there is no existence of itOn comparison on the basis of the resources allocation, then observed that every sector has upgraded in means of amount of the resources. Every sector got more resource allocation in the eleventh plan more than the tenth plan except the third sector which has been introduced from eleventh session only

Cont...Science & Technology sector & General services has allotted less than the double resource mobilization for these both sectorsFrom amount of resource mobilization from tenth to eleventh plan, it has been concluded that the aims/objectives were targeted more than ever for the standardization of the state, by means of education, security to the children & women, assuring many policies for their fooding & lodgingThen the concerned sector was infrastructure of the stateState always put all its efforts to make the social aspect upgraded which competes all its classes with all the globalized norms

Sectoral Resources Distribution for10th & 11th Plan

Sectoral Percentage Distribution of 10th Five Year PlanS.No.DepartmentsTenth Plan (2002-2007) as %1.Agriculture and Allied Activities05.662.Rural Development 14.123.Special Area Development 00.004.Irrigation and Flood Control 21.535.Energy 14.886.Industry & Mining00.837.Transport 09.978.Science, Technology & Environment00.369.General Economic Services 02.4310.Social Services 29.0611.General Services 01.16

Sectoral Distribution for Tenth Plan (2002-2007) as %

Sectoral Percentage Distribution of 11th Five Year PlanS.No.DepartmentsEleventh Plan(2007-2012) as %1.Agriculture and Allied Activities04.862.Rural Development 12.123.Special Area Development 04.494.Irrigation and Flood Control 21.645.Energy 13.466.Industry & Mining00.837.Transport 11.318.Science, Technology & Environment00.259.General Economic Services 02.1910.Social Services 28.6911.General Services 00.16

Sectoral Distribution for Eleventh Plan (2007-2012) as %

Sectoral Distribution ComparisonS.No.DepartmentsTenth Plan (2002-2007) as %Eleventh Plan (2007-2012) as %1.Agriculture and Allied Activities05.6604.862.Rural Development 14.1212.123.Special Area Development 00.0004.494.Irrigation and Flood Control 21.5321.645.Energy 14.8813.466.Industry & Mining00.8300.837.Transport 09.9711.318.Science, Technology & Environment00.3600.259.General Economic Services 02.4302.1910.Social Services 29.0628.6911.General Services 01.1600.16

Statistical Comparison of 10th & 11thPlan as %

Graphical Comparison of 10th & 11thPlan as %

Financial analysisIn this, the approved outlay & the expenditures reported by the respective sectors by their departments under various schemes/projects/programme are compared & determine the result that how of the resources had been utilized during the tenth five year plan & eleventh five year plan

Outlay v/s Expenditure as Percentage for 10th Five Year PlanS.No.DepartmentsApproved Outlay as %Expenditure as %1.Agriculture and Allied Activities05.6505.132.Rural Development14.1112.953.Irrigation and Flood Control21.5219.954.Energy14.8818.105.Industry & Mining00.8201.136.Transport09.9608.877.Science, Technology & Environment00.3604.208.General Economic Services02.4302.649.Social Services29.0030.2810.General Services01.1500.42

Cont...According to the above data some outcomes are lined up below sequentially on the order of department:First section of primary sector, Agriculture & Allied Services outlayed to Rs.1908.64 Crores & out of that Rs.1741.10 Crores, so on the underlying schemes 0.52% balance remain after the expenditure.Rural Development department outlayed to Rs.4760.42 Crores, but 1.16% of that remained after the expenses.21.52% of total resources had allotted to the Irrigation & & Flood Control sector, out of that Rs.6759.37 Crores had been invested rest 1.57% are remained.

Cont...Energy sector plays inverted role in this session, it invested excess of 5.07% of the approved outlay of Rs.5020.93 Crores.0.31% excess of resources has been capitalized under various projects/schemes of Rs.386.26 Crores for Industry & Mining sector.Transport secured the expenditure of Rs.3004.92 Crores out of Rs.3360.84 Crores, which creates the balance of 1.09% of the approved resources.Science, Technology & Environment sector expends maximum percentage of the resources than the approved outlay of 3.84% amongst all the department.

Cont...Social & Community Services always approved highest assistance, which expends 1.28% extra than the allotted amount of Rs.9801.54 Crores.The most diminished allotted resources goes to the General Services, where it remained 0.73% as Rs. 142.92 Crores.

Outlay v/s Expenditure as Percentage for 11th Five Year Plan S.No.DepartmentsApproved OutlayExpenditure1.Agriculture and Allied Activities04.8507.332.Rural Development11.2908.883.Special Area Development04.4504.334.Irrigation and Flood Control21.4715.755.Energy13.5010.396.Industry & Mining00.8501.397.Transport12.1913.728.Science, Technology & Environment00.2700.379.General Economic Services02.1801.8710.Social Services28.7335.2411.General Services00.2200.73

(Figures in %)

Cont...The eleventh five year plan(2007-12) exceeds from the tenth five year plan (2002-07) allocations by approximately 48%, now discussing about sectoral distribution as follows:Agriculture & Allied Services outlayed to Rs.340818.64 Crores & out of that Rs. 605709.69 Crores, so 2.48% exceeding after the expenditure.Rural Development department outlayed to Rs. 794007.9 Crores, but 2.41% of that expense-out after expenditures.Newly constructed sector