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1. Who wrote Sri Bhagavatham ? Veda Vyasar 2. Who advised him to write this ? Sage Naradha 3. Who said Sri Baghavatham first and to whom ? Adhi Narayana to his son Brahma 4. Explain lineage of Sri Bhagavatham ? Adhi Narayana – Brahma – Naradha – Vyasar

Sukhar – Sootha Powranikar 5. Who is the Guru of Sootha Powranikar ? Sri Sukhar 6. What is the other name of Sootha Powranikar ?- 7. Why was he called Romaharshanar? When he tells the story of Sri Hari , those who

listen would have ‘hair raising ‘ experience and hence he was called so. 8. Where did Sootha Powranikar recited this holy verses /story of Bhagavatham ? In

ANIMISHA kshetram in a forest called NAIMESARANYAM . 9. Which is the last purana out of 18 puranas written by Vysar ? Sri Bhagavatham 10. How many chapters are there in Sri Bhagavatham ? How are they called ? 12 chapters

or ‘skandams’ 11. How many slokas / verses are in Sri Bhagavatham ? 18000 slokas 12. How did Sootha Powranikar learnt Sri Bhagavatham from whom ? When Sri Sukhar

explained this holy purana to Parikshit king in the banks of River Ganga for 7 days , Soothar was also present amongst all other rishis and learned men who were present to listen to Sri Sukhar .

13. Who taught Sri Sukhar , the Bhagavatham ? His father Veda Vyasar 14. What is the significant status of Sri Sukhar ? Gnani by birth 15. Who are the 4 types of Bakthas categorized by Bhagavan in Bhaghawat Gita ? Aarthi ,

Artharthi , Jingyasu , Gnani 16. From where did Brahma originated ? Who created him ? Adhi Narayanan , from his

naval ( nabi kamalam ) 17. How many avtars of Bhagawan as per Bhagavatham ? 22 18. Can we list all 22 ? Sanaghathigal , Yagna Varaha Murthy , Naradhar , Nara Narayana

, Kapila Vasudevar , Dattahreyar , Yagjan , Rishabha Devar , King Pruthu , Matsya , Koorma , Dhanvanthri , Mohini , Narasimha , Vamana , Parasuram , Veda Vyasar , Sri Ram , Lord Krishna , Balaraman , Bowddha , forthcoming avatr is Kalki

19. Who is the father of Sanaghathigal ? Brahma 20. List 4 Sanaghathigal ? Sanakar , Sanathanar , Sanathanar , Sanathkumarar 21. Where is Nara – Narayana did tapas ? Bhadrikasramam 22. Who came as Arjuna – Krishna ? Nara – Narayana 23. What was the Yoga preached by Kapila Rishi ? Sankhaya Yogam 24. Who are the parents of Dattathtreya ? Athri and Anasuya 25. Who were the parents in Vamana avtar ? Adhithi and Kasyapa 26. Which is the “ Poorna Avtar’ among this 22 avtars as per Sri Bhagavatham ? Sri

Krishna 27. Who are the parents of Veda Vyasa ?Rishi Parasaara and Sathyavathi ( fisherwomen )

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28. To whom did Vyasa taught and spread 4 Vedas ? Through his shisyas – Rig – Baila devar , Yajur –Vaisambhayanar , Sama – Jaimini , Atharvana – Sumanthu

29. Why was he called Veda Vyasar ? He consolidated the vedic scriptures and split into 4 big categories and hence called so .

30. Who wrote 18 puranas and why ? Veda Vyasa – to explain the nuances / intricate and hidden meanings of Vedic scriptures . Also he wrote Maha Bharatham as the fifth Veda ( it is an ‘Ithihasam’) for better understanding of Vedic Message and morals by laymen – in the form of simple stories

31. What made Vyasa to write Sri Bhagavatham ? He did not feel complete or happy or fulfilled even after consolidating Vedas , after writing 17 puranas and Maha Bharatham . So Naradhar advised him to sing the song in praise of Sri Hari and it is Sri Bhaghavatham . When he took up this work and completed it successfully, happiness dawned and he felt complete.

32. What is the main and most important concept around which Whole Bhagavatham is written? BHAKTHI towards Sri Hari .

33. What was Naradha in the previous birth ? Son of a servant maid 34. How did he get divine knowledge? By doing the errands / services to the holy sages

and by eating the ‘uchishtam’ i.e food left over after the holy sages finish their meals , with their permission .

35. What is the name of the divine Veena carried by Naradha ? who gave it ? Mahathee .By Sri Hari himself

36. Where did Vyasar write this holy purana ? Banks of the river Sarswathi – in place called Samyaprasam

37. What was the essence of Sri Bhagavatham ? Bakthi towards Bhagwan is the only and the simple route towards salvation or Mukthi .

38. Who was King Parikshit ? Grand son of Pandavas , son of Abhimanu and Uttara kumari

39. Who tried to kill the fetus /when Parikshit was in Uttra’s womb and why and how ? Aswathama , son of Dhronacharya . He killed all the five sons of Panchali /Dhrowpathi . So Arjuna punished him as advised by Sri Krishna .To avenge this he vowed to finish the vamsam of Pandavas by killing the child in the womb of Uttara – Parikshit / son of Abimanya . So he applied a evil arrow called ‘ APANDAVEEYAM’ .

40. Who saved the child in the womb of Uttara ? Sri Krishna , by shielding the child from the arrow , by breaking it into pieces with his Chakra and by giving divine dharsan to the child in the womb . So he was called VISHNU RATHAN – gift of Vishnu

41. Why was he called Pariskhit ? He looked for Krishna’s face after being born .since he did pariksha / checking of all human faces to search Sri Krishna , he was called Parikshith by Vyasa

42. What did Bheeshma taught to Dharma in the battle field when Sri Krishna was witnessing ? Vishnu Sahasranamam – 1000 divine names of Sri Hari

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43. Why was Bheesma waiting to die ? He wanted to end his life in Uttarayana punya kalam ( Sun crossing tropic of cancer from south to north ) and when Sri Krishna was witnessing . So he waited. He was a ‘Chandamrithu’- to seek death as he likes

44. Who is the wife of Parikshith ? Iravathi , daughter of Uttaran 45. How many sons did Parikshith had ? Who was the eldest ? 4 – Janamejayan 46. When Parikshith was travelling in his kingdom , how did he see the Bhumi Devi ? In

the form of a cow 47. Who appeared as a Rishabam ( ox) and he was standing with how many legs as seen

by Parikshith ? Dharma devatha came as a rishabam with one leg .Three legs were cut by Kali purushan . The four legs were TAPAS , SUDDHI ( purity) , DHAYA (mercy) , Satyam ( truth) and only fourth leg was left out .

48. What did Parikshith do ? He assured to protect the holy cow (mother earth) and Daharmam ( rishabam) by killing Kali Purusha . Finally , since Kali did Saranagathi , he allowed him to survive in places where women are ill treated , in greedy minds (for wealth and gold) , people with –gambling , lust , anger, pride , jealousy and in cheating and liar’s mind .

49. Why was HE called as BHAGAWAN ? Bhagawan is ONE who has unlimited 1. Wisdom (gnana)2. Power (shakthi)3. Endurance(bhalam) 4. Resources ( iswaryam) 5. Veeryam 6. Tejas

50. To whom did Parikshith put the dead snake around the neck ? Angiras rishi ( Sameekar) as he was meditating and did not mind or respect Parikshith as the King .

51. Who cursed Parikshith and how ? Son of Angiras rishi (Sameekar) , a small boy named ‘ Sringi’ . He cursed Parikshith that he would die on the 7th day due to a snake called DAKSHAGAN one of the kings among NAGAS .

52. What did Parikshit do after hearing this curse ? He accepted his mistake. Thought about as HOW TO USE THE 7 DAYS MOST USEFULLY AND PURPOSEFULLY before dying .So he handed over the kingdom to his son Janameyan and came to Ganges . He sat towards North waiting for death in the noble way . Meanwhile , all great rishis arrived and Sri Sukhar decided to sing Sri Bhagavatham to Parikshith for 7 days .He attained moksha after listening to Sri Bhagavatham for 7 days without any other thought .

53. What is the similarity between our life and Pariskhith’s life and also the difference ? He knew he would live only 7 days more but we do not know our life span – this is the difference &similarity is that he utilized every minute of the 7 days life to hear SRI BHAGAWATHAM which we can and should do in our life .

54. What was the content of Ist Chapter or First Skandham ? Greatness of Bhagavatham , About Soodha powranikar , Sukhar , How Vyasa wrote this purana , Naradha’s story , How Krishna saved Pariskshith , Death of Krishna , Pandavas, Ruling of Parikshith and his curse and mukthi by listening to Sri Bhagavathaam from Sri Sukhar for 7 days .

55. Who are all present during the 7 days when Sri Sukhar sang Sri Bhagavatham ? Athri ,Vashistar , Syavanar , Arishtanemi , Brighu , Angiras, Parasarar, Vyasar ,

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Vishwamithrar, Parasuramar , Devalar , Naradhar , Arunar ,Agasthiyar , Gowthamar , Bharatwajar -----------------------------End of First Chapter ---------------------------------------------------

56. What is the essence or main points of 2nd Chapter ( 2nd Skandham) in Sri Bhagavatham ? Sri Sukhar encourages Parikshith to meditate upon God ( Bhagawan) single-mindedly for the remainder of his life to attain Mukthi . Also stresses that the day which passes without thinking about Bhagawan is waste . Also he describes about creation of the universe. The moral is the human body is gifted by God to sing his praise, go to his temples and serve, to have Dharshan of him by all means to do BHAKTHI only.

57. On whose shoulders did Parikshith lay the dead snake ? Rishi by name ‘Sameekar’ 58. Who cursed Parikshith ? Sameekar’s son ‘Sringi’ 59. Who is called Baghawan Badharayana ? Suka Brahma Maharishi

------------------------End Of Chapter II --------------------------------- 60. What are the main contents of III rd Skandam ? Vidhurar meeting Uddhavar on the

banks of Yamuna . Both of them discussed about the sorrowful events of death of Pandavas and also Sri Krishna and his Yadhava Kulam . They met Maitrya Rishi in the river banks of Saraswathi . Rishi Maitreyar did teachings to Vidhura then. Add questions as below .

61. Who gave birth to Hiranyakshan and Hiranyakashipu ? Thithi ( Daughter of Dakshan) and Kasyapa

62. When did Bhagawan Sri HARI killed Hiranyakshan ? In Varaha Avtar 63. Who is the wife of Karthamar ? Devahuthi 64. Who is Devahuthi ? Daughter of Swayambhuva Manu and Satharubai 65. Who is the very famous son and also Vishnu Avtar born to Karthamar and

Devahuthi ? Kapila Vasudevar 66. What did Kapila taught his mother ? Bakthi and Sankiya Yogam

----------------------------------------------------------End of Chapter III------------------ 67. What are the highlights of Chapter IV ? Dhruva ‘ s story , Prithu Chakravarthy’s story

, Story of Prachethasas . 68. Who are the famous sons of Swayambhuva Manu and Satharubhai ? Priya Vradhan

and Utthanapathan . They had totally five children – Aahoothi , Deva hoothi, Prasoothi as daughters .

69. Who are the parents of Dhruva ? Utthanapathan & Suneethi 70. Who are the two wives of Utthanapathan ? Suneethi and Suruchi 71. Who is the son of Suruchi ? Utthaman 72. Why was Dhruva unhappy ? Suruchi did not permit him to sit on his father’s lap 73. Who asked him to go to forest and meditate upon Sri Narayanan ? Suneethi – his

mother 74. Who did he meet on his way ? Sage Naradha

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75. What did he give Dhruva ? Om Namo Baghavathe Vasudevaya – a mantra to chant while meditating upon SRI HARI

76. How many months did Dhruva did TAPAS ? Only 5 months 77. What was the blessings of Bhagawan on Dhruva ? In appreciation of the tapas of

Dhruva , who was just 5 years old , Sri Bhagawan blessed him with life for 36000 years (28000 years )? , to rule the entire earth for such time , happy family life , sathsangam and Bhakthi and finally GOD’S OWN PLACE which is the DHRUVASTHANAM – around which whole starts and planets revolve around .

78. Who is the wives of Dhruva ? Pramee and Edai 79. Who are his sons ? Kalpan , Vasthran ( Pramee) and Uthkalan for Edai 80. Why did Dhruva fight with Yakshas ? Uttama , brother of Dhruva was killed by an

Yaksha when he was hunting .To avenge this Dhruva fought with Yakshas . 81. What was the city of Yakshas called ? Alakapuri 82. How did Dhruva defeated the magical illusionary warfares of Yakshas ? By using

Narayana Asthram 83. Who was the king of Yakshas fought with Dhruva ? Kuberan . After peace , Kubera ,

blessed Dhruva with bakthi in the lotus feet of Narayanan . 84. When and where did Naradha sang the story of Dhruva ? During SARATH YAGNA

conducted by Prachethasars . 85. Who are main Kings in Dhruva Vamsam ? after Dhruva – Vasthran , Angan , Venan (

known for his cruel character ) and then Pruthu Chakravarthy 86. Who killed the Autocratic King VENAN ? Brighu Maharishi with his anger and

tapas .Becaus Venan stopped all yagnas and instaructed that all offering should be given to his name and not for Vishnu . So rishis became angry at his nature and cursed him to death.

87. How did Pruthu was formed / originated ? When Venan died , his thighs were churned , ‘Nishadhas’ were originated .They were hunters by nature . So to get a king after Venan, rishis again churned the dead king’s arms and thus originated PRATHU Maharaj and one female by name Archiss – as incarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmi . They were married .

88. What were the gifts of God to PRATHU during his crowning ceremony as Chakravarthy ? Kubera – golden throne , Aruna – divine umbrella , Rudhra – Divine horses , Dvashta – Chariot , Agni – Dhanush , Suryan – Arrows , Mother earth – padhukas (footwear) , Sky – flowers , Ocean – horn (sanku) and then Gandharvas – ability to dance , sing and musical instruments .

89. Why do we call mother earth as Prithivee ? Due to absence of yagas and yagnas , earth had hidden all its resources . So , King Prathu re-organised the earth and secured the VEDAS , MEDICINAL HERBAS and made this earth fertile and suitable for agriculture . So he accepted this mother earth as his daughter – and hence she is called as PRITHIVEE .

0. How many sons did Prathu had ? Five . They rules the earth and 4 directions among themselves .

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91. Who are Prachethasas ? After Prathu , there came after a long gap a king called Barhishadahan ( also called Parcheena Barhis) . He married the daughter of Ocean - Sathathruthi . They had 10 sons called Prachethasas .

92. Who sang Rudha Gheetham ? Rudhra ( Lord Shiva) sang this song and it was learnt by Prachethasas .

93. What is the significance of III rd and IV th Skandham in narration ? The stories were narrated by Maitreyar to Vidhurar and the same has been explained by Sri Sukhar to Parikshith . -----------------------------------End Of Chapter IV --------------------------------------------------------

94. What are the highlights of V th Chapter or 5th Skandham ? Story of Priyavradhan , Aagneerathan , Nabi , Rishabhadevar , Jata Bharathar and Gayan . All of them are great men who had excellent control over their senses and were great Yogis . It is followed by the description of this globe , formation of Ganges , History of this holy land of BHARATH , 7 islands or continents which form this earth , solar system and stars ,saptharishi mandalam , dhruva’s place , eclipses , various lokas – 7 lokas below earth , hell and punishments .

95. Who was the father of Priya vradhan ? Vaivaswatha Manu 96. Who impressed Priyavradhan to enter in family life ? Manu and also Brahma 97. Who was Priyavradhan’S Guru ? Naradha 98. Who all visited Priya vradhan when he did tapas in Gandhamadhana Parvat ? Brahma

, Naradha 99. Who was the wife of Priyavradhan ? Bharhishmathi and they had 10 sons and 1

daughter 100. Who was the daughter of Priyavradhan ? Oorjaswathi , married to Surkracharyar

and their famous daughter was Devayani who married King Yayadhi . 101. Who was the famous son of Priyavradhan who ruled Jampoothdwebham ?

Aagneerathan 102. Who was the famous son of Aagneeratahn – Nabi 103. Who was the wife of Nabi ? Meru Devi , daughter of Mt. Meru. She gave birth to

the famous Rishab devan 104. Who was the wife of Rishbadevan ? Jayanthi , daughter of Indra . They had 100

sons and the eldest was BHARATHAN , who was the most famous king and by whose name this land was called as Bharath . He was later called as Jata Bharathar .

105. How are the last 9 sons of Rishaba deva were called – Nava yogis 106. What distracted the taps of Bharatha ? A new born deer 107. What was the next birth of Bharatha Yogi & why ? He was born as a deer since he

was thinking of the little deer which he grew up while he died . 8. What was his next birth ? He was born in a Brahmin family in Angiras Gothram . He was called as Jata Bharathar as he did not have any feelings , treated happiness and sorrow same , never cared for food and shelter .

109. Which King made Jata Bharathar to lift his ‘ pallaku ’ ? Rahooganan

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110. Where was Rahooganan going ? To see his Guru – Kapila Vasudeva 111. Who made ‘Jata Bahrathar” to speak for the first time since he was born ?

Rahooganan 112. Who was Gayan ? Bharatha had one son called Sumathi and his son was Gayan . 113. How many ‘ hells ‘ – narakas are described in this chapter ? 27

-----------------------------------------End of Chapter – 5-------------------------------------

114. What is the significance of this 6th Chapter ? As there are 12 chapters in Sri Bhagawatham , 6th is the middle chapter and in this story of AJAMILA is explained . Being born as a Brahmin, he became a sinner by his act .Still, by the grace of God , he shouted his last son’s name as ‘NARAYANAN’ when he saw the yamadhoodhas ( servants of the King of Death) while dying . He was saved and sent to vaikuntam by the divine servants of Lord Vishnu . In principle, the biggest benefit of living is to have the memory /chanting of God’s divine name when dying. This is concluded and confirmed by King of Death –YAMA DHARMA himself in this chapter.

115. How many chidren Ajamila had and which son is Narayana by order ? 10 and the last of all

116. Who are parents of VISWAROOBAN ? Thwashta and Rasana ( rakshasha sthree) 117. Who became the guru of devas when Brahaspathi left deva loka ? Viswa rooban 118. How many faces did he has ? 3 119. Who killed him & why ? Indra .Without Indra’s knowledge , he offered the benefits

of the ‘yaga’ to asuras through one of his three faces . 120. What happened to Indra then ? He was cursed with BRAHMAHATHI dosham for

killing his own guru . 121. Where did Indra hide during his period of above curse? Stem of a lotus in a pond 122. What did Twashta do for this killing of his son ? He created Vridhrasuran from fire

to kill Indra . 123. What was the mantra did Viswarooban taught Indra ? Narayana Kavacham 124. Who was Vridhrasuran in his previous birth ? King Chithrakethu . 125. What was he in his next birth ? Born as a Vidhyadharan and he ridiculed Lord Siva

for embracing Devi Parvathi when he had their dharsan.So , Parvathi cursed him to be come an asura . He was born as Vridhrasura . But due to his glorious past with all good deeds, he praised ‘BHAGWAN’ BEFORE being killed by Indra . The praise of Vishnu by Vridhrasura is very famous in this Skandham .

126. List some famous stuthis – praise in Bhagawatham ? Kunthi stuthi , Dhruva stuthi , Vridhrasura Stuthi , Prahladha stuthi , Gajendra stuthi , Beeshma stuthi . -------------------End of Chapter – 6 --------------------------------

27. Why did Naradha rishi narrated story of Prahladha ? Parikshith asked a question doubting the neutrality of Bhaghawan Vishna as he helped Indra to kill Vridhrasura . So Naradha explained the story of the greatest Bhaktha – Prahladha who was the son of an asura Hiranyakhashipu . The moral is that though Vridhrasura was killed but

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Page 8 -------------------------------- End of Chapter 7 -------------------

his soul /atma was saved by Lord ( he attained the Holy feet of Vishnu ) . Body is temporary but soul is permanent .

128. Who were Hiranyakshan and Hiranyakhashipu ? They were the divine gate keepers in Vaikuntam – Jaya and Vijaya . Cursed by SANAGATHIS and born as 3 births as asuras and attained Bhagawan’s lotus feet by doing bhakthi in ENEMEY status . First birth Hiranyakshan , Hiranyakhashipu , Second as Ravana & Khumbakarna and third as Shishupal and Dhanthavakthran .

129. Who killed Hiranyakshan ? Bhagwan Vishnu during Varaha avtar 130. Who came as a white pig from the nose of Brahma ? Bhagwan during Varaha avtar 131. Who is the wife of Hiranyakhshipu ? Khayathu 132. Who abducted her when Hiranyakhashipu was doing tapas ? Indra 133. Who saved her ? Naradha and taught Hari bhakthi .But she slept in tiredness due to

pregnancy .However , Prahlad as the unborn foetus heard the HARIKATHA and became the most lovable Bhagawatha by Bhagawan Himself .

134. Who taught Prahladh? Sons of Sukhracharya – Chandan and Amarkan 135. How types of bhakthi – ways of worship of Vishnu defined by Bhaktha Prahladh ? 9

types – Shravanam ( to hear his glory) , keerthan ( sing) , smaranam( to think of his glory) archanam (pooja) , padha sevanam ( service) , vandhanam ( praise) , dhasyam ( being a servant ) , sakhyam ( being a friend ) , athma nivedhanam ( prapathi – sarana gathi ) .

136. What was the reason for taking Narashima Avtar ? 1.To make the words of Prahladha as truth that GOD is omnipresent and omnipotent. 2. To make the words of Brahma true ( as he had given unique boon to Hiranyakhashipu) .3. To make the words of Sanaghathis true ( curse towards Jaya Vijaya ) . It is reconfirmed that Bhagwan takes incarnation to fulfil Sathya and establish Dharma only – as and when necessary . He can take any form. Above all , HE came as Narsimha mainly to shower his ‘love and affection ‘ on HIS , Bhaktha , Prahladha Swami .

What was the special mention of Vishnu to devas about Sri Prahladh ? He named him as the best bhaghavathan with 1. No anger 2. who is Always happy 3. A Great soul (MAHATHMA) 137. What was the title conferred by Vushnu to Prahladh ? Bhaktha Chakravarthi (

Emperor of all devotees of Vishnu ) 138. What was the essence of Prahladha Charithra ?

1. God is balanced and treat all as equal 2. Everyone/ every soul has the right to worship God – irrespective of the nation, caste, creed, birth etc 3. Gnani / true bhaktha - is one who sees the character of God in all species ( sama dharsanam) 4. God is present everywhere and in everything without exception and 5. Those who are born should die one day – death is inevitable 6. Human body is very rare to get and every minute it dies – and time should not be wasted in wasteful activities and only in singing the praise of SRI HARI . Without Hari bhakthi , life is waste ! Chant the divine name of NARAYANA!

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139. Highlights of 8th chapter ? Gajendra moksham , Amrutha Madhanam , Mohini avatar , Sankara mohanam , Mahabali yagam , Vamana avataram , Matsya avataram

140. What was Gajendran’s previous birth and who cursed him ? He was a Pandya king called Indradyumnan .He was cursed by Agasthyar .When he did pooja , he did not notice that Agasthayar came to his house and this made the saint angry .

141. Who is Gajendran ? King of all elephants who lived in a mountain called Thrikoodam in the milky ocean .

142. What did Gajendran offer to Lord Vishnu when he came down on Garuda to save him ? Lotus from the pond at His Holy Feet and his famous Gajendra Stuthi .

143. Who was that crocodile which caught Gajendra ? HuHu Gandharvan cursed by Devala Rishi

144. What was Sankara Mohana Leela ? Lord Siva fascinated by the beauty of Mohini avatar , chased her and realised it was Vishnu Maya .

145. Who was the King of Asuras who got killed when the war broke between Devas and Asuras after amritha madhanam ? Virosanan , s/o Prahladhan F/o Mahabali Chakravarthy

146. How did Mahabali defeated Devas and regained his kingdom ? With the help of Sukracharya

Who prayed to Vamana not to kill Mahabali ? His grand father Prahladhan . Bhagwan did not kill anyone after Hiranyakhsipu since HE gave his word to Prahladh during Narasimha avtar that for 21 generations ahead , nobody would be killed / punished after Prahladh. So God kept his word by not punishing Mahabali .

147. What was Bhawan’s blessings to Mahabali ? He was sent to underground world called SUTHALAM and he would God ‘s dharsan always with God’s protection .

148. To whom did Vamana give the 3 worlds regained from Mahabali ? To Indra . As came as the brother of Indra (born to Kashyapa and Adithi ) and regained the lost worlds , he was called Upendra .

149. What was the moral of Mahabali Story ? Mahabali was the most benevolent king .He knew Lord Himself came to seek alms from him . He was proud in giving. However, he had a feeling that he was giving everything to others. So Lord stripped all his possessions in the form of material, land and wealth .Finally he had his own atma / soul ( heartful of bhakthi ) or feeling of self – to offer to Lord . So Lord took away the ‘feeling of self’ and liberated Mahabali . For those who need liberation or God’s blessings , should give away the attachment of all wealth , material , family and also feeling of self .

150. When does the Matsya avtar happen ? It happens at the end of every kalpam ( 1000 x 4 yuga cycle ) during ‘pralayam’ ( deluge) .

151. Why did Matsya avatar take palce ? During deluge , Vedas were looted from Brahma by a asura called HAYAGREEVA. Bhagawan as a large matsya , killed this asura and regained the Vedas to give back to Brahma .

52. To whom did Bhagawan teach Vedas during Matsya avtar ? To King Sathyavratha .

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Note : all questions relating to churning of milky ocean ( amrutha madhanam ) – students can refer Sri Ramayana Quiz paper . ----------------------------- End of Chapter – 8 ------------------------------------

153. Contents of Chapter 9 ? Ambareesha Charithram , story of Sagaras , Bhagheeratha and Ganga brought to earth , Sri Rama avatharam , Parsuram avatar , Story of King Yayadhi .

154. Who is the father of Ambareeshan ? Naabaagan 155. Who came to Ambareeshan’s home during ‘dwadasi’ paranai ( completion of the

fasting of 12th day after no moons day ) – Dhurvasa Bhagawan 156. Who was protecting Ambareeshan’s kingdom ? who gave it ? Sudharsana Chakra of

Vishnu given by God himself in appreciation of his Bhakthi 157. Name the main kings in after Ambhareesha ? Sagarar , Amsuman , Dilipan ,

Bhagheerathan , Katvangan , Raghu , Ajan , Dasarathan and Sri Ram 158. Who wanted Kamadhenu from Jamadhagni ? Kartha veeryarjunan 159. How many sons did Jamadhagni have ? 6 and last was Parasuram 160. Why did Parasuram started killing Kshtriyas for 21 generations ? In revenge of the

brutal murder of his father by the servants of Kartha veeryarjuna 161. Who is the father of planet Budhan ( mercury) – Moon (Chandra) 162. Who are the parents of Purooruvas ? Budhan and Ila devi 163. Who is the child born to Purooruvas to Oorvasi ? Naghushan 164. Who is the father of Yayadhi ? Purooruvas 165. Who are wives of Yayadhi ? Devayani and Sharmishta 166. Who is the father of Deveyani ? Sukracharya 167. Who is the father of Sharmishta ? Asura king Vrishabahrva 168. Who cursed Yayadhi to become an old man overnight ? Sukracharya . But he gave

an option that he can exchange his old age with an youthful person 169. Which son gave his youth to his father Yayadhi ? Last son ( son of Sharmishta )

called Pooroo or Puroo. 170.   After whom the vamsam names as Yadhu Vamsam ? Who are his parents ? King

Yadhu son of Yayaadhi and Devayani ( daughter of Sukhracharya) 171. Why was people in Yadhyu vamsam not able to rule ? As Yayaadhi requestd his first

son Yadhu to accept his old age , he refused .So Yayaadhi cursed him that he would not get the eligibility to rule the kingdom after him .So only , Sri Krishna , who came in Yadhu Vamsam did not rule after killing Kamsa

172. Vasudeva was in which Vamsa? Yadhu vamsam 173. Who was his 18th wife /Devaki 174. Who is the daughter of Devaki and Vasudeva ? Subhadhra

----------------------------------------------------------End of Chapter IX--------------------------- 175. Who is the father of Vasudevar ? Sura sena maharaja of Mathura 176. Who is the father of Kamsan and Devaki ? Ugrasena 177. Who informed Kamsa that 8th child of Devaki would be his killer ? Asareeri – divine

voice from the sky .

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178. What did Vasudeva do to save Devaki ? He promised Kamsa that ‘ whenever a child is born I shall give it to you ‘

179. Who was the 7th child of Devaki ? Bhagwan Shankarshna as Balram – shifted to Rohini’s womb , who lives in Gokulam wife of Nandagopar , by Vishnu Maya

180. Who was born as the eighth child of Devaki ? Bahawan Sri Krishna 181. Who was born to Yashoda matha at Gokulam ? Durga devi . Krishna was brought

by Vasudevar and kept in the place of Durga and SHE was brought to Kamsa 182. What was the previous birth secret of Vasudeva and Devaki as told by Bhagawan

Himself ? They have been a fortunate couple in three births now . They only wanted Bhagawan to be their child .So they did tapas . In the first brith , they had Bhagwan by name Prasnigarban . Next they came as Kashyapa-Adithi and HE came as Vamana or Upendra and now they are Vasudeva-Devaki – and HE was born as Sri Krishna ! Who can exceed the fortune of this great father and mother !

183. Who came with bad intention to feed poisonous milk to Sri Krishna ? Poothana . She attained Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna !

184. Which is the Holy river in which Nandha Gokulam is located ? Yamuna 185. Who came as the ‘ cart’ and tried to disturb Srikrishna and got killed? Sakatasuran

and this leela is called Sakatasura Banjanam 186. Who came as a whirlwind ? Thinaavarthan – came as a dusty whirlwind and carried

Sri Krishna . Sri Krishna applied his Ashtamaha Siddi and killed him 187. Who is the guru of Yadhavas ? Gargacharyar 188. Who named them as Balrama and Sri Krishna ? Gargacharyar 189. Why did Nandhagopa – Yasodha had the great fortune of having custody of Sri

Krishna as his parents ? He was one of the eight vasus ( ashta vasus ) by name Dhroona and he had a wife Dara and both did tapas to become parents of Lord Himself .So they were blessed in this birth .

190. What is the name of the leela I which Yasodha tied Krishna around his waist to a wooden block used to crush food items ( ural in Tamil ) ? Dhamodhara Leela because Dahm – rope and Udharam – his stomach or waist portion

191. When Krishna pulled the wooden block URAL through a twin tree , what happened ? The tree broke and two sons of Kubera – by name Nalakooburan and Manogreevan were liberated. They were cursed by Naradha Rishi

192. Why did Naradha curse them and how ? Two sons of Kubera – by name Nalakooburan and Manogreevan , under bad influence of liquor , did not pay respect to Devarishi Naradha . So he cursed them to become a tree which has no sense of respect etc towards elders and great men and stand for years ! .However , Naradha with overflowing mercy , blessed them to a tree in NANDHA GOKULAM since Krishna is going to take birth here . When Sri Krishna broke the tree , the two sinners were liberated ! This is not a curse but a blessing only .So , what looks like a curse of great saints are also blessings ONLY ‘because they do every action , word and thought to help us to attain God only .

193. Name the leela in which a ‘ crane ‘ was killed by Sri Krishna and who came as a crane ? A monster by name Bhagasuran – sent by Kamsa .

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207. Explain Krishna Leela with Akroorar ? While on the way to Mathura , Akroorar got in to Yamuna for evening prayers and Balrama & Krishna still sitting in the chariot . When he had a holy dip , he could have the dharshan of Sri Krishna as ‘Maha Vishnu “ sleeping in Yoganidhra on Aadhisheshan surreounded by Ashtalakshmis . He again comes out of water and see to find Krishna smiling and sitting there only . So , he was

194. Who came as a big SNAKE and tried to swallow all Gopa children ? Aga suran 195. What was Bhrama Mohanam ? When Brahma hid all cows and children , Sri Krishna

created everything and two originals lived for one year ( no doubt Sri Krishna is living in all living beings ! ) .Brahma after a year got confused to differentiate his own creation and Sri Krishna’s creation ! He realised his act and fell at the lotus feet of Sri Krishna . This leela is called Brahma Mohanam –‘ illusion of Brahma in the act of creation due to Vishnu Maya ‘

196. Who was the asura got killed by Sri Krishna since he stopped the Gopas to eat the delicious fruits ? Denukasuran

197. What was the name of the Poisonous Cobra King in the Yamuna ? Kaleeyan with 5 heads . Sri Krishna danced on all his 5 heads – Kaleeyamardhanam ! and finally gave life back to him due to the request of Kaleeya’ s wife . Sri Krishna instructed Kaleeyan to go back with his snake gang back to Ramana dweepam and also assured Garudan will not disturb him as God’s foot print is imprinted now in Kaleeyan’s head . Thus Sri Krishna saved the Yamuna from the poison of Kaleeyan

198. How did Sri Krishna saved all Gopas from wild fire caught on the banks of Yamuna ? He just drank the fire!

199. Why did Sri Krishna made the leela of ‘ lifting the Ghovardhana maountain ? To teach a lesson to Indra and remove his pride !

200. How long did he lift the Ghovardhana and how ? 7 days with his little finger ! 201. What was the divine name by which Indra offered prayers to Sri Krishna ?

GOVINDAN . Indra said he realised that he is Indra means leader for Devas . But Sri Krishna is the Indra for all without exception and hence he prayed with a divine name ‘Govindan’

202. What was the message of Govinda to Indra ? People with power and wealth never think of God and the problems of common people . So I teach them a lesson by many ways and one among them is to remove power, position and wealth from those and make them worship God . However, since Indra realised his mistake God forgave him and blessed him! This leela is called GOVINDA PATTABHISHEKAM in Bhagawatham .

203. What was the idea by Kamsa to kill Krishna after sending all asuras to Gokulam and all of them were killed by Sri Krishna Leela ? Kamsa arranged a Dhanur Yagam – pooja for a big bow in Mathura and also arranged for a wrestling competition . He planned that wresters would kill the little boys ( Krishna and Balram)

204. Who were those wrestlers ? Mushtikan and Chanooran 205. What was the big elephant kept ready by Kamsa to kill Krishna ? Kuvalayapeetam –

It has power of 1000 elephants 206. Who was sent by Kamsa to bring / invite Krishna for Dhanur Yagam ? A famous

Krishna Bahktha -Akroorar

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220. How many time Jarasandhan fought with Sri Krishna ? 18 times and in all first 17 times he was defeated .18th time Krishna ran away from him since he was destined to be killed by Bheema only

overwhelmed by Bhakthi and prays to Krishna with a ‘Viswarooba Stuthi ‘ – very famous in Bhagawatham .

208. Who offered fragrant paste and perfumes to Sri Krishna in the streets of Mathura ? Handicapped lady called Thrivakthra – who had 3 bends in her body happily offered those stuff to Sri Krishna with Bhakthi . Krishna embrassed her and corrected all her bends and made her a beautiful girl .

209. What happens to Kuvalayapeetam ? Krishna kills it by plucking its horns . 210. What happens to Wrestlers ? Killed by Krishna and Balrama during wrestling 211. When Krishna killed Kamsa what did happen ? Everyone saw an illumnious light

left Kamsa’s body and entered Sri Krishna . Since Kamsa was one of the avatrs of Jaya Vijaya and he worshipped Krishna by ‘ fear’ , he attained salvation with the blessings of Sri Krishna

212. Explain various Bhakthi Bhavas found in Bhagavatham ? Gopis – by Prema Bhakthi ( through Krishna as their lover ) , Kamsa – fear of God that HE would kill him anytime , Hiranakshan & Hiranyakhsipu – by enmity , Yashoda & Nandhagopa – by affection as their own child , Nardha – by Keerthan . So the message is that God comes to us in anyway which we think of Him . Our efforts should go all out to keep thinking of Lord Krishna … always

213. To whom did Krishna crown after Kamsa ? His father Ugrasena 214. Who was made as King of Yadhavas by Sri Krishna ? Soora Sena Maharaja 215. Who is the Guru of Krishna ? Saint Sandhepani . 216. In how many did Krishna learn all arts ? 64 days – 64 arts at one art per day .

Bhagawan showed us a truth that , if HE is born as a man , HE also needs a GURU to learn and get educated . If Sri Krishna can learn everything so fast as Bhagawan , imagine the Knowledge and capacity of Shandepani Guru to teach him so fast and quickly !

217. What did Krishna offer in return to respect his Guru once education is complete ? as Guru dhakshina – Krisna regained Guru’s dead son from Suthalam ( where Mahabali Lives )

218. Who goes to Gokulam to meet Gopikas as a representative of Sri Krishna and why ? The greatest Krishna Premi – Uddhava was sent by Sri Krishna Himself . He was sent to meet Gopikas as they were suffering due to the separation of Sri Krishna . The ‘very life’ of Gopikas is Sri Krishna only . Uddahva realizes the greatness of Prema Bhakthi and feels to have the dust of Gopika’s feet on his head . Uddhavas was the disciple of Brahaspathi himself and was highly knowledgeable in all Vedic scriptures . Sri Krishna wanted to show to him that education or learning or knowledge is not essential to be a great Bhaktha but is important to keep all words , actions and mind at the Lotus feet of God like Gopikas .

219. Who were the wives of Kamsa ? Asthi and Prapthi , daughters of Jarasandha of Magadha Kingdom

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221. What did Krishna do when King Kalayavanan came with a huge army ? King Kalayavanan who came with a very big army ( foreign soldiers ) and fought . Krishna to protect his men , created a fort and city in the sea called Dwaraka overnight .This proves Sri Krishna is THE PARAMA PURUSHA! . He kept all his family and people in this Holy city safely .

222. How Sri Krishna killed Kalayavanan ? He ran away in a cave where Muchukunda was sleeping . Sri Krishna hid himself .Kalayavanan kicked Muchukunda with rage . When Muchukunda woke up , Kalayavana was burnt alive . Muchukunda , when he helped Devas to fight asuras , they blessed him with long sleep to have great rest and also warned that whoever disturbs his sleep would be burnt .Sri Krishna used this . Muchukunda knew that he was destined to have the divine dharshan of Sri Hari when HE would born in Yadhu vamsam . Muchukunda prayed Sri Krishna with a fabulous stuthi – called ‘Muchukunda Stuthi ‘

223. Who is the wife of Balrama ? Revathi D/o of Revathar , king of Aanartha Desam 224. In which desam Rukmini was born ? Vidharbha daughter of Bheeshmakar 225. Who is the elder brother of Rukmini ? Rukmi ( totally 5 sons for Bheesmakar -

Rukmi , Rukmarathan, Rukmabhagu, Rukmakesan , Rukmamalee) 226. What was the decision of Rukmi about Rukmini’s marriage ? To give to Sishupalan

against wish of Rukmini to marry Sri Krishna 227. What was the name of the letter in Bhagawatham sent by Rukmini to whom ?

Rukmini wrote ‘RUKMINI SANDHESAM’ letter sharing her heart to Bhagawan Krishna , with 7 beautiful slokas . A divine Brahmin carries this to Dwaraka to reach it to Sri Krishna . She summaries that if Krishna does not accept her , she would not live further which makes Bhagawan to rush to Kundinam city .

228. Where did Rukmi stayed after Krishna defeated him ? Bojagadam 229. Where did Sri Krishna marry ? In Dwaraka , in a big mandapam with 1000 pillars ,

built by Viswakarma overnight . 230. Who is the son born to Rukmini from Sri Krishna ? Prathyumnan – as amsam of

Manmadhan 231. Who steals this little baby from Rukmini ? An asura called Sambaran . When

Prathyumnan grew up , he realsized the truth and kills the Smbaran and reached Dwaraka .

232. Who is the Krishna Bhaktha and also friend of Surya lived in Dwaraka ? Sathrajith . Surya gave him a divine pearl chain called Syamanthaka Mani mala . It gives everyday , tons of gold , eliminates ageing , dieases and death and gives only wealth .

33. What happened to Sathrajith ? Sri Krishna asks for this special pearl but Sathrajith did not give . One day , his brother takes it to forest while hunting .He was killed by a lion and that lion was in turn killed by Jambhavan who keeps this Syamanthaka mani . People accuse Krishna that he killed Prasenan and took the divine pearl stone . To prove them wrong , Krishna travels , fight with Jambhavan for 18 days to regain it and gives it back to Sathrajith. Jambhavan offers his daughter Jambhavathi along with the Syamanthaka mani to Krishna .

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246. Who gave the idea to Krishna to combine the travel to Rajasooya Yaga and the necessary ‘round the country ‘ dig vijayam with intention to kill Jarasandha ? Uddahva

234. How did Krishna marry Sathya bama ? When Krishna returned the Syamanthaka back to Sathrajith , he felt bad for blaming Krishna wrongly .To correct his mistake , he offered his daughter Sathyabama to Sri Krishna .

235. Who are 8 wives of Sri Krishna ? Rukmini , Sathya Bama , Jambhavathi , Laxmana, Kalindhi ,Mithravindha , Sathya , Badhra

236. Who was Narakasuran ? Son of Bhoomi matha and Vishnu . He lived ina place called Prakjothidam . He abducts 16000 virgins for marriage . All of them were willing to marry only Sri Krishna . So Krishna and Sathyabama , flew to his fort , broke it with Sudharsan chakra and killed Narakasura . Then Krishna married all 16000 girls in Dwaraka . So totally HE has 16008 wives !

237. What is the explanation for the family of 16008 wives and Sri Krishna ? All of us all only feminine gender as ‘JIVATHMAS ‘ and 16008 is a wholesome number to represent the JIVATHMA in this universe who want to attain Sri Krishna being the PARAMA PURUSHA or PARAMATHAM . So when jiva wants to join paramathma , HE does everything to accept them and this concept is only explained as Sri Krishna happily runs 16008 families in Dwaraka . We should not confuse this with our normal life as every step of Sri Krishna life is described as ‘ miracle’ – adhputham – by Vyasa . Our great saints use such stories to explain the greatness of PARAMA PURUSHA and value of PREMA BHAKTHI which only attracts PARAMAPURUSHA towards JIVATHMA s .

238. What is called Syamanthaka upakyanam ? Sathathanva kills Sathrajith and takes away Syamthaka . He gives it to Akroorar who takes it to Varanasi . Sri Krishna kills Sathathanva and gets the stone from Akroorar . This is called Syamanthaka Upakyanam . If we read this , we can get rid of bad reputation that we have earned by mistake .

239. Who is the grand son of Sri Krishna ? Anirudhan s/o Prathyumnan 240. Who married Anirudhan ? Usha , daughter of Banasura 241. Why was Anirdhaan taken away from his home ? As Usha loves him , her friend

Chithralekha brings Arinudha by air while he was sleeping . Usha and Anirudha lived happily and in hiding in her palace without knowledge of Banasura . When he came to know this , he imprisons Anirudha . Sage Naradha informs Krishna about this . Since Banasura was protected by Lord Siva , Krishna has to fight Siva too . Finally , Sri Krishna gets Usha married with Anirudha in Dwaraka .

242. To whom did Krishna ordered for the creation and setting up of the Capital city Indrapratha ? ( Capital for Pandavas) – Viswakarma

243. The location in which Indraprastha was built was previously called as what ? Kandava vanam ( forest) burnt by Sri Krishna and Arjuna . Agni Bhagawan was pleased with this offering of Kandava Vana and gave Kandeevam and divine arrow bag , white horses and divine chariot and a divine shield for his body .

244. What was the court of Sri Krishna in Dwaraka called as ? Sudharma 245. Who came to Dwaraka to invite Sri Krishna for the Rajasooya Yaga planned by

Yudhishtra? Deva Rishi Naradha

247. Which Kingdom was rules by Jara Sandha ? Magadha kingdom

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248. Who killed Jarasandhan ? How ? Bheema . with the signal from Sri Krishna to tear Jarasandhan apart into two pieces and keep the two pieces in opposite direction so that they do not join together

249. Who was offered the ‘ first and highest respect ‘ before start of the Rajasooya Yaga ? Sri Krishna

250. Who is Shishupal ? King of Sethi kingdom, friend of Jarasandhan . He was the one who hated Sri Krishna but thought of Lord always through hatred behaviour. Before Yaga started , hishupal objected Sri Krishna getting the first respect and pooja .He started abusing Sri Krishna , which made Krishna to kill him . Finally, a bright lift left Shishupal’s body and merged with Sri Krishna. This shows that, bhakthi can be done by route of hatred nature also by all thoughts should be focussed on Lord Krishna only to attain salvation.

251. Who was Sudhama ? True friend of Sri Krishna in the early school of Sage Sandhipini . Now he is a very poor Brahmin . He was requested by his wife to go and meet Sri Krishna in Dwaraka to seek some financial help .

252. When Sri Krishna saw Sudhama ( Kuchelar) , what did he do ? When Sri Krishna saw Kuchelar from his palace balcony , he came out running and embrassed him .Took him inside with his own hands , bathe him , feed him , cleansed his feet – which shows –God treats everyone equal , more so God respects those who recite Vedhas and above all God serves his Bhaktha Himself with His wives .

253. What did Sri Krishna say as the reason for HIS happiness and contentment and feeling complete? ONLY WITH THE BLESSINGS OF GURU SANDHIPINI

Balance questions in Bhagawatham in 11th and 12th Chapters would be shared later.





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