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Highlights Within CPG (Consumer Package Goods)

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Highlights Within CPG(Consumer Package Goods)

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DSD People Management/Leadersh

ip• Coaching, teaching

and developing direct reports in a DSD environment

• The speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack

Flawless Retail

Execution• Negotiate sales and

execution both internally (RSR’s) and externally (DM’s and store level directors)

• Provide a clear “game plan” to ensure market level success

• Collaboration with Sales Operations (DSD Warehouse)

Success in the Market

• 15+ pallet displays throughout 20 major accounts

• OWN the holidays (and Super Bowl)

• Net = $2.5M lift in sales during Q1 2011

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Diversity and Inclusion (Community Relations)Inspiration

al Leadershi

p• Effectively communicate cause

branding initiatives• Drive strong employee

engagement• Plan, Organize, Lead and

Control the event

Successful Communit

y Relationsh

ips• Generated revenue for MS Walk and Susan G Komen breast cancer awareness

• Participated in Operation Warm partnering with CHA in passing out grocery bags and over 10,000 coats to underprivileged families

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30/60/90 Day Plan

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ONBOARDING ACTIVITIES Meet with L&D (Learning and Development Manager) to

prioritize and determine expectation with specified timeframe, discuss major accounts and develop initial plan of action.

Review revenue goals and product sales history with assigned territory.

Research accounts thoroughly by obtaining any additional/previous information from management/sales team.

Create detailed Territory Market Analysis and competitive analysis.

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30 DAY PLAN Continually increase knowledge of all things SWS via biweekly

collaborative discussions.

Meet with SWS team to coordinate scheduling and develop a priority list of initial targets.

Develop target list of high value customers to establish initial call plan.

Visit each account for personal introductions, identify key office personnel and decision makers.

Identify all key Parent Support Organizations

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60 DAY PLAN Adjust territory routing and targeting as needed based on trainee focus

or set initiative.

Maintain regular contact with L&D to ensure appropriate progress is being made.

Continue self-study to ensure a solid base of wine and spirits knowledge.

Research creative ways to keep trainees engaged and convey message to our customers out in the field for driving growth.

Continue to turn in all assigned paperwork and reports and transmit call activity as scheduled

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90 DAY PLAN Tweak territory routing as needed.

Maintain regular contact with L&D to ensure appropriate progress is being made.

Participate in biweekly collaborative call with team.

Continue self-study to ensure a solid base of wine and spirits knowledge for continuous improvement.

Implement creative plan in the field with focus on customers as well as consumers to increase market share and sales volume.

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I’M A CONSULTANT….NOT A SALESMAN Discover Opportunities

Find solutions to customers problems

Follow up satisfaction

Customer understanding

“Continuous Dialogue”

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WHY ELIJAH HAMILTON? (R.O.I.) Proven Track Record of Strong Leadership and Results within competitive

DSD arena

Innovative thinker

Customer Management Strong ability to build and leverage Relationships

Timely Follow up Skills

Highly Analytical

Client Relationship Manager who understands that “People buy from People”

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So When Do I Start?