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2. 3 January 1730BornSivaganga, Tamil Nadu, Indiathe exact date of her death is notDiedknown (it was about 1790).Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, IndiaNameVelu NachiyarOccupatio Queen of Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu,n Circa 1760-1799SucceedinBritish Indiag State 3. Maruthu Pandiyar 4. The Marudhu Pandiyar brothers (PeriyaMarudhu and Chinna Marudhu) ruledSivagangai, Tamil Nadu towards the endof the 18th century.The Elder was born on 15.12.1748 in asmall hamlet called Narikkudi nearAruppukkottai in then Ramnad principalstate (now Virudhunagar district). In1753 the younger Marudhu Pandiyar wasborn in Ramnad. 5. Full name Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja TitlesKerala Simham, Chandrakula Vira, ShaktanRajah, Vira Pazhassi Born January 3, 1753Birthplace Kannur, Malabar Died November30, 1805 6. Dheeran Chinnamalai 7. Born: April 17, 1757, ErodeDied: July 31, 1805, Sankari Dheeran Chinnamalai was a Kongu chieftain and Palayakkarar from Tamil Nadu who rose up in revolt against the British East India Company in the Kongu Nadu, Southern India. 8. Veerapandiya Kattabomman 9. Veemaraja JagaveeraFull name Pandiya KattabommanBorn 3 January 1761 Panchalankurichi,TamilBirthplace NaduDied 16 October 1799Place of death Kayathar,Tamil NaduSuccessorBritish RuleFather Jagaveera KattabommanMother Arumugathammal 10. Puli Thevar(1715 - 1767) 11. Born - -Puli Thevar was a poligar (orpalayakarar) who ruled Nerkattumsevalsituated in the Sankarankoil taluk ofTamil Nadu.[1] Puli Thevar who belongsto the warrior Maravar community wasone of the earliest freedom fighters. Heis one of the first Indian kings to havefought and defeated the British in India. 12. Visuvanatha Nayagar to 1736 ) (1529 King-Puli Thevars struggle-quotedFrom Caldwells History ofTirunelveliIn 1755, Nawab unwisely requested Britishhelp to bring the turbulent Polygars intocontrolThis part of the story is puzzling indeed.Kattabomman could have easily paid the sumdemanded by British 13. First Siege of Nelkattumseval, 1755Heron was forced to acknowledgethat he could not storm the fort, sohe asked that a paltry sum of20,000 rupees be paid, to whichThevar replied-My country doesnthave that much income.......BesidesI know the value of money well anddont expect me to burn even asingle rupee...... 14. Battle & Siege of Kalakadu, 1755Mahfuz KhanSiege of Srivilliputtur, 1756Battle of Tirunelveli, 1756 Both sides were evenly matched with20,000 men apiece, but Mahfuz Khan hadsuperiority in cavalry. On 21 March 1756,some 40,000 men clashed.Capture of Tirunelveli, 1756Siege of Palamkotta, 1756Battle of Gangai Konda [1756] 15. Stand At Settur & Aftermath, 1759Puli Thevar camped his enemy-heldsurrounding zone. Yusuf Khanbesieged the Settur fort, whosePolygar troops inside the Settur fort,only 15 miles from Srivilliputtur andtheir joint force ravaged the lostnerve and expelled Thevars troops,paid a fine and surrendered. 16. Thevars troops re-grouped andthey seized all enemy outpostsfrom Nelkettumseval to Tirunelveliand massacred the garrisons theyoverran. This great success elatedThevar and his confederates andthey attacked and captured theUttumalai fort held by a pro-English Polygar and prepared tocapture Palamkotta and Tirunelveli 17. Siege of Vasdevanellur, 17591760 last 34 weeks As both sides prepared for the final struggle forVasudevanellur, Thevar collected 3000 of hisablest Maravas and led them in a night marchfrom Nelkattumseval to Vasudevanellur.Once he approached Vasudevanellursneighbourhood, Thevar led his troops throughthe forest below the fort to avoid detection byenemy and sprang into a surprise attack onYusuf Khans camp. 18. The EndSoon Yusuf Khan received hugereinforcements and massive quantities ofammunition.He decided to conquer Thevars country inchby inch. Thevar and his men put up mostvaliant resistance but their strongholds fellone by one and finally Nelkettumseval also fell.Thevar and men retreated from fort to fortand once they lost forts they fled in junglewhere they continued fight until 1761. 19. He was made to march to a hill namedKalugamala [Vultures Mountain] to behanged. It is reported that he escapedon route. But it is also said that herequested his captors to pray in a Parvatishrine before his execution and he sangpraises in the sanctum sanctorum of thetemple and suddenly on sound of chainsfall, guards rushed into the sanctumsanctorum only to find his chains - Hehad vanished. 20. ,