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Born3 January 1730

Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, India

Diedthe exact date of her death is not known (it was about 1790). Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, India

Name Velu Nachiyar


Queen of Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, Circa 1760-1799

Succeeding State

British India

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Maruthu Pandiyar

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The Marudhu Pandiyar brothers (Periya Marudhu and Chinna Marudhu) ruled Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu towards the end of the 18th century.

The Elder was born on 15.12.1748 in a small hamlet called Narikkudi near Aruppukkottai in then Ramnad principal state (now Virudhunagar district). In 1753 the younger Marudhu Pandiyar was born in Ramnad.

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Full name Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja Titles Kerala Simham, Chandrakula Vira, Shaktan Rajah, Vira Pazhassi Born January 3, 1753 Birthplace Kannur, Malabar Died November 30, 1805

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Dheeran Chinnamalai

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Veerapandiya Kattabomman

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Full nameVeemaraja Jagaveera Pandiya Kattabomman


Born 3 January 1761

BirthplacePanchalankurichi,Tamil Nadu

Died 16 October 1799

Place of death Kayathar,Tamil Nadu

Successor British Rule

FatherJagaveera Kattabomman

Mother Arumugathammal

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Puli Thevar

(1715 - 1767)

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Puli Thevar was a poligar (or palayakarar) who ruled Nerkattumseval situated in the Sankarankoil taluk of Tamil Nadu.[1] Puli Thevar who belongs to the warrior Maravar community was one of the earliest freedom fighters. He is one of the first Indian kings to have fought and defeated the British in India.

Born 1-9-1715

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(1529 to 1736 )Visuvanatha Nayagar

King-1726 Puli Thevar's struggle-quoted From Caldwell's History of TirunelveliIn 1755, Nawab unwisely requested British help to bring the turbulent Polygars into controlThis part of the story is puzzling indeed. Kattabomman could have easily paid the sum demanded by British

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First Siege of Nelkattumseval, 1755Heron was forced to acknowledge that he could not storm the fort, so he asked that a paltry sum of 20,000 rupees be paid, to which Thevar replied-“My country doesn't have that much income.......Besides I know the value of money well and don't expect me to burn even a single rupee......”

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Battle & Siege of Kalakadu, 1755Mahfuz KhanSiege of Srivilliputtur, 1756Battle of Tirunelveli, 1756 Both sides were evenly matched with 20,000 men apiece, but Mahfuz Khan had superiority in cavalry. On 21 March 1756, some 40,000 men clashed.Capture of Tirunelveli, 1756Siege of Palamkotta, 1756Battle of Gangai Konda [1756]

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Stand At Settur & Aftermath, 1759Puli Thevar camped his enemy-held surrounding zone. Yusuf Khan besieged the Settur fort, whose Polygar troops inside the Settur fort, only 15 miles from Srivilliputtur and their joint force ravaged the lost nerve and expelled Thevar’s troops, paid a fine and surrendered.

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Thevar’s troops re-grouped and they seized all enemy outposts from Nelkettumseval to Tirunelveli and massacred the garrisons they overran. This great success elated Thevar and his confederates and they attacked and captured the Uttumalai fort held by a pro-English Polygar and prepared to capture Palamkotta and Tirunelveli 

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Siege of Vasdevanellur, 1759–1760

last 3–4 weeks

As both sides prepared for the final struggle for Vasudevanellur, Thevar collected 3000 of his ablest Maravas and led them in a night march from Nelkattumseval to Vasudevanellur.

Once he approached Vasudevanellur’s neighbourhood, Thevar led his troops through the forest below the fort to avoid detection by enemy and sprang into a surprise attack on Yusuf Khan’s camp.

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The EndSoon Yusuf Khan received huge reinforcements and massive quantities of ammunition.

He decided to conquer Thevar's country inch by inch. Thevar and his men put up most valiant resistance but their strongholds fell one by one and finally Nelkettumseval also fell.Thevar and men retreated from fort to fort and once they lost forts they fled in jungle where they continued fight until 1761.

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He was made to march to a hill named Kalugamala [Vulture's Mountain] to be hanged. It is reported that he escaped on route. But it is also said that he requested his captors to pray in a Parvati shrine before his execution and he sang praises in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and suddenly on sound of chains fall, guards rushed into the sanctum sanctorum only to find his chains - He had vanished.

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அவரி�ன் நி�னைவகஅவர்வழ்ந்தஇல்லம்தமி�ழக அரிசால் புதுப்பி�க்கப்பிட்டுஅவரிதுநி�னைவு


தமி�ழ்நிடுஅரிசு த�ருநெநில்வேவலிமிவட்டம் சா)வக�ரி� வட்டம் பிகுத�யா�லுள்ளிநெநில்கட்டும்நெசாவல்எனும்ஊரி�ல்பூலித்வேதவன்

நி�னைனைவப் வேபிற்றும்வனைகயா�ல் பூலித்வேதவன்நி�னைவுமிளி�னைக, த�ருமிணமிண்டபிம்

ஆக�யானைவகனைளிஅனைமித்துள்ளிது. இந்த நி�னைவுமிளி�னைகயா�ன் முகப்பி�ல் பூலித்வேதவன்முழுஅளிவுத�ருஉருவச்சா)னைல

அனைமிக்கப்பிட்டுள்ளிது. வேமிலும்இங்குஆயா�ரிம் வேபிர்அமிரிக்கூடியா அளிவ�ல் த�ருமிணமிண்டபிம் கட்டப்பிட்டுள்ளிது. பூலித்வேதவன் கலத்துநி�னைவுச் சா)ன்ங்கள்மிற்றும்ஆயுதங்கள்

நெபிதுமிக்கள் பிர்னைவக்குனைவக்கப்பிட்டுள்ளிது.