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Useful phrases in GujaratiIf you can help fill in the gaps on this page, please contact me.Key to abbreviatizns: frm = formal, inf = informal, m = said by men, f = said by women.English (Gujarati)Welcome (padhaaro)Hello (namaste)How are you?I'm fine, thanks. And you? (kem cho?) (saarun)Long time no see | (aapno divas shubh rahe)What's your name?My name is ... ? (taaru naam sun che) inf ? (tamaaru naam sun che) frm ... (maaru naam ... che)Where are you from?I'm from ... 8 ? (tame kyana chho?)@ ... (hu ... no) - m / ... g (ni ... chhu) - fPleased to meet you (tamne maline anand thaiyo)Good morning \ (su prabhat)Good afternoonGood evening (shub sham)Good night (shub ratri) / (sui javo)Goodbye (aavjo)(pachi maliye)Good luckCheers/Good health!Have a nice dayBon appetitBon voyageI don't understand (samajaa paat nath)Please speak more slowly l 6 (tame meharbani karine thodu dhire bolso)Please say that again l l (meharbani karine mane farithi kehso)Please write it down @ (hu lakhavu te lakho)Do you speak Gujarati?Yes, a little 7 ? (su tame gujarati bolo cho?), 6