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    Founder-Editor, Compiling & Publishing Ch. Srinivasa RaoCh. Srinivasa RaoCh. Srinivasa RaoCh. Srinivasa Rao

    Formerly COA, CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad

    Vol. IX April 2012 No. 206 CounsellingCounsellingCounsellingCounselling & Review & Review & Review & Review:::: B.J. Acharyulu, B.J. Acharyulu, B.J. Acharyulu, B.J. Acharyulu, Head, F&A, CDFD, HyderabadHead, F&A, CDFD, HyderabadHead, F&A, CDFD, HyderabadHead, F&A, CDFD, Hyderabad EEEE----Mail Mail Mail Mail assistance: assistance: assistance: assistance: D.D.D.D.SSSS.... Sundar, Sundar, Sundar, Sundar, Assistant (F&A) Assistant (F&A) Assistant (F&A) Assistant (F&A), , , , NGRI, NGRI, NGRI, NGRI, Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Orders of Central Govt. which are reproduced in "HARMONY""HARMONY""HARMONY""HARMONY" whether duly endorsed by the CSIR or not, are applicable to its employees to a large extent unless and otherwise such Orders involve financial implications. Articles on Service issues, Management, Motivation, Material Science, Supply Chain Management, Attitudinal Behaviour and related issues are welcome through E-mail or other means. Material published in HARMONYHARMONYHARMONYHARMONY can be used purely in academic interest with due acknowledgement. The opinions expressed or inferences drawn in the material published in HARMONYHARMONYHARMONYHARMONY do not necessarily reflect the views of Editor nor CSIR/Swamy Publishers (P) Ltd., Chennai shall take any responsibility whatsoever for any inaccuracies or claims. HARMONYHARMONYHARMONYHARMONY is transmitted through E-mail free of cost. Send your E-mail ID.

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    FILING OF NOMINATIONS FOR CSIR BENEVOLENT FUND The CSIR Benevolent Fund Scheme was implemented in CSIR

    Labs./Instts w.e.f. 1-1-1987, including the HQs. for the benefit of the staff. The object of the Scheme is to provide, as a special measure, assistance to the members of the Fund or to their families, in real distress. So far the scheme has been very beneficial to the family members of the deceased/ disabled members and relief in the form of financial assistance to their nominees in the time of distress.

    The subscribers to the Fund are required to fill in the nomination forms, identifying the beneficiary under the Scheme. It has been observed that nominations are not available in respect of a number of staff members from CSIR HQs., IPMD, URDIP, Pune, CSIR Complex including HRDG, RAB, ESD and HRDC, Ghaziabad, and also from certain other Labs./Instts. It is, therefore, requested to file the fresh nominations and submit the same in E-III Section, CSIR HQs. latest by 31-3-2012. The fresh nominations on submission shall supersede the previous nominations submitted by them, if any. [CSIR O.M. No. 6-9(145)/87-E.III dt. 6-3-2012]


    The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has been advocating

    leveraging of technology for activities prone to corruption since 2006 and one of the prominent initiatives was adoption of e-procurement for goods, works and services by all Ministries/Departments/ Organisations. The CVC advised all Organizations to ensure security of the e-procurement systems and to get their system certified by Department of Information Technology (DIT).

    The DIT in turn requested its attached Office Standardization, Testing and Quality Certificate (STQC) Directorate to establish necessary processes and systems to enable certification of e-Procurement systems. Accordingly, the guidelines prepared by STQC in this regard approved and notified by the DIT is available on egovstandards Website [www.egovstandards.qov.in]. The guidelines are also available on Commission's website www.cvc.nic.in (link-circular/instructions).

    All the concerned are advised to use these guidelines for compliance to quality requirements for certifying the e-Procurement systems. [CSIR Lr. No. 15-1(120)/90-Vig. dt. 14-3-2012; CVC Circular No. 01/01/2012 (No.010/VGI/035/16173 dt. 12-1-2012]

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    In continuation of CVCs Circular Nos. 12-02-6-CTE/SPI(I)-2 dated

    7-1 2003 and 21-4-2004, the Commission has been stressing on the need for observing transparency and determination of prices in a fair market competition while dealing with the tenders relating to procurement. The above OMs were issued to reduce the possibility of collusion and cartelization among the bidders so that competitive fair market price of the items of procurement can be determined.

    A number of references have been received in the CVC citing certain specific situations/difficulties being faced in dealing with tenders. Accordingly, in supersession to the earlier OMs dated 7-1-2003 and 21-4-2004, Commission has decided that in all cases of procurement, the following guidelines may be followed while preparing the tender conditions: a) In a tender, either the Indian agent on behalf of the Principal/OEM or

    Principal/OEM itself can bid but both cannot bid simultaneously for the same item/product in the same tender.

    b) If an agent submits bid on behalf of the Principal/OEM, the same Agent

    shall not submit a bid on behalf of another Principal/OEM in the same tender for the same item/product.

    [CSIR Lr. No. 15-1(120)/90-Vig. dt. 14-3-2012; CVC Circular No.03/01/12 (No.12-02-6/CTE/SP1(1)-2/167 dt. 13-1-2012]

    DEVELOPMENT OF ERP APPLICATION MODULES FOR CSIR The Consultant Agencies have completed the development of ERP applications modules and have tested these modules for their seamless integration and inter-operability across modules. The Handbook/Reference Compendium on the ESS and Finance Modules were widely circulated among the staff members. Other modules have also been finalized and are being sent as soft copies by end of March 2012. Subsequently, hard copies will be sent by April 2012. It would be necessary to allocate the links associated with various processes to each of the employees in CSIR in keeping with the roles that are to be performed and their responsibility areas in the following manner: i) The mapping of pre-defined roles to individual employees can be

    performed in the HR portal. This is a significant step in terms of its implications, as access privileges for performing various tasks are granted to the employees on the basis of this mapping.

    ii) Since all operations in CSIR are carried out in a project mode, all the

    employees are also mapped to a project. These projects are created under the R&D Portal and employees mapped to such projects.

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    iii) Notional projects have also been created for administrative personnel

    and for activities such as infrastructure development, generic facilities management and works.

    iv) There are also additional provisions in the configuration module within

    each of the ERP modules to customize and provide for accommodating Lab.-specific variations to the default role definitions, which authenticate and provide access privileges for performing various activities.

    Once the role mapping is completed, a given employee can see the relevant generic links associated with his/her responsibility areas, when he/she logs on to the system using his/her employee ID. He would also receive on his in tray relevant items of work entrusted to him or passed on by others in the work-flow on which he is required to act. As a pre-requisite to enable the operations to go online, one other significant step is to populate the required tables with the initial data set. It would be necessary to extend the contract of the Data Entry Operators who have been engaged under the ICT Transformation Project in various Labs./Instts. to ensure that they are available for the entry of the initial data sets on the basis of instructions from the Lab.-Level Implementation Team who function in collaboration with the BD-PME Heads. Commensurate with the rigorous efforts that had gone in over the last two years, we may need to be persistent in our efforts over the next 12 months in this new financial year 2012-13 to transition to the online operations. This transition will get accomplished progressively in small steady steps, consolidate and reinforce the beneficial outcomes that we experience in the process of taking forward the implementation progressively. [CSIR D.O. No.2/70/2009-JS dt. 15-3-2012]

    E-PAYMENT TO ALL THE PARTIES INCLUDING THE INDIVIDUALS In order to ensure compliance with instructions circulated vide CSIR

    letter No.5-1(17)/08-PD dated 5-1-2012 and CSIR OM No.3(34)/2010-Finance dated 9-7-2010 regarding payments to all staff/pensioners/suppliers/ contractors/relating to remittances etc. or any other person/agency, all payments shall be made by NEFT/RTGS/ECS mode only and in no case, payment sha