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Wuxi Huaxin Radar Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Specialized inSpecialized inAntenna


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About Huaxin

Wuxi Huaxin Radar Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1985.Our company, near international metropolis Shanghai, enjoysexceptional advantages in convenient transportation with Tai Laketo its south and Yangtze River to its north. We are specialized in allseries of TVRO antennas, receive and transmit antennas and militaryradar antennas. Huaxin Radar is one of the first-class appointedenterprises by Ministry of National Information Industry. Huaxinseries products have obtained ISO9001-2000 Quality AssuranceCertification and QJB9001A-2001 Military Standard Certification. Sofar, our company has developed into a high-tech enterprise whichintegrates scientific research, manufacturing and sales.

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The main products of our company are TVRO antennas and receiveand transmit antennas from 0.45m to 16m. Our products havecomplete specifications and rich varieties. The diversity of theproducts is at the top in the industry, which can maximum satisfyneeds of all kinds of antennas in the current satellitecommunication market .Our ring focus series receive and transmitantennas are designed by the experts who have engaged in theresearch and design of receive and transmit antennas for decadesat home. By adoptting the most advanced dual shaped theory, theantennas have high gain, low side lobe, low cross polarization andgood matching; therefore the antennas meet the internationalstandard. Each specification has occupied domestic leading leveland reached the advanced international level. Our products arewell received at home and abroad. Our VSATs are Type Approvedby Asiasat, APT, China Satcom, Sinosat, and China Orient. Themedium and big Rx/Tx antennas are approved by Intelsat andEutelsat on site.

High Quality and Rich Products


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Rich resources, powerful strength and Huaxin Radar factory of Sq ft 360,000 in area (workshop area of Sq ft 216,000)Assembly line production; capacity available on our 2nd or 3rd shifts; ability to handle large projects within a short time.Research and development center of Sq ft 54,000More than 30 professional and technical personnel(domestic well-known antenna designers and testing experts)Complete sets of professional production lines for antenna (shaping moulds for all kinds of antennas, standard testing template, stretcher,riveting fixture of workshop and final assembly platform, etc.)Various manufacturing machines (CNC machine center, CNC lathe, milling machine, planer,grinder, boring lathe, drilling machine, punch and hydraulic lathe, etc.)Advanced import antenna testing instruments, antenna distant field test site;(HP spectrum analyzer, composite signal source,network analyzer and standard network, etc.)Advanced techniques, adequate inventory ensuringdelivery on time and in short lead time

Powerful strength of Antenna design and Manufacture



Sub Reflector Processing

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Digital Control Processing

Research and Development Center Testing


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Our antennas are popular with the users because of their good quality.They are widely used in many large communication projects ofNational Environmental Protection Network, Distance EducationNetwork, Military Communication Network, Central Government,Provincial and Municipal TV Stations, and Securities CommunicationNetwork, etc. And they were exported to many regions and countriesincluding Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Russia,Singapore, and India, etc. Our products have become highlycompetitive brand name products in the communication market athome and abroad.

Sales modes like multi-channel marketing network, direct marketing,agents and cooperation,etc.Cost-effective and competitive prices in the marketAdequate inventory, delivery on time, short lead timeProfessional technique consultation and documentsProfessional engineering technical personnel, and perfect after serviceincluding installation, commissioning, approval and training, etc.Secure packing fits domestic and international trucking shipments, railfreight, ocean freight and air freight

Good Marketing Mode and After Service


Extensive User Group

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0.9m Extended Ku-Band Off-set Back-pack Antenna

Products Overview


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1.2m Standard C-Band Off-set VSAT Antenna

(Extended C-Band/ Ku-Band Available)

2.4m/3.0m 3 axis Motorized VSAT Antenna

(Standard C-Band , Extended C-Band/Ku-Band Available)

1.8m Standard C-BandVSAT Antenna

(Extended C-Band/Ku-Band Available)

2.4m Standard C-BandVSAT Antenna

(Extended C-Band/ Ku-Band Available)

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1.8m,3.0m,4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in CBTV in Beijing

( 2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol, Standard C-Band, Manual)


3.7m/4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in Saudi Arabia

(2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol,Extended C-Band, Manual)

3.7mTx/Rx Antenna in Nigeria

(2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol, Extended C-Band,Motorized, Tracking Controller)

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4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in Indonesia Telcom

( 2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol, Extended C-Band,Motorized, Tracking Controller)

4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in SingTel in Singapore

(2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol, Extended Ku-Band, Manaul, NPM)

4.3mTVRO Antenna in Cyprus

(Single port, Linear-pol, Extended Ku-Band, Manual)

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4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in Zantel in Tanzania

(2 Ports, Circular Co-pol, Standard C-Band, Motorized, Tracking Controller)12

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4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in Xisha Islands in China

(2 ports, Linear Cross-pol, Standard C-Band, Motorized)

4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in Congo

(2 Ports, Circular Co-pol, Extended C-Band,Motorized, Tracking Controller)

3.0m,4.5m,7.3mTx/Rx Antenna forWSN in Beijing

( 2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol , Standard Ku-Band,Manual/Motorized, Tracking Controller)

4.5mTx/Rx Antenna in Congo

(2 Ports, Circular Cross-pol, Standard C-Band, Manual)

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5.36mTVRO Antenna in Mauritius TV Station

(2 Ports, Linear-pol, Extended C-Band, Manual)

5.36mTx/Rx Antenna in Shanghai Telcom

(2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol, Extended Ku-Band, Motorized)


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6.2mTx/Rx Antenna in Seychelles

(2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol, Extended C-Band, Motorized)

7.3mTx/Rx Antenna in Malawi

(4 Ports, Circular Cross-pol, Standard C-Band,Motorized, Tracking Controller)

6.2mTx/Rx Antenna in Onatel, Burundi

(2 Ports, Circular Cross-pol, Standard C-Band,Motorized, Tracking Controller)

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9mTx/Rx Antenna in New Zealand

(4 Ports, Linear-pol, Extended Ku-Band,Motorized, Tracking Controller)


11.3m Tx/Rx Antenna in Ghana

(2 Ports, Linear Cross-pol,Extended Ku-Band, Motorized)

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16m Rx Only Antenna in China

Dual Band, 2 Ports Standard Ku-Band, Linear-pol4 Ports Standard C-Band (2 Linear-pol, 2 Circular-pol)Motorized, Tracking Controller

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Wuxi Huaxin Radar Engineering Co., Ltd.Add: No.11, Jinshan Road, QianQiao Economic Development Zone,

Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Tel: +86-510-83207695 Fax: +86-510-82738215

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