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  • Introduction

    Inspavo Consultancy Services (P) Ltd is IT and Software Solution Company who provides complete web solution work to client across the Globe. We work on any range of business to innovative the right thing for right business by powering technology, so that customers can access a range of services. Inspavo Consultancy Services (P) Ltd specialize in providing world class software and IT solution in every field of Business, Here we build the vision by innovation technology for our client. Internally, we are a dedicated team with exports who are expertise in their own field and bringing vast experience from past which make your business tomorrow easier, the product and services united to provide unparalleled value to our clients where results comes first. Our complete web solution work based on new technology services which drives business effectiveness and profitability. As a web development and Solution Company ICS has always believes in working on new things which powers your business and reach beyond clients expectation. Because youre every odd step in business can redirect your journey, and we are the one who can take complete control of it by Bringing Innovation to web world.

  • Inspavo Consultancy Services (P) Ltd is a leading IT and Software Solution Company based in

    Bhubaneswar, Office: Sarat Villa, First Floor, Jodupur Rd, Jadupur, Dumduma, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

    751019. We provide complete IT solutions for End Users.

    Purpose is to be a leader in the Web solution service provider by providing enhanced services.

    Mission is to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

    Goal is to build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology for their business growth.


    Open Source CMS

    Website Designing


    Email Marketing

    Social Media Optimization

    Online Promotion

    Customized Web




    Mobile Application

    Payment Gate way

    Integration EVENTS

    Product Development

    Website Maintenance

    PROMOTION Inventory








  • 1) Medicine Retail Software

    Medicine retail software system is designed to handle medical supplies procurement and record keeping for multi-

    physician practices.

    2) School/College Management/ Automation Software

    School/College Management system help Educational sectors to operation Admissions and Registration to Finance,

    Faculty, Medical and Business Development. This reduces data error and ensures that information is always up-to-

    date throughout the College.

    3) Library Management System

    Library management System is a time consuming activity. library management system easy and less time consuming,

    which makes it an ideal library management, With this system the librarian can easily catalogue books and maintain

    records of issued, reissued and overdue books. This library management portal also captures date of issue and


    4) SMS Management System

    SMS management System is a finest process to be update in your own way, SMS management system make your half

    of the work without consuming any man-hour or timing.

    5) Inventory Management System

    Inventory management system help Business sale or as part of a raw material supply, Inventory management system

    effectively control all the Business part and reduce operational expenses.

    6) Admission Management System

    7) Inventory Management System

    8) Retail Store Management System

    9) Canteen Management System

    10) Visitors Tracking System

    11) Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

    12) Customer Auto Email Management

    13) Clinic Management System

    14) Online Examination Management

    The software mentioned above is available for ready to use but if any customization required we can provide with

    update and customized application software.


  • UNIQUE and creative solution that

    meet the clients expectations not only

    by realizing the clients business

    objectives, but according to their

    requirement with ethical principles of

    web world.

    Continuous search for new opportunity

    beyond the requirements and business


    Creative approaches to the clients

    special needs in order to find unique way

    to enhance business.

    Team work based on requirements and

    implementation with progressive way.

    Professional quality of services provided

    by highly expertise.

    Deliver the things before deadline.


  • SEO is the simple activity of

    ensuring a website can be

    found in search engines for

    words and phrases relevant

    to what the site is offering.

    In other word it's simply a

    quality to control

    websites.SEO is a technique

    which helps search engines

    find and rank your website


    Social media optimization is the process

    of increasing the awareness of a product,

    brand or event by using a number of

    social media outlets and communities to

    generate viral publicity for online

    promotion for any Business of person.

    Web Designing

    Design is the process of

    collecting ideas, arranging

    and implementing them,

    guided by certain principles

    for a specific purpose. Web

    design is a similar process of

    creation, with the intention

    of presenting the content

    on electronic web pages,

    which users can access

    through the internet.

    Software development is

    the process by which a

    company, team, or

    individual devises and

    implements an overall plan

    to create a new software

    program, which can be

    benefit for their Business.

    Software Development

    SEO is not only important for businesses that

    compete online but it is a necessary investment for

    all companies. Having an optimized website is the

    absolute minimum these days and the money spend

    on SEO should not be considered a cost but an


    In this day and age when the Internet is a worldwide

    marketplace where countless websites debut on a regular

    basis, it is pretty difficult to build your unique identity. But

    SMO makes it easy for you. SMO gives you a ray of hope

    that you too can find a strong footing among the legion of

    competitors. Therefore, it is a highly effective marketing

    technique that is worth the investment.

    The advantage of a website compared to

    traditional media is availability. A website

    provides your business with a 24-hour

    presence to a global audience. This creates an

    opportunity to provide valuable information

    for your customers and the chance to attract

    many more customers you could not

    otherwise reach.

    The role of custom software development has

    increased for the recent years since every software

    company tries its best to keep up a friendly

    relationship with its clients by offering customized

    solutions to the diverse requirements. While

    business organizations are exerting every effort to

    take the industry leading place.

    Search Engine


    Social Media




    Website: www.odishasectorcrpf.com

    Client Information: The Central Reserve Police Force came into existence as Crown Representatives Police on 27th July 1939. It

    became the Central Reserve Police Force on enactment of the CRPF Act on 28th December 1949. It has completed 60 years of

    glorious history. The Force has grown into a big organization with 207 Bn, (including 181 executive Bns, 2 MahilaBns, 10 RAF Bns, 6

    CoBRABns, 2 DM (NDRF) Bns, 5 Signal Bns and 1 Special Duty Group), 37 Group Centres, 11 Training Institutions, 2 CWS, 7 AWS, 3

    SWS, 4 Composite Hospitals of 100 bed and 17 Composite Hospitals of 50 bed.

    We have worked: we have designed the entire website of odishasectorcrpf.com using html5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery etc. There is an

    admin panel also developed using php and codeignitor framework where they are managing the contents and images of the website. We

    have also developed the visitor tracking software which has installed at the main gate of CRPF campus, Bhubaneswar and Subsidiary

    canteen billing system installed GC subsidiary canteen. We are working with CRPF since February 2013.


    Website URL: www.odishascb.com

    Client Information:TheOdisha State Cooperative Bank (OSCB) is one of the Scheduled State Cooperative Banks incorporated

    under the Orissa Cooperative Societies Act on 2nd April, 1948. Since its inception, the Bank has been playing a pivotal role in

    transforming the agrarian economy of the State by catering to the credit requirement of the farm families.

    We have worked: we have designed the entire website of OSCB using html5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery etc. There is an admin panel also

    developed using php and codeignitor framework where they are man