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INDIA भभभभ Sagar Patel, Curtis Tzeng, Island Le, Krishna Patel, & Michael Duckworth

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INDIA भारत. Sagar Patel, Curtis Tzeng , Island Le, Krishna Patel, & Michael Duckworth. History. Bronze Age: 3000-1500 BCE The Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjo-DaroHarappa. HISTORY. Vedic Period: 1500-500 BCE The migration of the Aryan tribes into India. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



INDIASagar Patel, Curtis Tzeng, Island Le, Krishna Patel, & Michael Duckworth

HistoryBronze Age: 3000-1500 BCEThe Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjo-DaroHarappa

HISTORYVedic Period: 1500-500 BCEThe migration of the Aryan tribes into India.Writing of the Four Vedas, the oldest Hindu scriptures.Rig-VedaYajur-VedaSama-VedaAtharva-Vedac. 536-486 BCE: Buddhism founded by Siddharta Gautama (Buddha)History500 BCE-1858 CEc. 500 BCE: Jainism foundedc. 324185 BCE: Mauryan Empirec. 100300 CE: Kushan Empirec. 300550 CE: Gupta Empirec. 14001500: Sikhism founded15261858: Mughal Empire16321654: Taj Mahal constructed by Emperor Shah JahanHistoryIndian Independence1600: British East India Company founded1857: First Indian Rebellion18581947: British RajMohandas Karamchand Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi

Notable Businesses and EntrepreneursRatan Tata - founded Tata Motors in 1945Mukesh Ambani Chairman & CEO of Reliance IndustriesNaveen Jindal Chairman of Jindal Steel & Power

CultureReligionsFestivalsLanguagesFoodFamily structure and marriage

Business PracticeWhen doing business in India, use English.Greet the foreigner by performing the Namaste.In meetings, approach and greet the senior first.Disagreement is rarely expressed. The word no is often avoided.Negotiations can be slow -- be patient.

Dos and Don'tsDo remain polite and honest.Do use titles wherever possible.Do accept food and drinks in business meetings.

Dont say no.Dont be aggressive.Dont accept large or expensive gifts.