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  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    Justice Lodha IPL verdict

    July 14, 2015 17:09 IST

    Justice R Lodha

    Justice Ra!e"dra al Lodha#

    $he""ai Su%er &i"'s a"d Ra!astha" Royals (ere sus%e"ded )ro* the I"dia" Pre*ier Lea'ue)or t(o years )or +etti"' activities o) their ey o-cials, .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d Ra! &u"dra,duri"' the 201/ seaso" o) cashrich T(e"ty20 cricet tour"a*e"t#

    The %u"ish*e"t (as ha"ded do(" +y a Su%re*e $ourta%%oi"ted three*e*+er co**ittee,headed +y )or*er $hie) Justice o) I"dia Ra!e"dra al Lodha, (hich held that the +etti"'activities o) eiya%%a", co"sidered the )ace o) $he""ai Su%er &i"'s, a"d &u"dra, coo("er o)

    Ra!astha" Royals, +rou'ht the 'a*e o) cricet, the oard o) $o"trol )or $ricet i" I"dia a"d IPLi"to disre%ute#

    The co**ittee also i*%osed li)e sus%e"sio"s o" eiya%%a" a"d &u"dra +ei"' i"volved i" a"ycricet *atches co"ducted +y the $$I#

    3R T S6PR $6RT PPI8T $ITT

    r# Justice R## Lodha, 3or*er $hie) Justice o) I"dia $hair*a"

    r# Justice sho ha", 3or*er Jud'e, Su%re*e $ourt o) I"dia e*+er

    r# Justice R#;# Ravee"dra", 3or*er Jud'e, Su%re*e $ourt o) I"dia e*+er

    +le Su%re*e $ourt co"stituted this $o**ittee# The role a"d reach o) the $o**ittee arede?"ed i" %ara'ra%h 110@IIA @IIIA @I;A a"d @;IAB1C# "e o) the tass 'ive" to the $o**ittee is todeter*i"e a"d a(ard %u"ish*e"t to r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra! &u"dra as also theirres%ective )ra"chiseesDtea*sDo("ers o) the tea*s# This order is co"?"ed to the tas 'ive" tothe $o**ittee i" %ara 110@IIA o) the !ud'*e"t#

    It is "ot "ecessary to set out the %roceedi"'s i" detail relati"' to this order# Su-ce,ho(ever, to state here that (ithi" o"e (ee o) its co"stitutio", the $o**ittee held its%reli*i"ary *eeti"' a"d the" a)ter su**o"i"' the "ecessary records, *aterials a"d theaddresses o) r# .uru"ath eiya%%a", r# Ra! &u"dra, The I"dia $e*e"t Li*ited @)or shortEI$LFA a"d Jai%ur IPL $ricet Li*ited @)or short EJIPLFA )ro* the $$I, the $o**ittee issued"otices to the* to a%%ear +e)ore it# The "oticees (ere also i")or*ed that they *ay addressthe $o**ittee throu'h their advocates, i) they so desired#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    " 11th arch 2015, r# # ;ish(a"atha", lear"ed Se"ior dvocate a%%eared a"d ar'ued o"+ehal) o) r# .uru"ath eiya%%a"# " the "eGt day i#e# 12th arch 2015, r# &avi" .ulati,lear"ed Se"ior dvocate a%%eared )or r# Ra! &u"dra a"d co"cluded his ar'u*e"ts#

    lthou'h I$L a"d JIPL a%%eared throu'h their authoriHed re%rese"tatives a"d Se"ior

    dvocates o" 11th a"d 12th arch 2015 res%ectively +ut o" their +ehal) ad!our"*e"ts (eresou'ht (hich (as 'ra"ted#

    r# $#S# ;aidya"atha", lear"ed Se"ior dvocate a%%eared a"d ar'ued o" +ehal) o) I$L o" th%ril 2015 (hile r# sho esai, lear"ed Se"ior dvocate co**e"ced a"d co"cluded hisar'u*e"ts )or JIPL o" 7th %ril 2015#

    s %rayed +y the lear"ed Se"ior dvocates, o%%ortu"ity (as also 'ive" to the a+ove )our8oticees )or ?li"' (ritte" su+*issio"s (hich they did#

    +le Su%re*e $ourt ise"ou'h# Kuestio" 8o# 2 (as )ra*ed to the eect (hether r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra!

    &u"dra (ere Mtea* o-cialsN o) their res%ective IPL tea*s $he""ai Su%eri"'s a"dRa!astha" RoyalsO I) so, (hether alle'atio"s o) +etti"' leveled a'ai"st the* sta"d %rovedO

    The +asis o) the ?"di"'s recorded +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt o" this uestio" is theRe%orts su+*itted +y the Pro+e $o**ittee headed +y r# Justice uul ud'al, 3or*er $hie)

    Justice o) Pu"!a+ a"d arya"a i'h $ourt# The o">+le Su%re*e $ourt )ou"d "o )ault (ith the?"di"'s recorded +y the Pro+e $o**ittee that r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as Tea* -cial o)$he""ai Su%eri"'s @$S&A# I" this re'ard the $ourt "oted the ad*issio" o) I$L +e)ore it thatr# .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as a Tea* -cial (ithi" the *ea"i"' o) that eG%ressio" o) thereleva"t Rules# The $ourt also )ou"d "o reaso" to disa'ree (ith co"clusio" o) the Pro+e$o**ittee that r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" had i"dul'ed i" +etti"'# The $ourt ?r*ly held thatthe alle'atio"s o) +etti"' *ade a'ai"st r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" stood esta+lished o"

    %re%o"dera"ce o) %ro+a+ilities#

    s re'ards r# Ra! &u"dra, the Su%re*e $ourt o+served that the ?"di"' recorded +y the Pro+e$o**ittee a+out his havi"' %art o("ershi% a"d accreditatio" as Tea* -cial o) theRa!astha" Royals @RRA (as "ot dis%uted +y JIPL#The $ourt "oted that o" the +asis o)i"vesti'atio" a"d e"uiry, the Pro+e $o**ittee ca*e to the co"clusio" i" its 3i"al Re%ortdated 1st 8ove*+er 2014 that r# Ra! &u"dra (as MTea* -cialN, MPlayer Su%%ortPerso""elN a"d MPartici%a"tN (ithi" the *ea"i"' o) releva"t Rules a"d he had i"dul'ed i"+etti"'# s a *atter o) )act, there (as "o serious challe"'e to the *erits o) the ?"di"'srecorded +y the Pro+e $o**ittee a'ai"st r# Ra! &u"dra# Perti"e"tly, it has +ee" o+served +y

    the Su%re*e $ourt that the Pro+e $o**ittee had co"ducted the %roceedi"'s i" co"so"a"ce(ith the %ri"ci%les o) "atural !ustice a"d the ?"di"'s o) the Pro+e $o**ittee that r# Ra!&u"dra (as Tea* -cial o) Ra!astha" Royals a"d that he had i"dul'ed i" +etti"' ca""ot +e)aulted#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    3ollo(i"' Kuestio" "o# 2, the o"F+le Su%re*e $ourt )ra*ed Kuestio" 8o# / to the eect thati) Kuestio" 8o#2 is a"s(ered i" the a-r*ative, (hat co"seue"tial actio" i" "ature o)%u"ish*e"t is %er*issi+le u"der the releva"t Rules a"d Re'ulatio"s, a"d a'ai"st (ho*O Thediscussio" a"d co"sideratio" +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt o" Kuestio" 8o# / de%icteGte"sive a"alysis o) the %rovisio"s co"tai"ed i" the IPL %eratio"al Rules @herea)ter re)erredto as M%eratio"al RulesNA, "ti $orru%tio" $ode )or Partici%a"ts @)or short, M"ti $orru%tio"

    $odeNA a"d $ode o) $o"duct )or Players a"d Tea* -cials @)or short, M$ode o) $o"ductNA a"d3ra"chise 'ree*e"t (hich (e shall re)er to i" the course o) discussio", (herever "ecessary#o(ever, it *ay +e "oted here that the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt (hile co"sideri"' the%rovisio"s o) the %eratio"al Rules did o+serve that each )ra"chisee i" ter*s o) rule 1#1 o)Sectio" 4 is u"der a" o+li'atio" to e"sure that its Tea* -cial co*%lies (ith the Re'ulatio"sa"d i" %articular rticle 2 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode# The $ourt )urther o+served that thosesa"ctio"s (ere "ot li*ited to r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra! &u"dra alo"e +ut *ayeGte"d to sus%e"sio" o) the tea* or the 3ra"chisee )ro* the lea'ue also#


    Su%re*e $ourt o" Kuestio" 8os# 2 a"d / a"d so also Kuestio" 8o# 7, %articularly i"%ara'ra%hs 12, 1/, //, 45, 49, 50, 55, 57, 5, 10 a"d 110 o) the !ud'*e"t at a%%ro%riate%laces#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    "o" dero'a"tN# I" this re'ard he also relied u%o" the decisio" o) the Su%re*e $ourt i" thecase o) shoa areti"'B2C#

    Lear"ed Se"ior dvocate ar'ued that rticle 2#2 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode deals (ith the acto) +etti"' a"d *aes it a" oe"ce +y %rovidi"' a certai" %e"alty a"d o"ce the %rovisio" is*ade i" the "ti $orru%tio" $ode, the other $odes (ith residuary or 'e"eral %rovisio"s (ould"ot a%%ly# It is his su+*issio" that the (ord MorN i" Sectio" , rule 2#1 o) the %eratio"al Rulesco""otes that it has +ee" used dis!u"ctively a"d that also *aes %eratio"al Rulesi"a%%lica+le#

    ccordi"' to r# # ;ish(a"atha", the $ode o) $o"duct (hich +eca*e eective )ro*3e+ruary 201/ is also "ot a%%lica+le# I" this re'ard he re)erred to seco"d %ara o) the 8oteu"der rticle 2#2#10 a"d su+*itted that *isco"duct o) +etti"' has to +e co"sidered u"der the"ti $orru%tio" $ode a"d "ot u"der the $ode o) $o"duct#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    'a*e @$ricetA a"d +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute could result i" i*%ositio" o) o"e or*ore o) the sa"ctio"s sti%ulated u"der Rule 4 o) Sectio" @e*%hasis su%%lied +y usA# These(ei'hty o+servatio"s +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt havi"' re'ard to the (idth a"d sco%e o)Sectio" rule 4 o) the %eratio"al Rules a"d also ee%i"' i" vie( the %rovisio"s o) the $odeo) $o"duct a"d the "ti $orru%tio" $ode, re"der the ar'u*e"t o) r# # ;ish(a"atha" a+outi"a%%lica+ility o) the %eratio"al Rules u"acce%ta+le# +le Su%re*e $ourt that .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as MTea* -cialN,"o dou+t is le)t that he is +ou"d +y the %eratio"al Rules# y co**itti"' +reach o) o+li'atio"u"der Sectio" 2, rule14 a"d +y i"dul'i"' i" a" act (hich had a" adverse aect o" the i*a'eo) the $$I, IPL a"d 'a*e o) cricet, r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" re"dered hi*sel) lia+le todisci%li"ary actio" a"d i*%ositio" o) sa"ctio"s sti%ulated i" rule 4, Sectio" o) the%eratio"al Rules#

    The ar'u*e"t o) r# # ;ish(a"atha", lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel, relyi"' u%o" le'al %ri"ci%le o)'e"eralia s%eciali+us "o" dero'a"ts o" the +asis that the "ti $orru%tio" $ode (as *adeeective )ro* cto+er 2012 (hile the $ode o) $o"duct a"d %eratio"al Rules ca*e later does"ot have *erit# The le'al %ri"ci%le 'e"eralia s%eciali+us "o" dero'a"ts has +ee" eG%lai"edlo"' +ac +y Lord Phili*oreB4C# It is stated: MIt is a sou"d %ri"ci%le o) all !uris%rude"ce that a%rior %articular la( is "ot easily to +e held to +e a+ro'ated +y a %osterior la(, eG%ressed i"'e"eral ter*s a"d +y the a%%are"t 'e"erality o) its la"'ua'e a%%lica+le to a"d coveri"' a"u*+er o) cases, o) (hich the %articular la( is +ut o"e# This, as a *atter o) !uris%rude"ce, asu"derstood i" "'la"d, has +ee" laid do(" i" a 'reat "u*+er o) cases, (hether the %rior la(+e a" eG%ress statute, or +e the u"derlyi"' co**o" or custo*ary la( o) the cou"try#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    $ou"sel also has "o a%%licatio"# Rather Sectio" , rule 1#1 states that the %rovisio"s o) there'ulatio"s listed i" rule 1#2 o) this Sectio" @+ei"' the IPL Re'ulatio"sA to'ether (ith these%eratio"al Rules shall a%%ly to the Lea'ue a"d +i"d a"y such %erso" su+!ect to the%eratio"al Rules# It is, thus, clear that Sectio" rule 2#1 o) the %eratio"al Rules is "ot a"ouste