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  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    Justice Lodha IPL verdict

    July 14, 2015 17:09 IST

    Justice R Lodha

    Justice Ra!e"dra al Lodha#

    $he""ai Su%er &i"'s a"d Ra!astha" Royals (ere sus%e"ded )ro* the I"dia" Pre*ier Lea'ue)or t(o years )or +etti"' activities o) their ey o-cials, .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d Ra! &u"dra,duri"' the 201/ seaso" o) cashrich T(e"ty20 cricet tour"a*e"t#

    The %u"ish*e"t (as ha"ded do(" +y a Su%re*e $ourta%%oi"ted three*e*+er co**ittee,headed +y )or*er $hie) Justice o) I"dia Ra!e"dra al Lodha, (hich held that the +etti"'activities o) eiya%%a", co"sidered the )ace o) $he""ai Su%er &i"'s, a"d &u"dra, coo("er o)

    Ra!astha" Royals, +rou'ht the 'a*e o) cricet, the oard o) $o"trol )or $ricet i" I"dia a"d IPLi"to disre%ute#

    The co**ittee also i*%osed li)e sus%e"sio"s o" eiya%%a" a"d &u"dra +ei"' i"volved i" a"ycricet *atches co"ducted +y the $$I#

    3R T S6PR $6RT PPI8T $ITT

    r# Justice R## Lodha, 3or*er $hie) Justice o) I"dia $hair*a"

    r# Justice sho ha", 3or*er Jud'e, Su%re*e $ourt o) I"dia e*+er

    r# Justice R#;# Ravee"dra", 3or*er Jud'e, Su%re*e $ourt o) I"dia e*+er

    +le Su%re*e $ourt co"stituted this $o**ittee# The role a"d reach o) the $o**ittee arede?"ed i" %ara'ra%h 110@IIA @IIIA @I;A a"d @;IAB1C# "e o) the tass 'ive" to the $o**ittee is todeter*i"e a"d a(ard %u"ish*e"t to r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra! &u"dra as also theirres%ective )ra"chiseesDtea*sDo("ers o) the tea*s# This order is co"?"ed to the tas 'ive" tothe $o**ittee i" %ara 110@IIA o) the !ud'*e"t#

    It is "ot "ecessary to set out the %roceedi"'s i" detail relati"' to this order# Su-ce,ho(ever, to state here that (ithi" o"e (ee o) its co"stitutio", the $o**ittee held its%reli*i"ary *eeti"' a"d the" a)ter su**o"i"' the "ecessary records, *aterials a"d theaddresses o) r# .uru"ath eiya%%a", r# Ra! &u"dra, The I"dia $e*e"t Li*ited @)or shortEI$LFA a"d Jai%ur IPL $ricet Li*ited @)or short EJIPLFA )ro* the $$I, the $o**ittee issued"otices to the* to a%%ear +e)ore it# The "oticees (ere also i")or*ed that they *ay addressthe $o**ittee throu'h their advocates, i) they so desired#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    " 11th arch 2015, r# # ;ish(a"atha", lear"ed Se"ior dvocate a%%eared a"d ar'ued o"+ehal) o) r# .uru"ath eiya%%a"# " the "eGt day i#e# 12th arch 2015, r# &avi" .ulati,lear"ed Se"ior dvocate a%%eared )or r# Ra! &u"dra a"d co"cluded his ar'u*e"ts#

    lthou'h I$L a"d JIPL a%%eared throu'h their authoriHed re%rese"tatives a"d Se"ior

    dvocates o" 11th a"d 12th arch 2015 res%ectively +ut o" their +ehal) ad!our"*e"ts (eresou'ht (hich (as 'ra"ted#

    r# $#S# ;aidya"atha", lear"ed Se"ior dvocate a%%eared a"d ar'ued o" +ehal) o) I$L o" th%ril 2015 (hile r# sho esai, lear"ed Se"ior dvocate co**e"ced a"d co"cluded hisar'u*e"ts )or JIPL o" 7th %ril 2015#

    s %rayed +y the lear"ed Se"ior dvocates, o%%ortu"ity (as also 'ive" to the a+ove )our8oticees )or ?li"' (ritte" su+*issio"s (hich they did#

    +le Su%re*e $ourt ise"ou'h# Kuestio" 8o# 2 (as )ra*ed to the eect (hether r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra!

    &u"dra (ere Mtea* o-cialsN o) their res%ective IPL tea*s $he""ai Su%eri"'s a"dRa!astha" RoyalsO I) so, (hether alle'atio"s o) +etti"' leveled a'ai"st the* sta"d %rovedO

    The +asis o) the ?"di"'s recorded +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt o" this uestio" is theRe%orts su+*itted +y the Pro+e $o**ittee headed +y r# Justice uul ud'al, 3or*er $hie)

    Justice o) Pu"!a+ a"d arya"a i'h $ourt# The o">+le Su%re*e $ourt )ou"d "o )ault (ith the?"di"'s recorded +y the Pro+e $o**ittee that r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as Tea* -cial o)$he""ai Su%eri"'s @$S&A# I" this re'ard the $ourt "oted the ad*issio" o) I$L +e)ore it thatr# .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as a Tea* -cial (ithi" the *ea"i"' o) that eG%ressio" o) thereleva"t Rules# The $ourt also )ou"d "o reaso" to disa'ree (ith co"clusio" o) the Pro+e$o**ittee that r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" had i"dul'ed i" +etti"'# The $ourt ?r*ly held thatthe alle'atio"s o) +etti"' *ade a'ai"st r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" stood esta+lished o"

    %re%o"dera"ce o) %ro+a+ilities#

    s re'ards r# Ra! &u"dra, the Su%re*e $ourt o+served that the ?"di"' recorded +y the Pro+e$o**ittee a+out his havi"' %art o("ershi% a"d accreditatio" as Tea* -cial o) theRa!astha" Royals @RRA (as "ot dis%uted +y JIPL#The $ourt "oted that o" the +asis o)i"vesti'atio" a"d e"uiry, the Pro+e $o**ittee ca*e to the co"clusio" i" its 3i"al Re%ortdated 1st 8ove*+er 2014 that r# Ra! &u"dra (as MTea* -cialN, MPlayer Su%%ortPerso""elN a"d MPartici%a"tN (ithi" the *ea"i"' o) releva"t Rules a"d he had i"dul'ed i"+etti"'# s a *atter o) )act, there (as "o serious challe"'e to the *erits o) the ?"di"'srecorded +y the Pro+e $o**ittee a'ai"st r# Ra! &u"dra# Perti"e"tly, it has +ee" o+served +y

    the Su%re*e $ourt that the Pro+e $o**ittee had co"ducted the %roceedi"'s i" co"so"a"ce(ith the %ri"ci%les o) "atural !ustice a"d the ?"di"'s o) the Pro+e $o**ittee that r# Ra!&u"dra (as Tea* -cial o) Ra!astha" Royals a"d that he had i"dul'ed i" +etti"' ca""ot +e)aulted#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    3ollo(i"' Kuestio" "o# 2, the o"F+le Su%re*e $ourt )ra*ed Kuestio" 8o# / to the eect thati) Kuestio" 8o#2 is a"s(ered i" the a-r*ative, (hat co"seue"tial actio" i" "ature o)%u"ish*e"t is %er*issi+le u"der the releva"t Rules a"d Re'ulatio"s, a"d a'ai"st (ho*O Thediscussio" a"d co"sideratio" +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt o" Kuestio" 8o# / de%icteGte"sive a"alysis o) the %rovisio"s co"tai"ed i" the IPL %eratio"al Rules @herea)ter re)erredto as M%eratio"al RulesNA, "ti $orru%tio" $ode )or Partici%a"ts @)or short, M"ti $orru%tio"

    $odeNA a"d $ode o) $o"duct )or Players a"d Tea* -cials @)or short, M$ode o) $o"ductNA a"d3ra"chise 'ree*e"t (hich (e shall re)er to i" the course o) discussio", (herever "ecessary#o(ever, it *ay +e "oted here that the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt (hile co"sideri"' the%rovisio"s o) the %eratio"al Rules did o+serve that each )ra"chisee i" ter*s o) rule 1#1 o)Sectio" 4 is u"der a" o+li'atio" to e"sure that its Tea* -cial co*%lies (ith the Re'ulatio"sa"d i" %articular rticle 2 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode# The $ourt )urther o+served that thosesa"ctio"s (ere "ot li*ited to r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra! &u"dra alo"e +ut *ayeGte"d to sus%e"sio" o) the tea* or the 3ra"chisee )ro* the lea'ue also#


    Su%re*e $ourt o" Kuestio" 8os# 2 a"d / a"d so also Kuestio" 8o# 7, %articularly i"%ara'ra%hs 12, 1/, //, 45, 49, 50, 55, 57, 5, 10 a"d 110 o) the !ud'*e"t at a%%ro%riate%laces#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    "o" dero'a"tN# I" this re'ard he also relied u%o" the decisio" o) the Su%re*e $ourt i" thecase o) shoa areti"'B2C#

    Lear"ed Se"ior dvocate ar'ued that rticle 2#2 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode deals (ith the acto) +etti"' a"d *aes it a" oe"ce +y %rovidi"' a certai" %e"alty a"d o"ce the %rovisio" is*ade i" the "ti $orru%tio" $ode, the other $odes (ith residuary or 'e"eral %rovisio"s (ould"ot a%%ly# It is his su+*issio" that the (ord MorN i" Sectio" , rule 2#1 o) the %eratio"al Rulesco""otes that it has +ee" used dis!u"ctively a"d that also *aes %eratio"al Rulesi"a%%lica+le#

    ccordi"' to r# # ;ish(a"atha", the $ode o) $o"duct (hich +eca*e eective )ro*3e+ruary 201/ is also "ot a%%lica+le# I" this re'ard he re)erred to seco"d %ara o) the 8oteu"der rticle 2#2#10 a"d su+*itted that *isco"duct o) +etti"' has to +e co"sidered u"der the"ti $orru%tio" $ode a"d "ot u"der the $ode o) $o"duct#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    'a*e @$ricetA a"d +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute could result i" i*%ositio" o) o"e or*ore o) the sa"ctio"s sti%ulated u"der Rule 4 o) Sectio" @e*%hasis su%%lied +y usA# These(ei'hty o+servatio"s +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt havi"' re'ard to the (idth a"d sco%e o)Sectio" rule 4 o) the %eratio"al Rules a"d also ee%i"' i" vie( the %rovisio"s o) the $odeo) $o"duct a"d the "ti $orru%tio" $ode, re"der the ar'u*e"t o) r# # ;ish(a"atha" a+outi"a%%lica+ility o) the %eratio"al Rules u"acce%ta+le# +le Su%re*e $ourt that .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as MTea* -cialN,"o dou+t is le)t that he is +ou"d +y the %eratio"al Rules# y co**itti"' +reach o) o+li'atio"u"der Sectio" 2, rule14 a"d +y i"dul'i"' i" a" act (hich had a" adverse aect o" the i*a'eo) the $$I, IPL a"d 'a*e o) cricet, r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" re"dered hi*sel) lia+le todisci%li"ary actio" a"d i*%ositio" o) sa"ctio"s sti%ulated i" rule 4, Sectio" o) the%eratio"al Rules#

    The ar'u*e"t o) r# # ;ish(a"atha", lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel, relyi"' u%o" le'al %ri"ci%le o)'e"eralia s%eciali+us "o" dero'a"ts o" the +asis that the "ti $orru%tio" $ode (as *adeeective )ro* cto+er 2012 (hile the $ode o) $o"duct a"d %eratio"al Rules ca*e later does"ot have *erit# The le'al %ri"ci%le 'e"eralia s%eciali+us "o" dero'a"ts has +ee" eG%lai"edlo"' +ac +y Lord Phili*oreB4C# It is stated: MIt is a sou"d %ri"ci%le o) all !uris%rude"ce that a%rior %articular la( is "ot easily to +e held to +e a+ro'ated +y a %osterior la(, eG%ressed i"'e"eral ter*s a"d +y the a%%are"t 'e"erality o) its la"'ua'e a%%lica+le to a"d coveri"' a"u*+er o) cases, o) (hich the %articular la( is +ut o"e# This, as a *atter o) !uris%rude"ce, asu"derstood i" "'la"d, has +ee" laid do(" i" a 'reat "u*+er o) cases, (hether the %rior la(+e a" eG%ress statute, or +e the u"derlyi"' co**o" or custo*ary la( o) the cou"try#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    $ou"sel also has "o a%%licatio"# Rather Sectio" , rule 1#1 states that the %rovisio"s o) there'ulatio"s listed i" rule 1#2 o) this Sectio" @+ei"' the IPL Re'ulatio"sA to'ether (ith these%eratio"al Rules shall a%%ly to the Lea'ue a"d +i"d a"y such %erso" su+!ect to the%eratio"al Rules# It is, thus, clear that Sectio" rule 2#1 o) the %eratio"al Rules is "ot a"ouster clause a"d the %ro%ositio" that the s%ecial eGcludes 'e"eral does "ot a%%ly i" the%rese"t situatio"#

    I) the 'e"eral la( +y its o(" ter*s reco'"iHes the eGiste"ce or co"ti"ua"ce o) s%ecial la( o"the su+!ect, "o uestio" o) i"co"siste"cy (ith or re%eal o) the s%ecial la( ca" arise# 3ro* thesche*e o) the %eratio"al Rules, (he" see" care)ully, it is clear that the %eratio"al Rules,"ti $orru%tio" $ode a"d $ode o) $o"duct are "ot *utually eGclusive, rather to'ether they)or* IPL Re'ulatio"s# I) a %erso" +ou"d +y the %eratio"al Rules i"dul'es i" a" act (hich is%rohi+ited thereu"der, such +reach is a" oe"ce or *isco"duct a"d lia+le to i*%ositio" o)sa"ctio" u"der Sectio" , rule 4 o) the %eratio"al Rules# See" thus, the *isco"duct (hichhas adversely aected the i*a'e o) $$I, IPL a"d the 'a*e o) cricet is lia+le to actio" u"derthe %eratio"al Rules )or +reach o) Sectio" 2, rule 14 a"d also the %rovisio"s u"der "ti$orru%tio" $ode @)or havi"' i"dul'ed i" +etti"'A a"d the $ode o) $o"duct @)or acti"' a'ai"stthe s%irit o) 'a*eA#

    care)ul readi"' o) rticle 2#2#10 o) the $ode o) $o"duct (ould sho( that the oe"cecovered +y this rticle is a" atte*%t to *a"i%ulate a atch )or i"a%%ro%riate strate'ic ortactical reaso"s# This is )urther *ade clear +y ?rst %ara o) 8ote u"der it (hich says that this%rovisio" is i"te"ded to %reve"t the *a"i%ulatio" o) atches )or i"a%%ro%riate strate'ic ortactical reaso"s# The ar'u*e"t that Para 2 o) the 8ote u"der rticle 2#2#10 eGcludes thea%%lica+ility o) the $ode o) $o"duct )or the oe"ces o) +etti"' is *is%laced +ecause*a"i%ulatio" o) a *atch is the +asis )or a" oe"ce u"der rticle 2#2#10# This rticle +y itsel)does "ot re)er to +etti"'# Para 2 o) the 8ote u"der rticle 2#2#10 is clari?catory i" "ature# It

    states that rticle 2#2#10 is "ot i"te"ded to cover a"y corru%t or )raudule"t acts @i"cludi"' a"yuse o) i"side i")or*atio" a"dDor related +etti"' activityA# The idea +ehi"d %ara'ra%h 2 o) 8oteis to lay do(" i" clear ter*s that rticle 2#2#10 *erely *aes a" atte*%t to *a"i%ulate aatch )or i"a%%ro%riate strate'ic or tactical reaso"s a" oe"ce a"d it is "ot i"te"ded toi"clude the corru%t or )raudule"t acts a"d such corru%t or )raudule"t acts *ust +e dealt (ithaccordi"' to %rocedures set out i" the "ti $orru%tio" $ode# This does "ot *ea" that acti"'a'ai"st the s%irit o) 'a*e a"d +ri"'i"' it to disre%ute, a co"duct o) over(hel*i"'ly serious"ature, other(ise covered +y rticle 2#4#4 o) the $ode o) $o"duct ca""ot +e dealt (iththereu"der#

    $ertai" %rovisio"s o) the $ode o) $o"duct i" this re'ard are uite i")or*ative# rticle 1#1sti%ulates that all Players a"d Tea* -cials are auto*atically +ou"d +y a"d reuired toco*%ly (ith all the %rovisio"s o) the $ode o) $o"duct# s %er rticle 1#2, all Players a"d Tea*-cials shall co"ti"ue to +e +ou"d +y a"d reuired to co*%ly the $ode o) $o"duct u"til three*o"ths a)ter the ter*i"atio" o) co"tract or other arra"'e*e"t (ith a" IPL )ra"chisee# rticle1#/ is i*%orta"t# The releva"t %ortio" o) this rticle reads: MIt is ac"o(led'ed that #Tea*o-cials *ay also +e su+!ect to other rules o) the releva"t 3ra"chisee, the I$$ a"dDor 8atio"al$ricet 3ederatio"s that disci%li"e a"dDor co"duct a"d that the sa*e co"duct o) ##Tea*o-cials *ay i*%licate "ot o"ly the $ode o) co"duct +ut also such other rules that *ay a%%ly#NIt (ould +e, thus, see" that rticle 1#/ o) the $ode o) $o"duct leaves "o *a""er o) dou+t thata *isco"duct or oe"ce co**itted +y the Tea* -cial *ay +e %u"isha+le u"der the $ode o)

    $o"duct a"d so also u"der other releva"t Rules such as the %eratio"al Rules a"d "ti$orru%tio" $ode#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    rticle 2 o) the $ode o) $o"duct states that the co"duct descri+ed i" rticle 2#12#5, i)co**itted +y a Player or Tea* -cial, shall a*ou"t to a" oe"ce +y such Player or Tea*-cial u"der the $ode o) $o"duct# rticles 2#12#4 %rescri+e Level 1, Level 2, Level /, Level 4oe"ces res%ectively, ach o"e o) the* has residuary clause @rticles 2#1#, 2#2#11, 2#/#/ a"d2#4#4A (hich %rovides that a" i"cide"t "ot adeuately or suarely covered +y a"y o) thes%eci?c oe"ces i" that Level (hich is co"trary to the s%irit o) 'a*e or +ri"'s the 'a*e todisre%ute# I" li'ht o) the ar'u*e"ts adva"ced +y the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel, t(o uestio"sarise, @o"eA Is rule o) e!usde* 'e"eris attracted i" as *uch as the residuary %rovisio"s are

    co"?"ed to oe"ces %recedi"' the*O a"d @t(oA re oe"ces co"te*%lated u"der rticle 2related to o"?eld activities o"lyO "s(er to +oth these uestio"s, i" our o%i"io", is i" the"e'ative# It is so, ?rstly, +ecause "o"e o) the Level 1 to Level 4 oe"ces has a"y s%eci?c orli*ited 'e"us# Level 1 oe"ces i"clude +reach o) the IPL clothi"' re'ulatio"s a"d so also%u+lic criticis* o), or i"a%%ro%riate co**e"t i" relatio" to a" i"cide"t occurri"' i" a *atch#Level 2 oe"ces i"clude serious disse"t at a" 6*%ireFs decisio" duri"' a *atch to a"yatte*%t a"d also *a"i%ulate a atch )or i"a%%ro%riate strate'ic or tactical reaso"s# Level /oe"ces are i"ti*idatio" o) a" 6*%ire or atch Re)eree (hether +y la"'ua'e or 'esturesduri"' a *atch a"d threat o) assault o" a"other %layer, Tea* -cial or a"y other %erso"#Level 4 oe"ces i"clude threat o) assault o" a" 6*%ire or atch Re)eree duri"' a *atch a"dalso a"y act o) viole"ce o" the ?eld o) %lay duri"' a atch# It is esse"tial )or a%%licatio" o)

    e!usde* 'e"eris rule that e"u*erated thi"'s +e)ore the 'e"eral (ords *ust co"stitute adisti"ct 'e"us or cate'ory (hich is co*%letely *issi"' i" the a+ove %rovisio"s# Seco"dly, i)the co"teGt o) the e"act*e"t does "ot reuire restricted *ea"i"', the 'e"eral (ords *ust +e'ive" their %lai" a"d ordi"ary *ea"i"', (hich is i" accord (ith the o+!ect o) the e"act*e"t#

    The EI"troductio"F to the $ode o) $o"duct states clearly that $ricet is a 'a*e that o(es*uch o) its u"iue a%%eal to the )act that it is %layed "ot o"ly (ithi" la(s, +ut also (ithi" thes%irit o) the 'a*e# "y actio" see" as a+usi"' this s%irit causes i"!ury to the 'a*e itsel)# It)urther says that $ode o) $o"duct is ado%ted a"d i*%le*e"ted as %art o) $$IFs co"ti"ui"'

    eorts to *ai"tai" the %u+lic i*a'e, %o%ularity a"d i"te'rity o) the Lea'ue +y, i"teralia,%rovidi"' a" eective *ea"s to deter a"y %artici%a"t )ro* co"ducti"' the*selves i*%ro%erlyo" a"d o the ?eld o) %lay#

    I) the $ode o) $o"duct (as a%%lica+le o"ly to i"cide"ts or acts o) o*issio"s o" the ?eld, the"the i"troductio" o) the $ode o) $o"duct (ould "ot have eG%ressly %rovided that the $ode o)$o"duct (as *ea"t to deter a"y %artici%a"t )ro* co"ducti"' the*selves i*%ro%erly o" a"do the ?eld# oreover a %rovisio" i" rticle 2#2 reuiri"' every Player a"d Tea* -cial to +e+ou"d +y the $ode o) $o"duct )or three *o"ths a)ter the ter*i"atio" o) this co"tract alsosu''ests that $ode is a%%lica+le to o?eld co"duct a"d i"cide"ts#

    There)ore, the %ro%er (ay o) i"ter%retatio" o) rticles 2#1, 2#2, 2#/ a"d 2#4 relati"' to )ourlevels o) oe"ces is that (hile the oe"ces sti%ulated u"der rticles 2#1#1 to 2#1#7, 2#2#1 to2#2#10, 2#/#1 a"d 2#/#2, a"d 2#4#1 to 2#4#/ relate to o"?eld i"cide"tsDactsDo*issio"s, rticles2#1#, 2#2#11, 2#/#/ a"d 2#4#4 are i"te"ded to cover "ot o"ly i"cide"tsDactsDo*issio"s o"?eld(hich do "ot s%eci?cally )all u"der the e"u*erated oe"ces, +ut also acts o?eld (hich are"ot s%eci?ed as oe"ces +ut (hich +ri"' the 'a*e i"to disre%ute a"d, there)ore, oe"ces#

    The a+ove i"ter%retatio" also ?"ds su%%ort )ro* rticle 2#5 o) the $ode o) $o"duct# Thisarticle *aes )ailure to *eet the *i"i*u* over rate i" a *atch a" oe"ce# +viously a"oe"ce such as this ca" +e co**itted o"?eld o"ly a"d "ot o?eld# It is )or this reaso"rticle 2#5 does "ot have a"y catchall %rovisio"#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    Perti"e"tly, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt i" %ara'ra%h 57 o) the !ud'*e"t (hile deali"' (ith%er*issi+le actio" u"der the $ode o) $o"duct has "oted diere"t Levels o) oe"ces sti%ulatedu"der rticle 2#1 to 2#5 a"d held that i) such oe"ces are co**itted +y the Players or Tea*-cials, sa"ctio"s a'ai"st the* ca" +e i*%osed# The" it re)erred to oe"ce sti%ulated u"derrticle 2#4#4# 3ollo(i"' this, i" %ara'ra%h 5 o) the !ud'*e"t it is held that the Tea* -cial(ho is )ou"d 'uilty o) +etti"' is certai"ly acti"' a'ai"st the s%irit o) 'a*e a"d +ri"'i"'disre%ute to it# The discussio" i" %ara'ra%hs 57 a"d 5 o) the !ud'*e"t leaves "o roo* )ora"y dou+t or de+ate a+out the a%%lica+ility o) rticle 2#4#4 o) the $ode o) $o"duct to the )act


    I"so)ar as "ti $orru%tio" $ode is co"cer"ed, r# # ;ish(a"atha" is ri'ht i" his su+*issio"that +etti"' is a s%eci?c oe"ce thereu"der# e is also ri'ht i" his su+*issio" that re)ere"ceto rticle 2#2#/ +y the Pro+e $o**ittee i" its Re%ort is a ty%o'ra%hical error# o(ever, he is"ot ri'ht i" su+*itti"' that .uru"ath eiya%%a" could +e %u"ished u"der "ti $orru%tio"$ode alo"e# 8o dou+t, "ti $orru%tio" $ode a%%lies to .uru"ath eiya%%a" as it has +ee")ou"d +y the Pro+e $o**ittee @a"d a-r*ed +y the Su%re*e $ourtA +ut (e *ust add here i"deed assert here that the %eratio"al Rules a"d $ode o) $o"duct are also a%%lica+le#

    It is i*%orta"t to +ear i" *i"d the +ac'rou"d o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode# Reco'"isi"' that%u+lic co"?de"ce i" the authe"ticity a"d i"te'rity o) the s%orti"' co"test is vital a"d i) thatco"?de"ce is u"der*i"ed, the" the very esse"ce o) cricet (ill +e shae" to the core, $$Iado%ted the "ti $orru%tio" $ode @rticle 1#1#2A )or %rotectio" o) esse"ce o) cricet# $$I+ei"' alive to the %ositio" that tech"olo'ical adva"ces i" +etti"' has threate"ed the i"te'rityo) cricet a"d i"creased the %ote"tial )or develo%*e"t o) corru%t %ractices +rou'ht "ti$orru%tio" $ode a"d *ade it clear i" rticle 1#2 that its %rovisio"s +e i"ter%reted a"d a%%lied+y re)ere"ce to the )u"da*e"tal s%orti"' i*%erativesB7C#

    rticle 1#7 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode also "e'ates the ar'u*e"t o) r# # ;ish(a"atha"that .uru"ath eiya%%a" could +e %u"ished u"der "ti $orru%tio" $ode alo"e# This %rovisio"reco'"iHes that the co"duct %rohi+ited u"der the "ti $orru%tio" $ode *ay also +e +reach o)other a%%lica+le la(s or re'ulatio"s# It states that the "ti $orru%tio" $ode is i"te"ded tosu%%le*e"t such la(s or re'ulatio"s a"d "ot i"te"ded or a%%lied, to %re!udice or u"der*i"e i"a"y (ay the a%%licatio" o) such la(s a"d re'ulatio"s#

    I" vie( o) the a+ove discussio", (e do "ot su+scri+e to the vie( o) the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel)or .uru"ath eiya%%a" that disci%li"ary actio" a'ai"st hi* ca" +e tae" o"ly u"der the "ti

    $orru%tio" $ode a"d "ot u"der the $ode o) $o"duct a"d %eratio"al Rules#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    It is the ar'u*e"t o) the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel that eve" assu*i"' that the %eratio"alRules, $ode o) $o"duct a"d "ti $orru%tio" $ode coeGist, the o"e (hich is adva"ta'eous tothe deli"ue"t shall +e a%%lied# The "ti $orru%tio" $ode +ei"' a s%ecial re'ulatio" deali"'(ith the act o) +etti"' a"d *aes it a" oe"ce +y %rovidi"' a certai" %e"alty, (ould +eadva"ta'eous a"d the other rulesDre'ulatio"s (hich coeGist (ith residuary or 'e"eral%rovisio"s should "ot +e a%%lied#

    r# # ;ish(a"atha" also ar'ued that eve" i) the oe"ce o) +etti"' (as directly *ade%u"isha+le u"der the %eratio"al Rules, $ode o) $o"duct a"d "ti $orru%tio" $ode, a"d thedeli"ue"t is to +e si*ulta"eously %rosecuted )or co"trave"tio"s thereo), the deli"ue"t shall"ot +e lia+le to +e %u"ished )or the sa*e oe"ce *ore tha" o"ce u"der the diere"t rules#

    The sa*e (ould +e violative o) rticle 20@2A o) the $o"stitutio" o) I"dia a"d the %ri"ci%lesa"alo'ous to Sectio" 2 o) the .e"eral $lauses ct#

    The a+ove su+*issio"s o) the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel are )ou"ded o" )u"da*e"tal erro"eousassu*%tio" that the "ti $orru%tio" $ode, %eratio"al Rules a"d $ode o) $o"duct are

    *utually eGclusive# The sche*e o) these $odes a"d Rules is other(ise, they occu%y diere"ts%heres a"d su%%le*e"t each other, %articularly i" a situatio" such as this (here thedeli"ue"t has also +ee" held 'uilty o) *isco"duct o) aecti"' the i*a'e o) $$I, IPL a"d the'a*e o) cricet a"d +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute a"d also +ei"' a'ai"st the s%irito) the 'a*e, +esides the oe"ce o) +etti"'#

    rticle 2 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode %rovides %u"ish*e"t )or +etti"'# reach o) Sectio" 2,rule14 o) the %eratio"al Rules is "ot covered +y the "ti $orru%tio" $ode# rticle 1#7 o) the"ti $orru%tio" $ode also reco'"iHes that its %rovisio"s su%%le*e"t other la(s a"dre'ulatio"s (here the co"duct %rohi+ited u"der it *ay also +e +reach o) other a%%lica+le la(s

    or re'ulatio"s# " oe"ce o) +etti"' si*%licitor @rticle 2#2#1A, +etti"' throu'h others @rticle2#2#2A a"d ?Gi"' a *atchDeve"t (hich is su+!ect o) a +et @rticle 2#2#/A (ould attract%u"ish*e"t u"der rticle o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode# I) the *isco"duct i"volvi"' +etti"' isesta+lished to have a" adverse eect or +ri"' i"to disre%ute $$I, IPL or 'a*e o) cricet, theactio" u"der the %eratio"al Rules ca" +e tae" a"d Sectio" , rule 4 (ould a%%ly#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    I" (hat (e have discussed a+ove, the relia"ce u%o" the decisio" i" aya"a"d $hara(arty@su%raA is also *is%laced#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    @viiA Sus%e"ded )ro* 2th ay, 201/Q

    @viiiA ;ast adverse *edia covera'e resulted i" u"told *e"tal a'o"y to hi* a"d the )a*ily%erso"sQ a"d

    @iGA ou"', 40 years o) a'e (ith %assio" )or the 'a*e#

    Lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel (ould also su+*it that i*%ositio" o) a"y %e"alty o" .uru"atheiya%%a" is +ou"d to curtail his )u"da*e"tal ri'hts u"der rticle 19 a"d, there)ore,%ri"ci%les o) the doctri"e o) %ro%ortio"ality *ay +e e%t i" *i"d (hile i*%osi"' the %e"alty#e relied u%o" the decisio" o) the Su%re*e $ourt i" Teri at statesB10C#

    It "eeds "o e*%hasis that (hile i*%osi"' sa"ctio" o" the deli"ue"t, the )actual *atriGa"d the relative serious"ess o) the oe"ce i"cludi"' all releva"t )actors thata''ravateD*iti'ate the "ature o) the oe"ce have to +e e%t i" *i"d# The i*%ositio" o)

    sa"ctio" o+viously has to +e %ro%ortio"ate to the %roved *isco"duct a"d the $o**itteeshall de?"itely ee% that i" *i"d#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    @siGA : Such +ets (ere eve" %laced duri"' the course o) IPL *atchQ

    8ote: ll the a+ove are co"clusio"s recorded +y the Pro+e $o**ittee i" its re%ort o) 9th3e+ruary, 2014#

    @seve"A : e has +ee" held to +e ETea* -cialF (ithi" the *ea"i"' o) eG%ressio" u"derthe rules a"d )or the %ur%oses o) disci%li"ary actio", this %ositio" is "ot dis%utedQ

    @ei'htA : The su*s o) *o"ey i"volved i" +etti"' +y hi* are uite su+sta"tialQ a"d

    @ "i"e A : Lac o) re*orse#

    avi"' "oticed the a''ravati"' )actors, (e *ust "o( tae i"to co"sideratio" the *iti'ati"'circu*sta"ces as %oi"ted out +y r# # ;ish(a"atha"# o the circu*sta"ces hi'hli'hted +ythe lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel *iti'ate the 'ravity o) %roved *isco"ductO

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    co*%ariso" to the hu'e i"!ury he caused to the re%utatio" a"d i*a'e o) the 'a*e, IPL a"d$$I# I) the re%utatio", i*a'e a"d s%irit o) the s%ort are lost, (hat re*ai"sO

    ei"' 40 years o) a'e, he is "ot you"' +ut *iddlea'ed# It is di-cult to acce%t that he has%assio" )or the 'a*e# "y %erso" (ho has true %assio" )or the 'a*e (ould "ot +e i"volved i"the +etti"'# Rather a"y s%ort lovi"' %erso" (ould act i" co")or*ity (ith the )u"da*e"tals%orti"' i*%eratives# 8o"adhere"ce to these i*%eratives has shae" the very esse"ce o)cricet#

    There is "othi"' to i"dicate that his %artici%atio" i" the i"vesti'atio" or i"uiry +y the Pro+e$o**ittee (as volu"tary# " the other ha"d, he is 'uilty o) "ot re%orti"' eGcha"'es (ith a"o(" +ooie# $harita+le (or, i) a"y, +y the )a*ily +usi"ess is hardly a *iti'ati"' )actor#

    It is evide"t )ro* the decisio" o) the Su%re*e $ourt that the oe"ce o) +etti"' co**itted +yTea* -cial (ho is i" %ositio" o) o("er is very serious a"d such act (ould certai"ly +e

    a'ai"st the s%irit o) the 'a*e a"d +ri"' the 'a*e to disre%ute %u"isha+le u"der rticle 2#4#4o) the $ode )or (hich the %e"alty %rovided is i*%ositio" o) sus%e"sio" )or a %eriod ra"'i"')ro* o"e year to li)eti*e#

    very Partici%a"t @Tea* -cial is a Partici%a"tA is su+!ect to the %eratio"al Rules a"d is+ou"d +y the IPL Re'ulatio"s as listed i" Sectio" rule 2#2 a"d the La(s o) $ricet# ach%erso" su+!ect to the %eratio"al Rules @ the Tea* -cial is o"e o) such %erso"s A is*a"dated "ot to act or o*it to act i" a (ay (hich could or has a" adverse aect o" thei*a'e o) the $$I, the IPL a"dDor the 'a*e o) cricet or other(ise +ri"'i"' a"y o) the* i"todisre%ute# .uru"ath eiya%%a" is "ot o"ly )ou"d to have i"dul'ed i" +etti"' +ut his act is

    also )ou"d +y the Su%re*e $ourt to have a" adverse eect o" the i*a'e o) the $$I, IPL a"d'a*e o) cricet a"d +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute# There is, thus, clear +reach o)Sectio" 2, rule 14 o) the %eratio"al Rules#

    .uru"ath eiya%%a" has +ee" )ou"d 'uilty o) @iA +etti"' @rticle 2#2#1 a"d 2#2#2 o) the "ti$orru%tio" $odeA @iiA his co"duct havi"' aected the i*a'e o) the $$I a"d the Lea'ue a"dalso the 'a*e a"d havi"' +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute @ Sectio" 2, rule 4 o) the%eratio"al RulesA a"d @iiiA o) acti"' a'ai"st the s%irit o) 'a*e a"d +ri"'i"' it to disre%ute@rticle 2#4#4 o) the $ode o) $o"ductA#

    s the oe"ces )or (hich he is +ei"' %u"ished are )ou"d to +e disti"ct a"d diere"t, Sectio", rule 2#1 o) the %eratio"al Rules (ill "ot a%%ly# The $o**ittee, accordi"'ly, i*%oses)ollo(i"' sa"ctio"s o" r# .uru"ath eiya%%a":

    @iA e is declared i"eli'i+le )ro* %artici%atio" i" the s%ort o) cricet as eG%lai"ed i" the"ti $orru%tio" $ode )or the *aGi*u* %eriod o) 5 years u"der rticle 2#2#1#

    @iiA e is sus%e"ded )or li)e )ro* the activities as eG%lai"ed i" rticle 7#5 u"der Level 4@ ?rst oe"ce A o) rticle 2#4 o) the $ode o) co"duct#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    @iiiA e is sus%e"ded )or li)e )ro* +ei"' i"volved i" a"y ty%e o) cricet *atches u"derSectio" , rule 4#2@+A read (ith @!A o) the %eratio"al Rules#

    The a+ove sa"ctio"s shall ru" co"curre"tly a"d co**e"ce )ro* the date o) this order#

    Ra! &u"dra

    r# &avi" .ulati, lear"ed se"ior cou"sel a%%eari"' )or r# Ra! &u"dra at the outsetstated the o+vious that the ?"di"'s o) the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt i" its !ud'*e"t dated 22"d

    Ja"uary 2015 are ?"al a"d there is "o i"te"tio" to 'o +ehi"d the !ud'*e"t#

    Lear"ed se"ior cou"sel (ould su+*it that i" ter*s o) the said !ud'*e"t, theRulesD$odes releva"t )or or a%%lica+le to the case o) 8oticee are the %eratio"al Rules, the"ti $orru%tio" $ode a"d the $ode o) $o"duct# o(ever, the %eratio"al Rules *ae it

    evide"t that the sa*e are i"te"ded to +e u*+rella rules i"cor%orati"' the %rovisio"s o) thevarious Re'ulatio"s re)erred to i" Sectio" , rule 1#2 @(hich i"cludes the "ti $orru%tio" $odea"d the $ode o) $o"ductA# r# &avi" .ulati su+*itted the readi"' +oth %arts o) Sectio" , rule2#1 to'ether, it is clear (hether actio" is tae" u"der the %eratio"al Rules or a"y o) theother Re'ulatio"s *e"tio"ed i" Sectio" , rule 1#2, actio" is lia+le to +e tae" i" case o)*isco"duct u"der o"e o) the RulesDRe'ulatio"s o"ly a"d "ot all o) the* cu*ulatively#

    uy 1 .et 1 3ree Stylish

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    (ith the other oe"ces u"der the sa*e cate'ory a"d (ould +e a%%lica+le o"ly to such actio"sas (ould tae %lace i" relatio" to or %ertai"i"' to the ?eld o) %lay# It is his su+*issio" that acto) Ra! &u"dra does "ot )all (ithi" the actio"s i" relatio" to the ?eld o) %lay ua 'a*e o) criceta"d there)ore such actio" (ould "ot +e covered u"der the $ode o) $o"duct#

    The a+ove su+*issio"s o) r# &avi" .ulati o" +ehal) o) r# Ra! &u"dra *ust "ot detai"us )or lo"' as all o) the* have +ee" already co"sidered +y us (hile discussi"' the *atter o)r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" (hich *ay +e treated as %art o) discussio" )or r# Ra! &u"dra as (ell#It is, ho(ever, "ecessary to "otice the %roved *isco"duct a'ai"st hi*#

    3ro* the 3irst Re%ort dated 9th 3e+ruary 2014 o) the Pro+e $o**ittee, it is a%%are"tthat the alle'atio"s o) +etti"' a"d s%ot ?Gi"' i" IPL *ade a'ai"st r#Ra! &u"dra a"d his(i)e s# Shil%a Shetty reuired )urther i"vesti'atio"# I" the 3irst Re%ort, the Pro+e $o**itteedid o+serve that the alle'atio"s o) +etti"', i) %roved, (ould co"stitute a serious i")ractio" o)the %rovisio"s o) the %eratio"al Rules, the "ti $orru%tio" $ode a"d the $ode o) $o"duct#

    I" its 3i"al Re%ort o) 1st 8ove*+er 2014, the Pro+e $o**ittee ca*e to the ?r*co"clusio" that Ra! &u"dra had i"dul'ed i" +etti"' i" violatio" o) the $$I Re'ulatio"s a"d"ti $orru%tio" $ode#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    r# &avi" .ulati, Lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel su+*itted that the )ollo(i"' )acts o) 'e"erala%%licatio" across the a%%lica+le RulesD $odes deserve to +e co"sidered (hile ad!udicati"'u%o" the %ro%ortio"ate sa"ctio"D%u"ish*e"t to +e i*%osed u%o" the 8oticee Ra! &u"dra:

    @iA e has +ee" accused or )ou"d 'uilty o) *isco"duct u"der $$I RulesDRe'ulatio"sD$ode )or the ?rst ti*eQ

    @iiA The o"ly *isco"duct a'ai"st hi* is o) +etti"' a"d there (as "ot eve" alle'atio" o)*atch ?Gi"' or i"ue"ci"' the outco*e o) the 'a*eQ

    @iiiA The alle'ed oe"ce is a" i"dividual actio" a"d "ot i" a"y *a""er co"cer"ed (ithhis status as coo("erQ

    @ivA e has coo%erated at all sta'es (ith all i"vesti'atio"s i"to the *atter a"d he(illi"'ly a%%eared +e)ore the Pro+e $o**ittee @headed +y Justice ud'alA a"d also +e)ore

    the I"vesti'atio" Tea*Q

    @vA The 3irst Re%ort o) the Pro+e $o**ittee dated 9th 3e+ruary 2014 records the )actthat elhi Police i")or*ed it @Pro+e $o**itteeA that "oticee (as %laci"' +ets o) %etty valuesi" the re'io" o) Rs# 1 lah (ith his )rie"ds, a"d that as %er elhi Police, he +ei"' 6& citiHe"+elieved +etti"' to +e le'al i" I"diaQ

    @viA I" the 3i"al Re%ort dated 1st 8ove*+er 2014, the Pro+e $o**ittee recorded thatthe E"o(" %u"terF (ith (ho* "oticee alle'edly %laced +ets (as his )rie"dQ a"d

    @viiA The "oticee is a %erso" o) relatively you"' a'e, +ei"' still i" his late thirties# t theti*e o) alle'ed +etti"', he (as i" *idthirties#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    actio" a"d "ot i" a"y *a""er co"cer"ed (ith this status as coo("erD Tea* -cial# Theo+servatio"s o) the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt i" %aras 45, 50 a"d 10 o) the !ud'*e"t dated22"d Ja"uary 2015 clearly "e'ate this ar'u*e"t#

    It is "ot true that there (as "o alle'atio" o) *atch ?Gi"' a'ai"st r# Ra! &u"dra# s a *attero) )act, i" its 3irst Re%ort dated 9th 3e+ruary 2014, the Pro+e $o**ittee o+served that thealle'atio"s o) +etti"' a"d *atch?Gi"' a'ai"st Ra! &u"dra a"d his (i)e reuired )urtheri"vesti'atio"# )ter )urther i"vesti'atio", the Pro+e $o**ittee )ou"d that Ra! &u"dra has +ee"%laci"' +ets throu'h a "o(" %u"ter a"d he also i"troduced that %u"ter to a"other +ooie#

    That alle'atio" o) *atch?Gi"' (as "ot ?"ally esta+lished does "ot alter the 'ravity o) oe"ce+ecause his actio"s @o) +etti"'A as Tea* -cial have +rou'ht disre%ute "ot o"ly to the 'a*e+ut also to the IPL a"d $$I# The 'ravity o) oe"ce is )urther co*%ou"ded +y his +ei"'co"sta"tly i" touch (ith the +ooies a"d "ot re%orti"' his co"tacts (ith the*# oreover, he(as i"volved so *uch i" +etti"' that he i"troduced a "o(" %u"ter to a"other +ooie#

    The ar'u*e"t that Ra! &u"dra coo%erated at all sta'es (ith all i"vesti'atio"s i"to the *atter

    a"d he (illi"'ly a%%eared +e)ore the Pro+e $o**ittee is "ot +or"e out )ro* the record# ThePro+e $o**ittee o" the other ha"d )ou"d that the i"vesti'atio" a'ai"st hi* (as a+ru%tly a"d(ithout reaso" sto%%ed +y the Ra!astha" %olice u%o" receivi"' the case %a%ers )ro* elhiPolice# 8o reaso" is discer"i+le as to (hy i"vesti'atio" i"to a cri*e as serious as this (as "ottae" to lo'ical co"clusio"#

    The %eriod o) sus%e"sio" already u"der'o"e is hardly a *iti'ati"' )actor# e is a *iddle a'ed%erso"(ell educated a"d (ell i")or*ed i) he had true love )or 'a*e, he (ould "ot havei"dul'ed i" corru%t %ractice o) +etti"' a"d re*ai"ed i" touch (ith "o(" %u"ter a"d +ooiea"d (ould have surely re)rai"ed )ro* acti"' co"trary to the s%orti"' i*%eratives a"d a'ai"st

    the s%irit o) the 'a*e a"d +ri"'i"' the 'a*e to disre%ute#

    " totality o) all releva"t )actors a"d a)ter (ei'hi"' the* care)ully, the $o**ittee i*%oses)ollo(i"' sa"ctio"s o" r# Ra! &u"dra:

    @iA e is declared i"eli'i+le )ro* %artici%atio" i" the s%ort o) cricet as eG%lai"ed i" "ti$orru%to" $ode )or the *aGi*u* %eriod o) 5 years u"der rticle 2#2#1#

    @iiA e is sus%e"ded )or li)e )ro* activities as eG%lai"ed i" rticle 7#5 u"der Level 4 @ ?rstoe"ce A o) rticle 2#4 o) the $ode o) $o"duct#

    @iiiA e is sus%e"ded )or li)e )ro* +ei"' i"volved (ith the $$I i" a"y ty%e o) cricet *atchesu"der Sectio" , rule 4#2@+A read (ith @!A o) the %eratio"al Rules

    The a+ove sa"ctio"s shall ru" co"curre"tly a"d co**e"ce )ro* the date o) this order#

    The I"dia $e*e"ts Li*ited @MI$LNA

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    r# $#S# ;aidya"atha", lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel, at the outset too us throu'h so*e%ortio"s o) the !ud'*e"t dated 22"d Ja"uary 2015 a"d su+*itted that there (as "o ?"di"' o)a"y *isco"duct or (ro"'doi"' co**itted +y the I$L "or the Su%re*e $ourt has recorded the?"di"' o) M)ailure to e"sureN a'ai"st it# e (ould su+*it that )ailure to e"sure ca""ot +e a"a+solute res%o"si+ility a"d ou'ht to +e see" (hether the oe"ces alle'ed a'ai"st r#.uru"ath eiya%%a" have +ee" co**itted (ith the su%%ort or acuiesce"ce o) the)ra"chisee#

    Lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel su+*itted that "ti $orru%tio" $ode has "o a%%licatio" i"so)aras 3ra"chisee is co"cer"ed# The 3ra"chisee is a*e"a+le to actio" u"der the %eratio"al Ruleso"ly# ut the 3ra"chisee ca""ot +e %u"ished o" a *ere +ala"ce o) %ro+a+ilities a"d the%e"alties that *ay +e i*%osed o" the 3ra"chisee u"der the %eratio"al Rules +ei"' severe i""ature, there has to +e sta"dard o) %roo) +eyo"d reaso"a+le dou+t# To +ri"' ho*e this %oi"t,lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel re)erred to rticle #1 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $ode (hich says thatsta"dard o) %roo) i" all cases shall +e deter*i"ed o" a slidi"' scale )ro*, at a *i"i*u*, a*ere +ala"ce o) %ro+a+ility @)or the lease serious oe"cesA u% to %roo) +eyo"d a reaso"a+ledou+t @)or the *ost serious oe"cesA#

    la+orati"' the ar'u*e"t )urther, r# $#S# ;aidya"atha" su+*itted that i) a"y %e"alty(as to +e i*%osed *erely o" the +asis o) %re%o"dera"ce o) %ro+a+ilities the" the %e"altya(arded ca""ot +e a"y serious %e"alty such as sus%e"sio" o) the )ra"chisee, (hich is thehi'hest or *aGi*u* %e"alty that could +e a(arded u"der the %eratio"al Rules# To a(ard thehi'hest or *aGi*u* %e"alty the oe"ce alle'ed has to +e %roved +eyo"d reaso"a+le dou+tas the Mslidi"' scaleN %ri"ci%le a%%lies# e (ould su+*it that there (as "o ?"di"' o) a"ydirect i"volve*e"t +y the I$L i" the +etti"' activities o) its Tea* -cial r# .uru"atheiya%%a" "or there (as a"y ?"di"' o) I$L i" a"y *a""er aidi"' or i"directly +ei"' co*%liciti" the +etti"' activities o) r# .uru"ath iya%%a"# 3urther, r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" has "ot

    i"dul'ed i" +etti"' (hile i" dischar'e o) his duties as a Tea* o-cial or (hile u"der the co"trolo) I$L#

    ccordi"' to lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel, %eratio"al Rules i*%ose %e"alties )or+iddi"' thedoi"' or o*issio" to do so*ethi"' a"d there)ore, the %rovisio"s +ei"' %u"itive, a"y%u"ish*e"t could +e i*%osed o"ly i) the state %rovides that such %e"alty ca" +e i*%osed# I"the a+se"ce o) a"y %e"alty +ei"' co"te*%lated i" the a+se"ce o) a"y s%eci?c ?"di"' a'ai"stthe I$L u"der the %eratio"al Rules, "o %e"alty ca" +e i*%osed#

    I" the alter"ative, he hi'hli'hted the )ollo(i"' *iti'ati"' )actors:

    @aA I$L has lo"' history o) co"tri+utio" to cricet a"d cricetersQ

    @+A There are "o %revious a"tecede"ts i" re'ard to I$L 'ivi"' roo* to a"y sus%icio" a'ai"st itsTea* -cial r# .uru"ath eiya%%a"Q

    @cA I) I$L is sus%e"ded, the e"tire IPL lea'ue as (ell as all the staeholders i"cludi"' %layersa"d )a"s, es%ecially those o) $S& (ould sta"d to lose# The e"tire lea'ue )or*at +eco*esu"via+le (ith the reductio" o) tea*s to less tha" li'htQ a"d

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    @dA I$L has suered i**e"se loss o) value already a"d the *aret ca%italiHatio" has )alle"a"d the share %rices have )alle" tre*e"dously si"ce the IPL 201/ eve"ts u")olded#

    r# $#S# ;aidya"atha" has also re)erred to )e( authorities o) the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt a"dtesti*o"ials o) )or*er I"dia" Test $a%tai"s#

    +le Su%re*e$ourt +e'a" discussio" +y sayi"', M(hat %ossi+le actio" is %er*issi+le a'ai"st r# .uru"ath

    eiya%%a" a"d Ra! &u"dra a"d their tea*s a"d 3ra"chisees is (hat lo'ically )alls )or ourco"sideratio" i" the )ace o) our a"s(er to uestio" "o# 2N @e*%hasis su%%lied +y usA# The$ourt also "oted i" this %ara'ra%h o) the !ud'*e"t that eve" the )ra"chise a'ree*e"t+et(ee" the $$I a"d the )ra"chisees co"tai" %rovisio" that %rovide )or actio" i" situatio"slie the o"e at ha"d#

    That the 3ra"chisees are su+!ect to the %eratio"al Rules has "ot +ee" dis%uted +e)ore us#The o">+le Su%re*e $ourt has said so i" %ara'ra%h 49 o) the !ud'*e"t as (ell# %art )ro*that, (ith re)ere"ce to %eratio"al Rules visVvis )ra"chisee, the $ourt has *ade the)ollo(i"' o+servatio"s, @o"eA I" ter*s o) Sectio" 2 rule 1, %artici%atio" or other i"volve*e"t

    (ith the lea'ue is dee*ed to co"stitute a" acce%ta"ce +y each %erso" su+!ect to the%eratio"al Rules o) a" a'ree*e"t (ith a" o+li'atio" o(ed to $$I to +e +ou"d +y there'ulatio"sQ @t(oA I" ter* o) Sectio" 2 rule 14 each %erso" su+!ect to these Rules is restrai"ed)ro* acti"' or o*itti"' to act i" a"y (ay that (ould or *i'ht reaso"a+ly +e a"tici%ated tohave a" adverse eect o" the re%utatio" $$I, the lea'ue a"dDor the 'a*e or (hich(ould other(ise +ri"' a"y o) the )or'oi"' i"to disre%uteQ @threeA ach )ra"chisee is i" ter*s o)Sectio" 4, rule 1#1 u"der a" o+li'atio" to e"sure that each o) its tea* o-cial co*%lies (iththe re'ulatio"s, a"d i" %articular rticle 2 o) the "ti $orru%tio" $odeQ a"d @)ourA I" ter*s o)Sectio" , rule 4 $$I ca" i*%ose a"y o"e o) the sa"ctio"s e"u*erated therei" (hichi"cludessus%e"sio" o) tea* or )ra"chisee )or* the lea'ue#

    3ollo(i"' the a+ove o+servatio"s, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt i" %ara'ra%h 50 o) the!ud'*e"t has recorded the ?"di"'s to the )ollo(i"' eect:

    MThe u%shot o) the a+ove discussio" is that o"ce r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra! &u"draare acce%ted as tea* o-cials, their *isco"duct (hich has adversely aected the i*a'e o)the $$I a"d the lea'ue as also the 'a*e a"d +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute ca"result i" i*%ositio" o) o"e or *ore o) the sa"ctio"s sti%ulated u"der Tule #4 @su%raA# It is"ote(orthy that those sa"ctio"s are "ot li*ited to .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d Ra! &u"dra alo"'

    +ut *ay eGte"d to sus%e"sio" o) the tea* or the )ra"chisee )ro* the lea'ue also#N

    The" i" %ara'ra%h 10 o) the !ud'*e"t, (hile deali"' (ith Kuestio" 8o# 7B12C,(ithre'ard to 3ra"chisees, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt reitereated its ?"di"' i" the earlier %art o)

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    the !ud'*e"t that actio" u"der the Rules could also +e tae" a'ai"st the )ra"chiseesco"cer"ed#

    I" vie( o) the o+servatio"s *ade a"d ?"di"'s recorded +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourtas "oted a+ove, (e ?"d it di-cult to acce%t the su+*issio" o) r# $#S# ;aidya"atha", lear"edSe"ior $ou"sel that there is "o ?"di"' recorded i" the !ud'*e"t a+out a"y *isco"duct or(ro"'doi"' co**itted +y the I$L# The ?"di"'s recorded i" %ara'ra%hs 50 a"d 10 read (iththe o+servatio"s *ade i" %aras 12, 1/ a"d 4/ leave "o *a""er o) dou+t that )or the*isco"duct o) +etti"' co**itted +y r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a%art )ro* the actio" +ei"'tae" a'ai"st hi* u"der the Rules, (ill result the actio" +ei"' tae" a'ai"st he 3ra"chiseeu"der sectio" rule 4 o) the %eratio"al Rules# It is )or this reaso" that i" %ara'ra%h 110 @IIAo) the !ud'*e"t, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt le)t ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t to +e i*%osed u%o"the t(o i"dividuals @(ho (ere Tea* -cialsA a"d their res%ective )ra"chiseeDtea*sDo("ers to+e deter*i"ed +y this $o**ittee#

    The )act that the $o**ittee has +ee" 'ive" authority +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt to

    deter*i"e the ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t a'ai"st the )ra"chiseeDtea*sDo("ers as (ell isi"dicative o) the %ositio" that there is a ?"di"' o) (ro"'doi"' recorded a'ai"st the)ra"chisees# The $o**ittee has "ot +ee" 'ive" a"y *a"date to ?rst deter*i"e the (ro"'co**itted +y the )ra"chisees a"d the" ua"ti)y the %u"ish*e"t# It is o"ly a)ter the o">+leSu%re*e $ourt recorded the ?"di"'s o) *isco"duct a"d (ro"'doi"' +y the t(o Tea* -cialsa"d their )ra"chisee that this $o**ittee has +ee" e"trusted (ith the tas o) deter*i"atio" o)ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t#

    %art )ro* the co"sideratio" o) the *atter i" %ara'ra%hs 49, 50 a"d 10 o) the!ud'*e"t, it is %erti"e"t to "ote here a'ai" that the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt i" its !ud'*e"t

    has co"sidered the various Re%orts o) the Pro+e $o**ittee# +le Su%re*e $ourt has acce%ted the ?"di"'s arrived at +y the Pro+e$o**ittee a"d (hile doi"' so it re!ected the ar'u*e"t that the Pro+e $o**ittee (as o"ly)act ?"di"' +ody a"d rather said i" clear ter*s that the Pro+e $o**ittee i" )act (as a i'hPo(ered $o**ittee set u% u"der rticle 142 )or ?"di"' out (hether there (as a"y truth i"the alle'atio"s that o("ers o) IPL tea*s a"d )ra"chisees (ere i" a +i' (ay i"cludi"' i"s%orti"' )rauds there+y discrediti"' the 'a*e a"d cheati"' the %u+lic o) their co"?de"ce i"its %urity#

    oreover, r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" (as i" the %ositio" o) o("er# e is the so" i" la( o)r# 8# Sri"ivasa", a"a'i"' irector o) I$L, (hich is the 3ra"chisee o) the tea* $S& a"d r#.uru"ath eiya%%a" (as co"sidered to +e the )ace o) the o("er, due to his actio"s#

    There)ore, oe"ces o) such %erso"s (ho are the )ace @re%rese"tativeA o) the o("er (ould

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    have to +e co"sidered as acts o) the o("er )or the %ur%ose o) the %eratio"al Rules, (ithre)ere"ce to IPL Lea'ue atches, a"d co"seue"tly, the actio"s o) such %erso" (hich +ri"'the 'a*e, $$I a"d Lea'ue i"to disre%ute#

    Sectio" 4, rule 1#1 o) the %eratio"al Rules %uts strict o+li'atio" o" each 3ra"chisee that itsTea* -cials co*%lies (ith the Re'ulatio"s# This %rovisio" i"cor%orates strict lia+ility%ri"ci%le# The reaso" )or this is "ot )ar to see# $$I is the +ody res%o"si+le )or the o%eratio"o) the Lea'ue# +le Su%re*e $ourt, as re'ards 3ra"chiseesF lia+ility, co"tai"ed i"%ara'ra%hs 49, 50 a"d 10 o) the !ud'*e"t read (ith the ?"di"'s o) the Pro+e $o**ittee(hich have +ee" co"sidered i" %ara'ra%hs 12 a"d 1/ a"d acce%ted i" %ara'ra%h 4/# I" vie(o) these ?"di"'s, there is "o *erit i" the ar'u*e"t o) the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel that there is"o ?"di"' o) )ailure to e"sure#

    It is "ot "ecessary to deal (ith the ar'u*e"t o) the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel %ertai"i"' to theEsta"dard o) %roo)F, Ethe slidi"' scale %ri"ci%leF a"d the E'radatio" o) oe"cesF i" detail# Su-ceit to say that the uestio" o) %roo) +eco*es releva"t o"ly at the ti*e o) deter*i"atio" o)oe"ceD*isco"duct# This has already +ee" do"e +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt# The as%ectrelati"' to sta"dard o) %roo) has "o releva"ce at the sta'e o) deter*i"atio" o) ua"tu* o)%u"ish*e"t#

    lthou'h %eratio"al Rules do "ot %rovide )or *iti'ati"' or a''ravati"' circu*sta"ces to +eco"sidered +ut i) (e co"sider *iti'ati"' )actors as su''ested +y r# $#S# ;aidya"atha" the"

    (e shall have to co"sider a''ravati"' )actors also# e)ore (e u"dertae this eGercise, it *ust+e i**ediately stated that +reach o) Re'ulatio"s +y a" accredited Tea* -cial is veryserious oe"ce# I) 'radatio" o) oe"ces relati"' to +reaches o) Sectio" 4 is to +e *ade, the+reach o) Re'ulatio"s +y a" accredited Tea* -cial (ould )all i" the *ost serious cate'ory#

    To e*%hasiHe the i*%orta"ce o) the I$LFs duty i" tai"' actio" a'ai"st its erri"' accreditedTea* o-cial @or )or that *atter, so*e+ody (ho is its i"te'ral %artA is the *ost *ildstate*e"t# 8ot o"ly that "o ur'e"t actio" (as tae" +y the I$L a'ai"st r# .uru"atheiya%%a" +ut as a *atter )act "o actio" is sho(" to have +ee" tae" +y the I$L a'ai"st hi*#

    The order o) sus%e"sio" %assed +y the $$I a'ai"st r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a)ter his arrest is"ot a" actio" +y the I$L a'ai"st its Tea* -cial#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    The %lea +y the I$L re'ardi"' lo"' history o) co"tri+utio" to the cricet a"d criceters ca""ot+e acce%ted i" vie( o) the )act that due to the act o) .uru"ath eiya%%a", Tea* -cial o)$S& (ho ha%%e"ed to +e the so"i"la( o) Shri 8# Sri"ivasa", a"a'i"' irector o) I$L a"dthe the" $$I Preside"t, the %urity o) the 'a*e has +ee" aected a"d the co"tri+utio", i) a"y,*ade +y the )ra"chisee has also +ee" (asted +ecause *illio"s o) %eo%le (ho are true loverso) the 'a*e )eel cheated# oreover disre%ute has +ee" +rou'ht to the 'a*e o) cricet, the$$I a"d the IPL to such a" eGte"t that "o( dou+ts a+ou"d i" the %u+lic co"scious"ess a+out(hether 'a*es are clea" or "ot#

    avi"' re'ard to the ?"di"'s recorded +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt a"d o" tai"'i"to co"sideratio" all releva"t )acts a"d circu*sta"ces as "oted a"d discussed a+ove, the$o**ittee %ro%oses to i*%ose sa"ctio" o" I$L @3ra"chiseeA u"der Sectio" ,rule 4#2@cAB1/C o)the %eratio"al Rules +y sus%e"di"' it )ro* the Lea'ue )or a %eriod o) t(o years#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    r# sho esai ar'ued that IPL seaso" is o) a+out 2 *o"th duratio"# The %layers a"d%layer su%%ort %erso""el re%ort to the 3ra"chise a )e( days +e)ore the IPL tour"a*e"t +e'i"s#

    The 3ra"chisee has "o relatio", "o co""ectio" (ith all such %eo%le )or the rest o) the year#ve" duri"' the tour"a*e"t, it (ould "ot +e %ossi+le to co"trol a"y i"dividual a"d the actio"sthat are tae" +y hi* i" his %erso"al ca%acity a"d there)ore, it (ould +e i"correct to i"ter%retthe o+li'atio" u"der Sectio" 4, rule 1#1 to +e a" o+li'atio" o) strict co*%lia"ce#

    oreover, the lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel su+*itted that %ri*ary o+li'atio" o))a*iliariHi"' a"d )ollo(i"' the IPL Re'ulatio"s (as o" the res%ective Tea* -cial# I"so)ar as

    JIPL is co"cer"ed, it has do"e all that ca" +e reaso"a+ly eG%ected @i" ter*s o) the +est%ractices (ithi" IPL a"d those )ollo(ed +y various $ricet oardsA#

    s reuired +y all the )ra"chisees, JIPL had e"sured that all its %layers atte"ded the$S6 @"ti $orru%tio" 6"it o) I$A +rie?"' a"d educatio" %ro'ra**e o" a"ti corru%tio"issues#

    r# sho esai, lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel su+*itted that JIPL has Hero tolera"ce %olicy tocorru%tio" a"d corru%t %ractices# This is evide"ced +y: 1# Sus%e"sio" o) three %layers as soo"as alle'atio"s (ere *ade a'ai"st the*# JIPL ?led a co*%lai"t (ith elhi Police a'ai"st three%layers )or +reach o) trust a"d causi"' loss to )ra"chiseQ 2# eclari"' that r# Ra! &u"draFsshareholdi"' i" the %are"t e"tity o) JIPL @MSNA (ould +e )or)eited i" case he is )ou"d 'uilty#

    Lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel, thus, e*%hasiHed that JIPL has acted duly, e"sured a"d tae"all ste%s to e"sure adeuate co*%lia"ce o) the %rovisio"s o) the IPL Re'ulatio"s#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    The Pro+e $o**ittee does "ot ?"d that he Mi"ue"ced a"y outco*eN or (as i"volved i" Ms%ot?Gi"'N o) a"y i"d#

    r# Ra! &u"dra has +ee" i*%licated )or the ?rst ti*e a"d has already +ee" sus%e"ded )or thelast 2 years#

    r# Ra! &u"dra had %ro*ised to )or)eit his shares a"d i"deed has do"e so rece"tly )ollo(i"'the !ud'*e"t#

    etti"' is a" activity (hich is (idely %revale"t 'lo+ally a"d thus i" itsel) @u"less acco*%a"ied+y i"ue"ci"' the outco*e o) a *atchA is "ot a severe oe"ce# I" )act Justice ud'al hi*sel)(ho headed the Pro+e $o**ittee, i" his +oo o" S%orts La( a"d so*e "e(s i"tervie(s hasstated so a"d reco**e"ded that +etti"' should +e le'aliHed#

    There has +ee" "o +e"e?t to the )ra"chise +y this act o) +etti"' +y r# Ra! &u"dra# I" )act JIPLitsel) has suered hu'e *o"etary losses i" ter*s o) lost s%o"sorshi%s a"d eroded re%utatio"#

    There is "o alle'atio" eve" i" a"y $S6 re%ort that JIPL did "ot co*%ly )ully (ith its directives#The $S6 re%orts %oi"t out 'e"eral o*issio"s +y all )ra"chises# JIPL did "o *ore a"d "o lesstha" a"y other )ra"chise to Me"sureN that its o-cials co*%ly (ith the re'ulatio"s#

    JIPL has +ee" hi'hly cele+rated as a M"urseryN )or %layers# The Ra!astha" Royals have scouteda"d "urtured tale"t i" the cou"try a"d the (orld# They have %rovided %layers a %lat)or* tosho(case their tale"ts a"d stre"'the" the tea* (ith the o+!ective o) (i""i"' *atches )orRa!astha" Royals#

    Players co"tracted (ith the Tea* (ould also lose heavily i) the tea* is sus%e"ded#

    JIPL has coo%erated at all sta'es (ith the i"vesti'atio"s re'ardi"' the %layers as (ell# I" )actit +eca*e a coco*%lai"a"t i" the i"vesti'atio" a'ai"st the %layers si"ce their actio"s hadcaused it hu'e losses a"d (as a +reach o) co"tract a"d their duty to(ards the )ra"chise#

    lthou'h lear"ed Se"ior $ou"sel )or JIPL too u% the %ositio" that %ositio" o) JIPL is diere"t)ro* I$L a"d *ade his su+*issio"s as "oted a+ove, i" our o%i"io" the %ositio" o) JIPL a"d I$Lis "ot at all diere"t i" vie( o) the ?"di"'s recorded +y the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt (ithre'ard to these 3ra"chisees )or deter*i"atio" o) the ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t a'ai"st the* +ythis $o**ittee#

    I" %ara'ra%h /4 o) the !ud'*e"t (hile deali"' (ith the Pro+e $o**itteeFs 3irst Re%ort dated9th 3e+ruary, 2014, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt has "oted that ?"di"'s recorded i" that

    Re%ort a+out r# Ra! &u"draFs %art o("ershi% a"d accreditatio" as a Tea* -cial o) RR (as"ot dis%uted# 'ai" i" %ara'ra%h /5, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt has re)erred to theco"curri"' re%ort su+*itted +y r# 8ilay utta, su%%lyi"' e*%hasis to the )ollo(i"' %art,MThere are *aterials o" record (hich !usti)y a" a%%ro%riate i"vesti'atio" to ascertai" thecul%a+ility o) r# Ra! &u"dra a"d his (i)e s# Shil%a Shetty i" %laci"' +ets as o("er o) the)ra"chisee i" IPL# "y such cul%a+ility o" the %art o) &u"dras (ould )aste" lia+ility o" the)ra"chisee, Jai%ur IPL $ricet Private Li*ited a"d it (ould +e i"cu*+e"t to ascertai" suchlia+ility o) the )ra"chisee )or %ur%oses o) a%%ro%riate sa"ctio"s u"der the %eratio"al Rulesa"dDor the 3ra"chise 'ree*e"t#N

    The" i" %ara'ra%h / o) the !ud'*e"t, the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt "oted that the $o**itteehas o" the +asis o) )urther i"vesti'atio" a"d e"uiry ca*e to the co"clusio" that r# Ra!&u"dra (as a Etea* o-cialF, a E%layer su%%ort %erso""el a"d E%artici%a"tF#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    I" li'ht o) the ad*itted %ositio" +e)ore the o">+le Su%re*e $ourt that r# Ra! &u"dra (as%art o("er a"d accredited Tea* -cial o) RR, (e ?"d that 'e"esis o) JIPL a"d the %ositio" o)r# Ra! &u"dra "arrated +y r# sho esai i" his su+*issio"s do "ot cut *uch ice# r# Ra!&u"dra (as i"deed %art o("er a"d also Tea* -cial a"d there)ore, )or the %ur%ose o) the%eratio"al Rules, (ith re)ere"ce to IPL Lea'ue atches, r# Ra! &u"draFs actio"s that +rou'htthe 'a*e, the $$I a"d the Lea'ue i"to disre%ute have to +e co"sidered actio"s o) the3ra"chisee# +le Su%re*e $ourt i" %ara'ra%hs49, 50 a"d 10 o) the !ud'*e"t @(hich (e have eGte"sively co"sidered (hile co"sideri"' thecase o) I$LA a"d ?"ally *a"date i" %ara'ra%h 110@IIA that ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t to +ei*%osed o" r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra! &u"dra as also their res%ective)ra"chiseesDtea*sDo("ers o) the tea*s shall +e deter*i"ed +y this $o**ittee leave "o*a""er o) dou+t that (ro"'doi"' +y JIPL u"der the %eratio"al Rules has already +ee"deter*i"ed# This a"s(ers r# sho esaiFs other ar'u*e"ts as (ell viH#, @iA that there are "o?"di"'s recorded +y the Su%re*e $ourt o) (ro"'doi"' +y the JIPLQ a"d @iiA that sectio" 4, rule1#1 is o"ly directory a"d "ot *a"datory#

    I) the cul%a+ility o) the t(o 3ra"chisees @JIPL is o"e o) the*A (ere "ot )ou"d esta+lished +y theo">+le Su%re*e $ourt, it (ould "ot have *a"dated the $o**ittee to deter*i"e theua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t to +e i*%osed o" the*#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    The 'e"eral o*issio"s +y all 3ra"chisees )ou"d i" $S6 re%orts deserve serious atte"tio" +ythe $$I +ut i"so)ar as JIPL is co"cer"ed, its o*issio"s are 'rave i" as *uch as its %art o("era"d Tea* -cial has +ee" )ou"d to have i"dul'ed i" +etti"' a"d that has aected the i*a'eo) the 'a*e @a"d the $$I a"d the Lea'ueA a"d +rou'ht each o"e o) the* to disre%ute#

    JIPL clai*s that it is hi'hly cele+rated as a M"urseryN )or %layers# ut the )act re*ai"s that /RR %layers (ere arrested a"d char'ed (ith s%ot ?Gi"' i" 201/ IPL seaso"# The $o**itteeca" also tae "otice o) the )act that there has +ee" alle'atio"s o) a%%roach to o"e o) its%layers )or corru%t %ractices i" the 2015 IPL seaso" as (ell# This sho(s that all is "ot (ell (ith

    JIPL i" ha"dli"' $$ issues#

    It is true that r# Ra! &u"dra has reli"uished his shares so*e(here i" the *o"th o) arch +utit is too late# 8o ur'e"t actio" (as tae" +y JIPL a'ai"st Ra! &u"dra (here his acts o) +etti"'+eca*e "o("#

    "ce it is acce%ted that cricet is +i''er tha" i"dividuals or +ody o) i"dividuals tha" ?"a"cialloss that *ay +e caused to )e( %layers or )ra"chisees *ay "ot +e o) si'"i?ca"t co"sideratio"(hile tai"' disci%li"ary actio" or )or i*%ositio" o) %u"ish*e"t )or (ro"'doi"'# $$I (hich is*a"a'i"' the 'a*e o) cricet i" the cou"try has to 'ive a" i*%orta"t %lace to the disci%li"aryrole @this role is +ei"' dischar'ed +y this $o**ittee i" the %rese"t *atter as *a"dated +ythe o">+le Su%re*e $ourtA so that %urity o) 'a*e re*ai"s a ce"tral ele*e"t#

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    3or*er $hie) Justice o) I"dia


    B1C 110# I" the result (e %ass the )ollo(i"' order:

    @IA ##

    @IIA The ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t to +e i*%osed o" r# .uru"ath eiya%%a" a"d r# Ra!&u"dra as also their res%ective )ra"chiseesDtea*sDo("ers o) the tea*s shall +e deter*i"ed +ya $o**ittee co*%risi"' the )ollo(i"':

    iA o">+le r# Justice R# # Lodha, )or*er $hie) Justice o) I"dia $hair*a"#

    iiA o">+le r# Justice sho ha", )or*er Jud'e, Su%re*e $ourt o) I"dia e*+er#

    iiiA o">+le r# Justice R#;# Ravee"dra*, )or*er Jud'e, Su%re*e $ourt o) I"dia e*+er#

    The $o**ittee shall, +e)ore tai"' a ?"al vie( o" the ua"tu* o) %u"ish*e"t to +e a(arded,issue "otice to all those liely to +e aected a"d %rovide to the* a heari"' i" the *atter# Theorder %assed +y the $o**ittee shall +e ?"al a"d +i"di"' u%o" $$I a"d the %artiesco"cer"ed su+!ect to the ri'ht o) the a''rieved %arty seei"' redress i" a%%ro%riate !udicial%roceedi"'s i" accorda"ce (ith la(#

    @IIIA The three*e*+er $o**ittee co"stituted i" ter*s o) Para @IIA a+ove, shall alsoeGa*i"e the role o) r# Su"dar Ra*a" (ith or (ithout )urther i"vesti'atio", i"to his activities,a"d i) )ou"d 'uilty, i*%ose a suita+le %u"ish*e"t u%o" hi* o" +ehal) o) $$I#

    I"vesti'ati"' tea* co"stituted +y this $ourt u"der Shri ## ishra shall )or that %ur%ose +eavaila+le to the "e(ly co"stituted $o**ittee to carry out all such i"vesti'atio"s as *ay +e

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    co"sidered "ecessary, (ith all such %o(ers as (ere vested i" it i" ter*s o) our order dated1th ay, 2014#

    @I;A The three*e*+er $o**ittee is also reuested to eGa*i"e a"d *ae suita+lereco**e"datio"s to the $$I )or such re)or*s i" its %ractices a"d %rocedures a"d sucha*e"d*e"ts i" the *e*ora"du* o) ssociatio", Rules a"d Re'ulatio"s as *ay +e co"sidered"ecessary a"d %ro%er o" *atters set out +y us i" Para "u*+er 109 o) this order#

    @;A ##

    @;IA The $o**ittee shall +e )ree to ?G their )ees (hich shall +e %aid +y the $$I (hoshall, i" additio", +ear all i"cide"tal eG%e"ses such as travel, hotel, tra"s%ort a"d secretarialservices, "ecessary )or the $o**ittee to co"clude its %roceedi"'s# The )ees (ill +e %aid +ythe $$I to the *e*+ers at such i"tervals a"d i" such *a""er as the $o**ittee *ay decide#

    The ve"ue o) the %roceedi"'s shall +e at the discretio" o) the $o**ittee#N

    B2C shoa areti"' Li*ited vs Pu"!a+ 8atio"al a", @1990A 4 S$$ 40

    B/C Siddesh(ari $otto" ills @PA Ltd# vs 6"io" o) I"dia, @199A 2 S$$ 45

    B4C 8icolle vs 8icolle, @1922A 1 $ 24

    B5C u"ici%al $ou"cil, Palai vs T#J# Jose%h, IR 19/ S$ 51

    BC R#S# Ra'hu"ath vs State o) &ar"ataa, IR 1992 S$ 1

    B7C 1#1#1 ll cricet *atches are to +e co"tested o" a level %layi"'?eld, (ith the outco*e to+e deter*i"ed solely +y the res%ective *erits o) the co*%eti"' tea*s a"d to re*ai"u"certai" u"til the cricet *atch is co*%leted# This is the esse"tial characteristic that 'ivess%ort its u"iue a%%eal#

    1#1#2 Pu+lic co"?de"ce i" the authe"ticity a"d i"te'rity o) the s%orti"' co"test is there)orevital# I) that co"?de"ce is u"der*i"ed, the" the very esse"ce o) criced (ill +e shae" to thecore# It is the deter*i"atio" to %rotect that esse"ce o) cricet that has led the oard o)$o"trol )or $ricet i" I"dia to ado%t this "ti$orru%tio" $ode#

    1#1#/ dva"ci"' tech"olo'y a"d i"creasi"' %o%ularity have led to a su+sta"tial i"crease i" thea*ou"t, a"d the so%histicatio", o) +etti"' o" cricet *atches# The develo%*e"t o) "e(

    +etti"' %roducts, i"cludi"' s%read+etti"' a"d +etti"' eGcha"'es, as (ell as i"ter"et a"d%ho"e accou"ts that allo( %eo%le to %lace a +et at a"y ti*e a"d )ro* a"y %lace, eve" a)ter acricet *atch has started, have all i"creased the %ote"tial )or the develo%*e"t o) corru%t+etti"' %ractices# That i" tur", i"creases the ris that atte*%ts (ill +e *ade to i"volve

  • 7/21/2019 Justice Lodha IPL Verdict


    %artici%a"ts i" such %ractices# ve" (here that ris is *ore theoretical tha" %ractical, itsco"seue"ce is to create a %erce%tio" that the i"te'rity o) the s%ort is u"der threat#

    1#1#4 3urther*ore, the "ature o) this ty%e o) *isco"duct is such that it is carried out u"dercover a"d i" secret, there+y creati"' si'"i?ca"t challe"'es )or the $$I i" the e")orce*e"t o)rules o) co"duct# s a co"seue"ce, the $$I "eeds to +e e*%o(ered to see i")or*atio")or* a"d share i")or*atio" (ith co*%ete"t authorities a"d other releva"t third %arties, a"d toreuire Partici%a"ts to coo%erate )ully (ith all i"vesti'atio"s a"d reuests )or i")or*atio"#

    1#1#5 The $$I is co**itted to tai"' every ste% i" its %o(er to %reve"t corru%t +etti"'%ractices u"der*i"i"' the i"te'rity o) the s%ort o) cricet, i"cludi"' a"y eorts to i"ue"cei*%ro%erly the outco*e or a"y other as%ect o) a"y atch or ve"t#