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Karnatakaas a market

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Overview of Karnataka— Karnataka is the 9th largest state in terms of population as per as 2011 census & 8th largest state by area in India— It was formerly known as Mysore. On November 1, 1973, the name Mysore was changed to Karnataka— The name of the land Karnataka has come from “Kari-nadu‟, meaning the land of black soil — The literacy rate of the state is as high as 80%— Karnataka is one of the leading states in the field of industrial development — Mysore ranked 1st for the consecutive 2 years in the Swatcha Bharat campaign


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Population composition

are other linguistic minorities in the state


Population of Karnataka


Hinduism is the major religionwhich accounts for 84% of the population

followed by Islam and Christianity

Sex Ratio

Sex ratio in Karnataka is 973 females to 1000 males



Kannada, the official language of Karnataka









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— The southern state of Karnataka, has a distinct art and culture with diverse linguistic and religious ethnicity

— Though Kannadiagas are the main inhabitants of the state, it is also the place for Tuluvas, Kodavas and Konkanis

— Karnataka also accommodates minority of Tibetan Buddhists and tribes like the Soligas, Yeravas, Todas and Siddhis

— Local theatre is popular among the Kannadigas— In the temples on special occasions, or on auspicious days like

Dasara and Maha Shivaratri stories, devotions or vratha are sung or narrated by the experts to the public and the devotees

— Karnataka is the only Indian state where both Hindustani and Carnatic singers flourish

— North Karnataka is predominantly famous for Hindustani music and South Karnataka is well known for Carnatic music


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There are around23,690 primary schools &

8,216 secondary schools in Karnataka

Karnataka has produced country’s noteworthy statesmen, scholars, educationists and scientists

According to census 2011, the state of Karnataka has a literacy rate of 75.6%

The All India Council for Technical Education for the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Goa is located in the capital city Bangalore


Bengaluru has evolved into one of the global education hubs having a number of

International schools

There are 18 State Universities &15 Deemed Universities apart from one

central university in the state of Karnataka

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— Karnataka is the 4th largest state in automotive production in India

— Auto industry is second fastest growing sector in Karnataka

— Karnataka is a manufacturing hub for auto majors like Volvo, Toyota Kirloskar, TVS Suzuki, Telco, L&T Komatsu, BEML and auto component companies like BOSCH, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Escorts and Rane

— Honda’s largest two wheeler manufacturing plant in the world is in Narsapur, Kolar district, Karnataka


— The state government has allotted 119 acres to this plant of HMSI(Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India) , which produces 1.8 million two-wheelers

— SEZ Zones for automobile industry in Karnataka are Dharwad and Bangalore

— Karnataka has a ready ecosystem for a vibrant Automotive Sector, with large pool of engineering graduates

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— The state of Karnataka is known as the “Cradle of Banking “as Karnataka is a mother to 5 Leading Public Sector Banks,

2 Private Sector Banks and many small banks— Karnataka accounts for around 5% of India’s National Income & the State has

been ranked No. 1 by the World Bank for its investment climate— Many banks are based in costal areas of Dakshin kannada and Udupi :

→ State Bank Of Mysore (SBM) was established in Mysore in 1913→ Canara Bank was established in 1906 in Mangalore→ Corporation Bank was found in 1906 in Udupi→ Karnataka Bank was founded on 18 February 1924 in Mangalore→ Syndicate Bank was established in the town of Udupi in 1925→ Vysya Bank was established in 1930 in Bengaluru→ Vijaya Bank was established in Mangalore in 1931

— Karnataka has a per capita bank credit of over Rs. 40,000

and per capita income is Rs.77309



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— Bangalore is the fastest-growing Indian metropolis and is considered the hub of retail revolution

— As per industry estimates, for every 100 household, there is more than one retail outlet in Bangalore which is not so in other cities like Mumbai

— Bangalore itself has more than 25000 Retail Outlets— Presently, Bangalore alone has more than 10 organized retailers with

more than 100 outlets including Metro AG operating in the city— Major retailers present in Bangalore are Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar,

Vishal Mega Mart, Spar hypermarket, Total hyper Market, Pantaloons etc.

— Apparel, electronic brands and F&B retailers were the major demand drivers in the second quarter of 2015

— Karnataka is home to various Retailers


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