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NakshtraAshwini Magha Mul Bharani Purva (Phalguni) Purvashadha Krutika Uttara kritika uttara (Phalguni) uttarashadha Rohini hasta Shravan mriga chitra danishta aadra swati shattaraka punarvasu vishakha p.bhadrapada pushya anuradha u.bhadrapada ashlyesha jeshtha ravati





Mithun Ravi



Mangal Simha Rahu



Shani Tula Budh






NakshtraAshwini Bharani Kritika Kritika Rohini Mrug mrug ardra punarvasu punarvasu pushya aashlyesha magha purva phalguni uttara phalguni uttara phalguni hasta chitra

Ravi BramhanMesh Vrushabh Mithun Kark Simha Kanya Tula Vrishik Dhanu Makar Kumbh Meen Prashna Namvash Kundali Saptmesh Saptmesh Panchamesh Saptmesh and Shukra Panchamesh Panchamesh lagnesh is not karyesh of Dwitiyesh saptamesh Shukra saptamesh is Budh sapmesh is Rahu ashtamesh has Mangal connection saptamesh is Shukra or Mangal Panchamesh saptmesh Panchamesh is Guru chaturthesh Bhagyesh Trutiyesh chaturthesh Dashmesh is Guru Dashmesh dashmesh dashmesh dashmesh chaturthesh chaturthesh saptmesh panchamesh Trutiyesh

Chitra Swati Vishakha vishakha anuradha jyeshta

Mula Purvashadha Uttarashadha Uttarashadha Shravan Dhanishtha Dhanishtha Shatataraka Purva Bhadra

Purvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revati

shasthesh Trutiyesh dashmesh

Prashna Navmansh Kundali Navmesh Panchmesh Panchmesh Navmesh Panchmesh trutiyesh labhesh saptmesh Panchmesh labhesh Panchmesh is budh or in nakshtra of budh panchmesh panchmesh chaturthesh labhesh chaturthesh labhesh chaturthesh labhesh dashmesh labhesh dashmesh labhesh shasthesh labhesh labhesh lagnesh trutiyesh labhesh labhesh bhagyesh trutiyesh labhesh Navmesh labhesh lagnesh dashmesh

labhesh labhesh vyayesh labhesh labhesh dashmesh trutiyesh shasthesh labhesh vyayesh

Bhraman14 15 15 17 17 17 17 17 16 14 14 15 April to 14 May may to 14 June june 16 July july to 16 august august to 16 September sept to 16 October octomber to 16 november Nov to 15 December December to 13 Jan Jan to 13 Feb Feb to 14 March march to 13 April

Four Step Theory Sthanacha Upnakshtrapati and tyache Nakshtra example pancham bhavacha upnakshtraswami aahe = GURU Guru che Nakshtraswami aahe Upnakshtraswamiche upnakshtraswami Upnakshtraswamiche nakshtraswami please refer kundali :09-09-2010 /

Janma Kundali 2, 7, 11 (Any or more)5, 7, 6,8,12 (any or more) 2,5,11 4,6,8,12 or in Rahu Nakshtra 2,7,11 2,7,11 (any or more) in shani nakshtra and budh upanakshtra 6,8,12

nnection12, 3,7,11 in Pancham and Vakri 4,5,9,11 4, 4, 3, in char rashi in dwi-svabhav rashi 5,8,12 sthir rashi 4,11,12 2,4,11,12 10, or in nakshatra of dasmesh 9,10,11 9,10,11

Mariiage = Yes Love Marriage = Yes Love Marriage = Yes Mariiage Relationship Problem KIDS=Yes KIDS=No or Problematic imPotent Remarriage imPotent Divorce Divorce Divorce or partner died , relationship problem Bad Death Bad character Prem Bhang Marriage =Yes KIDS=No or Problematic Good Education Post Graduation , MD, Mtech Good Concentraion no concentration in study High Growth Business both business and service some problem in service period or in business Service CAR=yes home=yes partner with same profession artiste,sportsmen,actors Writer

6,8,12 2,6,7,10,11

connection with Guru Fear in mind or ketu connection Business growth

Janma Kundali 8, 7,11 6,12 5,7 7, 3,9,11 3, 5, 3,8 5, 8, 4,6,8,12 11, 4, 11, 4, 2,11 4, 10,3,5 lagnasthan or pratham sthan 6,10 6,10 11, 6, 8, shastha 11, 3, 9, 3,11 9,11 3,9 3, 7, shastha 10,

Tip conversion of religion Love Marriage=yes Love Marriage=No ParentsApproval x before marriage will recived exptected mail expected mail will come lovemarriage =yes kid adoption possible kid adoption possible twin kids sizerian kids birth diffuculties in delivery admission in good college same as above examination = pass pass posession of flat will be received flat sale=yes Wish fullfill=yes job will be safe job will be safe election win=yes election win=yes some loss is expected win=yes jamin manjoor easy jamin milel deal will go final people will agree with deal election win=yes adhikar prapta hoel

10, in vakri planet nakshtra 5,8 2, 6, 2,6,10,11 11, 11, 6, 5,8,12

Chief minister stolen things will not recover robberi or cheating money gain money recovery Pramotion in job apeal wil be considered success in appeal loan repay=yes

ati and tyache Nakshtra yanche karyesh tyanantar Upnakshtrapati cha upnakshtrapatiswami an

shtraswami aahe = GURU GURU SHANI kshtraswami BUDH shtraswami KETU /13:31

Tip if mahadasha is karyesh of 2,7 or 11 then marriage will happen in that dasha also Antardasha and

Shukra should have good connection with Mangal Rahu, Harshal, or Neptune or any of this planet in short if thers is dasha or 6,8,12 relationship will be in Problem you will blesses with Kids , if mahadasha swami is in Male Nakshtra then Baby Boy , also if shani is also watch Guru 's Aspect , if Guru is not karyesh of 4,6,8,12 or in Rahu's Nakshtra you may have k

elationship problem

but if they have intercast marriage then its good for them

janmakundalitil trutiyesh chaturthat asel tar good janmakundalitil chaturthesh trutiyat asel tar loss in education

eriod or in business connection with ravi,shukra chandra, guru will buy luxarious car connection with shani and mangal is must

Cancer =Yes

prshna kundali guru also in ashtam bhav

Prashna kundalitil Ravi should good connection with Guru labhesh connection required

if prashna navmansh kundalitil chaturthesh or labhesh is vakri then fail result

mahadasha swami karyesh of 2,6,11 will fetch good rate , if connection with 5,8,12 there wil be los if it is in vakri no wish fullfill is possible

connection with Ravi,Mangal,Guru

a upnakshtrapatiswami ani tyache nakshtra yanche karyesh tapasave hi phar mahtvachi step aah

at dasha also Antardasha and vidasha swami should be karyesh either of 2,7,11 for marriage ceremony. Mah

Neptune or any of this planet

hen Baby Boy , also if shani is in visham sthan baby boy hu's Nakshtra you may have kids

od for them

on with 5,8,12 there wil be loss in deal

hi phar mahtvachi step aahew

1 for marriage ceremony. Mahadasha swami , antardasha swami 's sublord also have to be karyesh of 2,7,11

have to be karyesh of 2,7,11, and should not be karyesh of 6 place