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Navaneetham magazine by Guruvayyr yahoo group devotees.


Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forum Hare Krishna 1187 / AUGUST 2012NAVANEETHAMMONTHLY E-MAGAZINE OF GURUVAYUR DEVOTEES MONTHLY E-MAGAZINE OF GURUVAYUR DEVOTEES Page- 1 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumOm Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Submitted at the lotus feet of Guruvayoorappan, Lord Krishna by Devotees Submitted at the lotus feet of Guruvayoorappan, Lord Krishna by DevoteesPhoto by Jain Sakthidharan, Doha, Qatar. Ashtami Rohini (Sree Krishna Jayanthi) is on Sept 8th Page- 2 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forumterm "Bali" has several meanings such as: offering, dedication and sacrifice. .Ancient sages, probing the mystery of the Divine, came to the conclusion that God is everything and no one can claim anything as one's own. However, today everyone claims everything as "theirs". We are immersed in a false and foolish concept of ownership. Possessiveness is rampant in our every thought and action. And this leads to selfishness and ego. King Mahabali was renowned for his charitable nature but his ego gradually became inflated because of this fame. For the king to become enlightened, his ego had to be quelled. And that is the substance of the Vamana Avatara. By placing His Lotus Feet on Mahabali's head, Vamana facilitated total surrender of this devotee and made him immortal and the king of the netherworld. And Onam reminds us of this profound truth that nothing belongs to anyone. All that was got or spent in between are mere passing clouds and gifts from God. And when we realize that truth, we surrender everything to Him with utmost sincerity.Onam also reminds us that divinity should be installed in the heart. "Vastra" is one of the names for the heart. Wearing new clothes (Vastra) during Onam means purifying the heart. When the heart is pure the Divine elects to dwell in it. Devotion has five qualities and nine paths to adore the Divine. These nine paths begin with listening to the glories of God (Sravanam) and end with complete surrender (Atmanivedanam). And Bali showed us the height of true Bhakti as complete surrender.Onam celebrations in GuruvayoorMany devotees spend their Onam days with Guruvayoorappan. On Uthradam day thousands of devotees offer "Kazhcha kulas" (bunches of banana) to Guruvayoorappan. These bananas are given to all the elephants of Guruvayur Devaswom. On Thiruvonam day, free Onam feast with Pazha-prathaman is given to devotees. Samashta Loka sukhino Bhavanthu!! May everyone in the whole universe be happy!Om Namo Narayanaya: Om Namo Narayanaya: Om Namo Narayanaya: Om Namo Narayanya: - Sunil - Sunil For those of you wish to suggest someone to be featured as member of the month, please write to us at, also please email your comments, suggestions, articles for Navaneetham to Page- 4 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumWish you a happy Onam!! Wish you a happy Onam!!Thrikkakkara Appan - Onathappan Maha VishnuOnam Pookkalams from Guruvayur(Photo courtesy Rajesh Amit Dave - ) Page- 5 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forum ? ?? ? o koi? hho g g o i o g h h g o g j i }j p i p g o o hg h h- h ho hh i h hp h hi h h hp h h g hh ? o koi? Page- 6 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forum Page- 7 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumEnglish translation is given below for those Bhakta-s who dont read Malayalam.1. Kannan's eyes are half-closed in deep ecstasy an He is leaning against a blue Kadamba tree and Shree Raadha is leaning against his torso. In the heart of the bamboo flute and in Radha's heart, there is only one Page- 8 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forumdeep desire: To melt into Krshna-Sangeetam.2. Krshna is immersed in Naada Samaadhi. Like the Omkaara-mantram, His music gushes out from the flute as the primordial sound of the Cosmos. All living and non-living beings are silent. The air is motionless. Vrndaavanam is like the Heart of a Yogi that is dissolved in Bhagavad-Chidroopam.3. Shree Hari begins His Shadja-Saadhana. The listeners are filled with the Tonic Sa. The noise of mental fluctuations cease in their minds. The raagam that emanates from the mountain of Krshna's Pratibha (creative genius) flows and swells like a Yamuna river of Rasadhaara.4. The season is Shraavanam. The time is noon. When Vanamaali caresses, the raga of Brindaavanee Sarangam takes birth. It fills the listeners with the energy of the sun as it is a noon raagam. The shores of Yamuna is being filled with divine bliss and the shore enjoys the Rasa of music that gives it Pulakam (goosebumps). 5. Song birds, thousands of them, are sitting motionless on the trees in Vrndaavanam enjoying the music and keeping their wings together immersed in inner happiness. The naturally restless monkeys also are observing a vow of silence according to the principles of Bhagavan's Naada Yoga Saadhana.6. The rasa from Krshna's flute rises as the fragrance in the Tulasee plants that throng the forests of Vrndaavanam. The Tulasee fragramce saturates the air and in kindness showers on the living breaths of all beings healing--the blessing that accompanies Krshna's love for His creatures all.7. The cows who are listening to Krshna Murali and sipping the Teerttham from Kaalindi river in the shades of trees are filled with Vaalsalyam for Shree Krshna. A male calf, filled with the love nurtured by Krshna's music licks Krshna's flower-soft feet making the Lord smile gently, His heart touched by the love of the calf.8. Lord Muraleedhara adds a slowness of tempo to the waters of Yamuna and the fish in those waters stop swimming--their consciousness helped by the music to blend in harmony with their breathing and they seek the deepest recess of Silence in the peace-filled regions of Divine Sound produced by Krshna.9. Govarddhana mountain is enchanted by the sound of Bhagavaan's flute and deeply drinking in the Sudha of melody--the holy mountain that is filled with secret mineral wealth. The divine mountain is able to convert Krshna's flowing raaga melody into holy plants, into the healing power of the deep springs sourcing from its sides.10. Krshna finishes His Raagaalaapana --the exploration of the melodic contours of the raga--and then begins creating Taana-s (phrases with rhythm in them) and in agreement with the music Shree Raadha begins her Divine Dance. When Her Laasyam embraces His Music, the Union of Raadha with Maadhava is created which fills the shores of Kaalindi with the Greatest of Ecstacies!!!11. When Krshna turns His Holy Breath into Shaanta Rasam--the king of all Rasa-s inside the tube of the flute using his Pratibhaa-Shakti, Shree Raadha fills the hearts of the Devotee with the soothing sweetness of Her Divine Naatyam--fuller than the fullest, transcendent, sacred.12. The Muralee Vaadyam, the melting heart of Govarddhanam, the herds of cows, Shree Raadha's ecstatic dance, the soothingly moist air of Vrindaavanam fragrant with Tulasee Ganddham, the waters of the Yamuna--all these attain a mutual openness of Heart to one another in a playful way through Krshn'a divine music: It is the gift of Krshna's endless compassion: Attainment of Perfect Union (Advaitam).Namaste!DKM Kartha(Mohanachandran) Page- 9 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forum Naveenkrishna m sstd IIIbharatheeya vidhya vihar mazhuvanchery m m m m o o o o k k k k i i i i k o k o k o k o o o o o m m m m Page- 10 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forumd (A) . M . M . M . 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