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  • DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Secunderabad




    Value of the Month: GRATITUDE

    Date Assessment Details/ Syllabus Activity/Competition

    01.01.19 New Year Holiday

    Value GRATITUDE Month


    04.01.19 PA 2

    III Language

    Telugu: :సససససస ,ససససససస ,సససస సససస, ససససససస 3 , 4 Hindi: पपप-9 पप पपपपप, पपपपप 10. पपप पपपपप, पपप-11

    पपपपपपप, पपपपपपप पप – ( पपपपपप , पपपपपप), पपपपपपप पप – (

    पपपपपप , पपपपपप )

    Sanskrit: సససస- ససససస- సససససససస, సససససస

    ససససస, సససససససస సససససససస:, సససససస:

    ససససస:, ససససస: ససససస:, ససససస:-ససస,సససస

    French: 6-Les amis de Caroline, 7-Quel jour sommensnous?, 8-La famille de Manuel.

    06.01.19 Working Day (Sunday)

    07.01.19 PA 2


    Fractions Decimals Ratio and Proportion Understanding Geometrical Shapes.


    11.01.19 Working Day (10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.)




    Sankranthi Holidays

    17.01.19 PA 2


    Geo. Ls.7 India location and Political divisions(Map

    pointing), Ls.8 India- Physical features His: Ls.9.Life in Villages and towns(objectives),

    Ls.10 The Post Mauryan Period

    Civ:Ls.6 Local Self-government in Urban areas,

    Ls.7 District Administration

    Revision for Final

    Examinations Begins

    18.01.19 PA 2


    Literature: Scrooge Christmas, The village

    schoolmaster, Pot luck MCB: The Happy School, The Test, The Laburnum,

    The price of Freedom

    Grammar: Conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, intransitive verbs, active and passive voice.

    Writing skill: Story writing, Report writing and

    Dairy entry

    19.01.19 PA 2


    Getting to know plants, Fibre to fabric, Measurement and motion, Fun with magnets


    PA 2

    II Language

    Telugu: సససస 7 .సససససససస , 9 . సససససససస,

    ససససససస 7 ,8,సససససససస Hindi: 1.पपपपपपपपप, 2.पपपपपपपपपपप, 3.पपपपपपपपप, 4.पपप – पपपपप

    23.01.19 PA 2

    Computers 1. Machine Language, 8. Working with flash CS6


    Republic Day/ Heritage


    28.01.19 Technology Week Begins

    29.01.19 Language Bee

    30.01.19 Pre Board 1

    Science Math Bee

    31.01.19 Pre Board 1

    II Language Monthly Spell Bee


    Subject Details/ Syllabus

    English Grammar: Reported speech, Writing Skill: Report Writing, MCB:

    Genius without Frontier

    Revision as per revision schedule. II Language


    Telugu: ససససససస ,సససససససస ,ససససస Hindi: 1. पपपपप – पपप, 2. पपपपपप, 3. पपपपपपपप- 1. पपपपपपपपपपपप, 2.

    पपपपपपपपपपपपपपपपप, 4. पपपप –पपपप -1. पपपपपपप, 2. पपपपपपपपप, पपपपपपप – 1.पपपप

    ,पपपप , पपपपपप – पपपपपप

    III Language





    Telugu: : ససససస స ,ససససస ససస Sankrit: ససససససస: సససస: స సససస,

    ససససససససస: సససససస:, ససససససస సససససస.

    Hindi: 1.पपपपपपप पपपपपपपपप 2.पप पपपपप पपप 3.पपपपपप पप पपपपप French: 10. Le drapeau de mon Pays

    Math Mensuration, Data Handling.

    Science Air around us

    Activity: Air is a mixture of gases Social His: His-Ls.11.The Gupta and the Post-Gupta Period(notes), Ls.12

    Culture and Science in the Ancient Computer 10. Control statements in small basic

    G.K and V.E V.E: 11th & 12th Lessons

    G.K: 48 to 50

    Dance Regular: Satyamev Jayathe

    Clubs: Vandematarm & Basic Kathak steps, Di Di Song (Western) Music 1. Aao hum sab. 2. One for each Blessed Day (Value GRATITUDE

    song). Art & Craft PG No. 55, 71, 77, 87, 81

    Cricket Bowling Action Practice

    Athletics Practice for all events and competitive levels, Short distance, throwing

    events and jumping events, Recreation games, Speed endurance Throw ball Controlling the ball, Power throwing and spin throwing, High service

    and line service practices, Way of holding /catching ball, Lead-up

    game, Practice matches. Basket Ball Two man passes, Running dribbling , Basic lay-up shot, Basic shooting

    Archery Shooting arrow from distance 5m, Shooting arrow from distance 5m to

    10m, Shooting arrow from distance 10m to 20m Swimming Stroke correction, practicing length wise & strengthening exercise.

    Taekwondo Focus on to the flexibility warm-ups, Moving kicks with advance

    jumping kicks, Sparring movements & Sparring techniques going to be

    taught. Skating General warm-up, How to sprint with hand movement, How to do leg

    movements & hand lock with cross steps, How to finish the race.

  • Value of the Month: GRATITUDE

    Pledge: I am Grateful,

    I display Thankfulness,

    I value Gratitude.

    Dear Parents, please note that:

    1. The value of GRATITUDE is practised throughout the month in our classrooms, assemblies and in all our talks and walks in the form of

    teaching, practicing, presenting skits, students’ presentations, activities,

    exams etc.

    2. We will be recording every child demonstrating the value of GRATITUDE regularly.

    3. We request you to anecdote the same and send the evidences so that at the end of the month, we can consolidate them and select students who

    demonstrated the value for the highest number of times and award them


    4. We sincerely request you to demonstrate the Value of GRATITUDE and encourage them to do so and help us in making them Value Based

    Children and Proud Citizens of India.

    Thank You!


     Revision Schedule begins from 17th January, 2019 towards preparation for Annual Examinations.  2 Pre-boards will be conducted as per the schedule below:

    Pre-Board – 1 Pre-Board – 2

    Date Subject Date Subject

    30.01.19 Science 18.02.19 Science

    31.01.19 II Language 19.02.19 II Language

    01.02.19 Social 20.02.19 Social

    02.02.19 English 21.02.19 English

    04.02.19 Math 22.02.19 Math

     Computer Practicals are from 21.01.2019 to 29.01.2019. Syllabus: Working with Flash CS6, Introduction to MS Small Basic Programmes.

     IRP(Independent Research Project) should be submitted on or before 31st January, 2019 and 20 Marks are allotted towards IRP Project.

  • General Song Value Song

    Aao hum sab

    Aao ham sab haath milaye dil se dil thak rah banaye

    Rah banaye re{2}

    Andhiyaara chatneko hai Dekho na pau phatneko he

    Ek naye suraj ke Peeche aage neeche Kyu na jaaya jaaye

    Aao ham sab haath milaye Dil se dil thak raah banaye

    Raah banaye re?

    One for each blessed day

    Two every breath I take

    Three for my family

    Four all they mean to me Five, just to be alive

    Six for the earth and sky

    And seven for Heaven For every good thing that I have comes from


    Every day, every hour There are blessings

    He sends without number or end.

    If I counted a hundred or a thousand, I'm sure

    There would still be more To be thankful for.

    Eight for the chance to grow

    Nine, heart and hands and soul Ten for the eyes to see

    All God has given me I could, go on and on

    Counting the whole still be more

    To be thankful for. Eight for the chance to grow

    Nine, heart and hands and soul

    Ten for the eyes to see All God has given me

    I could, go on and on

    Counting the whole they long I know He is with me,

    For every good think that i have comes from


    Every day, every hour There are blessings He sends without number or


    If I counted a hundred or a thousand, I'm sure To be thankful for

    Coordinator Principal