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    Ganesh Iyer

    Volume 6 January 08

    Manthan 2

    Techniche 6-7

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  • Dihiiiiiiing Dihing!!!!.... Dihiiiiiiing Dihing!!!!

    The invigorating shouts grew fiercertowards the end of the prize distributionceremony, it felt as if some Sukhois were zooming overhead!!Our eardrums, already reeling under lecture torture, and even the newly constructed walls were crying for sympathy!

    And why shouldnt they be??? Victory always sounds like that!!!!...Dihing has done it again and in style, captur-ing the illustrious trophy of MANTHAN 2007. Hats off to you guys!!

    The inter hostel cultural extravaganza, MANTHAN 2007, saw an enthusiastic and full-of-life participation from all the hostels entertaining us all with some spectacular and spellbinding perfor-mances. This time, we also wel- comed the youngest and newly in-ducted hostel in IITG fraternity, Barak. The word Manthan itself, meaning to churn, is a testament to the enthralling performances which involved a lot of churning and grinding of the best minds of the country. Wiping off the forgetful memories of the year passed by, the flame of Manthan blazed at its fiery best this time setting afire the stage every time a team set their feet to enrapture the audiences.

    With a plethora of cultural events spanning every artistic genre: music, choreography, theatre, comedy, fine arts, literary events; there was a whole ocean for freshers to dive in and they rightly pounced upon the opportunities to take the fest to superlative stan-dards. Kudos to all you facchas for your concerted effort!!

    The Caravan of Manthan set off on a memorable journey with the fine arts events Rang de Gali, Fassade and the poetry contest, Akshar. The fine arts and literary events savored the privilege of wishing Manthan a very good morning with the best artistic cerebrums fighting out and all the budding Niralas and Shakespeares

    penning down their imaginations. The beautiful mornings seemed soaked in the coloured waters of competence, loyalty and zeal, laying a silken path for the caravan to roll on!!

    After relishing the breakfast @ SAC, tables were set for a grand luncheon in the welcome of caravan in Community hall . The war of tongues, the debating contests, Manan and Manzar, saw the stage transformed into a battlefield with the swords of tongues battling for supremacy. Rising mercuries, an aftermath of spicy debating, got iced off with Dramatics contest. Dramas were creditable for their outstanding performances. For me, the spoofs

    were a bit of a disappointment except one or two that really tickled a bone

    The evening masala events were as always special. The twilight glow of the sky set up a party mood. The hall roared with sounds of hard metal, the crazy supporters banging down the mess utensils, the rest drying up their throats in screams of love for their hostels. You just cant find an atmo-sphere so electrifying and bewitching, barring the Indo-Pak encounters!!!...

    An enamouring blend of innovation and creativity were the highlights of the

    fashion quest: Provogue, provoking a thunderous burst of applause and hooting everytime our models catwalked the ramp, Subansiri being the noisiest!!! Also, Barak kissed the turf of Manthan for the first time winning a lot of hearts with their simple yet catchy style. Wheres the party tonight?? The most loved event, Ghungroo, the battle of dancers, saw some fantabulous choreography send-ing the whole arena into a festive mood with some captivating steps n shakes. The sound of strings charms us all. The musical events Symphony and Sur saw every chair occupied, fasci-nating the crowd with some virtuoso performances.

    After a merry joyful ride through the boulevards teeming with cultural festivities, the caravan of Manthan halted to rest with the Curtain Raiser to Alcheringa 08, where we caught a glimpse of our spectacular cultural fest, Alcheringa. It was followed by fourth yearites swooning the audi-ences with their skills and lot of bakar!!

    Its the organizers and participants that deserve a praise for their cumulative effort in bringing out a fest of such a supreme quality. Kudos to you all...May the spirit of Manthan stay alive forever!!!

    G Newsletterhttp:// January 08


    Siddharth Gaur

  • Ravi Gupta

    G Newsletter January 08



    Even the worst of my fearsI am ready to face

    If only God would let me have my good old days.A few words of love

    Is all that I am craving for now.If I am not bereft of this loneliness

    Where am I going is anybodys guess.This loneliness has made me

    but a cross patchItd be good if all these relations

    God were to detach.Battered and bruised,

    I started believing in fateIts been ages since I have

    found a reason to celebrate.The only humor that could arise

    is but poignantOh!!! I have got so much anger to vent.If bestowed a single happy day again

    It may fulfil my wish of being sane.Bouquets and brickbats,

    I have seen it allHonestly, its impossible for me

    to get up from this fall.Well wishers and optimists say

    "all will be right"Yes it will, if ya hear the soundOf phoebus steeds in the night.

    Shiva Prasad

    Finding the princess

    It dont begin so well, see, but that's deceptive. So if you is lookin for some thing sad and terrible in its beauty, dont be lookin here.

    Well, it happened this way- things was generally down and going roundabout with me, and I couldnt make no head nor tail out of it. There was this girl I liked, see, and she called me up to say there was some guy liked her, and she thought he was alright.

    Now it being that she was 400 kilome ers away, and that she handed me the raspberry when I asked her out, it didnt make no sense.If yer a girl, and y'know what she meant, get in touch. I'd sure like to know...

    That was the first thing. Then there was this other girl, and man she was a piece! Things were going pretty well, only they was doing so online. I'd never actually met her. So I shows her rofile to my friends, and they, being the nconsiderate lot they are, happily point out that the photo on it is Natalie Glebova's.

    Who the heck is that says I.Turns out Miss Universe.The profile is fake.

    Ouch! This pierces the heart. So I mopes about, and doesnt go to class, and sleeps all the time. But this dont help. So I tries playing something, but I never played much before, and losing dont raise my spirits none. There being nothing else left, I goes back online and searches up a girl who is from back home. Theres this one might be alright, so we starts chatting every night. Of course my friends is of the opinion that she has up a picture of A. Jolie so something must be wrong. But then I have up a picture of Brad Pitt, so I dont see anything in that. Maybe hes just jealous.

    So I stops moping around and pursues his, and within ten days we is commit ed. Now I live in Calcutta see, and she ives in, well forget it. Its three hours way.( Im not goin to tell you every

    thing. You have to make up the left outbits.). We exchange photographs and theres nothing wrong near as I can make out.

    We decides to meet when I get homefrom IITG, but we dont tell anyone, especially our parents. IITG? Oh,that'swhere I study, see. Course mom notices I'm on the phone a lot so she guesses but she dont know for sure. Third day back, I announces that I'm off to visit my friend and boards the train to Durgapur. Now that train beinga local, goes so slow and is so packed,that only the thought of seeing my shona(thats what I calls her) keeps megoing. That and the fact that I cant getout of my seat. Theres also fish in a basket next to me, but thats ok. I like fish.

    So I finally arrives and gets on a bus while Im on the phone to her, and I asks her where is she. Look outside, she says. I do and there she is, more beautiful than I've ever seen Angelina Jolie. And she gets in, pretends not to know me, and sashays past, leaving behind a scent that is so soothing and feminine, that I falls in love. You will too, if you sit next to a bunch of fish for three hours.

    We get off next to this park, still not together, just in case anyone should see us. Now for some reason I have a cake with me. I dont know know why, no, wait, I remember. We is going to celebrate my birthday. But the guard at the gate doesnt let me take it in. No eatables allowed. So I start to eat but then she turns up and theres some thing in her face which makes me stop.So I give it to the guard, figuring theresa chance we might still get it back when we leave unless he likes it. Younever can know.

    I find her some way off , around a corner. Hi, I says, grinning idiotically. Then she says hi and we start to look for a place to sit. I cant hardly say anything, Im so nervous but she nows that, and she is too, I know, though she hides it. She handles the conversation and where we are going because you know, that park was as full of couples pod of peas. So we finally sit down and she demands to see my bag. Now that not turning out so interesting she turns to the messages on my phone, and

    these this one has profane language in it. Whats that she asks, being a delicate flower wel