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Nibodha Technologies

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1. Enterprise Application Development

2. Custom Software Development

3. API Integrations

4. Booking Engines

5. Mobile Applications

6. Business Intelligence Solutions


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Industries01 Healthcare

02 Hospitality

03 Entertainment

04 Travel

05 Internet of Things

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Healthcare❖ Electronic Medical Records(EMR) System❖ E-prescription System❖ Lab integration & Drug database integration❖ Patient Data Management❖ Implementing Healthcare Standards (MU, HL7, LOINC, CCR, CCD)

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Travel❖ Custom travel solutions❖ Booking Engines from Scratch❖ Travel Reservation Software❖ Online Payment Integrations❖ Mobile Travel apps

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Internet of Things❖ IoT Platform API integrations❖ Custom IoT solution for Healthcare device monitoring❖ Analytics solutions for Big Data Streams from Electronic power grid.❖ Award Winning solutions for Street-light monitoring.❖ Better Partner Support (Carriots, Hortonworks etc)

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Hospitality❖ Meta-Search Websites❖ XML API integrations (OTA, PMS, GDS)❖ Dynamic Pricing Solutions❖ Lead Management System❖ Guest Profiling Solutions

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Media & Entertainment❖ Digital Asset and Enterprise Content Management❖ Data cleansing and Business Intelligence Systems❖ Licensing System and Common Works Registration❖ Royalty, Rights and Contracts Management❖ Pitching and Quotation Management

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Spring MVC

Spring Batch

Apache Camel

Apache CXF

Elastic Search



CI/CD tools








TestFirst / TestDriven

Domain Driven Design


Development Frameworks

Methodologies DevopsTechnologies

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Our Integration ExpertiseWe have the expertise integrating them for our customers.

PMS Channels PaymentGateway Distribution Platform

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Nibodha Integration Platform - AgoraChop down your integration efforts by half using Agora

Here are 5 truths about the Nibodha integration platform.

Faster integrations since adapters are used. Built using staged event driven architecture. Built for complex data transformations, translations and integrations. Built using standard enterprise application integration patterns and frameworks 100% trusted integrations and error/exception handling.

PMS/OTA/ Channel

Managers/Listing Sites/ Vacation rental


Nibodha Integration


PMS/OTA/ Channel

Managers/Listing Sites/ Vacation rental


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Nibodha Integration Platform - Agora

Gateway Web-APINibodha’s server side routing engine to various Microservices running to fulfil the business requirements. These Microservices comprises of Booking Engine, Lead Management, Dynamic Pricing etc.

Data Bridge ServerMulti-utility Server which is used for bulk data processing and transformation

Integration HubLightweight Enterprise Service Bus

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Board of Directors

Eric Mason Binu Pankajakshan Jaikrishnan Pillai Gireesh BabuAdvisor to the Board Founder & CEO COO & Head of Delivery CTO Director

Eric Mason has over 20 years of experience in the

industry and has successfully started, grew and re- positioned various


Binu has held various leadership roles with

Software Development firms such as MindTree,

Intuit, UST Global, Virtusa etc.

Jaikrishnan with more than 12 years of software

industry experience is principally responsible for execution and delivery of


Gireesh has more than 16 years experience in

software development and is a Design, Architecture

and Implementation expert.

Rajesh heads our operations in the UK and

has over 25 years of experience in Project

Management and Software Development

Rajesh Aruketty

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Associates& Partners

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Customers Geography

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Project Life Cycle

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Nibodha Technologies Pvt LtdFirst floor, Geon AirGeo Infopark, Kakkanad,Kochi - 682030, INDIAPhone : +91 8606272633Contact UsNibodha Technologies Pvt Ltd23 Netherwood Road,Northenden, Manchester M22 4BWPhone : +44 7477 397 597E MAil: [email protected]



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