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  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    Onenessas described by



  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

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  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    Table of contents

    Before we startA little about me

    IntroductionLearn how to watch your thoughtsThe identification with your thoughtsWhat is the Self, and how to identify it?

    The body-mind experienceDreamingA guide to the Self

    The body-identification

    The mind-identification Self-enquiry

    Nothing remains but the SelfTraps of the mindFrom separation to OnenessNothingness; The realization of the mindOneness; Always Being, Always Becoming


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    Before we start

    As a reader, you will notice that there are more spacescompared to a normal book. Spaces like this one:

    That was a space, and I have done this deliberately togive you some extra time to reflect upon what I justwrote. May you use it wisely.


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    A little about me

    First of all, welcome to my story! I am happy that youwant to know more of what I have to share with you,because it is a fantastic spiritual journey that awaitsyou! And there is still more I want to share with youafter the spiritual journey, because I got to realize thatthere had never really been any journey...

    Confused? Well, I hope I can make it more clear for youas we continue! But let's start from the beginning, shall


    Let's start with my childhood, where I did so manydifferent things that I would reckon it was just normal,whatever that is. I grew up in Sweden with my littlebrother and my father and mother. I had a prettystandard Swedish life where I went to school (ofcourse), and I did sports and played games with my

    family and friends.

    And since this was how the reality showed itself for meat that time, I accepted it with the innocence of a child.My parents guided me and my brother morally, butthere was no one there to guide us spiritually, and so itwas not obvious at all that I would choose the spiritualpath later on in life.

    And it still is a mystery for me, because already in mychildhood, my approach to life was that of an atheist. Iremember how I thought people who believe in Godwas somehow mislead into a false belief. And since mymind was not so expanded at that time, I could notproperly read and interpret spiritual scriptures like theBible. My attitude towards spiritual scriptures was that


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    one have to believe in it if it is going to be true, andthat the mind then makes it true. Since I didn't believein these things, it was not true for me. And therefore,rationally, I could dismiss God as non-existent, and thebelievers of God as fools.

    So this was my reality in my youth; God did not exist,and after death all would turn black. Easy and simple, Iliked it!

    And this attitude would have continued if it wasn't forsomething called love.

    When I came out of my teens, a shift suddenly occurredin my mind. I realized, that I had so far in life beenthinking that I had the answers to everything, that I hadthe solutions to everything, and if everyone wouldthink and do like me, the world would be a much better

    place! The only problem with this was that I was notreally happy in my life! Of course, momentaryhappiness came sometimes, but it also left me just assudden, empty and not so happy. By logic, since Isupposedly knew best all the time, I should also be ableto be happy all the time, right?! And yet, I was not.

    It wasn't until I accepted that I actually might not know

    what is the best for me (or for others for that matter)that my mind started to open up for other possibilities.I started to feel that maybe the answer to everythingcould be unconditional love and acceptance to oneanother I also started to feel that there could besomething behind everything, something that I couldn'tsee nor touch or smell, but somehow it was there,something very subtle. So basically, I opened up for the


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    possibility of the existence of God.

    This new feeling of God stayed with me and becamemore and more an active search for God. The onlyproblem was, I didn't really know where to look! Howto find what I was searching for, when I didn't evenknow what God really was?! I knew somehow that Icouldn't find it in the conventional religions, since I hadseen so much negativity from them in the form ofviolence and full-scale wars, so I just continued to be

    open for God, and I started to believe in God assomething beyond my reach, something beyond mymind impossible for the mind to fully grasp. I reallywanted to be able to grasp it, but I didn't know how,except for one thing that started to become moredominant inside of me: my inner voice, which also isknown as intuition.

    I remember I didn't like to use the word God, becauseI still related the word too much to a God that wereresponsible for many wars that had been fought in Hisname, witch burnings in the dark medieval times inEurope and stonings that still occur in the Middle-east,etc, all this due to religion. Of course, I had alwaysknown that this was man-made, out of ego, but now Ialso started to feel that God was somehow present as

    well, but still out of reach for me.

    How to reach God was not on the agenda for me yet,because I didn't have that feeling to search. I simplyaccepted the so called inner voice inside of me thatwas guiding me along in my life.

    Most of the times, the inner voice was a feeling, or a


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    knowing beyond words, but sometimes it wasactually a voice that I could hear speaking with words,and it was very powerful when that happened. Thispowerful voice came when it wanted me to not chooseanything else, when it was important beyond all otheroptions to follow the inner voice! And so, whenever theinner voice came, I sincerely tried to follow it (although,when it was a more subtle feeling, I many times wentagainst my inner voice, with the result of failure andsuffering). And whenever I needed guidance, I could ask

    my inner voice, and it would answer. Sometimes itanswered and guided me in a direction my ego didn'tlike, but since I knew that it was more wise to follow myinner voice, I sometimes did big changes in my life thatcould seem quite illogical and radical from an outsideobserver. And I know it was illogical many times, but italways showed to be for the best!

    I started to feel more and more compassion towardsthe animals as I opened up my heart to love, until oneday when it was clear for me that I didn't have theheart anymore to continue to eat them. This was prettyunsuspected, because I had been eating meat mywhole life, and just a few years earlier I had evenridiculed some vegetarians when I was in high school(I'm SO sorry!).

    Some years passed on, and by the grace of God, I wasable to follow this inner voice that seemed to bothurge and guide me on in life. Alongside working as acomputer support technician around the age of 23-26, Istarted to do power yoga as an exercise for the body.What I didn't know was that the yoga was preparing mymind sub-consciously for meditation. So after a couple


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    of years more, I intuitively felt (aka the inner voice toldme) that the next natural thing to do, or learn, wasmeditation.

    A lot of things that I have done in my life, has beencategorized as extreme in one way or the other. For meit has just been a matter of if I should do something,why not do it in a good manner?! I have never been ahalf-measure kind of guy, so instead of just staying inSweden to learn meditation, I went to India, the home

    of meditation and yoga.

    The type of meditation that I got to learn in India wasVipassana, a Buddhist type of meditation which openedup my mind and heart very much and made me realizesome very important and life-changing things. I'll tellyou more about them later on!

    And after coming back to Sweden again, I started tosearch for like-minded people whom I could domeditation with. Some friends of mine recommendedme to go and visit Ananda Marga which did groupmeditation, and so I went. This encounter was also life-changing for me, as I felt like I finally had found what Ihad by now actively started to look for: Unconditionallove!

    Ananda Marga had so many good aspects andapproaches to life beside meditation, that I after sometime felt to dedicate my whole life for the organizationand to work for its mission. I decided to become awhole-time worker for Ananda Marga, or in otherwords, a yoga monk with focus on service to thehumanity. Ananda Marga had very conveniently a


  • 7/28/2019 Oneness, By Satyananda


    Oneness, by Satyananda

    training center for whole-timers in the south ofSweden, so I went there to start a training of yoga andservice that lasted for three whole years.

    The time in the training center was very special, andenabled me to understand a lot more about selflessservice, yoga, and in general about life itself! But nomatter how good the education