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Download Pubha or Purva phalguni Birth Star Nature / Character  or Purva phalguni Birth Star Nature / Character. పుబ్బ జన్మ నక్షత్రం స్వభావం - పూర్వాఫల్గుని నక్షత్ర లక్షణాలు . This

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/ Pubba Birth Star Character Purvaphalguni Janma Nakshatram Nature

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Pubha or Purva phalguni Birth Star Nature / Character


This nakshatra is also known as Purva Phalguni. Persons born in Pubha nakshatra (irrespective of the charanams) belong to Leo sign or Simha raasi.

Gana of this nakshatra is Manushya gana.

Lord of this nakshatra is Venus.

Diamond is your lucky stone.

Lucky numbers: 1 and 6

Lucky days:Sunday and Friday

If a baby boy or girl born in Pubha nakshatram no shanti pooja is required, irrespective of charanams.

If a baby born in this nakshatram give her or him a name with starting letter M or T.

These persons should not live in North facing houses.

Persons born in Pubha nakshatra, usually will be sacrificial in nature, lead a luxurious life, have interest towards music and arts, plain hearted , helpful and friendly.

Persons born in the 1st charanam usually will be skillful at business,sincere and hard working, brave and courageous.

Persons born in the 2nd charanam will earn good fame,property, have self respect and shyful in nature.

Persons born in the 3rd charanam will be technically efficient, kind and generous, lovable towards their relation, bear good children and will settle in goog position.

Person s born in the 4th charanam will besr good children, undergo some tribulations and struggle for existence. They may feel discouraging and may lead a job life throughout.

Persons born in Pubba nakshatram will have good taarabalam with following nakshatrams:

Kritika, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Aslesha, Magha, Uttara, Chitta, Visakha, Jyesta, Moola, Uttarashada, Dhanishta, Purvabhadra, Revati, Aswini

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