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Entrepreneurial Education Model

Education : Some Questions Why, What and How ?Dr. M a n d i Professor of DhandhaMumbai - 87


No Very Little .. ALL Forgotten once the exam is over. !

.. No Benefit accrued so far !

.. Dont know ! .. No idea !

.. No.. Not even spec of it

.. Not Mine and Ours.. It is of, about others - imported !

.. No.. Not ours.. and Not my tongue.. Brits, Ams, and others

.. No . No.. British Macualey made it ..

.. No. It is too difficult and too Complex...

.. No.. It is painful and treacherous !

.. ? No.. It is the Costliest.. Becoming more Costly

.. ? No .. Only for few so called intelligent !


How come despite getting not even one favourable answer for so many qns posed above British Edn surviving ! Why and how come so many people are pursuing the present system of education

Aaj ka padai ka karcaha, Aaj ka padai se, Aaj hee kamana !

Thanks - Any Qns ?

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