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<ul><li><p>ONTARIOS LEADER IN REAL ESTATE MEDIA</p><p>New Homes and Adult Lifestyle Communities</p></li><li><p> </p><p> :DONWR-DFN&amp;KDPEHUV6FKRRO .LQJELUG&amp;W8SODQGV</p><p>Sales Representative </p><p>Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage </p><p>'LUHFW</p><p>Independently Owned &amp; Operated </p><p>519-649-6000 </p><p>Email: </p><p>*OHQHDJOH7UDLO 2SHQ6DW6XQ30 ,PPHGLDWH3RVVHVVLRQ</p><p>6T)WEHGURRPVWRUH\RSHQSODQPDLQIORRUKDUGZRRGLQ*UHDWURRPFHUDPLFWLOHLQZHWDUHDVJUDQLWHLQNLWFKHQJDVILUHSODFHXSJUDGHGWULPSDFNDJH&amp;HQWUDO$LUSOXVPXFKPRUH</p><p>/HVV ILQDOSULFH</p><p>/RRNLQJIRUD*RRG+RXVH6KRS"</p><p>Dont miss 32 Hyla St. Well maintained brick home with a large shop for hobbyist or work at home setup. Open plan living room &amp; Dining, hardwood floors. Custom handmade ash &amp; cherry cabinet doors in kitchen, ce-</p><p>ramic tile floor. Cozy front sunporch. Large mudroom entrance. Call to view. </p><p>3604 Settlement Trail Stonefield Estates @ Talbot Village </p><p> New 2200 Sq. Ft. ranch 2 gas fireplaces, custom kitchen with gran-ite, large covered concrete patio. Plus 1200 Sq. Ft. finished in lower with wet bar, 3 full baths. The generous 3 car garage with separate entrance to the basement from the garage. </p><p>Want to talk Real Estate? Call Steve Parker today 519-871-6533 </p><p>Steve Parker 32 Hyla St. -$187,900 </p><p>Walkout Lot with great view Backing onto permanent Green </p><p>Space Granite in Kitchen </p><p>2 storey family room 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths </p><p>Hardwood Master with ensuite bath </p><p>Large recroom Raised deck </p><p>Walkout lower level </p><p>Great Family Home on a Quiet Court, Close to Western &amp; Masonville </p><p>3464 Loyalist Ct. Stonefield Estates @ Talbot Village </p><p>Custom built open plan one floor, sleek modern designed interior, with custom cabinetry, quartz counter tops, light hardwood floors, stainless steel &amp; glass railings. Great work at home setup in lower level with separate en-trance through garage to basement. Just move in and enjoy, loads of custom features, and a fantastic fully fenced rear yard with deck and landscaping. Truly a must see. Offered at $523,900 </p><p>70 Honeysuckle Cr. Ridgeview Heights </p><p>Large 4 Level Side Split, well cared for with many recent updates. New concert drive &amp; walks 2013, newer shingles, high efficient furnace &amp; central air, updated kitchen &amp; main bath. 3+ bedrooms, large detached ga-rage with hydro. Large lot with fully fenced rear yard. Dont delay $244,900. </p><p>224 Martin Dr.Immediate Possession </p><p>6T)W&amp;XVWRP5DQFKRSHQSODQZLWKIWFHLOLQJVWKURXJK*UHDWURRP'LQLQJ.LWFKHQKDOOV*UDQLWHLQ.LWFKHQ+DUGZRRGFHUDPLFWLOHJDVILUHSODFHEHGURRPVEDWKV6T)W)LQLVKHG/RZHUFHQWUDODLUSOXVPXFKPRUH4XLFNSRVVHVVLRQ</p><p>Just Listed 3344 Settlement Trail </p><p>Talbot Village </p><p>Open plan one floor, well cared for and maintained, finished on both levels, offers 2 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths , hardwood floors through main floor excluding bed-rooms, fully fenced rear yard. Large island in Kitchen, loads of cabinets and counter space, formal dining &amp; separate nook. Cathedral ceiling through the great room, dining &amp; kitchen. A must see. $469,900 </p></li><li><p>SILVERFOX CRESCENT TOWNS Located in desirable FOX FIELD </p><p>community. Just north of Fanshawe Park Road, west of Wonderland </p><p>and east of Hyde Park</p><p>MOVE IN NOWTo View CALL 519-457-1949 519-642-4341</p><p>Price </p><p>$272,900</p><p>1562 sq. ft. Fox Field Site</p><p>Lot 45</p><p>Model</p><p>2288 Buroak Drive</p><p>Providence II Elevation AINVENTORY OF HOMES AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY</p><p>25 YEARS BUILDING EXPERIENCE * EST. 1989 * WHERE EXPERIENCE COUNTS</p><p>Price </p><p>$287,900</p><p>1733 sq. ft. Creekview Site</p><p>Lot 4</p><p>Model</p><p>1791 Brown Dr.</p><p>Champagne II - Elevation A</p><p>Price $309,9001820 sq. ft. Fox Field Site</p><p>Lot 14 </p><p>Model</p><p>2427 Yellowbirch Crt.</p><p>Reisling - Elevation A</p><p>Price $309,9001942 sq. ft. Fox Field Site</p><p>Lot 1</p><p>Model</p><p>2321 Yellowbirch Way</p><p>Vidal II A</p><p>SALES MODEL HOME</p><p>OPEN: SAT. - SUN. 12-5 PMMON - TUES - W ED. 2-6 PM</p><p>FREEHOLD TOWNS - NO MAINTENANCE FEES! - NEW UNITS NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION!</p><p>COURT</p><p>LOT NE</p><p>W</p><p>PRICE</p><p>SOLDSOLD</p><p>Call today: 519-457-1949/519-642-4341</p><p>BUILDING SINCE 1989 * EXPERIENCE COUNTS * OVER 1000 HOMES BUILT</p><p>B - Hampton 1346 sq. ft. from $224,900D - Delaware 1368 sq. ft. from $224,900C - Rockport 1451 sq. ft. from $229,900</p><p>CII - Rockport II - 1582 sq. ft. from $236,900BII - Hampton II* - 1440 sq. ft. from $249,900A - Chesapeake* - 1604 sq. ft. from $249,900</p><p>*The BII and A units are end units</p><p>FreeholdTownhomes</p><p>From: $224,900</p><p>869 SILVERFOX CRES.</p></li><li><p>For more information visit</p><p>metro-city realty ltd.2315 St. Joseph Blvd. Orleans (Ottawa), ON, K1C 1E7</p><p>GERRY RAYMOND</p><p>Sales Representative</p><p>Office: (613) 837-0000 (613) 824-1804</p><p>New homes in RocklandLOCAL 5-STAR BUILDER WITH OVER 30 YEARS IN BUSINESS</p><p>Purchaser has choice of colour from builders dealers forbrick/vinyl, oak/maple/white cupboards, countertop, floor</p><p>covering, fixtures</p><p>Never late for possessionOnly minutes from Outaouais Golf Club,Ottawa River w/boat launch/picnic ground</p><p>List of upgrades availableHST included inpurchase price!!</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Rockland $324,300 Wendover $298,500</p><p>Heritage</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Rockland $349,900</p><p>Monaco</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Rockland $284,000</p><p>Platon Double Trillium Double</p><p>Rockland $288,000</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Huntington</p><p>Rockland $306,5002 </p><p>STO</p><p>RE</p><p>YH</p><p>OM</p><p>E</p><p>Tania</p><p>Rockland $266,920</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Trillium</p><p>Rockland $278,920</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Platon</p><p>Rockland $276,920B</p><p>UN</p><p>GA</p><p>LO</p><p>W</p><p>Anjou</p><p>Rockland $313,000</p><p>BU</p><p>NG</p><p>AL</p><p>OW</p><p>Maplewood</p><p>Rockland $313,000</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Heritage</p><p>Rockland $327,000</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Bus service from Rocklandto centre town</p><p>(Ottawa) morning and night</p><p>QUICK OCCUPANCY AVAILABLE ON SOME MODELS!!</p><p>BU</p><p>NG</p><p>AL</p><p>OW</p><p>Gauthier</p><p>Rockland $316,000</p><p>BU</p><p>NG</p><p>AL</p><p>OW</p><p>Mayfair Model</p><p>Rockland $330,500</p><p>BU</p><p>NG</p><p>AL</p><p>OW</p><p>Montford</p><p>Rockland $313,000</p><p>2 S</p><p>TOR</p><p>EY</p><p>HO</p><p>ME</p><p>Brampton</p><p>Rockland $335,000</p><p>BU</p><p>NG</p><p>AL</p><p>OW</p><p>Renfrew</p><p>Rockland $284,900</p><p>MLS 876072</p><p>New homes with 1 year builderand 7 year Tarion Warranty</p><p>MLS 876077</p><p>New homes with 1 year builderand 7 year Tarion Warranty</p><p>MLS 886704</p><p>New homes with 1 year builderand 7 year Tarion Warranty</p><p>Lakeside II</p><p>Rockland $288,000</p><p>PO</p><p>SS</p><p>ES</p><p>SIO</p><p>NW</p><p>ITH</p><p>IN30</p><p> TO</p><p>60 D</p><p>AY</p><p>S</p><p>PO</p><p>SS</p><p>ES</p><p>SIO</p><p>NW</p><p>ITH</p><p>IN30</p><p> TO</p><p>60 D</p><p>AY</p><p>S</p><p>PO</p><p>SS</p><p>ES</p><p>SIO</p><p>NW</p><p>ITH</p><p>IN30</p><p> TO</p><p>60 D</p><p>AY</p><p>S</p><p>BU</p><p>NG</p><p>AL</p><p>OW</p></li><li><p>LOTS TO THINK ABOUT!!LOTS TO THINK ABOUT!!</p><p>BLK 20 Read St., Merrickville</p><p>C6PL13 Goodin Road, Spencerville</p><p>Hares Hill Rd., Pts. 4&amp;7, Bishops Mills</p><p>Crowder Rd., Spencerville</p><p>$58,000</p><p>$65,000</p><p>$65,000</p><p>$90,000</p><p>36.59 x 102.75 ft.</p><p>3.01 acres</p><p>3.03 acres</p><p>43.54 acres</p><p>MLS #886901</p><p>MLS #854742</p><p>MLS #841844</p><p>MLS #852583</p><p>C6PL20 Beach Rd., Oxford Mills</p><p>C7PL9 Macfarlane Rd., Bishops Mills</p><p>Rideau River Rd, Merrickville</p><p>Lot 4 Cowell Rd., North Gower</p><p>Pt. Lt. 25 Hurd St., Kemptvill</p><p>$120,000</p><p>$179,000</p><p>$265,000</p><p>$409,000</p><p>$495,000</p><p>10.90 acres</p><p>47.84 acres</p><p>15.86 Waterfront</p><p>95 acres</p><p>9.3 acres</p><p>MLS #903721 </p><p>MLS #869315</p><p>MLS #853679</p><p>MLS #889767</p><p>MLS #840896</p><p>Check out our virtual tours at</p><p>READ STREETMerrickville. Brand new bungalow to be built byLockwood Brothers Construction in historic Village ofMerrickville. Open concept living/kitchen with cathe-dral ceiling. </p><p>MLS #886908 $314,900</p><p>420 HYNDMAN RD.Spencerville. Three bedroom sidespilt ready to move injust east of Oxford Station. Front verandah bids entryto bright open concept living/dining/kitchen. Laminateand ceramic flooring.</p><p>MLS #892217 $259,000</p><p>GLEN SMAIL ROADSpencerville. Three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1201 sq.ft. bungalow to be built by Lockwood BrothersConstruction. </p><p>MLS #807084 $275,000</p><p>1734 CTY. RD. #1Hallville. Why pay rent? great starter home, 4 bed-rooms, 1.5 baths, main floor laundry. Located besideoutdoor community rink. Includes storage shed. </p><p>MLS #906814 $142,000</p><p>734 HYNDMAN RD.Spencerville Rural. Older 4 bedroom, 2 bath home ina good location close to County Road #22. Windowshave been updated. property sells as is. Stream atrear of lot.</p><p>MLS #893613 $174,900</p><p>5 CONE TERRACERichmond. Three bedroom, 3 bath bungalow on 2+acre in Heron Lake Estates. Easy commute to west endOttawa. Large living room with vaulted ceiling and 2sided fireplace to fromal dining. Sunroom with patiodoor to deck and gazebo.</p><p>MLS #891489 $465,000</p><p>44 BENSON LANE RD. Benson Lake. Accessible to Indian, Clear andNewboro Lakes on Rideau Lake system. Three bed-room, 2 bath cottage. Amazing views from greatroom. Sells Furnished.</p><p>MLS #907599 $299,000</p><p>500 CLOTHIER ST.Kemptville. The Ivy Model, 1,100 sq. ft. semi-detached2 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow with bright open con-cept living are with 9 ft. ceilings. Master with ensuite.Walk-out lower level. </p><p>MLS #905958 $334,900</p><p>NEW HOMES BY LOCKWOOD BROTHERS CONSTRUCTIONNEW HOMES BY LOCKWOOD BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION</p><p>11 CENTRE ST.Spencerville. Great building with plenty of potential -MCR zoning. Four bedroom house, double detachedgarage. Numerous business opportunities available.</p><p>MLS #863448 $190,000</p><p>Kemptville. Commercial property with main floor retail space + 2 secondfloor apartments. Approx. 1400 sq. ft. retail space currently in use asrestaurant. Includes restaurant equipment and furniture. </p><p>MLS #888963 $329,000</p><p>9,280 sq. ft.$1,930/monthMLS #871817</p><p>1810 HYNDMAN RD. Spencerville. For Lease:</p><p>1,420 sq. ft.$1,005/monthMLS #871847</p><p>44 x 64 ft.garage</p><p>$1,920/monthMLS #871867</p><p>17 PRECISION DR.Kemptville. New commercial/light industrial building tobe built for lease. Building to be 6,000 sq. ft. total andcan be divided with minimum rental size of 2,000 sq. ft.</p><p>MLS #883171 $11.50/sq. ft.</p><p>324 CTY RD. #16Jasper. 1.12 acre commercial property with 8,000 sq.ft. building with 1/2 presently divided into storagerentals. Fenced yard with 3 different pound areas forstorage.</p><p>MLS #872770 $135,000</p><p>161 &amp; 163 SHANLY RD.Cardinal. Great retail/ commercial buildings. Fourbuildings totally 5900 sq. ft. including 2 bedroom bun-galow. Excellent location with easy access to Highway#401, Highway #416 and Bridge to USA.</p><p>MLS #874835 $159,000</p><p>1810 HYNDMAN RD.Spencerville. 14,140 sq. ft. steel building with frame addition. Exterior issteel and some brick. 400 amp service. High speed available. Site specificrezoning possible. Buyer to confirm with municipality.</p><p>MLS #861737 $477,000</p><p>COMMERCIAL CORNERCOMMERCIAL CORNER</p><p>15 PRECISION DR.Kemptville. 4,500 sq. ft. commercial/light industrial building South Gower Industrial Park for sale. EconomicEnterprise permits variety of uses. Easy Access to Highway 416 and 401.</p><p>MLS #883178 $495,000</p><p>WAT</p><p>ERFR</p><p>ONT</p><p>139 PRESCOTT ST.Kemptville. Well maintained office/retail space downtown Kemptville. 5,032 sq. ft. main level and 2,800 sq. ft. finished lower level. On site parking.</p><p>MLS #893102 $599,900</p><p>126-128PRESCOTT ST.</p></li><li><p>$413,300 ~ 2200 sq.ft. 4 bdrms.- 3 Car Garage$430,800 ~ 2,800 sq.ft.</p><p>3 bdrms - 3 Car Garage </p><p>Custom Built Homes Featuring all the BriMar Quality</p><p> Rounded corner drywall </p><p>6 baseboardsCentral Air</p><p>Ceramic wet areasTarion Warranty</p><p> Upgraded window packages</p><p> Skylights</p><p>9ft. Ceilings (2 Storey &amp; Ranch)</p><p> Cathedral ceilings </p><p> Generous $7000 cabinet allowance Hardwood in M-bedroom, living room &amp; hallwaysMany models to choose from!!</p><p>$365,800 ~ 1800 sq.ft. 2 Car Garage Ranch</p><p>Oak Staircases in open areasGenerous brick samples</p><p>For Everything in Real Estate</p><p>Direct (519) 988-8888RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd., BrokerageIndependently Owned and Operated.519.944.5955</p><p> Saturday &amp; Sunday 1 - 3 pm </p><p>MODEL OPEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 1 - 3365 LETINO, LAKESHORE</p><p>Note: W/exception of the model homes, these prices do not include rear covered porch or stone on exterior.</p><p>3 bdrms - 2 Car Garage </p><p>$382,800 ~ 4 bdrms, 2 Car GarageThe Kathleen</p><p> Pinehurst Phase </p><p> TheTheNegotiator</p><p></p><p>TIM CAMPBELL, Broker</p><p>The Ryersie 2</p><p>The SydneyThe Linden 3 The Hampton</p><p>- To Be Built </p><p>OPEN HOUSES- To Be Built </p><p>365 Letino 417 Pinehurst - MODEL Under Construction</p><p>Includes stone band &amp; covered rear porch area</p><p> MODEL Under Construction </p><p>2400 sq.ft. Living space</p><p>Includes stone arch &amp; covered rear porch area</p><p> Pinehurst Phase - To Be Built Pinehurst Phase </p><p>3 bdrms - 3 Car Garage 2,225 sq.ft.</p><p> 4 bdrms.- 3 Car Garage</p><p>$416,800</p><p> 1291 Deer Run Trail - To Be Built </p><p> $393,800</p><p> Pinehurst Phase - To Be Built </p><p> 2,800 sq.ft.</p><p>$302,800</p><p> 1294 Deer Run Trail - </p><p>The Kathleen1,830 sq.ft. $338,800 ~ 3 bdrms, 2 Car Garage</p><p>2,238 sq.ft. 2 Storey </p><p>Come visit our Open Model Homes in Lakeshore </p><p>The Hampton</p><p>3,1(+8567/$.(6+25(</p><p>23(1+286(66$768130</p><p>%($87,)8/23(1&amp;21&amp;(376725</p></li><li><p></p><p>Joe FranzeSales Representative</p><p>MALATESTA HOMES STONEY CREEKCome and view 3 brand new homes, 4 and 5 bedroomplans, all brick with stone and stucco loaded with upgradesjust off Millen Road from 2550 sq. ft. at $567,900.</p><p>NEW HOMES</p><p>Real Estate ADLocal and Social</p><p>Media</p><p>For more information</p><p>email</p><p>Local Real Estate AD links sent direct to view on your iPad, phone and laptop. </p><p>New and Available now!</p><p>Looking to list? View ADs from active Agents who will advertise your property!</p><p>Real Estate </p><p>can now automatically </p><p>send you online issues of </p><p>Real Estate Advertiser.</p><p>View local Real Estate Ads </p><p>direct on your mobile </p><p>device or home computer.</p></li></ul>