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Prelims of the Saarang Lone Wolf Quiz 2014 held at IIT Madras. The prelims cut off was 14 and 3 stars.


  • Saarang Lone Wolf Prelims Answers Swaroop Chipko Ramaswamy Jayadev Fufa Bhaskaran Prateek Patrick Vijayavargia Kavin Coimbatore Kaatan Aadithiyan Guinea pig: Akshay Aslan Rangamani, Lion of Baltimore
  • 1 2001 Lata Mangeshkar and Bismillah Khan 2002 2008: No one 2009 Bhimsen Joshi 2010 2013: No one 2014 _____ and _____ Fill in the blanks.
  • C.N.R Rao and Sachin Tendulkar
  • 2 Conceptual artist Aram Bartholl has created an art installation consisting of eight books with entries arranged in alphabetical order. Visitors to the exhibit are invited to open to books and check if their entries are present. There are around 4.7 million entries sourced from a single source. The exhibit is provocatively titled, Forgot your ___?. What do the books consist of?
  • Passwords
  • 3 This pig-tailed little girl squats in a narrow alley, protected from vandals by iron bars. She has been at the same location since 1987 and forms a gender counterpoint to her more famous male version. The male version can be found near the Grote Markt in the centre of the city. Both versions are depicted as performing a certain essential bodily function. Name either.
  • Jeanekke Pis and Mannekin Pis
  • 4 Initially they called themselves __ King after BB King. Then they decided, __ King was too similar to BB King and since BB King was at the top of the blues world they called themselves by their current name. Who are we talking about?
  • ZZ Top
  • 5 Black represents the people, red represents the bloodshed during freedom, green represents the landscape. The white strips were added to symbolize peace and honesty. The traditional Maasai shield and two spears symbolically defend all the things mentioned above. What are we talking about?
  • Flag of Kenya
  • 6 The ____ ____ principle describes an endeavor in which a deficiency in any one of a number of factors dooms it to failure. Consequently, a successful endeavor (subject to this principle) is one where every possible deficiency has been avoided. The name of the principle derives from the book ____ ____, which begins: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. The book also inspired the name of a popular Bollywood star. Fill in the blanks.
  • Anna Karenina
  • 7 Where would you have seen these people recently?
  • FIDE World Chess Championships
  • 8 This violin was recently auctioned off for $1.7 million. Where was it most famously played around hundred years ago?
  • Titanic Violin
  • 9 What took place here between 1 July and 22nd July 1944? (Image on the next slide)
  • Bretton Woods (or) United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference
  • 10 Obituary of what? (Image on next slide)
  • 10
  • DNA Helix
  • Here be snakes
  • 11* In the next slide, there are 2 pictures of 2 snakes which are named for a particular feature on the hood. Identify both, in order.
  • Monocled Cobra and Spectacled Cobra
  • 12* What phenomenon connects these two ragas?
  • Rain
  • 13* Fernando, the gentleman in the middle named his company after his two sons, also seen in the picture. Which company, with a presence in over 92 countries? (Image on next slide)
  • 13*
  • Dilmah Tea
  • 14* Pala ____ is an indoor volleyball stadium in Montichiari, a town in Brescia, Italy. This stadium was named after a famous sportsperson who died in a car accident in 1987 in this area. Which legendary sportsperson, hailing from a family of illustrious sportspeople are we talking about?
  • Jimmy George
  • 15* What is the name of the dye which gives the turban its characteristic color? What is the source of this dye?
  • Ultramarine and Lapis Lazuli
  • 16* Describe the above image with a 11-letter Spanish word.
  • Reconquista
  • 17* Yojimbo is a 1961 film directed by Akira Kurosawa telling the story of a Ronin who switches allegiance between two competing crime families. He convinces one family to hire him, then works for the other after getting captured by them. This keeps continuing throughout the movie. He also manages to save an innocent woman from one of the gang bosses. In 1964 a particular director was highly impressed by this story and tried to remake it in a different setting. However, he could not secure the remake rights. This resulted in lawsuits from the original production house. What is the remake? Who directed it?
  • Fistful of dollars
  • 18* This Rajasthani art form involves intricate patters of sheet gold on molten glass. It was invented by Nathu ji Soni, and is still carried on by the Soni family. What art form are we talking about?
  • Thewa
  • 19* If these are the children, who is the father?
  • Hagar the Horrible
  • 20* Quisling : English Benedict Arnold : American English X : Bengali Who or what is X?
  • Mir Jafar
  • 21 The largest settlement in this commune is Remerschen. However, the name of the commune was changed in 2006 to that of another village present within it. This was done in order to take advantage of the recognition obtained due to a 1985 event. The village also has a European Museum opened in 2010 which documents the events associated with the place. Which village are we talking about?
  • Schengen
  • 22 When UK Prime Minister David Cameron went on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo for a Q&A session, the most popular question was not one on UK foreign policy or economic policy. Please urge _____ crew to be quick! They have has us waiting for two years for every _____ (sic) Fill in the first blank.
  • Sherlock
  • 23 In formal logic, this can informally be translated as One or both of A or B is known to be true, but they both imply C, so regardless of which is true, we can conclude C. This term is also used in everyday language albeit in a slightly different context, still involving two possibilities. What term?
  • Dilemma
  • 24 This is a type of pasta called farfalle. What does farfalle mean in Italian?
  • Butterfly
  • 25 A chance meeting with Nelson Annandale, then the director of the Zoological Survey of India, at the 1920 Nagpur session of the Indian Science Congress led to Annandale asking him to analyze anthropometric measurements of Anglo-Indians in Calcutta. He had been influenced by the anthropometric studies published in the journal Biometrika and he chose to ask the questions on what factors influence the formation of European and Indian marriages. During the course of these studies he found a way of comparing and grouping populations using a multivariate distance measure which was later named after him. Who are we