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  • Healthy Lifestyle

    This is how we see it

    Samyak Veera

  • Topics The Secret of a healthy Lifestyle A healthy mind in a healthy body It just feels good to breathe, feel and live.

  • Secrets of Healthy Eating

    Samyak Veera

  • Fundamentals Eat moderately- Even much of a

    good food can be bad. Balance A balanced diet

    increase the mental capacity and learning ability of students

    Vitamins Essential for a healthy Life.

    If you follow these guidelines, you can eat whatever your heart desires !

  • Vitamins Vitamins are indispensable for

    us Vitamins tablets can't replace

    fruits and vegetables. We get most of the vitamins

    from plant food. Lasting vitamin deficiency can

    be dangerous to our organisms.

    Samyak Veera

  • A healthy mind in a Healthy Body

    Samyak Veera

  • Sport

    Exercising a little is necessory for a healthy life, but don't overdo with it.

    Exercising makes you feel good. Exercising in fresh air is good for brain Exercising relives stress, helps to overcome worries

    and make you happy. Samyak Veera

  • It just feels good to breathe,feel and live

    Samyak Veera

  • Fresh Air and Tidiness Exercising in fresh air and enjoying the nature is wonderful.

    It is good for your health.

    Environment in which a person lives has to be clean and tidy

  • Thank you Samyak Veera

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