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Love and Service to prevent War and assure Peace for Humanity


  • Indian guru, spiritual figure, mystic, philanthropist and educator.SATYA SAI, Prashanti Nilayam, PuttaparthiSATYAM SIVAM SUNDARAM
  • READ THIS IN HINDI, MY STORY [MERI KAHAANI] Mera nam Satya Raju, Kaam mera, jaadu, Gharana Sai Ram, Jan jagrati laana Bahati Chitravati Satya, dharm, shaanti, stream, prem Jahan mera Dhaam. Ka Paath sunaana Koyi mujhe daante Parvaah nahi karna
  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba was born inSouth India in the tiny village ofPuttaparthi in 1926. His given namewas Satyanarayana and his familyname was Raju.At the age of 14 he claimed that hewas the reincarnation of an Indiansaint who had died in 1918 namedShirdi Sai Baba. Satyanarayana Raju Shirdi Sai Babathen proclaimed his mission, andbegan teaching on the basis of hisnewly announced Divine status.
  • Puttaparthi, village in Andhra Pradesh
  • On October 20, 1940morning, Sathya standingon the doorstep, He flungaside the school bagcontaining books and inringing tones declared, "Iam no longer your Sathya. Iam Sai. I dont belong toyou. I have My work. Mydevotees are calling Me. Iam going. I can no longerstay here."
  • MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGEBaba since he was a and life centers that,young boy, has built his according to him, arelife around his beliefs. He used by thousands of hishas worked for decades dedicated followersto establish his reputation around the God incarnate, orAvatar. He has raisedorganizational funds andwith them built asuccessful empire ofhospitals, libraries,religious and educationalinstitutions, hostels,
  • Puttaparthi, where Sathya Sai Baba was born andlived, was originally a small remote South Indianvillage in Andhra Pradesh. Now [2010], there is anextensive university complex, a specialty hospital,Chaitanya Jyoti (a world religions museum thathas won several international awards for design),a Planetarium, a railway station, a hill-viewstadium, an administrative building, an airport, anindoor sports stadium and more.
  • Mission of Bhagavan Satya Sai BabaI have come to light the lamp of love in yourhearts, to see that it shines day by day withadded luster. I have not come on any mission ofpublicity for any sect or creed or cause; norhave I come to collect followers for anydoctrine. I have come to tell you of thisuniversal unitary faith, this path of Love.
  • Believe that all hearts are motivated by oneand only God, that all names in alllanguages and all forms man can conceive,denote the One and Only God. Cultivate theattitude of oneness between people of allcreeds, all countries and all continents. Thisis the message of Love I bring.Mission of Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba
  • The way to love God is to love all and serveall. Students should imbibe this ideal. Manshould strive to become good and virtuous.Only when a man is filled with good thoughtsand feelings and performs good deeds will hislife become meaningful. These good qualitieswill serve to make a better man of you
  • Pray for the Welfare of AllGive up selfishness and work for the unity of yourcountry. Pray for the welfare of all and lead anideal life. Human life is not gifted to you to hankerafter worldly objects. You have to set an ideal tothe world. What is the ideal that you have to set?You must help all to your utmost capacity. Thebest way to love God is to love all and serve all.
  • God Illumines the Life of EveryoneThe same Atma is present in all. When you takethe Atmic principle into consideration, all are one.So many individuals are present in this Hall. TheAtma in all of them is one and the same. There isone sun in the sky. It gives light to the entire world.Similarly, God is like the sun who illumines the lifeof everyone. We engulf ourselves in darknesswhen we criticise others. Therefore, love all andserve all.
  • Imagine a life touched by the grace of God, a bodyat one with all of existence and all of nature.Contemplate that we are all part of God and God ispart of all of us. Envision your soul as a vessel thatcontains the essence of God. Consider a healthyexistence in which mind, body, and soul are in perfectequilibrium. Know that this can be attained throughdevotion that transforms the human spirit andtranscends all political and sociocultural boundaries.This is the philosophy of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
  • The Internet transmits the mission of Sai Babaaround the world. In this era of globalization, theborders have been penetrated by advancements intechnology. Today, an information highway thatfosters a global community interlinks members ofthe international citizenry that have access to theWorld Wide Web. Baba has utilized this worldwidetechno-social network to circulate and promote histeachings.
  • Babas philosophy emphasizes the idea thatonce a persons inner divinity is awakenedhe/she may become one with God and with all ofexistence, realizing that they were always at onewith God, which they formerly could not realizedue to karmic bondage and illusions. Baba alsoteaches to serve the society in which we live.In this pursuit, Baba lays out Ten GuidingPrinciples his followers should abide by:
  • Ten Guiding Principles1) show love for your native country / dont talk badabout other countries; 2) be tolerant of all worldreligions and spiritual practices; 3) treat all ofmankind as you would your own family; 4) Cleanyour house regularly; 5) engage in selfless serviceto humanity; 6) live honestly; 7) dont be a jealous,hateful, or envious person; 8) become more self-sufficient and reliable; 9) be a good and activecitizen; 10) love God and dont commit sin.
  • If you wish to lead a sacred life and havesacred experiences, you must engageyourself in sacred actions. The good andevil in the world can be changed only bythe change in mens actions.Transformation of society must start withtransformation of individuals.
  • Baba teaches the idea that one mustrenounce actions based on desires. In theGita, Krishna says: Breaking free fromaddiction to the senses achieve salvation.By renunciation, one ends addiction to thesenses; performs inborn dharma, break freefrom the bonds of karma and finally realizeoneness with God.
  • The Hindu doctrine of karma teaches thatwhat one does in this life affects subsequentlives in the cycle of rebirth.This cycle of rebirth, or samsara, ends onlywhen a persons soul reaches perfection andbecomes one with God.Baba teaches the idea that one mustrenounce actions based on desires.
  • Children of Immortality! Remember that You arecreated in My Image and Likeness.Perfect. Live up to this Image in all planes. Live likeMasters!Walk this Earth with Your Heads held high, YourSpirits soaring, Your Hearts open to Love, and believein Yourself and GOD with You. Then all will go well.See Me everywhere, talk to Me and Love Me who is inEach.Then from Each I will respond and bring You intoGlory.
  • ALWAYS WISH GOOD OF OTHERSYou have to understand the power of goodthoughts. Thoughts travel from one person toanother. If you are thinking ill of others that canharm the other person, but ten times more harmwill come to you.Some of you will be indulging in the thought ofharming others and wishing that those peopleshould come to ruin.Such thoughts will harm us tenfold. Never allowthem to come near us.
  • ALWAYS WISH GOOD OF OTHERS Always wish good of others. Love all. For this set an example. You love even the wicked people. Love all the more people who criticize you. I love such people who are making fun of Me. Therefore, I am always happy. That is why I say, My Life is My Message. Always be full of sacrifice, renunciation, and giving for others. Never have selfishness.
  • It is only by practising these ideals that one cantruly celebrate His birthday. The Divinity withinshould be reflected in every action. The seat ofTruth is in your heart. Worship means loving otherswith your full heart.You must live in love and lead a life of selflessservice based on love. This is the right way ofcelebrating the birth of Christ
  • LEAD PURE AND SACRED LIVESOne should regard love for God as the greatest treasure onecan have. When you love God, you will have love towards allbecause the Divine is in everyone. Therefore bear in mind:Love all; serve all. The best way to serve God is to love all andserve all. Your devotion will get diluted if you entertaindifferences between people. Devotion to Rama or Krishnabecomes meaningless if you do not practise their teachings.The worship of the Lord should be accompanied by leading aGodly life. Only then the bliss can be experienced.
  • Krishna said, Mamaivamso jeevaloke jeevabhuthasanathana (human beings are the sparks of My Divinity).The best way to love God is to love all and serve all. Ifyou lead such a life, all your actions will be pleasing untoGod. You need food, clothing, shelter, and some moneyto purchase medicines if you were to fall sick. That is whyI said in the beginning, O man! Never be over-ambitious,lead instead a noble life by making proper use of theintellect. Happiness lies in contentment. Dissatisfactionwill lead to misery. In order to experience peace, keepyour desires under control
  • Where There Is Purity, There Is DivinityThere must be harmony between ones thoughts,words, and deeds; then there is purity and Divinity.Whatever others do to you, consider it as good foryou. See that you do not lose your humanness underany circumstances. In fact, humanness is your mostvaluable property. Love all and serve all. Then onlyyou can lead a healthy and happy life. You have topartake good, sathwic (pure) food that is offered firstto God.
  • You dont offer all sorts of food to God, do you?Sathwic food that is prepared in a clean vessel withpure feelings is offered to God. The food so offeredto God has to be partaken as prasadam (sanctifiedfood). Good food brings good health, and fromgood health arises good thoughts. Unfortunately,today there is dichotomy between our thoughts,words, and deeds. We say something and dosomething else.
  • Have a Pure Heart Filled with LoveAll your penances are of no avail unless youhave a pure heart filled with love. It is likepreparing food in an untinned vessel. It isbound to get spoilt. It is to develop a lovingheart that you have to embark on the spiritualpath. This pure love is the direct path to God. Itis love which is unbounded and divine.
  • Love God whether your prayers are fulfilled or not.Remember what ordeals the sages and saintspassed through in their devotion to God. Theybraved all difficulties as great devotees.Life is a challenge - Meet it!Life is a game - Play it!Life is love - Enjoy it!Life is Awareness!The best way to love God is to love all, serve all.
  • Service Will Lead You to DevotionYour life is a long journey, and your desires are theluggage. Less luggage, more comfort makes travel apleasure. So, reduce your desires. Human birth is gifted toserve others, not just to eat, drink, sleep, and make merry.The best way to love God is to love all and serve all. Mansforemost duty is to serve his fellowmen and make themhappy. Your life will be redeemed only when you involveyourself in the service of society. The highest sadhana(spiritual practise) is to transform love into service. Servicewill lead you to devotion.
  • Use Your Knowledge for the Good of OthersEvery man should recognise that the body hasbeen given to him to render service to others. Youmust use the body for promoting the welfare ofsociety. Of what use is the endless study of booksif you do not use your knowledge for the good ofothers? A mind that is not utilized for imparting joyto others or a body that is not used for the serviceof others is totally useless.
  • If someone abuses us, let him do so. Abuses willmerge in thin air. Therefore, always think thatnobody can criticize you. Have faith that God willalways protect you. Develop unflinching faith inGod. Many people deny the existence of God. Ifthere is no God, where have you come from?What is the place of your origin? If you dont havefaith in God, all your life becomes a waste.
  • Duty Is God; Work Is WorshipEducation should fill ones heart with love andcompassion. Two parts of hydrogen and one partof oxygen add up to make water. Greatness lies insharing water equally, not in making it. Everyonehas an equal right to water.Today, everyone is fighting for rights, but whatabout responsibility?
  • You need not fight for rights. Discharge yourresponsibilities, and rights will follow. Do your duty.Duty is God; work is worship. What is your right? Tomake everybody happy is your right. Serveeverybody and make everyone happy withoutexpecting anything in return. Service is God. Thebest way to lov...