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Vaibhav and me presented this as a seminar to CTARA, IIT Bombay.


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The Honey Bee Network

‘It believes that cross pollination of ideas by exchange of information across language and cultural boundaries may increase societal capacity to spur, spawn, stimulate, and sustain grassroots innovations and provide resources for sustainable development’

Page 4: Shodh Yatra

'Shodh Yatra is a journey for the search of knowledge, creativity and innovations at grassroots. Belief that hardship and challenges of natural surroundings are the prime motivators of creativity and innovations.

Page 5: Shodh Yatra

Shodh Yatra is a journey of mutual exchange and sharing of knowledge.

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What we do?

Walking Village meetings

Felicitation Documentation Sharing

Page 7: Shodh Yatra

In villages.. Grass-root innovations Traditional knowledge Bio diversity Recipes Idea competition Centenarians

Page 8: Shodh Yatra

Grassroots Innovations Scouting grassroots innovations Felicitating innovators Extending support for materializing ideas

Page 9: Shodh Yatra

Traditional knowledge

Document traditional knowledge Felicitate knowledge holders

Cross-check, Validate, give IP rights

Page 10: Shodh Yatra

Recipe Competition

Page 11: Shodh Yatra

Bio-diversity competition

Page 12: Shodh Yatra

Idea Competition

Page 13: Shodh Yatra

Meeting Centenarians

Page 14: Shodh Yatra

The Yatra Experience

Page 15: Shodh Yatra

The Guru in Us

The 4 Gurus!

Page 16: Shodh Yatra

The Guru in Others - Shodh Yatris

Page 17: Shodh Yatra

The Guru in Nature

Page 18: Shodh Yatra

The Guru in Common Man

Page 19: Shodh Yatra

Are minds on the margin, marginal minds?

Page 20: Shodh Yatra

Innovator: Abdul Rahim Khan

Grass Cutter: Affordable alternative to metal ones in market

Cotton Deseeder: Costs less than $4, saves 10 times in processing fees every year

Page 21: Shodh Yatra

Innovator: Rajkumar Rathore

Different – Outcast Forced to buy cheap variety of seeds

Selection of good growing plants

Page 22: Shodh Yatra

Innovator: Ghanasham Yadav

Page 23: Shodh Yatra

Sharing- Caring

Page 24: Shodh Yatra

An unexpected visitor

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Page 27: Shodh Yatra

Creative ideas to common challenges Quicker than IIM-A students CREATIVITY

Page 28: Shodh Yatra

Stories from Yatra

Page 29: Shodh Yatra

Women and villages

Page 30: Shodh Yatra

Non existent toilets - Health issues Not many opportunities - Married of early Woman Sarpanch but meeting attended by men of the village

Women, facilities and opportunities

Page 31: Shodh Yatra

United they stood!

Jamunia village – 24 hour electricity

Page 32: Shodh Yatra

The teacher and the preacher

Talking about the importance of Shodh Yatra

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Page 34: Shodh Yatra

Efforts not being recognized Plan to make more efficient soybean harvester - Funding issues (Rs. 8,000 )

Page 35: Shodh Yatra

Recognition to innovators

Eagerness and hands-on approach to problems Seclusion requires for developing ideas and innovations Outcasts, neglected

Page 36: Shodh Yatra

Resources for Innovations

Money Technical Expertise Fabrication Marketing

Page 37: Shodh Yatra

Culture: Accepting failures

Embracing failure – Innovators Societal support and shock absorbers

Page 38: Shodh Yatra

Knowledge Transfer

Avenues for knowledge sharing non-existent Story of the flower near the lake

Value of traditional knowledge declining No incentive to extend information to next generation

Page 39: Shodh Yatra

Simple solution to a common problem Though invented many years before this small modification failed to materialise across the country Reasons? Is it needed? If yes, who should do it? How should it be done?

Scaling up of Innovations

Page 40: Shodh Yatra

The Tale of Dharamveer…

Page 41: Shodh Yatra

Knowledge Rich – Economically Poor Creativity, Collaboration and Compassion

Page 42: Shodh Yatra

Creativity Counts Knowledge matters Innovations Transform Incentives inspire Institutions sustain

Page 43: Shodh Yatra

We have started two shodh yatras; one outside and the other within!

Page 44: Shodh Yatra