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Hes caught with cogging sheets. !

He started cutting corners. !

Shes paragon of beauty. !

Its a big hassle. !

He was unarmed. !

We inflicted crippling attrition on them. - !

Hes gone underground. !

My neighborhood is infested with peeping toms. - !

Youre a rare commodity. !

Ill speak truth till I dropped. !

Hes sociable by nature. !

I dont like your work culture. !

My payment is held up. !

Shes late bloomer. !

Hes looking for accommodation. !

Shes was booed off the stage. !

Youre running behind schedule. !

Honest people are hard to come by. !

He sells contraband goods. !

Everything ended up on a happy note. !

I was outnumbered. !

I offered him a floral tribute. !

Theyre poles apart. !

He was exploring greener pastures. !

Shes already hooked. !

I love pricking balloons. !

Ive got bags full of time. !

I thanked him profusely. !

All this happens under political patronage. - !

The clouds have dissipated. !

I was caught in shower. !

Shes always on her toes. !

He had reconciled to his defeat. !

He was grossly underpaid. !

Shahrukh is a hotshot actor. !

Youre a creep. !

Springing gifts is his habit. !

His scales are tempered. !

Id a chance encounter with him in temple. !

I dont like his habit of displaying wealth. !