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Sri Bhagavatham is the last of the eighteen Puranas .So , it has all the distilled knowledge , wisdom of Veda Vyasa ! It has 12 Skandhams , I have managed to list down in Q&A form the essence of first 10 Skandhams which may be useful to those who are seeking some information in this direction . This is based on my own understanding of things and have possible limitations and short comings .If you find anything , pl help me to correct and improve .If you find it useful , it is my Guru's blessing ONLY . Goodluck ! Radhe Krishna !


  • SRIMADHBHAGAWATHAM 2010 QuestionsfromSRIMADHBHAGAVATHAM1. Who wrote Sri Bhagavatham ? Veda Vyasar2. Who advised him to write this ? Sage Naradha3. Who said Sri Baghavatham first and to whom ? Adhi Narayana to his son Brahma4. Explain lineage of Sri Bhagavatham ? Adhi Narayana Brahma Naradha Vyasar Sukhar Sootha Powranikar5. Who is the Guru of Sootha Powranikar ? Sri Sukhar6. What is the other name of Sootha Powranikar ?-7. Why was he called Romaharshanar? When he tells the story of Sri Hari , those who listen would have hair raising experience and hence he was called so.8. Where did Sootha Powranikar recited this holy verses /story of Bhagavatham ? In ANIMISHA kshetram in a forest called NAIMESARANYAM .9. Which is the last purana out of 18 puranas written by Vysar ? Sri Bhagavatham10. How many chapters are there in Sri Bhagavatham ? How are they called ? 12 chapters or skandams11. How many slokas / verses are in Sri Bhagavatham ? 18000 slokas12. How did Sootha Powranikar learnt Sri Bhagavatham from whom ? When Sri Sukhar explained this holy purana to Parikshit king in the banks of River Ganga for 7 days , Soothar was also present amongst all other rishis and learned men who were present to listen to Sri Sukhar .13. Who taught Sri Sukhar , the Bhagavatham ? His father Veda Vyasar14. What is the significant status of Sri Sukhar ? Gnani by birth15. Who are the 4 types of Bakthas categorized by Bhagavan in Bhaghawat Gita ? Aarthi , Artharthi , Jingyasu , Gnani16. From where did Brahma originated ? Who created him ? Adhi Narayanan , from his naval ( nabi kamalam )17. How many avtars of Bhagawan as per Bhagavatham ? 2218. Can we list all 22 ? Sanaghathigal , Yagna Varaha Murthy , Naradhar , Nara Narayana , Kapila Vasudevar , Dattahreyar , Yagjan , Rishabha Devar , King Pruthu , Matsya , Koorma , Dhanvanthri , Mohini , Narasimha , Vamana , Parasuram , Veda Vyasar , Sri Ram , Lord Krishna , Balaraman , Bowddha , forthcoming avatr is Kalki19. Who is the father of Sanaghathigal ? Brahma20. List 4 Sanaghathigal ? Sanakar , Sanathanar , Sanathanar , Sanathkumarar21. Where is Nara Narayana did tapas ? Bhadrikasramam22. Who came as Arjuna Krishna ? Nara Narayana23. What was the Yoga preached by Kapila Rishi ? Sankhaya Yogam24. Who are the parents of Dattathtreya ? Athri and Anasuya25. Who were the parents in Vamana avtar ? Adhithi and Kasyapa26. Which is the Poorna Avtar among this 22 avtars as per Sri Bhagavatham ? Sri Krishna 127. Who are the parents of Veda Vyasa ?Rishi Parasaara and Sathyavathi ( fisherwomen ) Page PreparedByANANDDAYANIDHIForSRISUPRABHATHASABHACHILDREN
  • SRIMADHBHAGAWATHAM 2010 28. To whom did Vyasa taught and spread 4 Vedas ? Through his shisyas Rig Baila devar , Yajur Vaisambhayanar , Sama Jaimini , Atharvana Sumanthu29. Why was he called Veda Vyasar ? He consolidated the vedic scriptures and split into 4 big categories and hence called so .30. Who wrote 18 puranas and why ? Veda Vyasa to explain the nuances / intricate and hidden meanings of Vedic scriptures . Also he wrote Maha Bharatham as the fifth Veda ( it is an Ithihasam) for better understanding of Vedic Message and morals by laymen in the form of simple stories31. What made Vyasa to write Sri Bhagavatham ? He did not feel complete or happy or fulfilled even after consolidating Vedas , after writing 17 puranas and Maha Bharatham . So Naradhar advised him to sing the song in praise of Sri Hari and it is Sri Bhaghavatham . When he took up this work and completed it successfully, happiness dawned and he felt complete.32. What is the main and most important concept around which Whole Bhagavatham is written? BHAKTHI towards Sri Hari .33. What was Naradha in the previous birth ? Son of a servant maid34. How did he get divine knowledge? By doing the errands / services to the holy sages and by eating the uchishtam i.e food left over after the holy sages finish their meals , with their permission .35. What is the name of the divine Veena carried by Naradha ? who gave it ? Mahathee .By Sri Hari himself36. Where did Vyasar write this holy purana ? Banks of the river Sarswathi in place called Samyaprasam37. What was the essence of Sri Bhagavatham ? Bakthi towards Bhagwan is the only and the simple route towards salvation or Mukthi .38. Who was King Parikshit ? Grand son of Pandavas , son of Abhimanu and Uttara kumari39. Who tried to kill the fetus /when Parikshit was in Uttras womb and why and how ? Aswathama , son of Dhronacharya . He killed all the five sons of Panchali /Dhrowpathi . So Arjuna punished him as advised by Sri Krishna .To avenge this he vowed to finish the vamsam of Pandavas by killing the child in the womb of Uttara Parikshit / son of Abimanya . So he applied a evil arrow called APANDAVEEYAM .40. Who saved the child in the womb of Uttara ? Sri Krishna , by shielding the child from the arrow , by breaking it into pieces with his Chakra and by giving divine dharsan to the child in the womb . So he was called VISHNU RATHAN gift of Vishnu41. Why was he called Pariskhit ? He looked for Krishnas face after being born .since he did pariksha / checking of all human faces to search Sri Krishna , he was called Parikshith by Vyasa42. What did Bheeshma taught to Dharma in the battle field when Sri Krishna was witnessing ? Vishnu Sahasranamam 1000 divine names of Sri Hari 2 Page PreparedByANANDDAYANIDHIForSRISUPRABHATHASABHACHILDREN
  • SRIMADHBHAGAWATHAM 2010 43. Why was Bheesma waiting to die ? He wanted to end his life in Uttarayana punya kalam ( Sun crossing tropic of cancer from south to north ) and when Sri Krishna was witnessing . So he waited. He was a Chandamrithu- to seek death as he likes44. Who is the wife of Parikshith ? Iravathi , daughter of Uttaran45. How many sons did Parikshith had ? Who was the eldest ? 4 Janamejayan46. When Parikshith was travelling in his kingdom , how did he see the Bhumi Devi ? In the form of a cow47. Who appeared as a Rishabam ( ox) and he was standing with how many legs as seen by Parikshith ? Dharma devatha came as a rishabam with one leg .Three legs were cut by Kali purushan . The four legs were TAPAS , SUDDHI ( purity) , DHAYA (mercy) , Satyam ( truth) and only fourth leg was left out .48. What did Parikshith do ? He assured to protect the holy cow (mother earth) and Daharmam ( rishabam) by killing Kali Purusha . Finally , since Kali did Saranagathi , he allowed him to survive in places where women are ill treated , in greedy minds (for wealth and gold) , people with gambling , lust , anger, pride , jealousy and in cheating and liars mind .49. Why was HE called as BHAGAWAN ? Bhagawan is ONE who has unlimited 1. Wisdom (gnana)2. Power (shakthi)3. Endurance(bhalam) 4. Resources ( iswaryam) 5. Veeryam 6. Tejas50. To whom did Parikshith put the dead snake around the neck ? Angiras rishi ( Sameekar) as he was meditating and did not mind or respect Parikshith as the King .51. Who cursed Parikshith and how ? Son of Angiras rishi (Sameekar) , a small boy named Sringi . He cursed Parikshith that he would die on the 7th day due to a snake called DAKSHAGAN one of the kings among NAGAS .52. What did Parikshit do after hearing this curse ? He accepted his mistake. Thought about as HOW TO USE THE 7 DAYS MOST USEFULLY AND PURPOSEFULLY before dying .So he handed over the kingdom to his son Janameyan and came to Ganges . He sat towards North waiting for death in the noble way . Meanwhile , all great rishis arrived and Sri Sukhar decided to sing Sri Bhagavatham to Parikshith for 7 days .He attained moksha after listening to Sri Bhagavatham for 7 days without any other thought .53. What is the similarity between our life and Pariskhiths life and also the difference ? He knew he would live only 7 days more but we do not know our life span this is the difference &similarity is that he utilized every minute of the 7 days life to hear SRI BHAGAWATHAM which we can and should do in our life .54. What was the content of Ist Chapter or First Skandham ? Greatness of Bhagavatham , About Soodha powranikar , Sukhar , How Vyasa wrote this purana , Naradhas story , How Krishna saved Pariskshith , Death of Krishna , Pandavas, Ruling of Parikshith and his curse and mukthi by listening to Sri Bhagavathaam from Sri Sukhar for 7 days .55. Who are all present during the 7 days when Sri Sukhar sang Sri Bhagavatham ? Athri 3 ,Vashistar , Syavanar , Arishtanemi , Brighu , Angiras, Parasarar, Vyasar , Page PreparedByANANDDAYANIDHIForSRISUPRABHATHASABHACHILDREN
  • SRIMADHBHAGAWATHAM 2010 Vishwamithrar, Parasuramar , Devalar , Naradhar , Arunar ,Agasthiyar , Gowthamar , Bharatwajar -----------------------------End of First Chapter ---------------------------------------------------56. What is the essence or main points of 2nd Chapter ( 2nd Skandham) in Sri Bhagavatham ? Sri Sukhar encourages Parikshith to meditate upon God ( Bhagawan) single-mindedly for the remai