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Sri Rudram (Namakam and Chamkam) with meaning (English + Sanskrit)


~l 6P Sri Rudram (Complete) 1ST ANUVAKA V +Pl 46 6l4+ om namo bhagavate rudrya || Prostations to Lord rudra(who is the Destroyer of sin and sorrow)V +PF6 6 P -44 76l6 94 +P- +PF6 HF6 -4+ 4lc-4lP6 6 +P- om namaste rudra manyava utota iave nama |namaste astu dhanvane bhubhymuta te nama | Oh! Rudra Deva! My salutations to your anger and also to your arrows. My salutations toyour bow and to the pair of your hands.4l 6 9 - |H46Pl |H4 44 6 +- |H4l H-4l 4l 64 64l +l 6 P74 y ta iu ivatam iva ba bhva te dhanu | iv aravy y tava tay no rudra maya | Oh! Destroyer! By that arrow of yours, that bow of yours and that quiver of yours which havebecome the most peaceful, make us happy.4l 6 6 |H4l 6+l l59l9Tl|H+l 64l +F6+4l H-6P4l ||H6l|l THl|r y te rudra iv tanraghor'ppakin | tay nastanuv antamay giriatbhickahi | Lord Rudra, by that supremely peaceful form of yours which destroys sin, and which isauspicious and blissful, give us the knowledge Supreme.O! Resident of Kailas and Giver of allgood. 4l|P9 ||H6 rF6 |4!4F64 |H4l || 6l T6 Pl |rBl- 969 =6 ymiu girianta haste bibharyastave | iv giritra t kuru m higs purua jagat | O! Resident of the Mountains and Giver of all good! O! Protector! Make the arrow you hold inyour hand peaceful; do not destroy people or the material world. |H4+ 4Bl t4l ||Hl7l47lP|B 4l +- B4|P=74P BP+l HB6 ivena vaca s tv giricchvadmasi |yath na sarvamijjagadayakmag suman asat | 12O! Resident of Mountains! In order that our world of relations and cattle may be prosperous,wholly free from disease and of good mind, we propitiate you with auspicious words. H\44l7|4l 9Pl 7 -4l |9T Hrl B4lV4-tB4l 4l6l-4- adhyavocadadhivakt pratha mo daivyo bhiak |ahgca sarvjambhayantsarvca ytudhnya | Let Him intercede on my behalf and speak in my favor, even Rudra, that foremost one, heldhigh in honor by the gods, the physician. Let him annihilate the enemies of mine like scorpions,snakes, and tigers, and the unseen enemies like the Rakshasas, spirits and demons. HBl 4F6lBl H6T 76 4H- BP- 4 Pl 6l H|6l |7 |~6l- BrU Hl549l r7 Pr asau yastmro arua u ta babhru sumagala | ye cemg rudr abhito diku rit sahasrao'vaig hea mahe |This Sun who is copper red when he arises, then golden yellow, this highly auspicious andbeneficent one is truly Rudra. These other Rudras who are quartered round about in alldirections of this earth, may I ward off their anger by my praise.HBl 4l54B9|6 +ll4l |4l|r6- 76+ l9l H cHcH7rl 4- asau yo'vasarpa ti nlagrvo vilohita | utaina gop adannadannudahrya | Let the blue necked one render us happy, the one who rises in crimson splendour, whom thecowherds, the water maidens and all the creatures in the world can see. 7 6+ |4Hl 6l|+ B c7l P74l|6 +- utaina viv bhtni sa do m ayti na | Let Him grant Happiness to us. +Pl HF6 +ll4l4 BrUll4 Pl79 Hl 4 HF4 Bx4l+l5r 6-4l5TP- namo astu nlagrvya sahasrkya m hue |atho ye asya sattvno'ha tebhyo karannama | Let my salutations be to the blue throated one, who has a thousand eyes. I also bow to hisfollowers.9P -4+Ft4P4ll| 4l74lP 4l 6 rF6 94- 9l 6l 4l 49 pramuca dhanvana stvamubhayorrtni yorjym |yca te hasta iava par t bhagavo vapa | Bhagavan Rudra, loosen the string from both ends of your bow and put into your quiver thearrows in your hands.(The Possesion of the following six completely is called Bhagapower,valour,fame,wealth,knowledge, and renunciation. Rudra has go all of them and hence Heis addressed as bhagawan). 3H46t4 +Ft4 BrUl H69 |+Hl4 H-4l+l PGl |H4l +- BP+l 4 avatatya dhanustvag saha srka ateudhe | nirya alyn mukh ivo na suman bhava | You having a thousand eyes, and bearing a hundred quivers, after loosening your bow, kindlyblunt the edges of your shafts. Assume your peaceful and auspicious Siva form and becomewell intentioned towards us. |474 +- T9|7+l |4H-4l 4lT4l 7 6 H+HF494 HlF4 |+9|- vijya dhanu kapardino vialyo bavg uta | aneannasyeava bhurasya niagathi | Let the bow of Kapardin, Rudra of the matted locks, be without its string. Let there be noarrows in His quiver. Let His arrows lose their capacity to strike and pierce. Let the sheath ofhis sword be not removed. 4l 6 r|6Pl77P rF6 44 6 +- 64l5FPl+ , |4H6Ft4P4P4l 9|-= y te hetirmhuama haste babhva te dhanu | tay'smn, vivatastvamayakmay paribbhuja | O! Supreme lord who showers mercy! Protect us from all wordly troubles with the weaponsand bow in your hands, which are not for hurting us. +PF6 HFt4l4l4l+l66l4 !T4 7l-4lP6 6 +Pl 4lc-4l 64 -4+ namaste astvyudhyntatya dh ave |ubhbhymuta te namo bhubhy tava dhanvane | Salutations to your sturdy and potent weapons, and also to both your hands and your bow. 9| 6 -4+l r|6FPl-4T |4H6- Hl 4 9|F64l HFP||r 6P+ pari te dhanvano hetirasmnvaktu vivata | atho ya iudhistavre asmannidhehi tam || Let the arrow of Your bow spare us in all ways. And place your quiver of arrows far away fromus. +PF6 HF6 4|-4HHl4 Prl74l4 -44Tl4 |9l-6Tl4 |Tl|PTll4 Tll|P6l4 +lT'l4 Pt4V4l4 B4H l4 B7l|H4l4 ~lP-Prl74l4 +P-+ + namaste astu bhagavanvivevarya mahdevya tryambakya tripurntakya trikgniklya klgnirudrya nlakahya mtyujayya sarvevarya sadivya rmanmahdevya nama ||1|| Let my salutations be to that great God who is the Lord of the universe; the great God the threeeyed one, the destroyer of Tripura, the extinguisher of the trika fire and the fire of death, theblue necked one, the victor over death, the lord of all, the ever peaceful one, the glorious God ofgods.42nd Anuvaka +Pl |r'44lr4 B+l-4 |7Hl 964 +Pl namo hirayabhave sennye di ca pataye namo Salutations to Lord Rudra with the golden arms, commander of forces, to the Lord of allquarters, salutations. +Pl 4-4l r|TH-4- 9H+l 964 +Pl namo vkebhyo harikeebhya pan pataye namo Salutations to the trees tufted with green leaves; salutations to the Lord of the cattle. +P- B|F9Vl4 |t49lP6 9l+l 964 +Pl nama saspijarya tvimate pathn pataye namo Salutations to Him who is light yellow, red tinged and radiant; to the Lord of the pathways,salutations. +Pl 4-Hl4 |4-4l|+5l+l 964 +Pl namo babhluya vivydhine'nnn pataye namo Salutations to Him who rides on the bull, to him who has the power to pierce all things, to theLord of food, salutations. +Pl r|THl4l 94l|6+ 97l+l 96 4 +Pl namo harikeyopav tine pun pataye namo Salutations to Him who is always black haired, who wears the yajnopavita (sacred thread); tohim the Lord of the healthy and strong, salutations. +Pl 4F4 rt4 =6l 964 +Pl namo bhavasya hetyai jagat pataye namo Salutations to the Lord of universe, the shield against the phenomenal world. +Pl 6l4l66l|4+ lTl 964 +Pl namo rudrytatvine ketr pataye namo Salutations to Him who protects the world by the might of His drawn bow, to Rudra thedestroyer of all miseries; to the Lord of the fields and sacred places, salutations. +P- B6l4lr -t4l4 4+l+l 964 +Pl nama styhantyya vann pataye namo Salutations to the charioteer, the indestructible one and the Lord of forests. +Pl l |r6l4 F 964 4lTl 964 +Pl namo rohitya sthapataye vk pataye namo Salutations to the red One, to the Lord of trees, salutations.+Pl P|T 4l|T=l4 TlTl 964 +Pl 5namo ma ntrie vijya kak pataye namo Salutations to the counselor of assemblies, the chief of traders, to the Lord of denseimpenetrable clumps and clusters of thickets, salutations. +Pl 464 4l|4FT6l4l9l+l 964 +Pl namo bhuvataye vrivasktyauadhn pataye namo Salutations to the creator of earth and Lord of medicines who is ever present in His devotees. +P 7l9l4l4-746 9l+l 964 +Pl nama uccairghoykrandayate pattn pataye namo Salutations to Him who is Lord of infantry, the thundering one, who makes the enemies shriek. +P- TtH4l6l4 l46 Bx4+l 964 +P- +-+ nama ktsnavtya dhvate sattvan pataye nama ||2|| Salutations to Him who surrounds His enemies completely; to the omnipresent One, whoprotects saintly devotees (those who seek refuge) by rushing to their help.3rd Anuvaka+P- BrPl+l4 |+-4l|+ Hl-4l|+l+l 964 +Pl nama sahamnya nivydhina vydhinn pataye namo Salutations to Him who cannot only withstand the shock of the onset of His enemies, butoverpower them. He who can effortlessly pierce His enemies; the Lord of those who can fight onall sides, salutations to Him. +P- TTl4 |+9 |T F6+l+l 964 +Pl nama kakubhya niagie stenn pataye namo Salutations to Him who stands prominent, the wielder of the sword; to the chief of thieves,salutations. +Pl |+9 |T 9|P6 6FTlTl 964 +Pl namo niagia iudhimate taskar pataye namo Salutations to the robber chief, armed with quiver and arrows. +Pl 46 9|46 F6l4+l 964 +Pl namo vacate parivacate styn pataye namo Salutations to the deceiving, elusive chief of marauders.+Pl |+4 9|l4l'4l+l 964 +Pl namo nice rave paricaryrayn pataye namo Salutations to the wandering, ever evasive chief of forest theives!+P- BTl|4-4l |=lBTl P!T6l 964 +Pl nama skvibhyoo jighgsadbhyo muat pataye namo 6Salutations to the chief of thieves, ever alert in defense and eager to strike. +Pl5|BPTl + T- 9T-6l+l 964 +Pl namo'simadbhyo naktacaradbhya prakntn pataye namo Salutations to the chief of dacoits, who are on the move by night, carrying swords.+P 7!Tl|9T ||l4 Tl+l 964 +Pl nama uie giricarya kulucn pataye namo Salutations to Him who wears a turban, who wanders about the mountains; to the leader of thelandlords, salutations. +P 9PTl -4l|4-4 4l +Pl nama iumadbhyo dhanvvibhyaca vo namo Salutations to you who bear darts, who carry bows; to you salutations+P Hl6-4l+-4- 9|67l+-4 4l +Pl nama tanvnebhya pratidadhnebhyaca vo namo Salutations to you who strings the bow and releases the arrows. +P Hl47 Tl |4B=T 4l +Pl nama yacchadbhyo visjadbhyaca vo namo Salutations to you who stretches the bow and sends the arrows again. +Pl5F4 Tl |4\4 T 4l +Pl namo'syadbhyo vidhyadbhyaca vo namo Salutations to you who makes the arrows reach the targets.+P HlBl+-4- H4l+-4 4l +Pl nama snebhya aynebhyaca vo namo Salutations to you Rudras who are seated and who are reclining, salutations.+P- F49Tl =l T 4l +Pl n


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