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Swami Desikans Swami Desikans Swami Desikans r Varadarja Pacath r Varadarja Pacath r Varadarja Pacath Commentary and Translation by Sri Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari SadagOpanSri Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari SadagOpan Sri T. N. AarAvamudhanSri T. N. AarAvamudhan Sri SathakOpa TatachArSri SathakOpa TatachAr 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 16 SlOkam 1 20 SlOkam 2 28 SlOkam 3 31 SlOkam 4 34 SlOkam 5 36 SlOkam 6 38 SlOkam 7 40 SlOkam 8 43 SlOkam 9 46 SlOkam 10 48 SlOkam 11 50 SlOkam 12 52 Swamy Desikans Vibhava and archA anubhavams of Lord Varadhan and the importance of Sri VaradararAja PanchAsat (vrtraj pwf cactfti[f "bf bmf ) by Dr. SatakOpa TatAchAr, Kaimkaryaparar, Swamy Desikan Sannidhi, Thooppul. Slokams and Commentaries by r nr simha sev rasikan r Oppiliappan Koil Varadchri at hagopan 3 SlOkam 13 55 SlOkam 14 57 SlOkam 15 60 SlOkam 16 63 SlOkam 17 67 SlOkam 18 69 SlOkam 19 71 SlOkam 20 74 SlOkam 21 76 SlOkam 22 78 SlOkam 23 80 SlOkam 24 82 SlOkam 25 84 SlOkam 26 86 SlOkam 27 88 SlOkam 28 90 SlOkam 29 92 SlOkam 30 94 SlOkam 31 96 SlOkam 32 98 SlOkam 33 100 SlOkam 34 102 SlOkam 35 105 4 SlOkam 36 107 SlOkam 37 109 SlOkam 38 111 SlOkam 39 113 SlOkam 40 115 SlOkam 41 118 SlOkam 42 120 SlOkam 43 122 SlOkam 44 126 SlOkam 45 128 SlOkam 46 131 SlOkam 47 134 SlOkam 48 137 SlOkam 49 141 SlOkam 50 143 SlOkam 51 145 148 177 Varadarja Pacat A study by Dr. T.N. ravamudhan, Principal, ThiruvayyRu Sanskrit College An English Summary of Dissertation An article on ThiruvayyRu Sanskrit College and the Eternal Relevance of Sanskrit by Sri Oppliappan Koil Varadchri at hagopan 5 + ~l+ Swamy Desikans Vibhava and archA anubhavams of Lord Varadhan & the importance of Sri VaradararAja PanchAsat (vrtraj pwf cactfti[f "bf bmf ) Swami DesikanComposer of Sr i Var adar aj a Panchasat h By Dr. SatakOpa TatAchAr, KaimkaryapArar, Thooppul Swamy Desikan Sannidhi 6 For t he chEt anams st r uggling in SamsAr ic Ocean f or aeons, Upanishads ar e t he means f or r edempt ion. The Upanishad Vaakyam, yat hA kr at hu: asmin lOkE... point s out t hat t he j eevans per f or ming Br ahmOpAsanam r eap t he f r uit s (Br ahmAnubhavam) linked dir ect ly t o t he par t icular GuNam t hat t hey used f or t heir UpAsanaas. Swamy Desikan echoes t hese t hought s (upAseet ha GuNAdhE--), and st at es t hat t he one who does t he Br ahmOpAsanaa enj oys t he Br ahman wit h t he same guNam t hat he chose f or his upaasanaa. He also enj oys many auspicious at t r ibut es (anant ha kalyANa guNams) of t he Lor d f or quit e a long t ime. LORD VARADARAJANS UTHSAVAMS The annual ut hsavams enj oyed by t he Lor d ar e of t hr ee kinds: (1). Pour ANikam (2). Saast hr eeyam and (3). Sampr adhAyam. Dur ing t hese t hr ee kinds of ut hsavams, Lor d Var adhan r eceives t he MangaLAsAsanam of Swamy Desikan of Thooppul and makes t he Bhaagavat hAs happy. (1) POURANIKA UTHSAVAM: Pur ANams say t hat Br ahmaa per f or ms Aar Adhanam f or His Lor d ever y Chit hr A Pour Nami night on t he bed of r iver PaalAr . This is called Br ahmAr Adhanam. Let us r ecall some specialt ies of t his Br ahmAr Adhanam. Whenever At t higir i ar uLALan t r avels out side, t he last Aar Adhana Aasanam of Par yankAsanam is 7 of f er ed af t er He r et ur ns t o t he Aast hAnam. The only except ion is t he Chit hr A Pour Nami night , when Par yAnkAsanam is pr esent ed out side t he t emple. The int ent is t hat all aspect s of t he Aar Adhanam (six Aasanams) ar e enj oyed by t he Lor d and t her e is no incomplet eness. At dawn of t he mor ning f ollowing Chit hr A Pour Nami, Lor d Var adar Aj an is r eady t o r et ur n t o At t higir i Aast hAnam. He blesses t he assembled Bhakt hAs wit h an EkAnt ha sevai. He put s aside all His elabor at e Aabhar aNams, Flower gar lands and has j ust His Peet hAmbhar am, Yaj n~Opaveet ham, waist chor d and His Vakshast hala Lakshmi. He has one simple gar land t o bless Swamy Desikan. This EkAnt ha Sevai was salut ed by Swamy Desikan in Vibhavam, wher e he salut ed t he Lor ds neck having t he mar ks f r om t he t ight embr ace of Per umdEvi ThAyAr dur ing t he Ser t hi af t er Par yankAsanam. Wit h t his simple at t ir e and dist inguishing mar ks on His neck, Lor d Var adar Aj an ar r ives at Thooppul and r eceives t he dar sana t hAmbhoolam f r om His dear Bhakt han and honor s him wit h His single gar land. (2) SAASTHREEYA UTHSAVAM: The ut hsavam r ef er r ed t o in t he Bhagavat h Saast hr am of Paanchar At hr am is t he ancient VaikAsi VisAka Ut hsavam. Dur ing Swamy Desikans Vibhava dasai, Lor d Var adar Aj an was t r avelling on His Raaj a Veedhis dur ing t he Ut hsavam day. At t hat t ime, f ew ill int ent ioned ones ar gued t hat t he r ecit at ion of Tamizh Dhivya Pr abhandham (AazhwAr ar uLiccheyalkaL) is asaast hr eeyam. They pr ot est ed against t he Lor d t r aveling on His Raaj a Veedhis list ening t o t he Tamizh Vedams. Swamy Desikan ar gued wit h t hese Kudhr usht is, def eat ed t hem and made it possible f or t he Lor ds Ut hsavam t o cont inue as bef or e unt il t his day. Lor d Var adar Aj an was ver y pleased wit h Swamy Desikans kaimkar yam and pr esent ed one of His Thir ucchinnams t o Swamy as a measur e of His appr eciat ion. The Desika Pr abhandham of Thir ucchinna Maalai was composed at t hat t ime by Swamy Desikan ( Det ailed meaning and comment ar ies ar e 8 available at ht t p:/ / www.sundar simham.or g ) On t his Vaikaasi Ut hsavam day, Lor d r eceives MangaLAsAasanam f r om Swamy Desikan dur ing day and night t ime. Swamy Desikan celebr at ed t his VaikAsi Ut hsavam in Sr i Var adar Aj a PanchAsat h s l Ok a m ( T u r a g a - v i g a h a r A j a -syandhanAndhOLikAdhishu--). I n Thi-r ucchinna Maalai Paasur am also, Swamy celebr at ed t his ut hsavam: Aanai Par i t hEr in mEl Azhagar vant hAr . On t he t hir d day of VaikAsi Ut h-savam, bef or e dawn, Lor d Var adar Aj an ascends on His Gar uda Vaahanam and ar r ives at t he AazhwAr Pr AkAr am in r esponse t o t he pr ayer of Swamy Nam-mAzhwar : Wont You come by one day t o t he st r eet wher e I live and long f or You (Avar Vedhi or u NaaL --). He blesses Swamy NammAzhwAr wit h His dar -sanam and t hen t r avels t o Swamy Desikan Sannidhi near t he Dhvaj a St hamb-ham. Af t er t hat , Lor d Var adhan st ops near t he 16 pillar Mant apam and t he t wo giant umbr ellas ar e held over Him and He lit er ally r uns t o Thooppul Swamy De-sikan Thir umALikai (Sannidhi) wit h t he air r esonat ing wit h t he Haa-HaakAr am of Bhakt ha J anams r ecit ing His name loud. I t is almost sunr ise and t he t wo gi-gant ic umbr ellas shield t he Lor d f r om t he Sun of VaikAsi mont h. Wit h His huge f lower gar land, Lor d Var adar Aj an blesses Swamy Desikan wit h His sevai and of f er s His Sr i Sat hAr i Pr asAdhams. 9 On t he f if t h day of VaikAsi Ut hsavam, Lor d of Hast higir i t r avels by His Golden palanquin and ar r ives at Swamy Desikans sannidhi at Thooppul. The PannAgam (Clot hing r oof ) is now r emoved so t hat Swamy Desikan can have an unint er r upt ed sevai of t he NaachiyAr Thir ukkOlam of t he Lor d. Kanchipur am Sr i Var adar aj a Koil on Hast higir i On t he VaikAsi Thir uvONam day, Kar igir eesan pr esent s Himself in t he PuNyakODi VimAanam (BhUshit ham PuNyakODyaa..). He r emoves all t he sins of His bhakt hAs and let t heir PuNyams gr ow. He ar r ives at Thooppul t o t he accompaniment of t he Dhivya Pr abhandha GhOsht i in t he f r ont and t he Vedha Paar AyaNa GhOsht i f ollowing Him. Her e at His dear Bhakt hans sannidhi, He r eceives dar sana ThAmbhUlam f r om Swamy Desikan, who has been wait ing f or Him eager ly. Lor d Var adar Aj an honor s Swamy wit h Sat hAr i, Maalai and Par ivat t am. Pr asAdham dist r ibut ion f or t he GhOsht i t akes place and af t er war ds Swamy bids his r eluct ant f ar ewell t o t he Lor d. 10 While t r aveling on His hor se (Tur agam), Lor d Var adar Aj an st ops near Thooppul, t ur ns a lit t le in t hat dir ect ion and gives His dar sana saubhAgyam f r om t he dist ance. I t is as t hough He is t elling Swamy Desikan t hat He has t o r ush on t


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