Star Match ( Nakshatra Porutham) Table

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  • Star Match ( Nakshatra Porutham) Table

    S.NoGirls star/

    NakshthramMatching Stars for Boys ( Matching Purusha Nakshathram)

    1 Aswathy / Aswini

    Uthamam: Aswini/Aswathy/Bharani/Rohini/Thiruvadhirai/Poosam/Ayilyam/Pooram, Uthiram/Hastham


    Madhyamam: Magam Visgam, KettaiMoolam Sadhayam, Uthirattadhi, Revathy

    2 Bharani

    Uthamam: Aswini Krithikai,Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Magam, Uthradam, Chithirai Swathy Thiruvonam


    Madhyamam: Bh arani Pooram,Hastham, Vishakam, Anusham,Kettai,Moolam, Pooradam, Uthiradam, Avittam,

    Poorattadh,iPooram,Uthiradam, Revathi



    Uthamam : For Mesha Rasi is Aswini,Bharani, and For Rishabam -Rohini Thiruvonam, Poosam, Magam,

    Pooram, Chitirai,Swathi, Anusham,Utram, Thiruvonam, Avittam

    Madhyamam: For Both are Uthradam, Aswini Visagam, Kettai, Moolam, Pooradam PoorattadhiUtiram, Revathi

    4 RohiniUthamam: Rohini, Mrigasiram, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Pooram, Uthradam, Chithirai, Visagam Avittam,

    Poorattadhi-Madhyamam Aswini, Bharani, Anusham, Kettai, Pooradam,

    5 Mrigasiram

    Uthamam: Rohini, Mrigasiram, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Pooram, Uthiram, Chithirai,Vishagam, Kettai Sadhayam

    Madhyamam: Aswini, Bharani, Krithigai, Thiruvadhirai, uthram, Hastham, Moolam, Pooradam, Thiruvonam

    Utrattadhi, Avittam



    Uthamam: Rohini, Mrigasiram, Thiruvadhirai, Punarpoosam, Pooram, Hastham, Chithirai, Visakam, Kettai,

    Porratadhi, Revathi

    Madhyamam: Aswinini, BharaniKruthigai, Ayilyam, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthiradam, Avittam.



    Uhtamam: Aswini Kruthigai,Rohini, Mrigasiram, Thiruvadhirai,Punarpoosam, Poosam, Magam, Uthiram,

    Chithirai Swathi, Anusham, Moolam, Uthradam, Sadhayam, Uthiratadhi

    Madhyamam: Bharani Thiruvonam,



    Uthamam: Thiruvadhirai, Poosam Ayilyam, Pooram, Ayilyam, Pooram, Hastham, Swathi Visakam, Kettai,

    Pooradam Thiruvonam, Revathi,

    Star Match ( Nakshatra Porutham) Table

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  • Madhyamam: Aswini Bharani, Krithikai, RohiniMrrigasiram, Punarvasu. Anusham, Sadahyam, Poorattadhi,




    Uthamam: Aswini, Magam, Uthram, Visagam, Moolam.Uthirattadhi,Avittam, Uthiradam

    Madyamam: Bharani, Kruthigai, Rohini,Mrigasiram, Thiruvadhirai,Punarpoosam, Pooram,Pooram, Chithirai,

    Kettai, Revathi,



    Uthamam: Bharani, Krithigai, Rohini, Thiruvadhirai, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Magam, Pooram, Hastham

    ,Swathy,Anusham, Kettai, Pooram, Thiruvonam, Sadhayam,

    Madhyamam: Aswini, Moolam, Revathi



    Uthamam: Aswini,Kruthika,Mrigasiram, Punarvasu Magam, Uthirattadhi Sadhayam, Kettai Moolam, Avittam,

    Madhyamam: Bharani Ayilyam, Visagam, Pooradam, Uthradam, Thiruvonam Poorattadhi Revathi.



    Uthamam: Aswini Bharani Rohini, Thiruvadhirai, Hastham, Swathi Anusham, Pooradam, Thiruvonam,Sadhayam, Uthrattadhi

    Madhyamam: Kruthika, Poosam, AyilyamMakam, Pooram Uthram, Moolam Uthrattadhi

    13 HasthamUthamam: Mrigasiram, Punarvasu, Hastham, Chithirai Visakam, Kettai, Pooradam, Uthradam, Aviitam,

    Madhyamam: Bharani,Krithigai, Poosam, Ayilyam, Magam, Pooram, Uthiradam, Uthirattadhi, Revathi

    14 Chithirai/Chaithra

    Uthamam: Ekarasi -Chithirai, Rohini, Thiruvadhirai, Uthram, Hastham, Swathi Anusham, MoolamThiruvonam,Sathayam, Uthirattadhi

    Madhyamam: Mrigasiram, Poosam Ayilyam, Magam, Poorattadhi, Uthirattadhi,Uthradam.

    15 Swathi

    Uthamam: Bharani, Mrigasiram, Punarvasu, Chithirai, Ekarasi Swathy (same sign) , Visakam, Keetai,Pooradam, Poorattadhi, Revathy

    Madhyamam : Ayilyam, Magam, Pooradam Uthram

    16 Visagam


    Uthamam: Aswini Bharani, Rohini , Mrigasiram, Thiruvadhirai, Poosam, Magam, Anusham, Moolam,Avittam,

    Sadhayam, Uthrattadhi

    Madhyamam: Krithigai, Pooram, Uthiram, Hastham, Chitirai Swathy Uthradam

    17 Anusham


    Uthamam: Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvadhirai, Punarpoosam Ayilyam. Pooram, Anusham, Kettai, Pooradam,

    Thiruvonam, Sadhayam, Poorattadhi, Revathi,

    Star Match ( Nakshatra Porutham) Table

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  • Madhyamam: Mrigasiram, Poosam, Hastam, Chithirai Swathi, Visakam Uthirattadhi

    18 Kettai


    Uthamam : Krithigai, Utiram, Moolam, Uthiradam, Avittam Poorattadhi Uthirattadhi Rohini Mrigasiram,


    Madhyamam: Poosam, Aswini Ayilyam, Chithirai, , Magam, Swathi, Vishakam, Anusham, Revathi

    18 Moolam Uthamam: Bharani, Tiruvadhirai, Pooram Hastham, Pooradam, Thiruvonam, Sadhayam- Madhyamam: Aswini,Rohini, Punarvasu , Poosam, Ayilyam, Magam, Swathi, Vishakam, Anusham, Kettai Uthiram, Revthi

    20 Pooradam


    Uthamam: Uthiram, Chithirai, Visakam, Uthradam, Avittam, Poorattadhi, Revathi

    Madhyamam: Aswini Bharani, Krithigai, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Magam, Pooram, Anusham, Kettai Moolam

    21 Uthiradam


    Uthamam : Aswini, Rohini, Thiruvadhirai, Poosam, Magam, Pooram, Hastham Swathi Anusham, Moolam,Thiruvonam, Sadhayam

    Madhyamam: Bharani, Krithigai, Punarvasu, UthiramUthiradam, Pooradam,



    Uthamam: Bharani, Krithigai, Mrigasiram, Punarpoosam ,Ayilyam, Pooram, Cithirai, Visagam, Kettai,

    Uthiradam, Sravannam, Avittam, Poorattadhi,Revathi

    Madhyamam: Uthiram, Moolam, Pooradam

    23 Avittam


    Uthamam: Aswini, Krithigai, Roini,Thiruvadhirai, Poosam, Magam, Uthiradam, Hastham, Swathi, Anusham,

    Moolam, Uthiram, Thiruvonam Sadhayam, Uthirattadhi

    Madhyamam: Vishakam, Kettai, Pooradam

    24 Sadhayam


    Uthamam: Bharani, Mrigasiram, Punarvasu, Magam, Uthiram, Pooram, Chithirai, Visagam, Kettai, Pooradam,

    Avittam, Porattadhi, Revathi

    Madhyamam: Thiruvonam



    Uthamam: Aswini,Mrigasiram,Thiruvadhirai,Poosam, Magam, Uthram, Chithirai,Swati, Anusham, Moolam,Uthrattadhi (Same sign the best), Uthamam

    Madhyamam: Pooradam, Avittam, Sadhayam, Poorattadhi



    Uthamam: Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvadhirai,Punarpoosam, Magam, PooramHastham, Swathi, Visakam, KettaiThiruvonam, Pooradam, Revathi,

    Madhyamam: Poosam, Ayilyam, Anusham, Avittam Sadhayam, Poorattadhi

    Star Match ( Nakshatra Porutham) Table

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  • 27 Revathi

    Uthamam: Aswini Krithigai, Mrigasiram, Punarvasu, Poosam, Magam, Pooram Uthiram( Kanya Rasi) -Hastham

    Swathi, Anusham Moolam

    Madhyamam: Ayilyam Visakam Kettai, Avittam, Sadhayam, Poorattadhi , Uthirattadhi Thiruvonam, Chitirai

    Note: For Aswini, Makam, Thiruvathirai, Mrigaseersham, Swathi & Uthirattathi stars Same Rajju is acceptable. These are the only Starts

    that gets an Exception for Rajju match. If it is the same star for boy and girl then it is considered for alliance, but in general inter-alia within theabove six other stars, then not considered in general. Star matching can be considered if most of the other aspects are scoring on the higher side.

    Star Match ( Nakshatra Porutham) Table

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